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Hi! Same anon that asked about the FNaF 1 gang, withereds, shadows, etc., just wanna ask: Do you have any headcanons about the withereds, shadows, what the phantoms are, or anything? (P. S. Thanks for wishing me a happy day! Hope you have a "happiest day"!

Oh goodness I do happen to have…a few (uninteresting) headcanons actually…So I guess I’ll tackle these in the order you asked! These are all just for this blog’s AU, of course, so no worries if they collide with some of the canon or with other people’s universes

Withered Ones

  • Since W.Bonnie and W.Chica both have missing hands, W.Foxy and W.Freddy are always nearby to help them if they need it
  • W.Chica is really proud though and does her very best to do things herself
  • W.Bonnie is very sad about the loss of his face, and thinks about it constantly, often trying to find “replacements” for his face! Some of you guys might remember from one of my old posts that sometimes he wears a paper plate with a :3 face drawn on it
  • W.Freddy is a very Tired Man, choosing to mostly watch the Toys perform on stage as opposed to singing himself. I think of it like he’s peacefully retired
  • W.Foxy is the saltiest guy most anyone will ever meet, he wants to go places and have his Pirate Cove back but the world just keeps denying him

The Shadows

  • These guys are both mute, so they communicate non-verbally. Sometimes that means flashing shadowy words up in the air, other times it means sign language
  • Shadow Freddy (Shreddy lmao) looks like he’s constantly crying, but has never told anyone why…
  • Both of their bodies can be easily manipulated into different shapes, although Shadow Bonnie is a lot better at shapeshifting than Shreddy is!
  • Shadow Bonnie is………ridiculously tall, and Shreddy is a smol
  • Shadow Bonnie can teleport! But the process is rather painful so they don’t do it often
  • Both of them are very old, and have been around for decades as of the time of Fazbear Fright
  • In addition to not being able to speak verbally, neither of them make any noise at all when moving. They have accidentally snuck up on many of their friends because of it
  • Both are very elusive and will only appear to those that they deem trustworthy, or intriguing in some way

The Phantoms

  • They’re all essentially ghosts of the former Fazbear crew. Not every animatronic became a phantom after being destroyed, only a select few!
  • When they first woke up as phantoms, all they remembered was the pain of dying, so the reverted to a more primal state of personality. As of yet, only some of the phantoms have managed to remember their past selves to become who they used to be.
  • This is why Phantom Balloon Boy (PBB) screams so much! He’s trying to remember his past, but more often than not he resorts to the screaming
  • Being ghosts, they cannot touch anything corporeal without it meeting special standards
  • With enough practice, the phantoms can learn to summon ghostly objects from their past, one of the best examples being Phantom Chica’s ghost cupcake (which she’s very proud of btw)
  • It is said that once the Phantoms are able to complete whatever unfinished business they had on Earth, they will cease to exist here, having moved on. Most of them haven’t found out yet why they became ghosts, since they can’t even remember clearly when they were alive. Who knows if they’ll ever reach their goals?

Anyways that’s all I have for now! I know I’m leaving a bunch out, definitely, but hey, I’ve never been too great at communicating my thoughts! Thanks for asking about these guys!! Goodness knows I think about this AU every waking moment of my life And thank you! I’ll try and have the happiest day I can!

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Hello, I was wondering if you'd be able to write a 3848 fic, somewhere alongs the lines of the two realizing they have feelings for eachother? Thanks! :)

if you were looking for more feelings, then don’t worry, I have a longer fic with feelings in the works of these idiots, but in the meantime, here’s a combo of your prompt and CJ’s rude attack on me:

@duncanjameskeith: write me something about hartzy smooching on those tats 👀

Ryan hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of it. The way the numbers bend every time Vinnie moves, how their splayed over his ribs, how they trail down to his waist.

“Ryan!” Nick yells before snapping his fingers in Ryan’s face. He tears his eyes away from Vinnie’s tattoo and looks up to see Nick hovering near his locker.

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Okay okay, it’s really looks like the first letters of the magazine’s title, where manga comes out - Gangan Joker.

It’s similar to the medallion of Oz on the cover of the volume 17. The volume 17 - the medallion with a figure of 17. VnC publishes in the magazine Gangan Joker - the initial letters of the magazine name on medallions. 

But here it’s a bit strange for me. Such an interesting frames for.. this - just the letters of the title of the magazine.

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1, 2, & 6 for fanfic author meme!

Thanks for sending me things from the fanfic author meme!!

1. What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?

My first fic (aside from a continuation of the Lord of the Rings the brother and I started when I was like ten and didn’t know that fanfiction was a thing, aha) was Tinker Bell , a oneshot for Danny Phantom that I wrote back in 2011

I actually reread it not too long ago and it’s not bad. I mean it’s also not /great/ but it doesn’t makes me cringe or anything, which is a really nice feeling! ^^

2. What’s your most recent fic and how far do you think you’ve come?

The last thing I posted was The Abyss Stares Back , a long oneshot for Gundam 00 that I’m very proud of!

I think I’ve come a very long way since I first started writing fanfiction. For one thing, I’d been on a creative hiatus for… a long time before @dpsg1 introduced me to fandom and fanfiction so I was super rusty getting back into the swing of writing. But fanfiction gave me a lot of ideas to play with, made me want to write again, and surrounded me with a built in network of really inspiring authors who gave great feedback and I’ve just had so much fun experimenting and getting better at the whole writing thing over the years
And back when I started, I definitely would not have believed anyone who would have told me that I’d be able to finish a single scene that believably stretched to 7k (in present tense, no less!), so, yeah, progress!!

6. Is there any fic that makes you super embarrassed to reread and remember you wrote that?

Nope. I am willing to sit and edit a fic for years before I post, which I think has helped reduce embarrassment due to quality issues. And all of the weird stuff I’ve written was meant to be cracky anyway so……

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!


so those student athlete memes huh