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This is my collection so far! Its a little on the smaller side compared to what I’ve seen but I plan to get many more samples and crystals. I do need help identifying the last three stones, the one on the far right is a quartz of some sort but I have no idea what the two green crystals are. Thank you so much and I love your amazing blog :D

A beautiful collection. The piece on the right could possibly just be quartz or citrine. The one on the left could be jade or adventurine? As for the piece in the middle, i’m not quite sure. Maybe someone can help you out.

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Hi i was wondering if you have any cool crafts/ activities that I can do to make my room a little more witchy! Even room colour ideas would be amazing! Thanks! :)

- Tapestries
- Plants
- Crystals
- Candles in candle holders
- incense holders
- Pillows
- Colors of purple, gold, black, dark greens, red
- personal crafts of your own
- Himalayan salt rock lamps
- Christmas lights
- Stained glass window decor
- wind chimes
- lanterns
- bookshelf
- treasure chests
- paintings

a friendly anon suggested that i add a human!peridot wearing a rainbow hijab into the SU pride mix! and honestly this was a great idea, thank you! (i love the idea of human peridot in a hijab + glasses) 

original crystal gem pride post (amethyst, garnet, and pearl)

link to part 2 (steven pride lol)

link to part 3 (jasper, lapis, and peridot)

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Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian 💖

Amethyst: What type of witch are you?

I’d say eclectic is the best description for me.

Lapis Lazuli: What are your favourite witchcraft blogs?

@fenland-witch @cosmic-witch @i-am-mistress-death @spooniewitches @themori-witch these are the first ones that spring to mind :)

Carnelian: Do you have an altar?

No, as I’ve discussed previously I don’t have an altar, but I don’t think I need one. I have a desk where I work on my grimoire and can set up candles, incense etc as needed. 

I have a small child who likes to sit at my desk too so leaving anything out on there is a bad idea, lol

Crystal Asks ✨

Thanks so much for the asks <3

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What does charging crystals mean? What does charging a crystal do to it? Thanks!

The idea is that when you use crystals in spell work, their energy can run low. So, you can ‘charge’ or ‘recharge’ crystals to get their energy back to full capacity! There are several ways to do this, including sunlight, moonlight, salt, water, incense smoke, burying, and more, depending on the crystal and safety precautions.

Hope this helps! ( ゚▽゚)/