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rival : a dictionary definition

a supremely late art trade for the uber-talented @ahkaraii bc I am human garbage who does not understand the concept of time :|



:’) soft tododeku commissions for @eclecticlion

you’ll just have to assume izuku is on tip toes in the first pic or hit a growth spurt because officially todoroki would be 10 cms taller but what can YA DO when the composition doesn’t work that way (they’re sitting in the second so it’s ok. those +10cms on todoroki are all leg). i mean it would but it’d be harder to draw, SO


McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

Also! I promised @schmogg long ago that I’d do a drawing inspired by their sweet gifset, so here it is! Sorry for the delay <3


travelling with jimin 💝🌷

The Art of Remembering // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is left without her memories after surviving a car accident involving an unsub.

Requested by: Anonymous

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Spencer could hear himself scream your name as he watched the scene unfold.

It was difficult to see. He watched the unsub’s car, the one with you inside of it- tied up with rope that dug into your skin and tape across your mouth that muffled your screams. He saw it hit the wall. He wasn’t sure if the unsub had lost control or whether he had done it on purpose, choosing to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with being caught. All he knew was that his heart stopped beating the moment the car crashed into the building and sent you flying through the broken windows and onto the hard pavement.

He was sure you were dead. Your body laid limp amongst the shattered glass on the floor. Blood was seeping from the back of your head and he could feel his heart being torn as he ran towards you, his eyesight blurred at the tears that instantly filled his eyes.

It was all a blur. He remembered bits and pieces. The harsh flashing lights of the ambulance. The blinding white walls of the hospital. The hard seats of the waiting room. The feeling that overwhelmed him when the doctor came in to announce what had been your fate. He remembered the sense of relief when he said you had made it.

His heart didn’t truly shatter until he was allowed to see you. You were finally awake and he was ecstatic as he rushed in to wrap his arms around you. What he didn’t expect was the way your body froze in a mixture of alarm and confusion. He pulled away and he immediately saw it in your eyes. You didn’t remember him.

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fierrochase week day seven - soulmates

- soulmate au where everything you write on your skin appears on your soulmate’s skin

- alex starts their communication when they’re young kids, writing knock knock jokes on her arm and starting tic tac toe games

- magnus is so excited!! to have a soulmate!! he talks to her every day, asking how she’s doing and cheering her up if she’s sad.

- alex asks one day in washable blue marker if magnus thought she was a boy or a girl, and magnus replies that ‘he doesn’t care either way’ and alex is super :DD

- when they’re both homeless finding a pen and talking to their soulmate falls down low in priorities, but occasionally magnus will borrow a library pen and write ‘i hope you’re doing alright…’. alex finds a pen after a long period of silence and writes a very long letter on her forearm that she can’t bring herself to regret even when it lingers on her arm for ages bc she has no soap

- when they meet in person, they’re both so busy it doesn’t come up. it isn’t until the dust settles that they finally start writing to each other again, and alex finally spots her own handwriting on his arm and everything makes sense.