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Where can I watch ikon dome tour 2017 eng sub. And also the tour DVD that was of 2016/2017 I can't seem to find them. Please help me out. Thank you x

You can find download links here (mega and google drive):

For the japan tour dvd, I’ll try to upload the videos soon & I’m currently looking for people who can sub and translate them! I’ll post as soon as I have them!

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Hi there! Thanks for all that you do, you're a godsend to new SHINee fans. Can I ask whether the first bits of the yang&nam red velvet episodes were subbed? I've tried looking for that last part of shinee being on the show and have not been able to get a working link. Help!

Hello, thank you! It was subbed, fortunately, and you can find their cut here.

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Name: bry.
Nickname: b.
Height: 5'2ish
Ethnicity: italian, irish, japanese, a bunch of white shit
Favorite fruit: mango, orange, kiwi. anything but apples or pears.
Favorite season: summer/winter
Favorite Books: the shrine of jeffrey dahmer, house of leaves, disco bloodbath, invisible monsters
Favorite Flower: orchids
Favorite Animal: bats, cats, and foxes
Favorite beverage: h2o, hot cocoa, diet dp, strong unsweet tea of any kind
Favorite fictional character: hannibal lecter, lisbeth salander, dennis reynolds & charlie kelly, olivia benson, gregory house
Number of blankets: 245,798,431,356,880 + same in pillows
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- Silver button -

It arrived at my grandma’s house, I woke up early to go there…and now  it’s in my hands!

This is the first time I get a kind of thing like this one, I mean, a reward for the work I’m currently doing. I must admit this is a wonderful gift from Youtube, but what I appreciate the most is the support from everyone since I started with this, for the amount of people that like my animations, for the amazing people I met and are now great friends of mine, for other artists who inspired me and gave me strong to keep forward. 

This button can have just my name (RIP letter Ñ of my last name lmao) and a number, but in my heart it says the names of each one of you for supporting a small artist who had a second chance to be able to love what she does.

I do really hope to still entertain you with my animations and art in the future, with my original projects and more stuff.

Thank you so much people. Thank you for everything.

Now I’ll make a lil’ video about this to my channel.
Have a nice day/evening/night <3 

*snorts* 😂😂😂

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“The coolest way in the world to get your coffee”… (≧∇≦)/

Hi guys, @tsukinokakera and I are back with a new English subbed video! This time, it’s a short segment from “Welcome to the Uemura Detective Agency!”. We hope you’ll like it~

* Feel free to share this video but please, DO NOT reupload it elsewhere, thank you!

* In case you would like to translate this video into another language using our English subtitles, credits would be very appreciated! Please, let us know if you plan to use them.

* A list of my English and French subbed videos can be found here.