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Hey!! I made a thing!!

This is my first ever YouTube video or doing anything as a voice actor that’s like actually out there and public!

Thank you so much to @parachuter for giving me permission to use their comic, be certain to check out their blog!

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-Twenty One Pilots

-Melanie Martinez

-Troye Sivan



-Dodie Clark


-All Time Low

-5 Seconds of Summer

-Mayday Parade

-The Royal

-Fall Out Boy

-Bea Miller

-Panic! At the Disco

-Oh Wonder

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I did a cover of this song and my Sea Mechanic trash self had to make a trash AMV sorry not sorry

When the time comes

baby don’t run


today was a good day because not only did we get three (3) frank selfies, he looks like a fucking model in all of them and in one of them he’s shirtless. i will never forget this day thank you god

can we just appreciate the song called ‘veins! veins!! veins!!!’ by fiatp? in the alt press interview he admited that he’s been struggling with his mental health all his life and this particular song talks about being addictive to self-destruction or things like alcohol and drugs. and i think that it is really important to talk about all these things, because this is a problem that actually exists and it affects so many people. we should be aware of self harm & addiction problems in our society, and it’s a really brave deed to write a song about it. it’s like a reminder for us to remember that we’re not alone in our issues. as a person who also deals with mental health problems, i am truly thankful for this song. 

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Could I request a scenario with Tsukishima, Nishinoya and Bokuto where they make her go sky diving and when they get done she's in tears? How would they support her? Female pronouns please!

Honestly, I’ve been avoiding this post since I’ve joined back in December. But, it needs to get done eventually. Sorry if it’s not at my usual level of quality. They’re also kinda short. Sorry.

~~Admin Keiji



You generally considered your boyfriend to have good ideas; he wasn’t reckless, he enjoyed playing things safe. So when he suggested skydiving, you were fairly quick to agree. No way would Kei make you do something dangerous or scary. 

But boy, were you wrong. When you peered over the edge of the door 10,000 feet in the air, you were terrified. Still, you steeled yourself; maybe the fall was actually fun. It wasn’t. You were pretty sure if you didn’t pee before taking off, you’d have done it in the air. And when your parachute deployed, suddenly changing the velocity you were going, you were ready to hurl. Swallowing it down, you braced yourself and waited for all this to be over.

Eventually, you reached the ground, where you did not land gracefully, and looked at Kei who landed a moment before you. He had an excited look in his eye, smile starting to spread on his face. He looked at you with a face that asked, “That was fun, yeah?”


You couldn’t help yourself, adrenaline too high; tears spilled out of your eyes and Kei’s expression changed form excited to worried. He unclipped himself from his parachute and rushed over to you where he did the same for you, then pulled you into his arms, rubbing your back and shushing you comfortably.

When he pulled away, he tilted your head up and looked in your eyes. “I’m so proud of you, _____. You did something scary and survived. Now you never have to do it again,” he spoke encouragingly.

“Never again,” you sniffed.

“Never again,” he agreed. 


The only reason you agreed to this was because he would not stop pestering you about it. You loved your boyfriend’s tenacity, but sometimes you hated it. 

The whole way up to the right altitude, you clutched the edge of the seat with one hand and nearly broke Yuu’s hand with your other. He, naturally, just smiled that crazy smile he whole time. When it was time to jump, you were ready to ask the pilot if you could just chicken out and fly back down to the surface when Yuu pushed you out of the plane. In that moment you had two things on your mind: 1) murdering your boyfriend, 2) AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

You thought, Maybe I should close my eyes the whole way down, but realized you’d probably go splat. Yuu, on the other hand, seemed to be doing flips and you swore you heard, “ROLLING THUNDER SKY MODE” but the wind made it hard to be sure.

You did land, and without death, and somehow miraculously on your feet, while Yuu tumbled all over. You quickly unbuckled your parachute and helmet and thanked any deity out there for bringing you back to the earth safe.

Soon, Yuu made his way to you and saw you were visually shaken. Instead of searching for “the right thing” to say, he decided to simply tell you what was in his head.

“Good job, _____. Now you’re for sure less wimpy than Asahi-san!” His eyes were alight as he spoke and his smile was childlike, yet genuine.

He didn’t have to say much to make you feel comforted. You knew that a compliment from Yuu was anything but a lie–he was very honest about his feeling, both positive and negative. 

Though, you did make him promise not to make you do that again.

“Next time we can go zip lining,” he exclaimed and you knew you were doomed. He was lucky he’s cute.


It was impossible to resist the puppy eyes, and Koutarou knew that. He used it on you, too, that manipulative bastard. That was how he somehow convinced you, the person most afraid of heights in the world, to sign a waiver to go skydiving. That was how he had you plummeting to your death on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

That was how you twisted your ankle. When you finally got to the ground, you landed a little funny. Koutarou didn’t notice at first, and when he saw you still sitting on the ground after he undid himself of his parachute and helmet, he came to help you out of yours, talking excitedly the whole way over. So when he saw your hand over your already swelling ankle, he immediately deflated.

“I’m so sorry, _____. I never should have made you skydive. I’m a horrible boyfriend,” he whispered whilst looking at the ground in between your feet. “We should break up, I’m no good.”

Something about seeing your boyfriend down brushed away any fear you were feeling. You needed to comfort your cinnamon roll and ensure he wouldn’t leave you.

“It’s not your fault, Kou,” you tell him gently. “I know that if I really didn’t want to go, you wouldn’t have made me. That’s because you’re a wonderful boyfriend. And besides,” you added, “you can’t break up with me until I make you my manservant for the next three days while my ankle heals.”

“Really? You’re not mad?” He asked, giving you those goddamned sad puppy eyes.


Something about comforting Koutarou comforted you, too. Even after this crazy experience, nothing changed between you two and that was comforting.


Original Comic:

Hey everyone, I have a new video~!

Once again I have to thank the lovely @parachuter for letting me dub her comics! Thank you as well to @aikafuwa for helping my with voicing Quinn!

My next video will be a collection of dubs for some Persona 5 comics so be sure to keep an eye out!

The Winter Soldier (part 1/4)

A/N: Hey guys!!! Sorry I haven’t been publishing anything for a while, I was a bit busy haha but look!! I’m back again with a new series!!! This time it’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Okay, so I’ve kinda been wanting to do this but I haven’t exactly gotten the time to do it and I thought it’ll be really interesting if the reader met Bucky and yeah. If you guys have anything you want to see next please feel free to message me😊 So anyways, the timeline for this is that it happened between Avengers and AOU so you can read my Avengers series first to get to know the reader’s powers and a bit of backstory, here’s part 1!! Enjoy!!

Word Count: 2,532

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Epilogue

You jogged beside Steve, your pace matching his. Looking to the side, you watched the beautiful sunrise, the purple and pink hues making you feel a sense of relief after defeating Loki’s army.

Ever since then, you decided to try find out more about yourself, you couldn’t remember much of your past so you decided to ask Director Fury to help you get your blood tested to at least find out some basic information. You managed to find out the date you were born and your first name but the information was limited, you also found out that your entire bone structure was made from a very strong alloy.

Y/N, born on 20th April 1886, 128 years old. God, after hearing that you felt like a freaking fossil.

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so, today is the one year anniversary of when i met @prettyrywalk, and it’s been a little over four months since i asked fae to be my bf, and i just wanna say i love you with all my heart. you’ve been something special to me since day one. i’m really, really glad i met you. thank for being my parachute.

BTS reaction: you want to jump from a plane with a parachute

Hello, I’m very good, thank you :D Thank you for requesting, and for waiting xx

Jin: He would be a bit reluctant to let you do it, as he’s quite protective. But when you told him how much you wanted to do it, he would let you. That would take much convincing. What would take a lot of begging and aegyo, would be to make him do it with you. If you begged enough, he would eventually agree.I think he would actually find it quite thrilling, but he’d be terrified to do it. He would be shaking when he was back on the ground, but he would still be happy to be able to say that he had done it. And doing it with you was a bonus.

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Suga: He would definitely let you do it. He’s not the type to stop you from doing something you want to. He would definitely tell you to do it when you got the chance, and maybe help you a bit in finding a good place to do it. But if you mentioned that you’d want him to do it too, he would be more hesitant. He was nervous enough when they did the bungee jumping, so he would need some time to think about jumping out of a plane. I think that he might do it, though. If nothing else, just to show you that he’s not very easily scared. He would be scared right when it was time for you to jump, but he would really enjoy it while he was in the air. 

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J-Hope: I think he would actually try to convince you not to jump. He wouldn’t try hard, though, and after telling you why he thought it was a bad idea he would not try again. If you mentioned that you wanted him to do it too, he would agree immediately. He would not have done it alone, but he felt like he needed to be with you to make sure that you were not harmed. He would be downright terrified the whole time, but he would do it for you.

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Rap Monster: He would, like Yoongi, definitely let you do it. If you wanted to do something, he would fully support it, whatever it was. As long as it won’t give you health problems. He would probably help you find the best people to be on the plane, so that you were as safe as possible. But you would never get him on that plane. He’s said that he has a fear of heights, so he would not go with you, no matter how much you beg. But he would definitely wait for you on the ground, and hug you tight once you were not in the air anymore.

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Jimin: He would, like Jin, be a bit hesitant in letting you, but then he would help you to find the people you would be the most safe with. If it was something you really wanted to do, he was definitely not make you sad by not letting you. And he would go with you. He would want to hang on to his manliness, and he would also, deep down, want to find out what it feels like to do that. He would be scared, but he would at the sam time think it’s fun to have done something like that.

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V: Tae would immediately go online to search for the best people. If this was something you wanted to do, he was not going to let it take long before you got to experience it. He’s the type to promise to go with you, in the heat of the moment. But he would regret it when you were going onboard. And once you were in the air, he would be a nervous and scared wreck. When it was actually time to jump, he would have a slight mental breakdown. Once he was back on the ground, it would take a good while before he stopped shaking, and hours before his pulse was back to normal.

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Jungkook: You would mention one time that it would be cool to jump out of plane, and after that he would never stop nagging you about it. He would really want to do it and not stop talking about it until you booked a time to do it. Once you got there, he would be so excited, and probably do some kind of happy dance. When you jumped, he would shout excitedly and grab your hand. A huge smile would be on his face the whole time. Once you got back home, he would not shut up about it to his hyungs, and he would tell you that you should do that again sometime.

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NCIS One Shot: Please Just Remember

Summary: Gibbs loves you, forever and always.

Words: 2.2k

Warnings: Angst, Eventual Character Death

Song: Forever and Always by Parachute (lyrics are in bold)

Notes: Thank you so much for 300 followers! Now, I will proceed to rip your hearts out. Pleasedon’thateme.

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You’re sitting at the table. Fingers drumming against the table surface, you wonder when your boyfriend is coming home.

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on his arm? he didn'tsspend one day with her. shes crashing at someone's house he's at the middletons they didn't book a hotel for her she has to take a cab no car and she'll be on his arm? you see what i'm saying here? if some people didn't know before they know now. out the window.

LOL, it’s 2 hours away, she’ll be walking in with the villagers for a leftover meatball. We have to wait and see if she shows up, I said it before parachute her way in.

thank anon

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"i cant breathe i cant" raywood pls!!

When the first missile hit, Ryan was thankful that they were both already wearing parachutes. When the second one hit, however, realization dawned on him like a cruel sun that he was wearing the only parachute. Ray had insisted that he would be fine, that no one was going to blow the chopper out of the sky, that the LSPD didn’t have rocket launchers, that-

The second missile hit, seconds after the first. Ryan grunted and suddenly the helicopter was spinning out of control, an incessant beeping coming from the control panel. He didn’t hear Ray in the microphone, which was not a good sign. The kid screamed all the time, always yelling about something; he was silent when he was really scared.
Fuck!” Ryan snarled, undoing his seat belt and reaching over. In just a few seconds, he had removed Ray’s as well. The sniper’s eyes were shut, his face so pale it made him look sick. His knuckles were white on the sides of the seat, his body rigid while Ryan tore the seat belt off of him. In Ryan’s left ear, Geoff was yelling in the communicator. They were in the middle of a fucking heist and Geoff sounded panicked, telling them to get the hell out before the chopper exploded.

Ryan pounced, grabbing Ray in both arms. He wasn’t moving, panting weakly against Ryan’s chest. They had one chance.

Gripping Ray as tight as he could, Ryan kicked off the open door of the helicopter and sent them both careening into the open air above the ocean. A few miles away, the carnival was going on happily, mostly oblivious to what was happening to the R'n'R Connection. Ryan should pull the chute, but that would make them a bigger target, easier for the cops to shoot them out of the sky. The drop wasn’t terribly far, maybe fifty meters, they might survive if they could hit the water just right.
The decision came to him at the last moment, practically snarling as he grabbed the pull for the chute and yanked. Their bodies jerked hard and finally Ray made a sound, a terrified shout as he grabbed back to Ryan, arms wrapping around his shoulders.

“Hold on to me!” Ryan barked over the sound of the wind, the bullets that were screaming past their heads already. Ryan was thankful it was night; if they had been doing this with daylight surrounding them, they’d be dead by now.
Ryan had pulled the chute perhaps a hair too late, not doing much to slow their fall.
“Hold your breath,” Ryan shouted, and they hit the water hard. Ryan had sucked in as much air as he could before they went under, shutting his eyes when the salt from the sea burned them. One arm was around Ray, keeping him close, the other struggling to take the parachute off his body. Somehow he wrestled the harness off and let it start to sink, his body kicking against the pull of the sea trying to suck them down.

They were under the water for almost a full minute, Ryan’s lungs burning as he fought to the surface. When they broke, Ryan inhaled so hard it hurt. Ray was still there, gasping and choking. His glasses were gone, sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He still wasn’t speaking.
“Ray, are you hurt? Ray?” Ryan looked at him nervously, treading water with one arm. He knew the sniper couldn’t swim.
“I-I can’t, I can’t breathe, I can’t-” Ray was coughing between rasping for air, shaking his head a little.
“Come on,” Ryan growled, mostly to himself. Ray was still holding onto him and Ryan pulled his arm back just long enough to strike Ray with his fist, hitting somewhere on his upper back to try and force the water out of him. It sort of worked and he grimaced when he felt Ray spill something from his mouth onto Ryan’s back, probably just seawater. Hopefully just seawater.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” Ryan murmured, holding onto the lad once again, looking around. They had ended up maybe a mile from the shore, the helicopter having splashed down before they did, bits and pieces of it strewn about the surface of the water. They were safe, still alive and sort of breathing.
“What the fuck happened?” Ray choked, rubbing his eyes with his soaked sleeve, his vision blurry as sin.
“Chopper got shot,” Ryan said, still looking at the carnival, the ferriswheel slowly turning.

“Ryan! Ray! What the fuck, are you guys fucking alright!?”

Holy shit, the communicators were still working. Of all things, Ryan laughed, hand coming up and fingering the tiny device in his ear.
“Yeah, just barely,” Ryan said, voice gritty. “We’re about a mile from the shore, South from the carnival.
“God I fucking hate you two. Alright, shit, heist over, I’ll send Jack to come and get you. You guys are fucking assholes.”

Ryan sighed, forcing himself to stay afloat with the lad. Looking around, his face perked up just slightly.
“C'mon, we’re moving,” Ryan said, shifting. Ray followed suit and grabbed onto his back, kicking his feet in time with Ryan’s. They made it to a large chunk of shrapnel and Ryan assisted Ray to grab onto it. He was trembling again, his teeth chattering as he held onto the hunk of floating metal.
“Don’t freeze to death on me, kid.”
“I’ll n-never let g-g-go, Jack,” Ray deadpanned, struggling to keep his voice level as he shivered.
“You know, when Geoff watched that movie, he cried for two hours.”
“T-That’s hardly sur-surprising.”

Minutes passed, both of them clinging onto their life raft. After awhile, Ray spoke up. He sounded small.
“That w-was fucking scary, d-dude,” Ray said, frowning. Ryan looked over, the fear still heavy on his face. He could make jokes and laugh in the face of death all he wanted; Ryan had seen the horror on the sniper’s face, an image that would probably never leave him.
“I know,” Ryan said, reaching over and putting an arm around Ray, pulling him closer. “But you’re still here, okay? We both are.”
“Y-Yeah,” Ray breathed, tucking his head down a little below Ryan’s. His face paint had washed off, exposing his soft lips, the hard line of his jaw. Ray leaned up, kissing him there gently.
“L-L-Love you.”
“I luh-luh-love you too,” Ryan shot back, sniggering, even as Ray splashed him.

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hi I LOVE YOUR TATTOO!!!!! but how did you come up with it? I can never brainstorm tattoos very well

thanks v much!! idk i really wanted a parachutes themed tattoo, i picked the lyrics and had the idea of them being on a grave, but then i had the idea of a death spells tattoo with skeletons holding hands with the lyrics ‘take my hand, let’s set this world on fire’ (i will definitely get another tattoo with those lyrics btw) then i sort of replaced the skeletons with parachutes ghosts and i stuck with it i guess?? 

as for how i come up with ideas for tattoos i pick a lyric i really like and sort of go with the vibe of that lyric!

For khaleecia! I’m sorry I tried to draw a serious and handsome ren for you but then I thought about parachutes and wouldn’t it be funny if ren’s poncho was like a parachute. ANYWAYS, this is a thank you so much for being such a wonderful person! I really appreciate you being so great and everything!

Reasons to Love the Finale of Gravity Falls

-No one died

-Bill singing

-DIPPER AND WENDY SWITCHING HATS (plus people were talking about how the Wendy hat looks like the hat Alex wears)

-MABEL + MABEL like comeon that’s freaking great

-All the punching things

-Blubs and Durland and the canon and the cannon

-That half-ass thank you not being the true make up between the Stans

-THE STANS SAILING TOGETHER like that was like a best-case-scenario wildest dreams idea for me

-The foreshadowing of Stan burning wasn’t a meaningless thing just to scare us, it was just a clever hint we didn’t understand at the time

-Clones three and four

-Ford’s hand turkey in the credits which I’m pretty sure was a reference to this

-The return of Stan’s mullet and beanie lol

-Wendy was the ice bag hell yeah

-Waddles going with them like thank god

-The parachutes made of all of Mabel’s sweaters

-The grappling hook

-Wendy being badass as usual

-Mcgucket forgiving Ford


-Pacifica’s arc

-All of Robbie’s lines tbh

-Mcgucket getting the mansion he deserves

-That mutant cow from the petting zoo’s still doin’ alright

-Melody and Soos being together


-The piece of flannel by Alex’s name in the credits

-The goodbye Stan sweater

-It was like a combination of every fan-ending I’d seen

-Grenda punching away the feels


-Soos’ dream came true

-Wendy and Dipper saying they mean a lot to each other

-A LOT of little subtle parallels to earlier episodes I’ll probably point out later

-Mabel saying she wasn’t ready for the future because none of us are and that’s okay

-The squad running along side the bus

-Dipper’s narration at the end

-”If your curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it. It’s out there somewhere in the woods. Waiting.”


  • Bill could come back??
  • NEXT SUMMER (and the one after that and after that…)


-It’s not the end of childhood, it’s not the end of mystery and adventure. It’s just the end of a summer. A beautiful, amazing, four year summer I’m so proud to have been a part of


cool stuff

1. there are train stations like in 1 which i honestly think were a pretty nice thing to have

2. Saint’s Row wasn’t even finished yet at this point

3. markers for Piracy and Guardian Angel, Trail Blazing was called Human Torch

4. Parachute Shop??? oh thank god they didn’t make us buy that shit

5. Ship It! was called High Tide Ride

6. There was another store that sold music called Aural Fixation in the Suburbs Expansion but it got replaced by another Scratch That