thanks for the panic attack mom

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

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Bellarke au, it's where clarke is a doctor at a prison and Bellamy is a guard. Multichapter and in one clarke went to a masked ball and reader knows she's dancing with Bellamy but she doesn't and it's cute cause her dress was designed by Octavia. 100% sure it was on ao3.

Edit: Thanks @dancingmcfly for finding Cliché!

Anonymous said: I’m looking for a fic (modern setting) where Clarke and Bellamy meet at a bar (I think) and Clarke’s mom is a mayor (not sure) but I’m sure they live in a big house and Bellamy starts working there (to clean and stuff) and Clarke really wants to study art but her mom is against and I think Clarke has panic attacks and she teaches Octavia to dance? I hope that helps thank you

I believe you’re looking for I’ll Be Chasing Angels All My Life!

whyclarke said: hello! i’m back again - this may be a weird request but do you know of any fics where clarke has to take care of bellamy when he’s sick/injured and he’s a bad patient because he’s too selfless and whatnot? thank you so much!! this blog is a godsend tbh 

Here are some suggestions that are similar:

Also check out this Hurt!Bellamy + Caretaking!Clarke Bellarke fic rec post by @bellamyblake!

Anonymous said: hey i’m looking for 2 fics. the first one is mordern day bellarke, they are married and pregnant and bellamy finds clarke’s test in the trash under and orange peel or something and then he says “i’m going to be a dad.” the second one is bellamy goes to the hospital and is drugged up and he says that he loves clarke and that he wants her to have his babies and he doesn’t realize that he is telling her. thanks so much i love this blog

For the first one I believe it’s chapter 5 of No Space Lies In Between. Could the second possibly be Anaesthesia is like an aphrodisiac?

Anonymous said:  do you know if there are any fics of clarke thirstin after bell??? Longing looks and all??? Like it could turn into sex for stress relief or whatever??? Just that she’s honestly just super attracted to him. bonus if it turns into sexy times but not necessary 

Here are some that might be what you’re looking for!

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Hey, hi, sorry to be a bother, but... Something happened and I was really down. When I went to ask for some support, my mom, without looking up from her phone, decided that me sobbing was the perfect moment to start berating me on my food aversion, which got worse after I was hospitalized recently, and I just... NEED some fluffy, Bucky-gets-lots-of-support fics. Thanks ♡

Ok yes i for sure have some for you.  I hope things get better for you soon <3

I got nothing here without you by agent_of_marvel

Bucky proceeds to have a small panic attack after yelling at Steve for his self destructive tendencies.

Stem by IamShadow21

Bucky Barnes discovers sugar, demands coffee, makes a variety of involuntary noises, cuddles up to Steve Rogers, regrows a limb, and fakes it ‘til he makes it at being a person.

stuck on you by wearing_tearing

“Bucky? You don’t look so hot.”

Bucky makes a tiny little sound in the back of his throat, only to start coughing. Of course he doesn’t look hot. He’s sick and he’s dying and Steve obviously isn’t attracted to him.

Touch Has A Memory by regent

Bucky’s so used to touch only bringing pain. He’s forgotten that a hand coming towards his face does not always constitute an attack. The first time Steve reaches to curl a hand around the back of Bucky’s neck (“Just for a hug, Buck. God, I’m so sorry, I should’ve warned you”), Bucky flinches, jerks back. He has to relearn everything. He has to relearn touch.

i’m not leaving

Request: Imagine story labour with Dan being idk cute and scared and awesome as well so like himself

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I really loved this idea, so thank you so much for requesting!

Pairings: Dan x Reader

Warnings: child labour? like birth? but that ain’t really a warning, it’s literally how you were born.

Originally posted by patchworkshirt

“I was suppose to be there for her!” Dan screamed, frustrated with himself. His heart beating rapidly against his chest and his hands gripping the seat that he sat in as his eyes watched the road carefully. 

“Dan, honestly, it’s okay.” Phil reassured him, giving him a soft look before readjusting his eyes on the road before him. He was trying to hurry and keep calm himself, but it was a bit hard when his best friends of years was shaking with literally anticipation and fear. He was practically bouncing in his seat like a three year old.

Dan sighed, grabbing at his hair in frustration. His curled locks were messed and his iconic fringe was frantically pushed back. “No! It isn’t! I was suppose to be the one to take her to the hospital and I was out.” 

Phil couldn’t help but lightly chuckle to himself, pulling into a parking spot, he turned to his best friend, setting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Dan, Y/N wasn’t even alone. She was with her mom. Plus she’s early, isn’t she? How were you suppose to know?” He asked, trying to get Dan to stop having a panic attack. “Plus, she isn’t dying. She’s giving birth.”

Dan let out a sigh, calming his breath as he nodded to himself. “You’re right. Thank you.” Phil smiled.

“We should get going, shouldn’t we? She’s probably already in the room.” Dan nodded, unbuckling and quickly exiting the car. His breathing had calmed but he was still walking with a skip in his step to reach his destination quicker. Once he found out what room you were in, he walked through the halls, locating your rooms number. Phil trailed behind him before coming to a stop, knowing he couldn’t be in.

Dan stopped before the closed door, not sure on what to do. With a frantic breath, he turned back to Phil. “I don’t think I can do this, Phil.” He sighed.

“What are you talking about, Dan?” Phil asked incredulously. Walking up to his long time friend and grabbing him by the shoulder again. “That’s your wife in there, Dan! And she’s giving birth to your child! You need to be there for her.” Dan looked over at Phil, knowing he was right. But he was just so scared he would mess up or something was going to go wrong. But he was also pouncing with excitement. 

“Okay.” He nodded before walking through the door. When he walked in, he saw you but before he could say anything he was dressed in sanitary garbs and a masked before directed beside you. He took deep breaths to calm himself and sat in the chair beside your bed. You smiled, happy to see him, trying to calm yourself. 

“Hey.” You grinned.

“Hey.” He returned, turning to look at the rest of your body. He grabbed your hand, squeezing tightly.

“I’m glad you were able to come.” You teased.

Dan laughed, “i’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Honestly, i’m just glad you’re here now. I was so scared.” You squeezed his hand, finally excepting the erratic beating of your heart. You tried to hide the tears but you could feel one slip. This was your first time ever giving birth and you’d knew it would hurt, you were scared. 

Suddenly you felt another pain, and with a yell, you groaned. The doctor began to fuss as he told you that you were about to begin. You tried to calm your breathing and ignore the pain as you squeezed Dan’s hand even tighter. “i’m scared.” You whimpered.

Dan leaned forward, letting you crush his hand. “I’ll be here, Y/N. I’m not leaving you.”

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Fucking thank you! My mom used to make us do this til I was old enough to move out and I just stopped going with her anywhere because it only made me more nervous to order by myself instead of better at it. I still can’t stand ordering on my own because I have a mini panic attack(seriously don’t do this to your fucking kids). At the moment my kids want to order on their own but I’m hesitant mainly because I don’t think they’re quite old enough to get proper customer etiquette. My oldest is 12, so I’m sure I’m either being over protective with him or biased based on my experience, so if anyone has input on that feel free to tell me. lol But, yeah, I’m 33 and I still have to rehearse my order 15 minutes in advance… -Abby

The Friends We Make {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

I think this is one of the last requests I received before I closed my requests. The idea was honestly so cute which is why it took me a while to write it. Thank you so much, anon, for requesting this! 💕💕💜 Two down, one more to go!



With the evening wind rushing past his black fur, Padfoot ran towards the forest where he felt most alive and free. He had been slipping away from his chambers more often recently, footsteps as light as a feather and movements as quiet as an ant. Normally, he only needed to sneak out at night in his animagus form once a month and only during a full moon when he would accompany Remus together with his other friends.

But now, he had been staying up late, making sure everyone was asleep before leaving the school grounds and running into the forest.

It was his way of exhaling all his worries and troubles and inhaling the peaceful and quietness of his surroundings. The trees protected him and the stars guided him wherever he went.

However, he was not the only student who found delight in wandering through the dark forest.

Transfiguration classes were the three boys’ favorite class, mainly because unbeknownst to everyone, they had achieved in transforming into different animals while the other students were still trying to turn rabbits into hats. Sirius enjoyed the class but today, his attention was divided into two: listening to Professor McGonagall and watching his friend, James, try to balance himself on the back of his chair. It was something Sirius would do all the time but after betting that James could not do it, he immediately jumped into the opportunity to prove his friend wrong.

As he managed to balance equally, he grinned at Sirius who had a confident smirk on his face before James finally slipped backwards, crashing on the floor. Professor McGonagall immediately stopped from her discussion and turned to him, a glare fixed behind her rectangular glasses.

“Mr. Potter?”

“Yes, Professor?” James asked innocently while quickly sitting back down on his chair as though nothing had happened. The whole class watched him, doing their best not to laugh, including (Y/n) who had to cover her mouth so as not to show her amused smile. It captured Sirius’s attention but when she saw his eyes on her, the two looked away with blushing faces.

“Detention, Mr. Potter,” the professor said, her eyes now set on Sirius, waiting for him to defend his friend but he said nothing and continued to take down notes.

(Y/n) watched him scribble down onto his parchment before McGonagall called her name. She was well-behaved in the professor’s class and was often asked to demonstrate the proper ways of transfiguring things and so she stood up and walked up front.

“Ms. (L/n), would you be so kind to show the class how the spell works?”

“Yes, professor,” she answered obediently before pulling out her wand and tapping it onto the brown rabbit, turning it into a top hat.

“Splendid,” McGonagall praised before allowing her to return to her chair, continuing on with the discussion to the class.

It was the first time Sirius finally accepted to himself about his romantic feelings towards her.

As Padfoot recalled the memory, his tail wagged excitedly while he padded through the thick trees. He had been following an interesting scent for hours now but he could not find where it was coming from. He felt like it was an amortentia potion, his increased sense of smell effectively allowing him to sniff through the air for any sign of it. He could smell perfume and shampoo but he still could not identify what it was.

He was about to give up on his quest when he heard a sound nearby. Twigs snapped and a quick flash of white crossed behind the trees. Padfoot’s ears stood up alert and that’s when he saw another dog slip from the shadows, revealing its beautiful, white fur.

Padfoot barked to see if it was friendly, only for it to bark back.

He had a good feeling about this newfound friendship.

After he had returned from another night outdoors, Sirius felt more energized. He had been seeing the mysterious dog in the forest almost every night and was planning on capturing it today in order for him to bring it home, hoping the Potters would allow him. Sirius prepared a bait and a leash when James walked into the dorm.

“Have you packed yet?” He asked, rummaging through the pile of clothes on his bed and stuffing them into his trunk.

“Uh, yeah, I did,” Sirius replied, putting a chicken drum stick on a dog bowl and covering it with a newspaper.

“What’s that for?” James said, “Saving a snack for the trip? We still have tomorrow, you know.”

“I know that. This one’s for a friend of mine.”

“Is this about the white dog you told me?” James said, sitting down on the bed with a smile. “Have you seen her lately?”

“Yeah, and I want to keep it. D'you think your mom will say yes?”

“Of course! Mom never says no to us,” James smirked, “But I suggest you try and see how the dog will react to you as…you know…as Sirius.”

“Alright. Hopefully, it won’t panic or attack me,” Sirius said, “Thanks, Prongs.”

“No problem,” he replied, patting his friend at the back.

Sirius carried the bowl with him and went outside where the sun had already rose, making his way to the forest. Everything suddenly seemed unfamiliar to him during the daylight as he had been seeing the same crooked tree for about a dozen times. He tried to whistle in hopes of getting the dog’s attention but it did not come to him at all. Sirius waited and waited until he had ultimately skipped breakfast. The dog was nowhere to be found and his attempt to bring home a friend had failed. He turned to his animagus form and whined sadly, the food bowl between his mouth when he finally heard a loud bark.

The white dog chased him happily, its tail wagging wild at the sight of him. Now was the perfect time to see how it will respond to him as a human.

Padfoot slowly transformed back into Sirius, shaking his dark hair and expecting the other dog to either bite or bark but it did neither of those things.

In fact, the dog walked up to him and stood on its hind legs, its front paws almost reaching Sirius’s shoulders before the dog started to morph back into a human girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes that struck his heart whenever he met them.

(Y/n) wrapped her arms around Sirius, pulling him into an embrace while he held her against his beating chest, happy to finally bring someone to his new home.

Turtle mission

anon ask: can I request your again Emma’s kid and you have major social anxiety and only talk with your close family. You kept it a secret for awhile but eventually your mother finds out and helps you get out of your shell


this end up being a little about Bella x reader , sorry I couldn’t help it , I just thought that it was cute <3

“Hey, kid!” Your mother Emma, came to your room with a box on her hands. “I bought some donuts! Thought it may cheer you up” She said, giving you a little smile and a kiss on your forehead. She had been so sweet and patience with you these few days, all since you told her about your problem. Social Anxiety.

“Come on Y/N, it’s going to be fun!” for the 10th time, your mother was trying to convince you to go to this party, and parties involve talking and interacting with a lot of people that you don’t know, and that’s something you can do without being the idiot self that you are. Every time you started talking to someone you just want to run away, you blush, you stutter, you want to die right there or just tell the person to fuck off and leave you alone in your beautiful personal bubble, and lets not talk about the zoo that habits in your stomach, or when you start to loose your oxygen, that’s when you run away from the situation really fast. This are little symptoms that you mother or brother don’t see, cause they are too busy fighting against magic things according to save Storybrook, and you? Well, you are in the library, hiding from anyone that’s not your family, you feel safe there. Bella sometimes tries to make some conversation, but she had taken the conclusion that you’re too shy to speak, so she leaves a few notes here and there recommending you new books to read, and even though you wanted to thank her for that kind gesture you couldn’t formulate a single word.

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Thanks mom
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *bleeds through all pads and tampons in first few days of periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *has never been regular and is entirely unable to predict length or frequency of periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *has back pain before and during periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *has sharp and stabbing abdominal pain before and during periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *doesn't sleep for a week due to periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *gets extremely depressed around time of periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *has anxiety spikes and panic attacks around time of periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *is unable to be productive due to lack of energy during periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *is unable to focus on anything due to discomfort, pain, and fatigue during periods*<p/><b>Me:</b> *misses school because of symptoms of periods*<p/><b>Mom:</b> why are you so dramatic get over yourself you're just bleeding<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Prompt:  Request where you’re significantly younger than sebastian (still legal though? So early 20s?) and you’re a one night stand and on the pill but you still end up pregnant? You can decide how he reacts 😂

Warnings: none!

Author’s Note: GUYS!!! We hit 4,000 a few days ago, and wow o wow! Thank you guy so much!!!!! We love you guys!

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Today is my brother’s birthday. He is turning one. If it weren’t for you Jack i would have never met him because i tried to kill myself. May 3, the day my dad died was the day i decided i wanted to kill myself but luckily for a having a broke computer one of your videos started playing. I cried because i realized what i was doing, i saw the bottle of pills in my hands, and it became so real to me in a heartbeat i eventually had a panic attack and i didnt sleep the rest of the night. I just watched your videos till i saw tbe sun come up because i felt so foolish and stupid after that so i was hoping to forget. I was lost at that point because i knew no one cared about me nor acknowledged my existence at all but let me tell you it all went away when my brother was born. You saved my life and i cant thank you enough even though it seemed small it changed my world. My mom let me chose his middle name and i chose Seàn. I chose that name for four reasons:
1) We are a mexican family and Seán translates to Juan in spanish
2) My mom is religious and the meaning of the name means “God’s Gracious Gift”
3) It is a really nice name
4) The person who helped me get through the hardest of times and saved my life is named Seán

His full name is Angel Seán De Anda born May 14, 2016 at 1:15 am
Thank you Jack. Id would be dead if it weren’t for you.

You’re Safe

Prompt: “You’re okay. You’re safe. Just breathe.” for @winchestersnco!!

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 949

Beta: One of the bests @babypieandwhiskey!!

Warnings: ANXIETY/ PANIC ATTACK (do NOT read if this is triggering to you)

A/N: Wtf is a semicolon and how do I use it. Woo! 100 followers celebration! 


This hunt had gone extremely wrong and it was entirely your fault; there were no excuses. You had done the recon and you were wrong, you messed up, big time. You thought it was a small pack of werewolves but it turned out to be vampires. They had disguised their kills by taking the hearts out of their victims. You guys walked into the house armed with silver knives and bullets. It was a dirty fight, but you all got out alive. You used anything you could find to take off their heads. Dean found a rusty saw, Sam found an old, worn axe, and you found a samurai sword. You were able to kill most of them but three had escaped.

Now, you were sitting in the backseat of the Impala staring straight ahead, not talking to either Sam or Dean. At first, they tried telling you that it’s not your fault, that any hunter would have made the same mistake. Now, they have stopped trying to talk to you, knowing they aren’t going to get through to you. You have been dating Dean for a little over 5 months now and you were afraid this was his out. He was going to leave you because you were stupid enough to get something so simple, so wrong.

With only the rumble of the Impala to distract you, your mind starts racing. You begin thinking of all the people who will be killed by those three vamps that escaped. The innocent people who don’t deserve that horrific fate. You begin to get exceedingly hot and you can’t keep your eyes focused. You want to jump out of the car but you can’t move, you’re glued to the spot. Your heart rate picks up and you think it’s going to burst out of your chest. So much adrenaline is surging through your body, you’re sure you could run a marathon if you could move. You feel like your brain and body aren’t connected right now. You know you’re sitting down but your legs feel really weak.

Tears are now silently streaming down your face when your eyes come back into focus. The car suddenly stops moving and you strong feel arms wrapped around you. You take in the deepest breath you could muster up and you smell leather and gun powder. You know that smell all too well. You move your body for the first time to see Dean through your tear filled eyes. He keeps repeating, “You’re okay. You’re safe. Just breathe.”

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Hey, I'm probably about to have a panic attack, can you calm me down? Thanks, Mom.

omg ok im so sorry im on my phone right now… otherwise id bust out more of my trusty pet-pictures but OKAY YOU CAN DO THIS!!

firstly, take some deep breaths. get yourself a tall glass of water and drink it all. take more deep breaths.
if at all possible, remove yourself from whatever situation is triggering you or making you anxious. close your eyes and concentrate on something that makes you happy (like music or voltron!! 💜) and something i always do is focus on how much better you’ll feel once you overcome this panic attack.

because you will. i promise.

i love you and you are SO much stronger and more important than this panic attack. it’ll be over soon. i’m so so proud of you. 💜💜💜💜

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Oh no,,,, what if one time when everyone is in an argument the reader is frantically trying to make everyone calm down and realize that it isn't that big of a deal, it's fine, calm down. The reader ends up having a panic attack and just wants everyone to calm down, because she doesn't want anyone mad at each other and something happen. Jen, the biggest mother hen she is, does everything in her power to cheer up the reader. I love Jen and the story, thank you for writing it. It's amazing mom! ❤️

Jen would be the only one able to help the reader calm down and she would make sure that she feels better (am I a mom? Have I finally achieved the status of mother?) I’m glad you like my stories, have a wonderful day! ❤️

I just finished a panic attack triggered by my family laughing at my medical condition and reminding me they don’t give a shit about me. They strongly believe this is my therapist’s fault, me finding something to blame or use as an excuse. But truth be told shes the only one trying to help me get better. During my panic attack my family called me crazy and told me to stop acting out. I told them I couldn’t control it to which my father says if you can’t I will. He grabbed his shoe and was about physically abuse me. I screamed and cried for him not to touch me. My mom intervened thank god. I don’t know what our hotel neighbours think. This is becoming the last straw with my family. I can’t get better by staying but I can’t leave because I have no finance thus I’m not going to be able to afford my hefty meds and I have no place to go. I hate this so much.


@parkdonghwa​: I don’t know if your box is open but can you do the dad Seungcheol but with Vernon thank u

A/N: Yes, requests are open~! Send some in guys >,,<

  • Don’t trust him with fragile things like newborn babies because he will drop them
  • Toddlers are good tho
  • Will give your toddler shoulder rides and toss them in the air
  • Always tosses them too high
  • Always gives you heart attacks
  • “RE-laxxx I’m not gonna drop them”
  • *Almost drops them*
  • The type to crack dad jokes
  • your kids will just roll their eyes at him but he still thinks he’s so damn funny but isnt that all dads
  • “Daddy I want a cookie”
  • “But your mom said no more cookies”
  • *kid pouts*
  • “Honey did you panic from their aegyo again”
  • “No”
  • Will double knot your children’s laces
  • Will triple knot if its long enough
  • Carries their bags for them
  • Packs terribly healthy lunches like steamed brocolli and guacamole
  • “Dad wheres the chocolate muffin mom always packs”
  • The type to be more scared of going to the dentist than the kids actually are
  • Doctor: “I’m gonna poke this little needle now so you won’t feel any pain later”
  • Kid: “Ok”
  • possibly squeaks when the needle goes in
  • the embarassment of all your children
  • Also the one who has less fun watching horror movies than your kids
  • He’ll be hiding behind your children’s backs
  • “TAKE THEM INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Vernon…..”
  • Your kids will love it though cuz they get to protect their scaredy old dad
  • Will be all over him giggling and trying to pull his hands away at the scariest parts
  • The envy of all dads when he picks them up from school because they’ll come running towards him and kiss him slobbery on the cheeks cuz they love him so much
  • Lots of nose scrunching at all the cute things your kid oes
  • *Excitedly points at little girl* “LOOK AT THE WOW SHE WALKS HOW CUTEEE”
  • Don’t EVER let him dress them up though
  • They’ll either be in disney onesies or stark naked
  • “They ran away before I could put their socks on!!!! T_T”
  • also, mismatching socks
  • the girls will end up wearing three tiaras and tutus over their jeans
  • the boys will be in nothing at all
  • Bottom-line: Dont do it
  • terrible at putting them to sleep because he’ll just end up cracking jokes and making them really high
  • jumping on beds
  • face squishing
  • piggy back rides!!!
  • flights around the rooom!!!!
  • “Sorry Mom!” *in perfect unison*
  • Ends up doing a Leo DiCap impersonation to try and get them to sleep
  • “just close your eyes”
  • The unathletic dad who cant deal with his hyperactive tween boys
  • “boys wAIT!!!!! I’M AN OLD MAN!!!!”
  • Also will embarass your teenage daughter around her friends by dancing dorky whenever their around
  • Cannot, for the life of him, scold your children
  • Will most probably cave in because of aegyo and hug them instead
  • You: “Why do I always gotta be the bad cop”
  • “i made them too beautiful”
  • 100% pure grains for breakfast
  • Late night movies and falling asleep in front of the TV with all the kids tucked under his arms and legs and stuff
  • Could possibly be a stay-at-home dad but bad at it
  • The kids love to cuddle around him when he sleeps bc he’s so fluffy
  • they have the same sleeping face he does :3
  • Your kids like to drag out his old rap tracks and will try to imitate him an he’ll be a little amused but also kinda proud <3
  • Wont blink an eye if they fall tho
  • Will most probably laugh at them first
  • eventually picks them up and kisses the booboo but forgets to put on things like band-aids
  • overall the chill dads all kids love because he just doesnt give a crap

My brain does this thing sometimes where if I’m falling back asleep after my alarm goes off it will sometimes make me hallucinate that my mom is yelling at me to get up from the top of the stairs and that gets my ass out of bed faster than anything so like thanks brain for looking out for me like that but also fuck you brain for giving me both hallucinations and a heart attack before 8am


Admin: Sam
Imagine: Hey guys! So This is something that I started working on over the break. This is a lot of the reason I have been so absent lately. I was in a relationship that was really unhealthy. The boy would belittle me and treat me like a child. He was very quick to anger and even threw a couple of things around his apartment when he was mad with me. While I was home from school I started to have panic attacks. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or spend time with my family. My mom took me to the doctor and I was given some anti-anxiety medicines. I was also set up with the campus counseling and psychiatric center (CAPS). I’m writing this as a thank you to a very amazing friend who traveled back to school with me to take care of me in place of my mom (who has to work to help put me through school). I want to tell you all that you are amazing readers! I love you for reading my horribly written fics. I also want to tell you that you are worth so much and not to let anyone treat you like you are anything less than fabulous. Also a big thank you to Admin Lilith for editing and to all the other Admins for having my back when I was at my lowest point. <3
Word Count: 1542
Warnings: Panic attacks, anxiety, mental health problems, stress, slight fluffy Sam x reader stuff…

You snapped awake, dread choking you.

It was a strange feeling, but terrifyingly familiar. It had been almost 5 years since your last run-in with something like this. You tried to control your breathing as you quickly rushed to your bedroom door. There was no turning back at this point. You needed to be around someone. You needed the feeling on skin-to-skin contact to comfort you. Breathing became harder and harder, and you clutched at your chest. Your arms and legs were burning, cold and clammy all at once. Your head was reeling and your vision began to fail you.

“Sam!” you called, forcing your weak legs forward. “Dean!”
Your legs refused to move any further. They turned to jello, plopping you to the ground. There was no answer. You pressed two fingers to your neck, then to your wrist.
“Damn it,” you whimpered. Your heart was racing too quickly.  Someone else would have to find your pulse. Besides, if your heart weren’t beating you would be dead by now, right?
You’re going to die like this, your brain screamed.  Reason gave way like wet cardboard, sending you over the edge. Your hands were shaking viciously as you cupped them around your mouth.
“Someone HELP ME PLEASE!!!”  Your ragged scream echoed down the hall. “HELP!”

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Draco Malfoy Imagine - Breathe In, Breathe Out

Could you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where you get really bad panic attacks at times and when Pansy is bullying you for dating Draco, you start to have an attack and he’s the only one who knows how to calm you down and such??? I really love your blog by the way- I tend to re-read almost all your imagines almost every night if that doesn’t sound creepy :3 - requested by anon

Aww thanks!  You’re really sweet.  I hope you like this, and I hope it is somewhat realistic.

And I am back from my trip now, so I’ll be posting regularly again.  Send in any/all requests! :)

Also to nightlycass - I’m so sorry that I still haven’t finished the masterlist, but I pinkie promise it will be up today.


     I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to ignore Pansy, but it wasn’t working.  I could already feel my breathing speeding up.

     “I can’t believe he would even want to date you!” Pansy screeched.  “You’re ugly, and stupid … “

     I gasped for air and tugged at the hem of my robes to try and stop my hands from shaking.

     “ … and fat … “

     Tears were welling in my eyes, and I could feel my chest getting tight.  I had to get away before I had a full blown panic attack.

     “ … and a mudblood, too!”

     I turned and ran away from her, as fast as I could, but not before a sob burst out of my mouth.  I could barely breathe, and running wasn’t helping, but I had to get away.  I just had too.

     As I rushed out of the Great Hall, I heard Pansy cackling to her friends.  “Draco could never love you!” she called after me.

     By the time I reached the Slytherin common room, I could barely breathe.  I was trembling so much, and I was sobbing now.  I had to get to my room.

     I had to calm down.

     I could barely murmur the password, and when the door swung open, I found myself face to face with the last person I wanted to see me like this.  Draco Malfoy, my boyfriend.

     But before I could move past him and up to the safety of my room, Draco took my hand, looked me in the eyes, and said, “It’s going to be alright.  You can get through this.  Come on, let’s go somewhere quiet.”

     I could feel my hand shaking in his as he led me to his bedroom and sat with me on the bed.  I was still gasping for air when he pulled me close and began stroking my hair.

     “You can get through this.  Focus on your breathing.”

     I closed my eyes and listened to my ragged breath.  I was hyperventilating, and I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t do anything.

     I had been having panic attacks for my entire life.  I hadn’t had one before at Hogwarts, because it was generally a safe place for me.  I hadn’t had one there in the past five years, so I hadn’t felt the need to prepare like I did everywhere else.

     I didn’t have my music, which always calmed me down.

     I didn’t have my old stuffed animal, which reminded me of home and made me feel better.

     I didn’t have my journal, which helped me express my emotions.

     And most importantly, I didn’t have the instruction card that I usually carried around which told people how to help stop my panic attacks.

     Thinking about this only made me feel more like I had no control.  I was starting to feel detached from the situation, like I was in a dream. 

     I guess Draco could sense that it was getting worse, because he pulled me in closer.  “Come on, y/n.  You can do this.”

     He moved my hand, still trembling, to his chest and held it there.

     “Listen to my breathing.  Feel my breathing, okay?  Try to breathe with me.”

     I closed my eyes and let my hand rise and fall gently with his chest.

     “Breathe in, breathe out.  Breathe in, breathe out.”

     I tried to mimic his slow rhythm, but it was hard.

     “Breathe in, breathe out.”

     It was hard, but the longer Draco held my hand there, the longer Draco held me close, the more I felt myself calm down.

     He waited until my breathing was even and I had stopped shaking before he let me go.  Then, he turned to me and started to speak.  “y/n, I - ”

     I cut him off.  “I’m sorry.  I have panic attacks.  I didn’t tell you, because I thought you didn’t need to know.  I’m sorry you had to see me like this.”

     “y/n, I love you.  I don’t care if you have panic attacks - my mom has panic attacks.  It’s a normal thing.  But you should’ve told me.  It could’ve been worse.  I want to help you.  Please, tell me next time something is wrong.”

     I looked away from him, towards the ground.  “Thank you for helping me.”

     He took my face in his hands and turned it so I was looking him in the eyes.  “I love you, y/n.  I am willing to help you through anything.  Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but if there is, you can come to me.”