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YOU CAN WRITE AND DRAW??? NEVER KNEW YOU COULD WRITE????? YOU'RE SO GOOD???? I feel blest thank you so much!!!


Tbh writing is hard as heck for me bc I’m like rewording sentences or paragraphs like 8 times until it sounds right & then I skim back over and it’s way too descriptive or there’s too much dialogue smh

another self-indulgent drabble I’ll never finish:


Victor Nikiforov // History Maker ❉ 


☆ [“Oh my gosh!! He’s so handsome and amazing and beautiful and-”]

@frigidloki was super awesome and let me color one of his drawings!! the original can be found [here ☆]

The Portal to Oxin - Part One

Summary: Dan doesn’t mean to send himself and Phil inside The Mark of Oxin, but somehow, the pair end up in Phil’s video game. With Dan as a soldier and Phil as a mage, they must find Alex, Emiliy, and Jake to help them find out who is responsible and what sinister force is so intent on capturing the creator of the game.

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, soldier!Dan, mage!Phil

Warnings: swearing, minor mention of panic attack

A/N: Hey everyone! This won’t be an extremely long series, like my work Sugar on Top, but it will be a few parts. I just really adore Phil’s game and thought his universe was so interesting! Keep an eye out for some familiar faces that may pop up as Dan and Phil explore. This’ll be fun. I can’t promise how quick the updates will be since I’ll also be updating Sugar on Top (a baker!Phan AU that you should totally check out) but it’ll be as often as I can manage. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

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Okay listen up my USA and Canadian peeps! Here is what time you can expect the Until My Feet Bleed And My Heart Aches update to be by state/province. (It’s long) All times courtesy of google. I’m sure I got something wrong.

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So I saw Newsies Live tonight. There are so many great things. But here's what I can remember.

• we collectively accepted the OBC and Touring casts to play teenagers even though no one (except AKB and BF) look like they’re young. Jeremy Jordan literally looks like an adult who has his life put together. But we as a community accepted this. It’s great.
• the trivia before and during intermission gave me life thank you
• I almost started tearing up as soon as the intro music started. I felt the tears when AKB started talking. I grabbed a tissue when Santa Fe started.
• The dancing!! So good!! Most everyone was too old and could still do the amazing choreography. Bless.
• the singing!! Same thing!
• the acting. My fav!
• the music was soooo good! Like I’ve seen this show when it toured in 2015 but damn. The orchestra was hella good.
• Crutchie and Davey are still my favorite characters.
• My roommate went into this musical knowing like three songs that I played earlier that day. She was freaking out the whole time Crutchie was getting taken away.
• 'Brooklyn’s Here’ is still my favorite ensemble song. All the voices sound so well together and it’s a great coming together song. Bravo.
• side bar, the kid who played the little brother? He looked hella familiar?? If anyone knows why please tell me because I have no idea where I’ve seen him from.
• have I mentioned how much Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite president lately? Because he is. And I love whoever played him for this show.
• I’m pretty sure I saw the guy who played Mr. Pulitzer when Newsies toured and it was really nice to see his facial expressions during the negotiation scene up close.
• speaking of up close. the makeup. I couldn’t tell if it was stage makeup (in the sense of needs to be seen from far away) or normal makeup (that doesn’t need to be seen from far away so not much needs to be put on). But it was good. Except Meta Larkin’s winged eyeliner was super big and idk how I felt about that.
• all of the tech was beautiful. I’m a lighting person so obviously I looked for that. But the one tech piece that stuck out was the projections. Damn. All the words of the newspapers that scrolled up the stage and those metal box stage things was amazing. 10/10 for the projections designer you definitely stole the show.
• idk what this post was supposed to be anymore but I loved Newsies Live so much. I want to see it again like right now. Please.
• also maybe spell people’s names correctly this time thanks.
•your friend
•your best friend
•your brother


Aaah gosh :’) sorry for being a little quiet with posts! Currently super busy with college stuff but here are some wips!
(Still gotta draw Shane hehe)

I’ll try to draw the girls soon so, watch out for that òuó)9

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Kyoutani and Yahaba getting locked in the storage room by senpais until they 'work out their problems'

Oikawa shoved a reluctant Yahaba into the storage room, ignoring the many pleas and apologies leaving the young setters lips. Kyoutani was already in there, looking as bitter as ever. He was sitting cross legged, looking rather docile. 

“Kyoutani didn’t have any complaints, why are you being such a brat about this?” Oikawa gave one final push before Yahaba toppled into the tight space, laying sprawled on top of Kyoutani. He scrambled to get up, but Oikawa stood in front of the door, legs and arms spread in order to block any chance of escape. He laughed lowly, crossing his arms. 

“Now, now, Yahaba-chan, if you want to replace me as setter, you’re going to have to learn to get along with your teammates better.”

“This is stupid, Oikawa, I get along with everyone just fine!”

“I also think this is a waste of t-” Iwaizumi showed up behind Oikawa, arms crossed and stern faced, and Kyoutani shut his mouth, remaining still on the floor. 

“If that’s so, then stop interrupting our practices with every squabble you two have!” Oikawa hooked his fingers around the door handle. “We’ll let you out when you’ve gotten along. There’s water in the corner.”

“What if we have to use the bathroom?”

“There’s a bucket over there. We’ll bring snacks. Love you.” Oikawa blew a kiss and a wink before shutting the door, and clicking it locked. Yahaba sighs dejectedly, giving Kyoutani a sour look before plopping down in front of him. 

They both stay quiet for a while, neither of them say anything. The only sounds are of the squeaking of shoes against the gym floor outside the door, and the thumping of the ball against the ground. Yahaba sighs, resting his head against an equipment locker. He’s honestly considering organizing the shelf behind Kyoutani, but he looks like he’s about to doze off. He’s already folded a tangled up net. He sighs and stretches, sitting up straight, and crosses his arms. Kyoutani snores, which wakes himself up from falling asleep, he looks around dazed and confused before his eyes land on Yahaba’s amused smirk,and grunts, rubbing his eyes. 

Yahaba snorts. “You know,” crossing his arms, he closes his eyes, like he’s about to say something insightful. “I don’t really have a problem with you.”

Kyoutani hums and nods in agreement. “I don’t either.”



It’s quiet for another minute before Yahaba swallows again. 

“I just think it’s funny how-” 

Kyoutani interrupts him with a groan and flops onto his back, not caring about his legs pressing into Yahaba’s personal space. Yahaba kicks them away and continues. 

“I just think it’s funny how you’re so selfish all the time in everything you do.”

Kyoutani rolls a bit, propping his head in his palm and looks at him. “Selfish?” 

“Yea, selfish.”


“well, just now for example, you just pressed your way into my personal space with your legs and didn’t give it any second thought!”

“You didn’t say anything?”

“I shouldn’t need to say anything!”

“Ah, well, sorry.” Kyoutani sort of shrugs. 

Yahaba is honestly taken aback by his apology, and finds himself nodding quietly. Kyoutani pulls his feet up to his chest and sits up again, looking Yahaba in the eye again. 

“Anything else?”

“Ah- No, not really… I guess, thinking about it now, it’s kind of just your nature to behave that way, and me asking you to change who you are doesn’t make me any better. Just, maybe think a little before you act?” 

Kyoutani nods, scooting a bit closer to Yahaba. 

“Idiot, what are you doing? It’s tight!”

“I don’t know! I just want to be closer!”

“Didn’t I just tell you to think before you act?!” Yahaba scoots as far to the wall as he can, and Kyoutani pushes himself in next to Yahaba. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable, he just stares straight ahead, his hands at his sides, knees pulled to his chest. 

“I am thinking, idiot.”

“Don’t call me an idiot.”

“Takes one to know one.”

“That didn’t even make sense…” Yahaba sighed in exasperation and tilted his head back, shutting his eyes. 

Kyoutani gently placed his hand on Yahaba’s, who yanked it back. The sudden jolt caused Yahaba to knock over a small cabinet holding some supplies, and he wasn’t sure whether to give Kyoutani a shocked, or angry look. Kyoutani looked at him with what looked like hurt in his eyes, so Yahaba took a breath and smoothed down his hair, before settling back into his seat beside Kyoutani with an apology. 

“Sorry. I’m sorry, okay?” He sighed. “Just, next time tell me. Or ask. Or something.” 

Kyoutani nodded, still looking sullen. He looked back at Yahaba with a pout, “I want to do it now, then, please.” 

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If u aren't that busy, can I ask for a job spell. I've a friend who isn't happy with his job. I want to cast spell for him. He applies for job at different places but never gets in. Sometimes he doesn't find opportunities. His family is gettin broke& I feel bad. A simple candle spell would be okay for me. I don't have crown of success oil or crystals in my country. All I can find are candles or herbs related to employment like bay leaf, Cardamon. Thanks for your time in my spell.

job prosperity spell

write his name on the bay leaf, sprinkle the cardamon over it. Burn over a green candle. chant as it burns:

“Willing to work, but better for a more decent buck
bring (me/him) a job, by the candle i gather good luck”

“Right back atcha, asshole!” Mirror spell (thank you @lufuu for giving me the name!)

So I did this spell about a month ago but didn’t post it yet because I wanted to have a good name for it but couldn’t think of anything!  But now that @lufuu has given me a name I like, I’m putting it out there!  This is a spell that I came up with to help protect myself from my stepfather who is emotionally abusive.  This spell can be made with the intent to reflect back nasty attitudes towards someone who is giving you a hard time (or multiple people).  So basically whatever they send towards you, it’s gonna come back and bite them and they will receive the same thing elsewhere.

Ingredients I used:


Mirror (ideally one you can take with you)

Jet stone

Bay leaf

Storm Water

Dragon Oil


Alright, now because of my dragon witchy-ness I had draconic influences in here but they are not required.  This could likely be modified as well but this is how I did it.  First hold the mirror and focus your intent into the mirror and chant:

“All foul things sent towards me

I reflect back unto thee

All ugly tones and wicked words

All evil glares and future slurrs

It is not very nice you know

For now you reap what you sow.”

Then I closed a bay leaf for extra protection into the compact mirror, wrapped the compact in the twine to “lock in” the spell.  Then I anointed it with storm water and dragon oil to give the spell some more fuel.  I set the mirror in the window in the moonlight and set the jet stone ontop for extra protective properties.  Then I chanted:

“I cast my spell by light of moon

By my will I make it true.”

And I let it charge up in the moonlight over night!  Ta-da!  Now you have a little mirror protection spell you can take with you!

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