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One Night Stand

Finally, a part 2! I’d been planning this for a while, but with all the requests i’ve received it’s been hard to do so. But here I am, and maybe this will become a series? I’m not sure, depends if you guys requests so!

Imagine Prompt: can i request a oneshot please? id like one where you and bellamy secretly like each other but you two are really sarcastic and you fight a lot and one day you two were on a mission and they had to sleep next to each other in a cave and bellamy surprise the reader by putting his arms around her in his sleep and spooning her. just this with a lot of sass and sarcasm, please? thank you :)

Warning: none. kind of…

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When you woke up, you felt oddly warm. A sense of safety flushed through you and you couldn’t quite figure out why. There was a body next to yours, and as you blinked in the brightness of the sun that surrounded the cave and blinked away the blurriness, you began to try and move only to find you couldn’t.

Strong arms wrapped around your waist, tight and protective to the point you couldn’t move. You furrowed your brows, still slightly asleep as you tried to pin who exactly was with you. You hadn’t had anyone on ground and you definitely wouldn’t sleep with someone on a… one.. night stand.

“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

Bellamy’s words echoed through, the memories of last night flashing through as you became wide awake. You snapped up, forcefully ripping Bellamy’s arms of from around you. You heard him moan in shock as he too woke up. Shy and bashful, you hugged yourself as Bellamy groaned awake and sat up next to you.

What would you say? Everything that had happened last night was something you’d never expected. And despite how hard you tried to push down the secret feelings you’d developed for the boy, they were there and they only increased after the events of last night. But there was no way Bellamy would like you back, which was why you’d never acted on those feelings.

“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

Or would he?

“Uh, good morning.”  Bellamy’s deep voice echoed around you and you felt your muscles tense. Was he going to act like none of this had ever happened? But, maybe that would be best. You didn’t think you’d be able to confront him or your feelings, so maybe acting as if none of it happened would be okay.

Standing up, you murmured a good morning. Ignoring the feel of his eyes lingering on you as you walked to the opening of the cave and stepped out. You let your eyes wander over the sunshine that no shun brightly and the warmth you could now bask in. Turning back into the cave you quickly began packing up your things. “The fogs gone, we should head back to camp. People are probably starting to worry.”

Bellamy said nothing but let his gaze linger on you a moment longer, before he too began to pack up. The walk back to camp was silent, and long. Even after an hour, which felt like you should’ve reached camp by now, you were still an hours walk away. And the silence was agonizingly painful as well as awkward. It almost felt as if you were alone, because of the dead silence, if you could miss the awkward stares and bumps of the shoulders.

Eventually, a short half n hour later (so they were only a half n hour away) you’d gotten tired of walking and leaned against a tree. Huffing in tiredness, and rubbing your feet in pain. Normally you wouldn’t be so whiny, but you hadn’t had to walk this long in a long time, seeing as before this you’d never been allowed out of camp.

You heard a huff of annoyance from behind you, but you chose to ignore it. Figuring Bellamy had been just as tired as you, and was annoyed by it. But you were hugely mistaken, when he began speaking. “Really, Y/N?” He snapped.

With narrowed eyes, you looked over at him shaking your head. “Really what?”

“You need to stop right now. We are almost back to camp and the sooner the better.” 

Your jaw opened in bafflement and with a huff, you let your foot fall and you slipped back on your shoe. You turned to him, crossing your arms over your chest as you glared at him. “Yeah, I did need to stop. I wasn’t the one who asked you to come on this damn mission, that had been an absolute fail by the way. And i’m tired, and i’m sick of being near you.” Suddenly, all your pent up feelings came pouring out at his complete ignorance to your side of things. You tried to tell yourself to remain calm, and reason things out, but your irrational side got the better of you.

“You should know by now that I take whatever lead I get and that when we go out, we do what needs to be done and get back. There isn’t time for resting!” He practically yelled.

“No, actually, I wouldn’t know.” You reprimanded. “I wouldn’t because ever since we landed down here, you haven’t let me step one foot out of that camp. God knows why.” 

He stayed silent for a while, both of you wondering what had started this fight and why it’d become so tense. It was a stupid thing to argue over, and the both of you knew, but for some reason every angry thought came to your mind, whether it had to do with Bellamy or not, and you couldn’t control yourself. 

“Sorry for caring.” Bellamy spat.

Your eyes widened and you let out a dry laugh, “care? Since we landed you’ve been treating me as if i’m an annoyance. Why care about a pestering princess right?”

“You are an annoyance!” He yelled, despite himself. And with shock, you took a step back. Not quite expecting such harsh words to come out of his mouth, you opened your mouth to say something but came out empty. You picked up your backpack, not quite sure what to do. “Wait, Y/N…” Bellamy tried but you interrupted him.

“No, uh, it’s okay.” You whispered, staring at the ground. “I get it. I don’t know why I ever thought that… we… no, sorry.” You let the words slip out before you ran off. Your feet carrying you faster than you ever thought they could, and before you knew it you’d ran so far that you didn’t know where you were. You’d never been in these woods before and without a tracker, you found yourself lost. The world spun around you as you tried to figure out where you were.


Bellamy huffed, after walking around searching for you, and not able to find you, he figured you’d gone back home. He was worried and regretted all the words he said, because in the moment he hadn’t meant any of it. He’d just been frustrated that the two of you hadn’t discussed what had happened the night before.

You’d been ignoring his advances and gazes, he’d become frustrated with you to the point he became irrational.

Letting out a deep breath, he signalled to be let in and walked through. His eyes already searching for you, and expecting to see you walk up to him with a stomp to your step. Only you never came, and instead in your place Clarke came up. Seemingly relieved to see Bellamy standing there.

Her eyes searched around him, and he blinked in confusion. “Bellamy! I’m so glad you’re okay!” She said once she reached him, smiling up him. Bellamy smiled at her shortly, his eyes going past her for you. His heart began to race when you never showed up.

“Where’s Y/N?” Immediately, Bellamy snapped his eyes down to Clarke. His heart picking up in fear as he stared baffled down at Clarke.

“What do you mean where is she? She’s not here?” Bellamy asked in a panicked rush.

Clarke furrowed her brows, shaking her head. “No, the last time she was here was when she left with you yesterday.” She explained, her face contorting in concern. “What happened Bellamy? Where is Y/N?”

At the frantic mention of your name, a crowd of your friends had gathered. All staring at Bellamy expectantly as he stared at the ground in pure fear. How could he had been so stupid? Letting you go over a stupid fight like that. 

“Bellamy, where’s Y/N?” Jasper piped up, coming to stand next to Bellamy.

“We were out, but then I got in such a stupid fight with her.” He said, his voice deep as he blamed himself. “She ran off, and I searched for her but I figured she’d headed off back here.”

Clarke’s eyes widened with realization. “Bellamy she’s never been out of-”

“Out of camp before.” He finished, nodding. “I know.” Nodding to himself, he grabbed his gun and began marching towards the gates. 

“Where are you going?” Clarke yelled.

“Going to find her.”

- Part 3?
Playful Banter (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: holy hell you guys literally I got almost 200 notes on my first fic in literally the first day so thank you guys so much for supporting that and actually enjoying my writing style?? It encourages me to keep writing so here’s another fic for you all because I love you!! Also feel free to request things cuz it’ll help me with ideas. (And also just talk to me if you want because I’m lonely)

Warnings: swearing (lots of it pretty much exclusively from the reader), dumb fluff

Request: No

Summary: Lots of sarcasm (and sass I suppose) especially from the reader (because that how I am and how I write I apologize if that doesn’t represent you). Basically the reader and Peter are always playfully insulting each other but they both do it as a sort of cover denial for their feelings towards each other

  • You and Peter are like lowkey insulting each other 24/7
  • But in a playful way
  • “Why do you look so sad, Y/N?”
  • “Because I saw your face and it reminded me of death”
  • But it’s mutual
  • It took some time, but eventually Peter got better at it (with practice though because he’s too much of a sweetheart)
  • “What happened to your hand, Parker?”
  • “I decided it would be less painful to slam my hand in a car door than talk to you but unfortunately I’m dealing with both”
  • “Fuck off”
  • He always comes up to you later to make sure that he didn’t actually hurt your feelings
  • “I was joking I promise”
  • “Peter, I know
  • “OKAY, butIwannabereallysure”
  • “PETER”
  • “Sorry”

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The Confession


Taehyung had invited you to play video games with him so of course you agreed you were sitting on the couch totally kicking his butt.

Tae: “YAHHHH how did you get so good?! I’m the best at this game!!” He says scolding you.

Y/n: “Oh please! I could beat you with my eyes closed." 

He starts nudging you so you lose. 

You guys are having so much fun until grumpy Yoongi comes out of his room.

Yoongi: "Yah! I was trying to…” his voice tapers off when he sees you and Taehyung playing so flirtatiously.

He clears his throat to get your attention and you pause the game and look back at him, still laughing until you see him. He’s standing there shirtless and less then pleased. He stomps off back into his room.

Y/n: “Yoongi Wait!” You run into his room and you hear the door slam behind you. You look back to see him standing in front of the door arms crossed. You swallow “Y….Yoongi? I’m sorry we were so loud.”

Yoongi: “Yeah? Is that so?” He walks closer to you and you take a step back. 

Yoongi: “What are you guys an item now that you can so carelessly flaunt it in front of us?”

Y/n: “An item??? What are you talking…”

Yoongi: “You were flirting, were you not?” He says cutting you off and taking a step closer to you. All you can think of is his shirtless body moving closer, it makes you breathless for only a moment.

Y/n: “I.. No I….” You struggle to get the words out.

Yoongi: “What? What can’t you say?!” he says staring deep into your soul.

Just then you snap your body trembles and you find the courage. You take a step closer to him so your right in his face. 

Y/n: “Oh my gosh Yoongi! Why are you so infuriating?! All I’ve ever done was like you maybe even love you, and you just….” you pause as his facial expression changes from anger to a longing. He grabs your face and forcefully kisses you, shoving you up against the wall never stopping to give you as much as a breath until he pulls his lips off of yours.

Yoongi: “Say it again.” He demands. 

Y/n: “I love you Yoongi.” You say softly. 

He bites his lip and slowly backs away you look at each other breathing heavily. He reaches out to touch your face.

Yoongi: “Then say you don’t want anyone else.”

Y/n: “Oh yeah, like after my confession I’m going to go out and tell 3 other guys that as well.” You chuckle. He raises an eyebrow at your sarcasm then smiles and steps closer to you 

Yoongi: “I’m trying very hard to control myself please Jagi, don’t make it impossible” he says as his hands trail from your cheek to your lips, leaving your skin hot and tingly, you gasp as your body trembles.

Yoongi: “Unless you don’t want me to?”

Thanks for reading! Thank you for the request! Written by Dongsaeng!

Who do you want next?? :)

Dating Suga Would Include

I don’t know if this already got requested , but could you do ‘dating would include’ with Suga? :) Thanks!”

Love a bit of Yoongi <3 Hope you guys enjoy!

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Prompt: Awwww that last imagine you wrote was sosososo cute >\\< And I’m really happy to see Dabi imagine! If it isn’t too much trouble to you can you write some relationship hc for him with a sarcastic affectionate s/o            

Requester: Ash Anon

Notes: Dabi is great I love Dabi give me all the Daboo (also thank you I’ glad you liked it ^-^)

Originally posted by aizahwa


○ He’s hot for the sarcasm. It was what drew him to s/o at first, actually. He lives for it

○ The two of them have a lot of amazing sarcastic back and forth. A lot of people don’t even realize that they’re a couple because they get pretty harsh sometimes. It’s all in good fun though

○ Dabi loves it just as much when these little battles of wit get s/o a little riled up. He’ll tease them to no end about it but lowkey things it’s pretty cute

○ He’s such a proud boyfriend when s/o roasts their enemies. Like ‘yeah that’s my boo have fun getting ripped open.’ Thinks it’s pretty hilarious when someone else is on the receiving end of s/o’s angry sarcasm

○ Affection is something that needs to be taken slowly. S/o can’t just jump into it. S/o is going to have to be able to deal with very small gestures for a while at first, mostly initiated by s/o themselves. Letting s/o hold his sleeves or linking pinkies is as much compromise as Dabi is up to in the beginning

○ Casual touch becomes a little more common as Dabi get’s comfortable. Most of his affection is teasing though - flicking s/o’s forehead or pinching their nose when they do something silly, ruffling their hair, using their head as an armrest, ect…

○ Once he’s comfortable he’s a little more open to s/o being affectionate. They’re free to lean up against him and he might even just throw an arm around their shoulders. They’re welcome close, as long as he knows they’re there

○ Never takes well to s/o trying to hug him from behind, whether it’s a standard backhug or trying to be the big spoon. That’s something s/o never gets to do

○ Doesn’t mind PDA. He’s not as affectionate himself publicly and wont do anything mushy as he has a reputation to uphold, but otherwise he lets s/o do almost anything else they’d do in private in public too. It makes him feel smug when others know s/o his his

○ Likes the feeling of his s/o’s head rested on his upper chest or, if he really trusts them, snuggled into his neck

A Man Like Bruce Wayne (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: So this took me forever to write not only because I’m a lazy piece of shit but also because it was a request that required a lot of build up. I’m sure there was an easier way to go about it but I like to make everything harder than it needs to be. Lol. I’m so sorry if this was not my best, I’m still very new to writing fan fiction but I put a lot of time into it so I hope you guys like it! Feedback is much appreciated!

Y/N- Your Name

Y/L/N- Your Last Name

Warning(s): Cursing? I think that’s it..

Request: “imagine request please? i wanted to ask for a request where bruce is in love with the reader who is also in love with him. he usually drops hints that she can see but she doesnt take it serious because she doesnt want to misread it so one day, one faithful day, with the help of the batfamily he tells her outright? fluffy with lots of sarcasm please? thank you so much.” -anon

As you walked up the steps to Wayne Manor you couldn’t help but be nervous. This wasn’t your first rodeo.. you’d been a homeschooling teacher for years. You’d even taught for other high profile families before, but this one was different. Not only was this kid the son of the most important man in Gotham, but he also had a sort of reputation with scaring off his teachers. Many of your coworkers had warned you against taking the job. You were the nicest educator in the district and they didn’t want to see you fall on your face like the others before you. But you insisted that you could handle it.. no child deserved to be given up on, no matter how difficult they were said to be. When you reached the door you straightened up, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell. When it opened you were greeted by an older man, definitely not the man of the house, but his butler maybe.. He smiled at you, his eyes kind.

“Ms Y/L/N, I presume?” he asks.

You give a polite nod and he steps aside allowing you to walk in. He closes the door behind you before leading you through the house and into the study. All of Damian’s school supplies were set up on the table in the room, yet he was nowhere to be found.

“Master Bruce will be with you shortly..” he informed you before exiting the room.

It wasn’t odd for the parent of the child to want to speak with you on the first day and introduce themselves, but that didn’t stop the anxiety from bubbling up inside you this time. The opinion of a man like Bruce Wayne could make or break your career.. it could be the one thing that determined if you ever found work in this city again and the thought made you want to go back in time and maybe second guess taking this job. You had never been one to back down from a challenge but this definitely was a lot of pressure. You didn’t even have time to form another thought though when he walked in. It took everything in you not to gawk at him. He was just as good looking as everyone had said he was. Of course you’d seen pictures and videos of him before, but it was nothing compared to seeing him in person. He was even taller than you had imagined.. he had raven black hair and the prettiest blue eyes you’d ever seen.

You probably could have admired his appearance all day had he not extended his hand out to you, bringing you back to reality. You shook his hand as he spoke.

“Ms. Y/L/N.. Its very nice to meet you. Im Bruce Wayne. Im glad you could make it on such short notice.. as you know our last instructor left very abruptly.” he said with a gorgeous smile, as if his good  looks could distract you from the fact that his son just might be Satan reincarnate.

You smiled back. “Its no problem at all. I’m really looking forward to meeting Damian.”

He looked at you then with his brows raised. You took it that he probably hadn’t heard that one before.

“Father, Id appreciate it greatly if you would stop flirting with the help..” you heard a voice say from behind you.

You blushed furiously as Bruce scolded his child, and apologized to you. He cleared his throat and focused his attention back on Damian.

“Right.. Well, ill let the two of you get to work. If you need anything Alfred and I will be just down the hall.” he said, walking over to the door. Before he left though he leans down to whisper something to the young boy. You could’ve sworn he had told him to “behave”, to which Damian rolled his eyes. After his father left he turned and walked over to where you were standing. You smile at him and start to introduce yourself.

“Hello Damian.. Im-” but he cuts you off.

“Ms Y/L/N.. I heard.” he sits down at the table, and you sigh.

Two seconds in and the kid already wants nothing to do with you. You sit down next to him, still smiling though. You were determined to get him to like you.

“So, I thought we would start out with math. Where did your last teacher leave off with you?” you ask pulling out your copy of the textbook. He flips open to the page he was last on in his book and starts to work without another word.

“You know all of this already?” you ask, and he just nods.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help?” you question and to that he doesn’t respond.

You both stay quiet for a while as he continues to work and you grade some of his past assignments that his previous teacher hadn’t gotten to do. Eventually though you notice him start to struggle with a problem. You can tell that his pride is keeping him from asking for help, so you set your papers aside and explain to him how to solve the problem. He resists a bit at first but soon accepts your help. Not long after that he slowly starts to open up to you little by little. You were different from his other teachers, you didnt talk down to him and you gave him the space he had needed when he wanted to work on his own. After that the school day went by more quickly than you had expected and soon it was time to finish up your session. You assigned Damian his homework for the night and you both gathered up all your things so you could be on your way.

As you were doing this Bruce had wandered back in to talk to his son. They talked in hushed tones but judging by the look on the older Wayne’s face you could tell that your job was safe. Damian left the room soon after and Bruce walked up to you. He picked up some of your books, helping you clean up. You couldn’t help but smile.

“Your son is very bright, you know.” You say looking up at him. “One of the smartest kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching.” you continue.

This makes Bruce smile too.

“I’m really glad to hear that.. hes a good kid. He’s just- He’s been through a lot. Damian didn’t exactly have the most normal childhood with his mother.” he said with a slight frown.

It made you wonder what he meant. You knew Damian had been a new addition to the Wayne family, but you didn’t really know much about his life before Bruce. No one did. The Wayne’s private lives were just that.. private.

You slung your book bag over your shoulder and walked out of the room with Bruce, who was still holding the last of your textbooks. You felt like you were back in high school and the popular boy that everyone had a crush on was walking you to class.

Once you get to the front door you reach for your books and he hands them back to you, a small smile playing at the corners of his lips.

“Thank you again, Mr Wayne.. for giving me this opportunity. I wont let you or your son down.” you promise as he opens the door for you.

“Bruce..” you hear him say.

You turn back around to face him.

“Pardon?” you raise your brows and he laughs.

“Call me Bruce.” he clarifies.

“Oh! Right.. of course.” you giggle and give him a wave before making your way to your car and driving away. You had a feeling you were gonna like it here.


You’d been working for the Wayne family for a few months now and in that time you got closer to not only Damian but to Bruce as well. Damian wasn’t the only one who looked forward to seeing you everyday.. that being said, your and Bruce’s relationship had never went past subtle flirting and innocent touches. Today had been different though. It was the afternoon before Damian was supposed to start Spring break.. meaning that for the next almost two weeks Bruce wouldn’t be able to see you. It was weird for him to think about. You’d been at the manor basically every day sans weekends for the last 4 months. And while Bruce knew rationally that he could go without seeing you until school started up again, he didn’t want to have to wait. And that’s when he decided to break all of his own rules.

It had been one of those rare sunny days in Gotham, so you decided to have class out with Damian out in the Manor’s backyard. You were just finishing up for the day when Bruce asked if he could speak with you in private.

You immediately tensed up. Here was the moment you had been dreading. Had your flirting gone too far? Did Bruce want someone more serious to teach his son? You thought everything had been going really well, but you’d been wrong about things before. You followed Bruce through the house and into his office. This was it, you thought. This was where you got fired. As soon as you were both in the room he closed the door behind him and turned to face you. His features softened as he looked upon you and that made you confused. He didn’t look like he was about to fire you but then again he could just be pitying you. Bruce interrupted your thoughts though when he pressed his lips to yours. It was the exact opposite of what you were expecting him to do, and also the only thing you wanted to do to him since the first day you met. It didn’t take long for you start kissing him back, your fingers curling up into his perfectly styled hair. His hands found their way to your waist as he pulled you closer to him, his chest now pressed against yours. You felt lightheaded, it was like you had forgotten how to breathe.

You pulled away, you didn’t want to but you knew that if you didn’t you might pass out. You lay your forehead against his and close your eyes.

“Y/N…” you heard him whisper.

No one had ever said your name like that.. it made you feel weak in the knee’s. In that moment you would’ve done whatever he had wanted you to do.

“Yes Bruce?” you answer.

He smiled at his name leaving your lips.

“Only took four months to get you to actually call me Bruce.” he chuckles softly.

You cant help but laugh.. you remembered he told you to call him by his first name the day you met but you could never bring yourself to do it. Today it was different story.. you were kissing in his office.. It felt weird to call him “Mr Wayne” now.

“Ive been wanting to tell you something for some time..” he said.

You felt your heart skip a beat in your chest as he spoke.

“Y/N im in lo-” before you realized what you’re doing though you stopped him.

“Bruce.. no.” his smile fades and you can feel your heart breaking.

You want nothing more than to let him finish his sentence and part of you is screaming because you wont.. But the other part knows that itd never work.. not only because you were Damian’s teacher and it was unprofessional to date a parent, but also because he was Bruce Wayne..

“May I ask why?” he says, and you can hear the pain in his voice even though hes trying his hardest to seem like he’s not totally crushed.

“Bruce you have no idea how much id love to let you finish that sentence of yours.. but, I just cant. You’re you and I’m me and it would never work out.. even though more than anything I wish it could.” you respond.

He looks away, unable to make eye contact with you. Never in your life did you think you’d be turning down a man this amazing.. but here you were doing just that. Stupid morals.

“I think- I think maybe I should go now.. I’m so so sorry..” you said as you grabbed your things and walked out the door.


Bruce hadn’t spoken to you in almost two weeks and he hadn’t stopped thinking about you in all that time either. A week into the spring break you emailed him your letter of resignation. You explained how sorry you were to do this on such short notice but you thought that it was what was best for everyone now that there were feelings involved. When Bruce finally told Damian, the kid wasn’t ready to just give up. He was determined to get you to come back. So determined in fact that he called up Dick, Jason, and Tim to help him come up with a plan. The boys had noticed that Bruce had gotten grumpier over the last couple weeks now that you were gone. They had all loved you from the get go and saw how just your presence brought out Bruce’s more lighthearted side. He wasn’t as tense, he laughed and joked more.. they’d never seen him like that before. All they knew is that they had to get that back. So they confronted Bruce with their idea.. They knew exactly how to get you to trust that Bruce was serious about you.. but they also knew that he might not approve of the idea.

The plan was to have Bruce reveal his identity as the batman to you. It was a big risk and Bruce didn’t tell just anyone. When the boys first brought the idea to him he shot it down immediately. While he had fallen in love with you in the short amount of time that he had known you, telling you about being batman was never apart of the plan. At least not this early on. He figured if you had felt the same way about him you’d form a bond first, a strong relationship, and then if things worked our between you two maybe a few years down the line he’d let you into that part of his life. Bruce always had a set way that things were supposed to go, they had to be by the book.. but maybe this time he needed to be more spontaneous.. You were like no one he had ever met before. Maybe it was time to take a chance and truly let someone see him for everything that he was. Now that spring break was almost over Bruce knew he had a limited amount of time before you went on to teach for another family that wasn’t his own.

The evening before the first day back to school had come and Bruce had finally got into contact with you. You had agreed to come over and say your goodbyes personally. You’d grown quite attached to the Wayne family and you figured you owed them at least that. As you walked back up the steps to the Manor for what you thought was the last time you couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of sadness wash over you. But you knew it was what had to be done. Damian was the one to answer the door this time much to your surprise, usually it was Alfred. You looked down at the young boy and smiled. You could tell he was trying to keep a straight face, he was probably still upset about you leaving. But as soon as he saw you smile he couldn’t help but smile too.

“Hello Dami.. hows your break been?” you ask as you step inside.

You both continued to talk as you made you way deeper into the house. Damian led you into the kitchen where the rest of the family aside from Bruce and Alfred were waiting. As you walked in you felt all eyes on you and you were immediately uncomfortable.. you never did like being the center of attention.

“Uhm.. whats going on?” you ask.

You take a seat at the table with the rest of them. You felt awkward being the only one standing in a room full of people.

“Hey Ms Y/L/N. How ya been?” Dick smiled.

“You know you can call me Y/N, Richard..” you laugh.

“Yeah, Dick. She’s not your teacher. You don’t need to kiss ass..” Jason snorts.

“Language, Jay.. there are children in the room.” Tim says looking at Damian.

“The only child I see here is you, Drake.” Damian sneers.

“This is why we so rarely have all the boys in the same place at once.” you hear Alfred say as he walks into the room.

“Hello Miss.. its nice to see you again.” he greets you.

You get up to hug him, you always had a soft spot for Alfred. You spent many hours in the kitchen with the older man drinking tea and catching up on life after a long day of teaching. As you pull away you see Bruce walk in. You wonder to yourself why he always had to look so good.. its gonna make saying goodbye 10 times harder. You pull your gaze away from him and look to everyone

“I.. I probably shouldn’t stay too long.. I just wanted to come here and say goodbye in person..” you stutter out before composing yourself and continuing. “In the short amount of time that i worked here I’ve come to care immensely for every single one of you.. and it saddens me that I have to leave but-” before you can finish Bruce steps forward.

“But what if you didn’t have to leave? What if I could prove to you that I’m serious about this.. about us?” he asks.

“Bruce..” you sigh.

“Y/N.. Its not often I put myself in situations like this. Opening up to people, Letting them see this side of me.. Its not a thing that happens.” he confesses.  

“What do you mean?” you furrow your brows, obviously confused.

“I’d like to show you something before you leave.. if that’s okay? And if it doesn’t change your mind about everything then I promise I will not bother you again..” he says, now very serious.

You look around at the boys who are all now smiling at you.. obviously you weren’t in on the joke and you couldn’t lie it made you really curious.

“Okay… Show me what you got.” you say.

With that Bruce smiles and reaches his hand out for you to take. You grab it hesitantly as he pulls you along to the big grandfather clock out in the hall. He stops you in front of it and you officially have no idea whats going on.

“Umm..” you start to say but stop yourself when the clock moves out of the way to reveal a staircase that leads to underneath the manor. You look at Bruce, your eyes wide.

“Is this where you murder me and hide my body in your creepy basement with all of Damian’s previous homeschooling teachers?” you ask, only half joking.

Bruce lets out a soft laugh. “No, that was not the plan.. You watch too many horror movies.”

He steps in front of you, leading the way down the staircase and you follow along, the boys not far behind you.

Once you reach the bottom you notice that you’re now in what looks to be a cave.. a cave with thousands of dollars worth of technology everywhere. You look around, taking everything in and that’s when you see it. You walk across the large room and up to the glass case that was holding what had caught your attention. You couldn’t believe it.. Batman’s suit. You were in the batcave and that could only mean..

You spin around on your heel and see Bruce and the boys watching you from the stairs. You walk back over to them and stop in front of Bruce.

“You’re..” you cant even finish your sentence when he nods.

“Why are you showing me this? Why trust me with this kind of information?” you ask in amazement.

“I told you.. I’m serious about this.” he says, gesturing to you and himself. “This is not something  I take lightly.. but I wanted to prove to you that I’m not just-” you cut him off.

“Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne?” you say for him.

“Precisely..”  he chuckles.

You take his hands in yours and look up at him.

“Bruce…. you are a man of many contradictions and I realize that now that I misjudged you.. but even when I thought you were just some rich womanizer-”

“Ouch..” he interrupts.

You laugh and continue. “I still loved you… you don’t have to prove anything to me. I do appreciate the honestly though.”

“I love you..” he smiles.

“A man of many words..” Jason mumbles from behind you two.

“Shh.. you’ll ruin the moment.” Dick whispers.

“Come along, boys. Lets leave them be.. I’m sure they have much to discuss..” Alfred says ushering the them back up the stairs.

“Yeah.. I’m sure what they’re gonna be doing is ‘talking’.” Jason snorts.

“Don’t be vulgar, Todd.” you hear Damian say as they disappear.

“So…” you trail off.

And before you can say anything else you’re back in his arms and he’s kissing you and you cant believe you ever thought you could continue living your life without a man like Bruce Wayne.

EXO reaction when guys try and flirt with their girlfriend (you)

galaxyfanfanmystyle said: EXO’s reactions when guys try to flirt with you, aka their girlfriend. Thanks :)


Suho: *on his way to beat their asses*


Chanyeol: *judges them extra hard*


D.O: *no idea what’s going on*

Kai: Ok, well, um, I guess I’ll just stay over here


Lay: Ahaha look! He thinks he has a chance!


Xiumin: that’s cute *sarcasm detected*


Sehun: *guy uses cheesy pick up line* Wow, that was really good! I have one tip for you though…

try using it on a girl who isn’t taken

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I Won't Let You Leave; Sequel

A continuation to Luhan angst

I know it took me a long while to write that, sorry about that. I hope you guys will like it.. I wanted to make a happy ending and still maintain the angsty side of the story….

But I feel like my writing here isn’t presented well, even though I hold a great talent (can you feel my sarcasm?)

Nonetheless, this scenario was very enjoyable to write, and I’m glad for the lovely anon who requested this at first place. Got to experience a new side to Luhan and now I think I like him more than I did before.

Thanks for the support guys.

-Admin Lizard

Another hour, another day.

And you’re stuck here, at you sister’s, not knowing what to do.

It had been a month since last time you saw Luhan and the missing killed you. Like a sharp hunger for an unknown primitive urge, the urge of love perhaps? But even if it were, you would have been seeing someone new by now, so how come all you can do is dwell at that apartment endlessly.

You sister had a point there when she said that this isn’t healthy for you, that you should go back to him. But you also had a point about Luhan’s career being or at least seeming more important than yours. The thought of him probably moving on, forwarding his career, dating a new girl, a better girl, probably a colleague killed you. You felt as if you were crumbling apart, shredding into small sharp pieces of see though glass with every thought of him, every day that passed.

You had to face the fact that Luhan was gone. He didn’t chase you back and even though he begged you to stay, deep inside you knew his pleadings were worth nothing.

“____, are you awake?” your sister asked as she entered her home. You walked towards here and took the bags of groceries out of her hands. “I ordered Chinese food since I’m too lazy to cook. By the way I bought milk cause…” but she paused when she saw you were spacing out. “____?”

You didn’t answer.


Luhan is Chinese.

You wanted to slap yourself real good in the face, shake yourself up from this sorrow you’re in but you couldn’t. Even such meaningless word brought the memories of Luhan back to your mind, flashing every sweet piece of it that it could.

You were hungry yet lazy to cook anything so Luhan suggested ordering a takeaway. “Let’s order Chinese food!” you clapped your hands in enthusiasm and Luhan smirked at you, pulling you closer to his by your waist and pecked your cheek. “You know, I can cook some for you.” He suggested. You smiled at him, opening your eyes in wonder, “Really? That’ll be great. I’m starving!”

He taught you how to boil the noodles just close enough to perfection, and how to chop the vegetables nicely. You ended up with him standing behind you and cutting straws of raw zucchini for you. Your shirt which was previously his got dirty from soy sauce that you accidentally spilled, and Luhan took the chance to take it off of you, kissing your chest lovingly. You found yourself making love to him two times that evening, skipping the half made dinner. Luhan’s touch over your skin still lingered, burning every layer of dead cells with aching agony. You could almost taste his lips if you tried really hard to focus on the memory of their taste. But most of all, his smell was your strongest memory of all. If you focused hard enough, you could smell Luhan.

Passionflower and lake. He smelled so sweet and fresh.

“_____!” your sister shook your shoulder and looked into your eyes, “You have to get over him!” you looked at her, feeling the tears escaping your eyes endlessly. “I can't… I can't… I love him.”

“You can’t do this anymore. You owe yourself to get over him. He was bad to you. Remember?”


“Then go out ___. Have fun! Date guys, get drunk, get wild. Do something, just forget about Luhan!”

But you couldn’t.

On a rainy day you came ‘home’ soaked. Soaked to the bones. You walked towards the bedroom which wasn’t even yours almost lifelessly. Dragging your feet behind, you took some clothes out of the shower. You were glad for your forgetfulness that made you forget to turn off the boiler before leaving the house, so not here was warm water waiting for you. You took off your white top, letting it silkily drop over the bathroom’s floor with the rest of your clothes. You stood naked, breathing in the steams that were forming from the hot water and filling the room. When you laid down inside, the water were boiling your skin. It was such a bitter sweet relief from the coldness that surrounded and dominated your body. The burning pain temporarily managed to ease the emotional pain you were having only two days after your breakup. Your horrible breakup. Why did he have to be so pathetic? This whole situation is pathetic; you crying, him crying. Everything is so useless now that you’re away from him. All those memories… they’re all for nothing.

He probably has already erased you from his mind. But no, it has only been two days. Two days can be a long time though you knew Luhan is indeed a loyal guy.  The image of his crying face still lingered in your mind and it hurt more than getting burned by the water. You wanted him to hold you again, to kiss you but he isn’t going to do that anymore, and frankly, it’s for the best. After a long hour you left the bath, only wearing your undergarments since it seemed pretty meaningless to wear any clothes. No clothes could hide the wound in your heart. You crashed over the bed, leaving the mess of water, mud and scattered clothes behind you, not caring about the coldness that surrounded you while secretly wishing to maybe freeze to death.

Death could be nice. Perhaps, just for a little while. Just until things got better.

But things weren’t going to get better.


At the kitchen, you were making yourself some sweet tea. You felt like having tea, so you prepared yourself one but stopped in the middle of drinking when a knock was heard. You walked towards the door and opened it.

The glass fell of your hands and your eyes were widely open.


“____.” He whispered, a faint smile painted over his face. They seemed tired and older. He has matured probably, or just gotten more tired, probably because of work. Yeah, it must have been his stupid work. You could feel the rage filling your veins as you clenched your fist, eyebrows frowning. “What the hell are you doing here?” you said calmly.

Luhan sighed sadly, his face expression was hard to read but you could notice the sadness behind his eyes. “I missed you. I missed you so badly. I’ve been thinking and I can’t live without you ___. I was so stupid to let you go, and I need you so badly… I-”

“Why now? Why now of all times? It’s been a month Luhan. A month!” your voice got louder and you got angrier. The tears started to form in your eyes again, as if they forgot you’ve already shaded way too many of them. Luhan’s eyes were also starting to get watery. His beautiful brown eyes. “I know I’m wrong. I know I am. I’m so sorry. I need you.”

“And what makes you think I’m going to take you back? You’ve been uncaring towards me. I-I thought I already made myself clear that day.”

“___,” he got closer to you, his face wearing a solemn expression, “I, I flew here because I love you. I realize how bad I’ve been behaving towards you. I know you needn’t to put up with such treatment but I promise,” he reached for your hands that were fisted tensely at your sides, “I’ve changed. I’m a better man now.”

“No you’re not Luhan. How can I know?”

“I love you. I’m in love with you. I never stopped thinking about you for a moment.”

“Luhan…” you started to cry. If you had a flying angel or any kind of miniature figure flying over your shoulder like in cartoon movies, they would have been screaming widely by now “Hug him! Kiss him! Take him back! Now!”

But you didn’t have one, and instead your conscious came in action. Why would you got back to him? Who says he’ll be better? “I can't… if, if we… if we get back together I’m not going to forgive myself for, I…”

Luhan’s strong arms secured you in a tight embrace. You tried to push him away but he held you close. “____,” he whispered while stroking your hair. You could sense the tears and agony. The endless cries late at night over a bottle of alcohol. “I’m so fucking sorry, I love you. And I know I’m wrong. There’s nothing else I can say to make you change your mind. I’ve cut my working hours so I could have more times with you. I never stopped wanting all the dreams I’ve shared with you. I want to be the father of your children ____, and buy a house together. I want to grow old with you and share a grave. I want to be with you ___. I want you. And no one else. Not my job, not my career, not anything else in the entire world but you.” Passionflower. His fragrance drove you crazy.

At that point you were both weeping pathetically, captured in each others hold. “Luhan,” you swallowed some tears, “I love you too. I really do, but you have to realize it’s not easy for me.”

“I know. I know. I know it isn’t and I’m so sorry for putting you through all of that, but,” Luhan held your arms, gliding slowly down as he looked over the floor, “but please come back to me. Please…” He got on his knees, and let more tears escape his eyes, roll down his cheeks and hit the ground. You stroked his hair and he looked up to you. “Do you swear on your life that things are going to get better?”

He put his hand over his heart and said “I swear.” Then he added, “I took a week long vacation to be with you.”

You smiled at him and Luhan’s eyes got wider in response as he stood up and send his hands to cup your face. “Geez, this smile…” he sighed, “I missed this beautiful smile for so long.”  He pulled you into a long warm hug afterwards. You knew that if you told your sister about it she’d kill both of you but the fact that’s he has been making effort to change and get you back says something about the future of your relationship. Maybe things will finally turn back to the way it were when you first dated; loving and caring.

No Worries

Dean x Female Reader

Original Request: ifindyourlipssokisssable requested:  Hi! Could you make an imagine of deanxreader (they’re non-hunters & live Normal life) and get engaged but she fears him having a bachelor party w/ strippers and he comforts her so he wouldn’t want one anyway and it’s perfectly fine? Thanks so much🎇

Summary: Dean and reader were best friends. They fell off, but found each other again. A fluffy part one to this request.

Word Count: 1210

Warnings: nada. none. Well, it’s an AU if that counts.

A/N: It’s slow build up to the request. Hope you guys like it. Oh, and followers are greatly appreciated. :)

Dean Winchester was your best friend from the day you were born. John Winchester and your dad served together then worked together in the same garage, so they practically pushed you two to be best buds. With equal sarcasm and trouble-making antics, you and Dean were basically conjoined at the hip through childhood, while Dean’s little brother Sam ran behind. But things changed.

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