thanks for the times you locked me out of my blog

tht-lesbian-fangirl  asked:

Ookay I just thought you should know that one of ur Supercorp edits helped get me a date! I have ur "A Super & a Luthor" edit as my phone lock screen bc it's amazing & a few days ago I was in the airport waiting to board my gate next to a cute girl. She saw my phone light up & asked if I watched Supergirl & shipped Supercorp. I said ofc!! & we talked until it was time to go & she gave me her # AND SHE TEXTED TODAY ASKING ME ON A DATE. So yah, thank you!! (& i obvi told her to check out ur blog!)

yasss!!! you go girl!!! i’m so happy my supercorp edit helped you get a hot date! let me know how it goes, my cat and i will be here rooting for you :D