thanks for the likes and reblogs u 3 u

SNAPCHAT ADVENTURES 🔥🔥🔥 there was going to be other stuff to go w this image but I couldn’t find the energy to do it ATM (perhaps I will add on later!)


since we reached 2k followers i wanted to show my appreciation by doing my first art raffle :O!!! thank u sM GUYS <33!!


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  • enter by reblogging n liking!! 1 reblog/ 1 like = then ur in :0!!
  • have your askbox open!! thats how i’ll msg u :0! if the winner doesnt reply within 48 hours i’ll be choosing another winner :0
  • i will be choosing 3 winners!


  • nsfw
  • mecha
  • animals
  • anything that makes me uncomfortable

deadline is on JUNE 2 2017, GMT+8 !! so good luck n thank u guys!


thank you for 500 followers!  here are some seunggil, phichit and seungchuchu icons for everyone to use and enjoy  (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

please like/reblog if using ★ credits appreciated but not necessary    


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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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Adam and Ronan spend New Year’s Eve together at the Barns, and it’s a dream come true.

general audiences
3.8k words, set post-trk
(read here on ao3!)


Attention!~~ I’m here to say a quickly hello and I need more blogs to follow (≡^∇^≡) yaay, so… if you are a pastel blog reblog or like this post then I will follow you! ( I will follow from my main blog @yoonqjae ) I’d love to see beautiful edits, your posts are golden guys <3 I’d love to see more posts about:
-NCT (all unities hahaha)
-Girls Groups!

                         Updated Voltron Legendary Defender Icons

                                              [ CLICK HERE ]

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Thank you so so much for 2K!!! I never even expected a hundred, so I decided to make a lil celebration for my followers, I really hope you enjoy this because I’m so thankful for all of you and love u very much. Every single mutual and every single follower, no matter how much we interacted, you make tumblr way more fun, u are the cutest beans alive and you deserve all the joy in the world. Truly, thank you.


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  • you can choose up to 3, and your blog doesn’t need to be solidly about hp, sideblogs are okay as well, just let me know.
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  • blacklist “bruna celebrates” if you don’t want to see this on your dash.

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Thanks to all my followers! and i Finally Did it!

 i’d like to thank all my followers for well… Following me!!

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and because i reblog so much trash and memes ect, and what ever art i post becomes forgotten, Ive made an ART BLOG! so you don’t have to scroll through all the trash i reblog just to find my art! 


 Ur welcome! ^^

Reblogging fanart on my other blog from now on


From now on, I will reblog every fanart I receive (with a few exceptions, of course) to my main blog, @unu-nunium.

That way I can reblog everything I receive and don’t need to worry that much that my own art gets pulled in the background.

After all, this is still my ART blog and… it’s probably silly, but recently I am reblogging and answering questions more than showing actual works of mine and… well, it makes me feel like I’m not drawing enough and now I keep pressuring myself quite a bit. u_u;

I hope you all don’t mind. It just makes things easier for me. I still love every single piece I see and it genuinely brightens up my day every time I find a mention between the activity feed. So thank you everyone! <3

So yeah, if you still wanna see all the cool and amazing artwork of Pale and Template (like seriously why are people drawing them so much? AAAA I’M NOT WORTHY) , please feel free to follow me on @unu-nunium as well. (Prepare for shitposts and other reblogs though)

i really, really wanted to write something lovely here, but i can’t without being sappy, and i really don’t like sappy… i also constantly miss follower milestones, so i kinda just gave up on that, and i just wanna thank u right here, right now for following me, liking my stuff, and being super extra nice! i’m v v grateful!!! thank you so much!! <3

{insert fancy graphic bc i’m too lazy to make one}

HEY!! im p much new to the simblr community and would love to make friends!!! i’ll probably rb some cc i find but i’ll mostly post original stuff!! like legacies and sims i make…. SOOO if u want me to make a sim for u ((bc im so bored rn)) pls message me!! and if u could reblog/like this so i can follow and find cool friends i’d be so happy!!! thank u !!! <3<3<3

In celebration of reaching 1k followers on this account, I’m hosting a lil Blogrates + HP Fancast thing! 

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  • Send me a 💕, your selfie tag (If you have one), and some info about you for the hp fancast
  • Blacklist #Hazel celebrates 1k if you don’t want these on your dash     

Format under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

i legitimately can't believe we're mutuals??? you followed me like a month ago and i still feel so excited whenever you reblog something from me lol! i'm too shy to come off anon bc you're one of my favorite blogs and my blog is so tiny and i'm super awkward lmao but i just wanted to say thank you anyways!! <3

why would u go on anon omg im like 99% sure u intimidate me in some way so like…. pls talk to me i crave validation from mutuals