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A/N: To be honest, I think that Dean would act like a total puppy if he ever found out he was an uncle so I kinda did a thing. Hope you enjoy!

You were considered a ‘normal’ Winchester by many; Since you left the family business at an early age and went on with your life. Graduated highschool and went on to college, Fell in love and became pregnant with the love of your life. You haven’t seen your brothers in ages, And don’t fail to hear about them from neighboring hunters and random conversations among fascinated hunters.

You’re 9 months pregnant, And are due in a few weeks. Your brothers didn’t even know you were pregnant, Since you didn’t want to inconvenience them and make them worry about you whenever they were out hunting and such.

You placed your keys into your purse, Going out of the door. You were planning on going to a maternity store, Wanting to buy more clothes for your baby. You could just order some online to make it easier, But it was a beautiful day to you needed to go out. Getting inside your car, You made your way to your favourite bakery, Planning to get something before spending hours in the store.

“(Y/n)! You’re back. How’s little Lou doing?” Alex spoke, Cleaning up her last table.

“I’ve been better. Can’t wait for him to pop out.” You laughed, Going to the cash register.

“The usual?” She looked at you while picking out your favourite donuts.

“Yup.” You smile, Looking around the shop; Even though you’ve been here a million times.

“Here ya go (Y/n)” She hands you the brown bag, Watching as you took it.

“Thanks Alex.” You handed her the money, But refused saying it was on the house. Leaving her a reasonable tip, You made your way back to your car.

“(Y/n)? A gruff voice spoke behind you before you could get inside your car.

Turning around, Your eyes widened.

“Sam! Dean!” You smiled brightly, Looking at their faces.

“You never told us you were pregnant!” Sam tried to hug you, But with your bulging stomach, It was difficult; So you just settled with a shoulder hug.

“I didn’t want you guys to worry too much” You smiled nervously, Noticing Dean hasn’t said a word.

“Dean?” You looked at his blank face.

“You’re pregnant! I’m going to be an uncle!” His face lit up, Hugging your shoulders tightly.

“Who’s the unlucky guy?”

“He’s at work. Should be out in a few hours.”

“Why are you out here all alone?” Sam looked around.

“I was planning on getting more clothes for the baby” You carassed your stomach.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a boy-”

“Yess! It’s a boy!!” Dean jumped up and down, Hugging you once more.

“His name is Louis” You giggled, But then faltered when you felt something wet between your legs.

“What’s wrong-” Sam’s face immediately filled with horror.

“My water broke guys” You chuckled nervously, Trying to cover your wet clothes. 

 "What do we do now?! (Y/n) are you okay? Do you need us to carry you? Do you need us to call an ambulance?“ Sam was freaking out, And you put your hands on his biceps. 

 "Sam. Calm down. It doesn’t hurt. I can drive myself to the hospital don’t worry.” You waddled your way to your car, But Dean stopped you. 

 "Hell no. We’re taking you to the hospital. Come on, The impala is right there.“  


You were sure your screams of pain were heard all around the hospital. You’ve been in labor for 10 hours, Holding your husbands hand tightly. 

"MOTHERFUCKER!!! You did this to me!!!” You bellowed, Pain the only thing you can feel. 

“But we’ll have a baby boy running around our house.” His fingers were almost white at how tight you were squeezing them. 

“A BABY?! I’m pushing this watermelon of a baby out a hole the size of a bottle cap!!!” You screamed in his face, Sweat running down your forehead. 

“Just a few more pushes Mrs. Evans! He’s almost here!” The nurse yelled over your screams. 

“JUST GET THIS THING OUT OF ME” Your last scream was the last push you needed to finally hear screams that weren’t yours. 

“Congratulations Mrs. Evans! You have a healthy baby boy” The Nurse cleaned Louis up, And handed him to you.

You were left panting, Your husband wiping your sweat with a towel the nurse provided.

“We did it.. We seriously did it..” You look at Louis’s face. He was so beautiful. 

You didn’t notice your brothers standing at the doorway, Looking at you. You kissed your husband, Letting him carry Louis. He was in tears, Unable to stop his emotions.

“Congratulations (Y/n)..” Your brothers walked toward you, Kissing your forehead.

“Thank’s guys. Honey, These are my brothers. Sam and Dean” You smiled, Finally introducing the two.

Your husband shook their hands, Handing Louis over. Sam carried him first, Kissing Louis’s head; Handing him to his older brother when he thought he had enough time with him. Dean couldn’t help but cry, Feeling happy that one of the Winchester siblings finally had a normal life.

“Welcome to the world Louis Evans Winchester.” Dean whispered to his nephew, Smiling when Louis grabbed and squeezed his finger.

Host: Steve now you’re in the One Direction world how is it different from your fans?

Steve: I don’t know if there’s another group that has more fans that drive you know songs and the brand of the artist more than any other thing I’ve seen in my life. It’s incredible to be in the middle of it…They’ve adopted me there’s adoption papers (Louis: I saw that!) They spend so much time…making flyers and talking to people about the song.

Louis: I saw they did a thank you video for you recently! that was really cool. Some of them have such a crazy understanding of marketing and how to promote a record. 

[Host: “So you can almost ask their advice” ~ or something like that)] 

Louis: Its less about advice, I mean, I’d love to ask their advice for music things forward…but like steve said it’s more like I want to run around and give people flyers and the song.

Preference #131 He Confides In Another Girl

Requested by bifches where he also specifies “because he’s afraid of losing you”

Liam- Andy had taken Liam out for a boy’s night out thinking it would serve him well after all those feminine movies you’d make him watch every Saturday. What wasn’t okay though, was that Liam was caught grinding on another girl who wasn’t you. They were all over the press saying he was cheating on you. You knew it wasn’t the case but you needed some time alone from him. Liam was distraught so he sought his ex and explained the whole situation. She sympathized with him but mostly with you, since she went through the same thing once before. In the end the solution was indeed leaving you alone but spoiling you the day after.

Harry- The distance was destroying you. You tried connecting with Harry like you used to, through calls, pictures and inside jokes but the time differences and his busy schedule always got in the way and none of those things happened anymore. Harry didn’t know how to keep you happy so he called his sister for advice. She told him he needed to do something that showed he still cared, something personal. That’s when he sent you a myriad of boxes of stuffed animals and letters full of apologies and love. The connection was back.

Niall- With Niall everything was unintentional, still, it didn’t mean it woudn’t hurt. He knew he checked up on you one too many times, but never having had a girlfriend before, he didn’t know how to trust someone and let them be. It was becoming a big problem until he talked to one of his best friends who had known him his whole life. “Girls like us want to be independent but we’re loyal. You just have to take a leap of faith and see how she really clings to you without your help.” She was right. All he needed was girl advice and thank God he got it.

Louis- Louis liked to be free and do his own thing without having you be with him all the time. You knew that’s how he was and usually it was fine, but lately he never spent any time with you and you warned him you would leave if he didn’t get his act together. There was only one another person who knew you well enough to help him through this and that was your best friend. She explained that as the relationship advanced, he needed to put more effort into it and build on it not let it stagnate. He then started showing up at your house at random times just to be with you and all got better.

Zayn- He screwed up. He was mad and upset and walked out on you. As soon as the door shut, he headed home and locked himself in his room regretting every word he’d told you a few minutes before. Waliyha knocked on the door and he opened it, knowing she was actually a good listener. “What’s wrong?” she asked laying on his bed. He pulled at his hair and admitted all of his mistakes asking her what she would do in his position. “I would just tell her everything you told me. Be honest and mature.” he smiled thinking his sister was growing up so well and listened to her sage words. It worked.

my ziall fic rec

ummmm im doing this because i want to share my love for ziall fics with all of you and because every time i check the ziall tag there are peple asking for good ziall fics so HERE IS MY ZIALL FIC REC (i know im not a ziall blog/one direction blog but this is my twitter ALL OF THEM ARE A MUST READ I WOULDN’T READ THEM IF THEY WEREN’T GOOD


“Zayn…babe talk to me, you okay?”


 “I love you, Zayn, always know that okay? I love you I love you I love you.”

When Zayn wakes up in the hospital, he doesn’t realise he’s just been in a car accident, doesn’t realise that things aren’t as they seem, and most importantly doesn’t realise he’s forgotten about the most important person in his life.

Amnesia fic, 96k words, chaptered, beautifully written, smut


Niall touches his cheek, careful, and Zayn can’t remember a time when he wasn’t waiting for this. Or that’s what it feels like, anyway: like he’s spent a good portion of his life standing at the edge of a cliff, toeing the line between being told who he was and knowing that the assumption was wrong somehow, between straight and -

And whatever Option B is.

51k words, chaptered, girl!liam (but it’s not important just focus on ziall), smut


“But really. Thank you, though,” Niall murmured.  

“For?” Zayn asked.  

“For fucking me like that. I admit I asked for it, so,” he shrugged, “yeah, thanks.”  

“It was my pleasure, love,” Zayn nodded. Niall laughed at his remark, at how literal he meant it.  

“I love you,” he responded wiping his mouth with his hand.  

“I love you, too. And thank you, though.”  

“For what?”  

“For everything else.”

AU where Niall’s a student and Zayn’s a professor and life can get really shitty

Student - Teacher AU, 140k, chaptered, REALLY FUCKING ANGST, but there’s heaps of fluff to make up for it, DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE SMUT, mature, FAVE FAVE FAVE FAVE FAVE, MY FAVE


zayn doesn’t want to date niall (except that he kinda does), niall has a secret, louis is a little shit, and harry and liam are the roommates that give (mostly) bad advice.

52k, such a wonderful plot, smut, don’t know what to say this story is just really beautiful and the ot5 game is strong, calum and luke from 5sos are in it im pretty sure, just read


Niall and Zayn grow closer on the European leg of the Where We Are Tour.

 Zayn hums again, low from the base of his chest and Niall’s hand skims down Zayn’s arm six more times, Niall counts them slowly to match his rhythm, before it feels a bit more natural.

 “Don’t think Perrie’ll make Paris,” Zayn finally says. And that’s that

30k, touring, friends to lovers, angst, this is so beautiful she portrays zaynandniall in such a beautiful way, smut


Niall tries not to think about it. Knowing something and doing something about it are two different things. If anything, he thinks he should feel relief. He’s one of the lucky ones. A lot of people never meet one of their soul mates, much less get to speak to them or see them every day. It doesn’t have to mean anything, he tells himself, and still loses his breath every time he catches Zayn on the stairwell, the crease of his smile, the way he laughs like he’s glad to see him.

 14k, Alternate Universe - College/University,  Alternate Universe - Soulmates, pining, this is SOSOSOSO cute


“As a starving artist writer type,” Louis sniffs, hooking his chin over Zayn’s shoulder, “you should be eating this shit up.”

 Or, the American College AU where Introvert Artist Zayn meets Scene Musician Niall, and things occur.

 24k, so beautiful i honestly love artist!zayn and musician!niall tgether in one fic, Alternate Universe - College/University, Amerian AU, smut


“And what about you? What do you want?”

Niall can’t find his voice but he wants to say you. I want you.

Or the one where Niall tries to help his friends figure out what makes them happy. For Niall? He just wants Zayn.

23k, BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFU BEAUTIFUL, smut, ignore the lirry it’s gross, bartender!niall, artist!zayn


"Don’t do dances,” Niall repeats with a smile. “Don’t do pool parties. What do you do, Zayn Malik?”

Zayn shrugs. “Play baseball. Date you.”

32k, smut, American baseball AU, really fucking cute, i love this it’s one of my faves, i can’t express how much i love this, it’s written beautifully


san diego au. zayn’s a brooklyn boy who follows his maybe-ex-girlfriend to san diego. it turns out a whole lot lovelier than he could have hoped.

 “Look at this little family,” Harry murmurs.

“You big softie,” Louis says, but his voice is so steeped in fondness that Zayn can almost taste it, and he feels warm in a way that has nothing to do with the crush of bodies around him. He cranes his head a little and Niall meets him halfway, anticipating it, grinning as their eyes meet and reaching a hand up to grip comfortingly at the back of Zayn’s neck. Yeah, his gaze says, you belong here. We want you here. I want you here.

And then the chicken is burning and Harry yelps like he’s the one being singed and they fall apart as easily as they fell together.

32k, smut, so beautiful, slow burn i guess


“Niall’s never seen romantic love in the real world. His parents were never married, but even the marriages he’s seen haven’t looked happy. He’s seen love in the movies, sure, but the movies aren’t about Dogtown. The romantic comedies aren’t about poor kids with fucked up parents. They aren’t about a skinny skater boy and his best friend. But maybe, he thinks, they should be.”

A Z-Boys AU.

31k, slow burn, o5 game is really strong, smut, surfing AU, skateboarding AU, cute cute cute


based off this thing i wrote, basically Niall has a secret admirer and everyone is an idiot

12k, really fucking cute jesus, smut, niall is adorable and zayn is adorable, university AU


Niall would pull him all the way if he could, wrap his sunlight infused hand around Zayn’s and pull them up until they couldn’t breathe. And Zayn would let him, only to return (loyal, dependable, periodic) and settle around his Sirius before he’d float off again.

22k, OK if you think the other fanfics are cute this one beats all of them by far, smut, beautiful, stars and shit


Zayn thinks being a college freshman with an English major and a boyfriend in a frat is enough for him  — until he loses a bet, loses The X-Factor and loses Niall

27k, ok i made me cry three times, cute really cute, smut, r&b star!zayn, frat!niall


“Harry,” Zayn feels like he’s losing it, “Harry, you know my life isn’t a romantic comedy, right? No matter how much you try and make it one.”

“Please, I’ve seen Love, Actually like… thirty times,” Harry says, grinning. “This is going to be so much better.”

56k, SLOW BURN, love their relationship in this, beautifully written


Back before Zayn became Zayn, he and Niall were together and happy. And they’d thought that Zayn’s dreams coming true would only make things better. But it didn’t work out that way and now the two of them are basically strangers.

Except strangers don’t hate eachother as much as Niall does Zayn, so maybe not. And because Niall has made this animosity very well known, he can’t for the life of him understand Zayn’s latest ploy that forces them to have contact again

125k, y’all this is so beautiful i am so glad i read this it’s absolutely amazing, slow burn, smut, MUST READ, lovers to haters to lovers again, famous!zayn


if you want another one i have like 50 bookmarked but these ones are just my faves

officiallylouisaf-deactivated20  asked:

I'd love some tomlinshaw, like louis calling in to the breakfast show to surprise/propose to nick? <3

this was a delightful prompt! i enjoyed writing this, thank you so much :)

even in the shadows, louis x nick, 1800~ words

nick isn’t certain he’s the best person to be giving advice to the nation, especially this early in the morning, but the big bosses love the whole ‘agony aunt’ idea that bloody finchy suggested (he doesn’t even go here, nick thinks bitterly), so this is his life now. it’s just hit 7.30 which means tina’s in with the news and then nick has to somehow steer the lost and hopeless toward some kind of guiding light. he’d much rather be back home in bed, curled around louis, who was warm and delightfully tactile this morning when nick had to leave him.

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One Direction Preference : You boost his confidence before a show

Zayn: “Stop pacing, Z, you’re going to do great!” He stopped his pacing and continued to look straight ahead of him. “(YN), i just can’t do this! This is most likely the biggest concert of our career, i just know i’m going to mess this up!” You bounce yourself off the couch and to Zayn’s side and put your hands on his shoulders. “Relax babe, this may be a big show, but you’re not going to mess this up. You’re going to rock this show! Remember when we first met and you told me that i could truly rock my own little shindig at that club? You just telling me that, even after thinking i was going to mess it up, made me relax and i ended up doing amazing and got offered a contract the next day, because of you! You’re amazing, and now it’s your turn to listen to the same advice. You’re going to rock this show, okay?” He grinned and kissed you. “We’ll always be there for each other, won’t we, (YN)?” You nodded and put your arms around his neck so he could pick you up for one of your special hugs. “Yeah, we will, Zayn, always!” His eyes lit up as he held you. “How did i get so lucky to have a wonderful girl like you in my life. Through anything and everything, i know i can count on you, thanks babe! Now, i’ve got to go. I’ve got a show to rock!”

Louis: “I can’t do this!” he shouts as he throws something else across the room, barely missing your head as you walked back from the bathroom. “Louis!” he stops. “What the hell? You just barely missed my head, with that last throw of whatever the hell that was!” He sighed deeply and ran his hands through his hair. “Sorry babe, it’s just, this is a huge show, and i’ve got a scratch in my throat and i’m just going to ruin tonight’s show, i just know i will and i guess i’m taking it out on everything and everyone around me!” It got to the point where he huffed and sat on the couch, avoiding your gaze. Huffing yourself, you joined him on the couch, straddling him and holding his face in your hands. “Louis William Tomlinson, this is not like you! You’re never like this, why today? Just because you have a scratch in your throat, who cares, i don’t! Just take a cough drop, drink some tea, and you’ll be perfectly fine, trust me okay?” He sighed and put his hands on your lower back with a smile on his face. “Can you come with me to every show? Not just the ones that are near home?” You giggle. “I’d love to, and who knows, i may have just took time off of work and i can finish the rest of your tour, now, can you do tonight’s show?” He kissed your cheek and gently moved you to the cushion to his side. “I’m going to rock this show, babe, and it’s all because of you!”

Harry: “Harry?” you ask softly, walking into the room and Niall and Zayn had told you to go because Harry wouldn’t leave and no one understood why. The room was dark when you entered, so you flicked the lights on, scanning the room until they landed on Harry, who sat in the corner, rocking back and forth, his head in between his knees, his hands in his hair. “Harry!” you exclaim and run over to his side, bringing his body close to yours and rubbing his back in as soothing of a manner as you could manage. “What’s going on, Harry? Why are you like this? You’ve got the guys worried sick, and now you’ve got me worried sick!” “Don’t be.” he muttered, his voice thick and raspy which only alerted you more. “Harry? Are you scared for tonight’s show?” He unraveled himself from you and held his hand out to you in a manner that was unlike him. “How do you know?” You try to speak, but no words come. “It was just a thought, but now i see that it’s the truth. Harry, you don’t need to be scared, yes tonight’s a big show, but, isn’t every night that you go out on stage and act like an idiot with your four best friends, a big show? Your fans are waiting to see their five favorite idiots out on that stage and if you didn’t know, you’re one of those idiots, babe.” He smiled at your words. “I do believe you’re the only one who can call me an idiot to my face the way you did, and i still love you no matter what.” “All better?” you ask, slowly standing up with him. Harry nods and kisses your cheek. “All better, thank you!”

Niall: “Will you all just stop!” he yelled and then stormed off down the hallway back towards the dressing room. You turned away from Niall’s retreating figure and at Louis. “What just happened? Am i the only one who doesn’t get why he just left, considering no one said anything, all i did was pick something off of Liam’s shirt.” Louis sighed, shaking his head in the process. “No clue, maybe he’s stressed for tonight’s show with his family being here and it being his home country, he always somewhat gets like this when we’re in Ireland.” You stand up. “I’ll go talk to him, wish me luck!” They all did and you followed in Niall’s footsteps and you were going to knock, but then thought you’d be better off not and just shot it open seeing Niall right away. “(YN), what are you doing here?” You shut the door behind you. “Here to calm you down, you’re scared for tonight because we’re at your home country and your family is here tonight. Niall, if you thought you performed awesomely at all your other concerts without your family and friends here, then why do you think you’re going to do horrible tonight? I don’t think you understand that with your friends and family being here, that you’re going to be doing so much more awesomely! I just know that you will, i have faith in you, just like always!” He strutted over and brought you in for a hug and a kiss. “I’d go crazy without you, you know that right?” Smirking you kiss his exposed chest. “Yeah, i know, but you’ll never be without me, ever!”

Liam: The dressing room was surprisingly quiet as you stepped in to see your boyfriend and the other boys, only to see no one. “Hello?” you call out. “Liam? You here babe?” The bathroom door then opened and Liam strutted out, tear stains on his face. “Oh, baby.” you breathe and engulf him with your arms. “Why are you, wait, why were you crying?” His red rimmed eyes held your gaze. “I can’t do tonight’s show. I don’t think i’m going on with the other guys tonight.” That surprised you. “What the hell, Liam? That doesn’t sound like you at all, why the hell would you now go on stage with the boys tonight?” His gaze never left yours. “Last night, i couldn’t hit that high note, i’m probably not going to be able to hit it tonight and everyone is going to laugh and i’m going to be a joke, (YN)! An absolute joke!” You shake your head and don’t let your arms fall from his body, instead you hold him tighter. “Liam James Payne, just because you were unable to sing that high note last night, does not mean the same thing will happen tonight. I happen to personally think that you’ll be able to sing that high note to the most ultimate perfection. This will be the best high note that you had ever sang before in your life, i just know it will be!” He wiped his eyes and his familiar smile that crinkled his eyes was on his face. “I’d be absolutely nothing without you, (YN)! I’d also love to stay, but um, i’ve got to get to hair and makeup before they kill me! I have a show tonight to perform!”