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Hello do you draw Alex Mercee too? Can I ask for him in A3 if it's ok?

Forgive me anon, but despite my attempts

Alex just isn’t the one to look good when smiling

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I wish you would write a fic in which Nami and Robin make a bet

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This was so fun, thanks for the request. I should write this chaotic crew more often ^^

bets, also on AO3

There weren’t only dangerous islands on the Grandline, this much Nami had to admit to herself. Well, she hoped the island wasn’t dangerous, but it did look fine to her. So far they had sailed around for an hour or so, admiring the wonderful nature, and the crystal-like water of the dozen rivers that seemed to run through the whole place. There had been no need to get off the Sunny, yet. They probably could cross the whole island, without doing so.

Most of the crew had went on with their daily business again, after they had all hung over the railing, looking down, to watch the beautiful fish. They were pretty, shimmering in all colors, looking like living rainbows. Sanji had promised not to kill and cook them, after even the ladies of the ship had told him they were too lovely to do so. Instead he was in the kitchen now, preparing their lunch, totally fish-free, but definitely tasty nonetheless. It probably was meat. Luffy had requested meat, after he was denied his fish.

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Can You Believe That Guy?!

@angielavu - Here you are! I hope that you enjoy the piece and thank you again so, so much for the kind words and the request! Once again, I have been a fed a request that opens up all sorts of new scenarios/feels for me and I really do appreciate that x’DD So thank you! This was such a joy to write and I hope that you enjoy it and perhaps, maybe, laugh a little. Comedy isn’t really my expertise, so I don’t try to include it a lot, but sometimes it just…happens. It’s not laugh out loud comedic, but more of a “hehe…” A pity laugh, I guess? Anyway, I’m going to stop embarrassing myself now and just let you read it x’DDDD 



A heavy, loud sigh echoed off the walls of the flower shop. The pink haired woman standing at the counter raised a single brow, her eyes focused on the blonde woman behind the counter.

“Geez, what’s got you all riled up?” She asked, a hand on her hip. The last time she had seen Ino like this she had never heard the end of it. She was sure to experience the same treatment today.

“Sai.” The blonde haired woman, Ino, snarled. “You’re lucky, Sakura!” She slammed her hands onto the counter and continued, “I wish Sai decided to go on some world journey and write me letters when he could. But nooo, he just had to stay in the village and follow me around like a little lost puppy!” She put a hand to her head and added, “Ugh, wait. If he left the village, I’d never hear the end of it. I’d get letters every day, every hour, asking me who I was with and what I was doing and where I was going. Can you believe that guy? I mean, honestly. I can’t go anywhere without him getting all…weird!”

Sakura, the pink haired woman, chuckled slightly; a comical sweat drop appearing. She lifted a hand to try and steady her friend.

“Come on, Ino, it can’t be that bad. I mean, Sai loves you doesn’t he?” 

“Of course he does!” The glare from the blonde made her flinch slightly. Where had the sudden hostility come from? 

“Listen, just because he sweet talks you from time to time, doesn’t mean he has the hots for you, okay? Back off! You already have a stud.” Ino crossed her arms, her face pulling into a disgusted scowl.

Sakura cleanched her hand into a tight fist and hissed, “Are you kidding me? Since when has Sai ever sweet talked me? And besides, I wouldn’t date that guy if he were the last one on earth!”

“Hey, that’s really messed up, Sakura! Sai isn’t that bad of a guy! If Shino or Choji were the last guy on earth, then we’d really have to worry about extinction.”  She released another heavy sigh, hanging her head. “I’m sorry, Sakura. I know you didn’t mean anything by it, but…” She lifted her head, her eyes going towards the ceiling. “You should have seen what happened yesterday.”

Now she was in for it. Why had she even bothered coming in to see her today? Tenten had warned her that she was in a foul mood and yet, somehow, she believed that she could quell the woman. Now here she was - exactly where she had been a week ago, enduring yet another painful story about the idiot dubbed Sai and the green eyed monster dubbed Ino.

“Sai. Quit it!”

Ino Yamanaka glared towards her boyfriend, Sai. The young man had been talking to the shop owner, a female shop owner, for what felt like ages. Previously, the two had been enjoying a nice, quiet day together. They had ventured around town, taking long walks this way and that way, and simply enjoyed their time with one another. However, almost as soon as they entered the small shop, Sai turned his attention towards the young woman behind the counter. He had seemingly lost all interest in Ino, only fueling her rage. 

Sure, she’s got some nice boobs, but mine are obviously bigger, right? Right?! She crossed her arms tightly, her lips pursed. She glared holes into the back of his skull and attempted to send silent messages of anger towards him. Surely he would hear her and turn around, taming her rage. 

“Well, thank you very much.” He spoke, placing several coins on the counter. “I appreciate you speaking with me. I’ll be stopping in much more frequently now.” He waved gently towards her and earned a small wave in return. 

Ino had just about lost it at this point. A sneer tightened across her lips and her glares turned to poisonous daggers. Honestly, what did this woman have that she didn’t? A bigger wrack? Shorter hair? A dumpling shop?! What was it that made her so special and so admirable, that Sai’s full attention had shifted entirely to her?

“Ready to go?” Sai asked, a smile aimed towards her. Evidently, he felt none of the angry messages she was so clearly sending him. 

Turning around on heel, the woman stormed out of the shop without another word. She could almost hear the gears working in his small, stupid brain as he followed after her. However, her attention was quickly diverted from Sai to the young man walking towards her. Almost instantly, the woman knew what had to be done. She knew that revenge would provide incredibly sweet bliss.

“Hey Kiba!” She yelled, lifting an arm to wave. Sai remained quiet, stopping only when she did. 

“Oh, hey Ino. What’s up?” Kiba stopped in front of them, his hands in his pockets. Akamaru trailed lazily behind him and took this moment to lye down at their feet.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you around lately.” She grinned from ear to ear, working her hardest to come off at least slightly charming. Although, based on past experience, she knew that the men around here weren’t smart enough to read into her charms. Therefore, she almost always came out looking like a fool. But today was different. No matter what Kiba thought of her or how foolish he believed her to be, one man in particular would fall for her trap. And that man was Sai.

“I’ve been alright. Just workin’ on missions and stuff, you know? What about yourself? Still holed up in that flower shop?” He asked the question with a smile. It took everything within her not to punt him across the village.

“Yeaaah, I’m in there almost every day. Hey, you should stop by some time!”

“Huh? What would I need to stop in there for?”

“Well I’m in there. So you could, I don’t know, stop in for some tea or something.”

Kiba raised a brow, his lip curling slightly. He didn’t understand why the woman had just, suddenly, invited him for tea when her boyfriend was standing directly beside her. And yet, despite having a comeback prepared, Sai was the first to act. In fact, he acted so fast, Kiba didn’t have any time to stop him.

The pale ninja removed a kunai from his bag and threw it with a flick of his wrist. The sharp ninja tool landed directly beneath Kiba, barely missing his toes. He jumped back in alarm, stepped on Akamaru’s tail, and earned a loud wail from the large dog. He sat up in the dirt and cried, “Hey! What the hell was that for?!”

“I don’t think you should stop by for tea.” Sai replied airily, a smile plastered to his lips. “Flowers and dogs don’t get along well.”

“Wh-hey! I wasn’t gonna stop by for tea anyway!” The brown haired man stood up instantly, ready to pound the pale man into the ground. “Besides, I’ve got better stuff to do than sit around at a flower shop all day!”

Removing yet another kunai, Sai spat back, “What are you trying to imply? That Ino merely sits around all day?”

“Sai.” The voice was dark and powerful, sending chills racing down both men’s spines. They hadn’t noticed it before, but as soon as their eyes pulled away from one another, they saw it - the massive, black clouds that radiated off of the young blonde woman. As if on cue, both men opened their mouths to protest, but alas, neither of their voices were heard.

“QUIT IT!” The first made impact with his gut faster than he expected, sending him flying down the street. And just as quickly as the fist sent the paler of the two away, a foot drove itself into the other’s chest, piling the second onto the first.

Ino glared towards both of them and shouted, “Idiots!”

“Ugh, can you believe that guy, Sakura? He gets all possessive the moment another guy even looks at me! It’s so irritating.” She returned her eyes to the pink haired woman, her lips, once again, pursed together in annoyance.

Sakura, on the other hand, stared at the blonde. Her face had completely deadpanned. She seemed to have lost most, if not all, of her energy just from listening to this single story.

“Hey, were you even listening?” Ino spat, growing even more irritated by her friend’s silence.

The pink haired woman turned on her heels and exited the shop quietly, ignoring any and all shouts aimed toward her. She walked down the street; a statue with moving legs. When she had reached a point far enough away from the flower shop and people, she slammed her fist down into the ground. A large hole took form, but no real damage was taken. Staring into the hole, her face still just as still as it had been before, she processed what had just happened a second time.

“Hey, Sakura!” 

Looking up from the ground, she locked eyes with Tenten. The young woman smiled and rubbed the back of her neck. “Another one of Ino’s stories, huh?”

“Yeah…another one of Ino’s stories.”

“You’re gonna have to help fix this one too, you know.”

“Yeah…I know.”

And thus ended the tale of the idiot and the green eyed monster; the two beings that would forever remain lost in their never-ending fairy tale of drama and eccentric love.

Oh my word my roommate and I are so tipsy she’s def drunk. We’re currently arguing over the order of Star Wars. She’s confused bc we’re watching ROTJ and she didn’t remember that Luke knew about Vader being his father.

She’s really drunk.

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