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Some Random Guy: *Literally risking his life because he Really Likes a video game*

Prompto: Whoa! What do you think they’re doing?

Noctis: Some kind of contest?

Prompto: All the way up there? Looks a little risky, don’t you think?

Noctis: Nah. I’d be there and back in a flash. 

Ignis: I’d fancy a walk up there.

Noctis: You seriously want to do that?

Ignis: Can’t spell “funambulism” without “fun.”

Noctis: How do you even know that word?



“The lady’s thoughts have been heard. The love she bears the King shall never fade - and, in time, her feelings shall be known onto him.”


Handsome Dorky Chef Hyuk



»A wise man once told me family don’t end in blood… «

This video is about the basic of this show: it’s about the SPN family, about Team Free Will, about all these wonderful characters who keep the show going and make it special ♥  

dan setting his preferences to male and female definitely made me feel proud bc he spent so long trying to absolutely deny anything about himself in terms of his sexuality so I feel so happy that he’s now happy and comfortable within himself for him to be able to do this and put it on the internet :’)


So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~


The wedding ceremony 


Today we are going to look at an amusing historical fact: The time that beloved poets Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman met, got drunk, and slept together.

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170525 Moonsun Girl Crush highlights
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