thanks for the info btw

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KAEDE REALLY IS THE TRUE MVP OF THIS GAME- I really expected Amami to die and it'd be over for him, I'm so glad I was wrong! thank you for keeping us updated on all the new info btw! It's really appreciated!

no problem!! ♡

#ndrv3 spoilers


hulo my family is stuggling a bit again, and i want to help out;;
Last time i did this i made quite enough to help my mom pay for things, even tho she didn’t want me to lmao. 

i reused some old pics bc theyre my only examples;;
ok but! its p simple!

> chibis - $5, and you can add as many up to 3 other characters. Each will be an additional $3 though.
> bust sketches - $5, additional chara $3
> col. bust sketches - $8, additional chara $3
> painted bust - will be $15-20 depending how complex the chara is, extra chara will be additional $5
> painted full body - $25, additional chara $5
> sketch full body - $15, if you want it colored will be $18, additional chara $3 
> the last ex is a painted bust, but if u want me to animate smth like shown on ANY, it’ll just be an additional $5 

I can draw anything just as long as it doesn’t include:
> intense/explicit nsfw (ok i cant do ppl doin the dirties)
> furries/animals (i can draw like animal ears on ppl tho…idk i cant draw animals themselves well tho;;)

If you’re interested, just send me a message on here.
reblogs are much appreciated, thank you for considering.

thanks! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

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Late af but I think Chelsea & Sara said that Tiny will promposal Shay. During the fb live stream but I'll have to rewatch it bc i was high af... but something about Tiny, Shay & then something about prom


thanks for the info btw I tried watching but got bored lol

Advice: Info-Dumping Problem

Weaving Details Into the Story Anonymous asked:

I have a problem with info-dumping. When I start to write the pillars of the plot I find myself in the place where I give too much information. It’s important points I want my readers to know but I don’t exactly know how to introduce them into the story. I love your blog btw :)

Thanks! :) <3

Well, to begin with, I think info-dumping can be a bit of a good thing when you’re writing your first draft. It encourages you to explore your world in detail, and when you’ve finished the story and go back to edit, you will have a clearer understanding of what can be cut and what can be tucked in elsewhere. Read my posts Avoiding the Info Dump, Weaving Details Into the Story , and Incorporating Back Story for more help. :)