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The VKs discover Uno...

“I’m booooorrrreeeddd.” Jay whined as he sat in Auradon Prep’s brand new rec room for the student’s enjoyment.

As soon as Carlos and he heard they were making one, they were jumping up and down excited like little kids charged up on four pounds of sweets.

Mal rolled her eyes at her friend’s childish whines, “Jay they literally just opened it three hours ago. How can you already be bored?”

“Carlos and me already played most of the games plus a lot of the games in here are ones we didn’t have back on the Isle and we don’t know how to play them so I’ll say it once again, I’m booooorrrreeeddd.” Jay slouched down on the couch, adding to his dramatics while Mal just shook her head amusingly watching him.

“This rec room is pretty cool. I never in a million years thought Fairy Godmother would agree to letting us put one in the school.” Doug said as he was playing a round of pool with Chad.

“Yeah. Thanks again Ben for setting this up.” Jane said while playing Air Hockey with Lonnie.

“Oh no problem. I thought the school could use a bit more fun.”

“HAHA! I WIN! IN YOUR FACE DOUG! If only Audrey had seen it.” Chad said doing his little victory dance.

“Chad, you do know you’re supposed to knock in all your balls before you knock in the eight ball right?” He said.

“What? I thought you were supposed to use the colored balls to knock in the eight ball?” Chad asked, his moment of glory turning sour.

“No, if you knock in the eight ball before you knock in all your balls, you automatically lose. Which means I win!” Doug, in turn, started to do his own little dance which pissed Chad off cause he was one of the biggest sore losers in the world.

“Whatever. This game is stupid anyway.” He said placing his stick back onto the table, walking over and joining Jay and Mal on the couch.

Shortly after, Lonnie and Jane finished their game of hockey, Lonnie coming out the victor. The AKs and VKs all sat down in the little lounge area that was placed in the room with an entertainment system equipped with all the game consoles you could think of and every accessory that went with them.

“So what do you guys wanna do now?” Evie asked as everyone just looked around not knowing what to do.

“I don’t know. We could try playing one of the games on these consoles.

“Nooooo! I wanna play something new that I haven’t played before. I already played most of those games on the consoles in my room.” Jay said.

“Fine! What about a board game?” Mal suggested.

“Snooze.” Jay said, adding some snoring for effect which made everyone laugh while Mal just hit him upside the head with a pillow.

“Hey! Watch it, sister.”

“So what are we gonna do?” Uma asked getting bored herself.

“We could play Uno.” Ben suggested.

All the AKs agreed with excited looks, while the VKs just sat there more lost than the Lost Boys.

“Um, what’s Uno?” Carlos asked.

“What? You’ve never played before?” Lonnie asked in shock.

“Nope, what is it?” Evie asked.

‘It’s a card game.” Doug explained.

“Oh, how do you play?”

The AKs explained the rules to them. Mal, Evie, Uma, and Dizzy understanding while Jay, Carlos, and Harry, had to make sure Gil stayed caught up and understood.

Ben reached back into a trunk behind the couch and grabbed four stacks of cards since so many of them were playing. He handed them over to Lonnie after taking them out the boxes so she could shuffle and deal.

“Alright, let’s play.” Ben said once everyone had seven cards and was sitting around the table.

*Twenty Minutes later*

“I’ll curse you bitch…” Mal said glaring directly at Lonnie as she once again placed another ‘Draw Four’ on her.

Lonnie smirked in smug as she watched Mal draw fours cards.

“Mal! Language!” Ben scolded her.

“Oh suck a nut! Will someone reverse it please!” Mal shouted for the nineteenth time.

“Jay, stop looking at my cards.”

“Don’t change the color to red! He’s got three of them!” Jay shouted, his urge to win clouding his mind.

“Shut it!” Carlos said slamming his free hand over Jay’s mouth.

“Hah! The color is green! You ain’t getting out yet princess!” Uma laughed placing down a wild card.

Evie jumped out of her chair, launching herself over the table ready to stick those cards down her throat but Doug got a hold of her before she could with the help of Gil cause that girl was strong as hell.

Reaching to draw a card since she didn’t have any yellows, Dizzy was happy when she saw she got a Draw Four.

“Hehe, it’s on now.” Drizzy laughed.

“What? Do you have a reverse? TELL ME!” Mal said with a crazed look in her eye as Lonnie laughed at her desperation.

“No, but remember when you knocked that stuff over in the shop back on the Isle Harry giving me more sweeping to do? It’s payback time hook boy.” Dizzy laughed with an evil glint in her eyes.

Carlos finally managing to hide his cards at an angle where Jay couldn’t see placing a ‘Reverse’ down making Mal scream for joy.

“It’s on now bitch.” She said glaring back down at Lonnie.

“Bring it pixie!” Lonnie said. That girl was super competitive and this game brought out the worst in it.

“Hey, I almost got Uno!” Carlos said seeing he only had two cards.

“Oh I don’t think so pup.” Harry said placing down a ‘Draw Two’.

“I’ll put that hook between your eyes, you pervy pirate!”

“Ooo feisty! I love it.” Harry said, barking at Carlos the same way he did when they came back to Isle adding his signature grin.

Uma drew a card, before smacking it down on the table.

“THE COLOR IS RED!” She said, dancing in her seat cause she was about to take these losers down.

“YES!” Carlos said while Jay just grabbed his head and placed it in a head lock. Harry took the chance to peep at Carlos cards…

And his butt.

When it got back to Mal, she realized she finally was down to two cards and she was in luck because they were both reds.

As soon as it got to her, she smacked it down to the table, “UNO!” She shouted.

Everybody groaned at the fact that Mal would be out first, that is until Jay placed a card down with the same number, changing the color from red to blue.

“You’re all getting cursed.” She said before mumbling under her mouth. Ben stood up to try and stop her, Uma challenging Evie and throwing a comment in about how she rocked blue better than her.

Evie launched herself across the table again, Doug and Gil trying to hold her back while Dizzy decided to stomp on Harry’s foot.

“Ow! What did you do that for?” Harry said.

“THAT’S FOR MAKING ME SWEEP!” She said before jumping on top of him, smudging his eyeliner.

Jay and Carlos somehow ended up on top of the table with Evie wrestling over a ‘Draw Four’ that fell on the floor.

Lonnie was busy checking everyone’s cards, switching the good ones out of their decks with her deck.

Jane just watched from her seats, not knowing what to do in this situation. 

Chad was just trying to make sure he didn’t get caught in the crossfire cause well his hair! It took three hours for it to get that natural bounce and body.

As all this was going on, no one noticed Fairy Godmother walk in two minutes ago watching the chaos unfold.

Clearing her throat, everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Evie froze trying to get to Uma, Jay stopped holding Carlos head locked in his arm.

Dizzy lets go of Harry and Mal cut off her curse.

No one moved an inch.

She may have a high pitched squeaky voice, but would you want to be on the end of her ‘mean voice’.

“What is going on here?”

Everyone looked around at each other, deciding what to tell her when Mal surprisingly spoke up.

“Would you believe us if we told you we were playing Uno?”

First Time? Maybe Not - Carlos x Reader

Originally posted by perryskeet

Requested: Carlos de vil imagine where she’s studying in his dorm with his tourney jersey on and it turns into a make out session?

A/N thanks @septiphanchan the request. I haven’t wrote a Carlos on before so I’m pretty nervous but excited. I Hope you enjoy (:

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Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part One}

Originally posted by obrienschicken

Words: 1976

Warnings: none really

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: thanks to one of my favorites @were-cheetah-stiles for proofreading this for me :) Enjoy everyone!

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Blind Date

Pairing: Chris Pratt x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 8055

Author’s Note: So, @mf-despair-queen and I were talking about Dylan and Chris on motorcycles and decided to write something with it. Although the fics are different, the do link together in plot/ Make sure you check hers out, cause it’s amazing!

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

I’ve had a history of terrible dates, so much that I haven’t gone on a proper date in almost two years. There were a few where they stood me up and a few where they were just plain awful, clearly only wanting sex from me. Living in L.A. is basically the worst place to date, because most of guys I’ve met are egotistical assholes, who only care about themselves.

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Kiss The Girl (Evie x Female Reader)

Thank you @veganwonderment for the request. Ive been dying to do Evie x female reader for a long long time. I wasnt sure how to start at first to hopefully it is okay. Anyways, lets start.

Summary: You and Evie are trying to ask each other out, but things get in the way.

Originally posted by deepestsaladshark

“Now, (Y/N), your big day is coming, how do you feel?” Snow White asked you. Evie, Jane, Mal, and Lonnie were behind the camera giving you support. Evie blew you a kiss which caused you to blush. She was holding the dress she made for you.

“Well, taking over my mother’s thrown is not an easy job. However, I do have Pascal by my side along with my friends.” You smiled. You gave Pascal a high five before finishing the interview. The girls came up to you with a big warmig hug. They congradulated you before leaving.

Evie stayed with you. She was walking you home. It wasn’t long until you made it to the front steps. Evie held your hands in hers.

“(Y/N), in these six months that I have been here, you were right by our side. Especially my side. And as each day came by I realized th-” Evie began. She was interrupted by your mother.

“(Y/N)! You are late for your Princess lessons. Come on. Crowning is one day away. You need to fit into your dress and remember your speech. Chop chop darling.” Rapunzel excitedly said. Evie handed you the dress with a smile. Your mother went back inside.

“Evie, what were you going to say?” You asked her. Righ then your mother yelled your name.

“Nothing, you have an important day so go rest.” She smiled. You pulled her into a quick hug and kissed her cheek. You made your way inside. Evie held her cheek the entire walk back to her dorm.

Mal noticed her best friend. She had a huge smile on her face. She rose an eyebrow at her. Evie closed the door behind her letting a breath out with her hand on her heart.

“If I didnt know you better, I am guessing you asked her.” Mal said. Evie frowned. She plopped on her bed.

“No, her mother whisked her away before I could pop the question.” She sighed. Mal rubbed Evie’s back.

“Love is not easy, Ev. Just wait until tomorrow.” Mal said. Evie nodded before going to sleep.

It was the day of your cornation and the first thing on your mind was Evie. You remember how you kissed her cheek. Thousands of butterflies flooded your stomach. Pascal jumped on your chest causing you to giggle. He turned red with pink hearts just like you pajamas.

“Pascal, I tried to find the right time. I was going to, too, but my mother came in the way. I kissed her cheek. Can you believe it?” You squealed with glee. Right then your mother came in. She opened the curtains. There was a knock on the door. It was Evie along side Mal who was not pleased to be awoken this early in the morning.

“Girls, I trust you to make her look perfect.” Rapunzal exclaimed. They walked in as Rapunzal left to get ready. You gave them an akward smile.

Evie was going your makeup. Mal was figuring out which spell to use to make your hair look good.

“Beware, Forsware, Replace the old with perfect hair.” Mal waved her fingers. Your long hair immedietly turned into curls. Evie gave Mal a look. Mal caught on.

“Oh would you look at that. Ben needs me. I will see you later. Okay bye” She rushed. Evie mouthed a thank you before Mal left. You then saw Pascal gave turned his head towards Evie.

“Evie I was wondering if you would be my da-” You began. Jane and Carlos rushed in.

“(Y/N), for the party, I need to know. Would you like paper laterns to be thrown up?” She asked. You giggled causing Evie’s stomach to be filled with butterflies. You agreed to Jane’s idea before getting sweeped away by Jane. Carlos stayed behind with Evie who was cleaning up.

“Evie you need to kiss the girl. Look at her, you know you wanna.” He said looking out the window. Evie sighed. “It wont take a single word.”

“I’m trying Carlos, but everytime I do, someone comes in and takes her away from me.” She said. She plopped on your bed causing Carlos to chuckle.

It was time for the party. Everyone wanted a word or a picture. You looked at saw Evie standing alone. Everyone was with their dates. She was drinking a strawberry drink. You sighed. Your best friend came up from behind you. It was Gil. You made friends and even joined their crew. Your frying pan helped quiet a lot.

“You wont stop staring at her.” Gil giggled.

“Can you blame her? She is in love with her.” Uma stated. Harry came up and looked over at her.

“Ye need to do it soon, too lass. Seems like Dopey’s kid is trying to make a move.” Harry pointed out. You looked over to see Evie laughing with Doug. You quickly rushed over. The three then followed waiting for the scene to happen.

You rush over. You took Evie’s hand, and excused yourself. You held onto her until the middle of the dance floor. A slow song was playing. Evie was confused. Your stomach was filled with butterflies. You leaned in and connected your lips. Evie’s heart began to pound as she smiled into the kiss.

Your crew and the Rotten Four cheered.

“It is about time this happened.” Mal called out. Pascal high fived you. You then looked at Doug.

“Sorry buddy.” You said giving him a small smile.

“It’s okay. You two look perfect.” He smile. Evie held you closer.

“That we do.” Evie said. You giggled as you pulled her in for another kiss.

anonymous asked:


“My clothes look good on you.”


It starts with her favorite sweater.

The material is soft and it’s twice her size, and she always feel so warm and safe when she wears it. It’s a gorgeous cream color, and her mom has a yellow one to match. On a rainy Sunday, when everyone is locked away in the dorm rooms studying, Evie goes digging for it. She knows she hung it up last Thursday, and she knows this because she had color coordinated her closet. But after three minutes of searching, she figures that somehow she’s just misplaced it. That is until Mal comes barging in the room without knocking, and Evie stops short at the sight of her. Her tiny girlfriend, in all her scowling glory, is swallowed by her sweater and her purple locks are twisted into a messy bun.

“Are you organizing your closet again?” Mal yawns.

Evie glances at her with a tilt of her head, “Where have you been all day?”

“Well, I was listening to Lonnie and Audrey argue about some chemistry question and it lulled me to sleep.” Mal replies as she drops onto Evie’s bed and stretches her limbs out. “So, what’s the closest theme this week?”

“There isn’t a theme.” Evie replies with a small grin as she crosses the room. “I was looking for a very comfortable sweater, my favorite sweater.”

“And what does this sweater look like?” Mal asks.

Evie hums as she swings a leg over Mal’s lap so she can straddle her, “Well, first of all, it’s about two sizes too big.”

“Oh? Sounds comfy.” Mal smirks as she drags her hands up Evie’s thighs. “Tell me more.”

“It has a small hole in the left shoulder because I caught it on a nail when I was running through my house.” Evie continues as she tucks a loose strand of hair behind Mal’s ear.

Mal snorts and rolls her eyes “I love that to you, your castle is just your house. So, what color is this favorite sweater of yours?”

“Cream.” Evie chirps. “Have you seen it?”

“Maybe?” Mal offers before she dramatically glances down and looks back at Evie with a familiar glint in her eye. “Well, would you look at that, I guess it somehow accidentally ended up in my closet. Do you want it back, princess?”

“I do.” Evie pouts.

Mal smirks as she arches her head up to capture Evie’s lips with her own, “Then take it.”

Evie giggles and does just as she is ordered.


The next thing to go is one of her beanies.

Technically, the beanie isn’t hers. She stole it from Jay two years ago and he had never bothered to get it back. But now, as she trails Mal through the campus, she begs for the ratty old beanie back. It holds a lot of memories, including one of her and Ben pranking Jay and Chad so badly that they had cried. Unfortunately, Mal is as stubborn as they come and she merely ignores her girlfriend as she continues to walk through the quad with an indifferent expression. Eventually, Evie catches her hand and pulls her to a stop before she turns to face her and greets her with a frown.

“Mal, give it back!” Evie whines as she reaches for the black beanie, but her girlfriend is quick to duck away. “Come on, babe.”

Mal catches Evie’s hand as it darts towards her once again, “Nope. It’s mine. Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

“But it’s mine.” Evie points out.

“Was. It was yours. Now, it’s mine. Look how hot I look in this.” Mal teases as she tilts her head, and Evie can’t help but soften subtly. “As your arm candy, I have to look my best.”

“Mal, there isn’t a single day that you don’t look your best.” Evie giggles as she frames Mal’s face and tilts her head up for a soft kiss. “But I seriously want my beanie back. I love that thing.”

“Hm…” Mal frowns. “Nah.”

Evie gives a playful growl as she sweeps Mal off her feet, and she can’t help but laugh at the very un-Mal like squeal that fills the air. In the middle of the quad, the couple pay no mind to the people that pass them glances as Mal struggles her way free and tries to run off only to be grabbed around the waist. Evie smiles into the crook of Mal’s neck as a hand creeps up before she successfully rips the hat off purple locks. Mal squeaks in surprise as she turns in Evie’s arms and watches as her girlfriend shoves the black beanie onto her blue locks.

“Mine.” Evie beams.

Mal narrows her eyes playfully, “No fair.”

“All is fair in love and war.” Evie sings as she ducks her head.

“Ha.” Mal snorts as she grabs a hold of the sides of the beanie and pulls it down so it covers Evie’s eyes and nose. “No kisses for you!”

Evie struggles to get the beanie back on her head, and she lifts it just in time to watch her girlfriend race off. It doesn’t surprise her two days later when she sees Mal laughing with Jane while wearing that familiar black beanie, and this time she simply lets her keep it.


The final straw is her letterman.

The final game of the Tourney season explodes into dramatic throws and impressive rolls all the while Evie stands off to the side and happily cheers for her brother. Ben is fearless on the field, and he even body checks a player from the opposite team when he pauses in the middle of the game to wink at Audrey. By the time the game ends, Auradon is crowned the winner and the excitement builds around the students as they all happily pile onto the field. Part of it is a little bittersweet for Evie, this is going to be the last game of Tourney she cheers for but the other part of her can’t wait to have more free time. The happiness around her causes her to go breathless and she can’t help but scan the crowd for her girlfriend.

It takes her a few minutes to look through the entire sea of yellow and blue, and then she glances towards the bleachers and swallows hard. Mal is the only one left, she is leaned back with her weight balanced on her elbow and wearing a dark pair of sunglasses. But what catches her attention the most is the familiar letterman, Evie’s letterman. Evie blinks herself from her daze as she fights her way through the groups of students and bounces her way up the bleacher stairs.

“Hi.” Evie grins.

Mal smirks as she reaches for an abandoned bag of popcorn and shovels a handful into her mouth, “You looked good out there, princess.”

“Thanks.” Evie chirps before her lips turn up into a smile that she knows drives Mal crazy. “My clothes look really good on you.”

“What?” Mal chokes as she bangs a fist against her chest and coughs out a kernel of popcorn. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“No,” Evie drawls. “Just stating the obvious.”

“Well, I know lettermen jackets are used to stamp claims on people,” Mal begins as she stands and moves her sunglasses to the top of her head. “But I wear this one to let everyone know that you are taken.”

“Interesting version of role reversal.” Evie nods.

“I’m just brilliant like that.” Mal shrugs as she glances over Evie’s shoulder. “So, how about I treat you to some dinner?”

“Lemme guess what’s on the menu,” Evie purrs as she tucks a finger in the belt loop of Mal’s jeans and pulls her close. “First course is a salad, light dressing. Second course is a lobster meal…well, lobster for me and chicken nuggets for you. And for dessert?”

“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.” Mal replies as she tilts her head. “Got any requests though?”

Evie laughs softly against Mal’s lips as she pulls her closer, “As long as dessert includes that letterman somewhere on the floor, I’m good with anything.”

“Well, then you are very much going to enjoy your dessert.” Mal assures her as she pulls away to intertwine their fingers. “Come on, we gotta hurry before all the chicken nuggets go.”

With a beam, Evie allows herself to be dragged along and she really doesn’t mind the view; on the back of the letterman is her last name, her little stake of claim on Mal. Yeah, she knows she can definitely get used to sharing her clothes.


Requested by @jugheadismyking 

I was wondering if I could request a Harry hook X reader  and have the reader as the daughter of Tiana/Naveen who has been kidnapped by Uma’s crew (instead of Ben). My idea was that Uma could force her to clean the ship while she’s held captive and because she’s a princess she starts singing/dancing as she cleans (insert lyrics from enchanted’s “happy working song”). They could all be looking at her like wtf is going on, except for Harry who’s kind of mesmerised and intrigued by her 

Characters: Harry Hook, Ben, Uma, reader (daughter of Tiana/Naveen)

Warnings: none 

Word Count: 1968

A/N: So this is a tad different from the original request where you are instead captured along with Ben. Also the italicized lines are song lyrics, the first set is Happy Working Song from Enchanted and the second set is Almost There from Princess and the Frog. Hope you enjoy it! *tags are always open!


You found it impossible to stand still. Granted, you could never really stay still at all but this time it was due to the fact that you had been kidnapped by pirates.

“We’re fine, Y/N” Ben tried reassuring you.

“Ben I don’t know if you understand this but there are pirates holding us hostage” You glared.

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SpeakEasy Series

Bartender!Jimin x Reader

5.7k of who knows what Angst, Smut?, and Fluff?

Warnings: Use and Mention of Date-Rape Drugs, thigh riding, teasing

Ok… so… i tried… I have listened to Greedy over 100 times trying to write this… The song annoys me now. oh and do’t worry, jimin doesn’t use the date-rape drug on reader. So, Yea! Enjoy!

Originally posted by mewchim

The intoxicating smell of liquid confidence filled the room. Or should it be called depressant? The freshly poured round of shots was picked up by hands in your peripheral vision. A clink resounded through the air, as the grieving souls tried to forget the misery they were drowning in. Thankfully you were not included in that group of those, who needed to drink their minds to oblivion.

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Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part Two}

Originally posted by dylanobrien

Words: 1864

Warnings: cuteness maybe?

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that I was late posting this! I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks to @lovelydob for proofreading this for me! 

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it don’t take a word, not a single word

1,586 words

evie grimhilde/mal

mal is under a love spell and evie knows how to break it; true loves kiss works every time.

a/n: based off this post by @malsevies. i’ve been thinking about writing this for about a week and a half now and i finally got the motivation to do it, so here! 

i was not committed enough to write mal turning into a dragon, so apologies and also we’re pretending evie made mal a nice dress instead of that yellow and blue nightmare.

title from ‘kiss the girl’ from the little mermaid/descendants


No one is expecting Mal to show up at cotillion with Uma on her arm. In fact as far as any of them knew Uma was still stuck on the Isle. Yet here she is, in a dress that reminds Evie of sea foam, face softer than Evie’s ever seen it as she hangs off Mal’s arm.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a short ficlet with sick Mal who basically just wants to cuddle with Evie while being totally out of it due to her medication? Thank you!

I was so excited to get this request. I’ve been dying to do a fic like this for Mevie! Here you go anon, enjoy!

Every noise was too loud. They pulsed in Mal’s ears and made her head ache. She lay curled on her bed with the covers pulled up over her head because she hadn’t had the energy to get up to pull the shades closed. Outside her door she could hear kids thundering up and down the hall shouting at each other. She wished they would just go away. Their voices cut through the silence and pierced her sensitive ears. Groaning she curled tighter in on herself and willed them to go away.

The only thing that managed to do for her was send her into a violent fit of coughing that lasted several minutes. When it finally calmed her throat felt raw and sore as if she’d just swallowed a bucket of nails. Miserable she gave in to her discomfort and lay there wishing Evie hadn’t gone away for the weekend. She could have made the stupid kids in the hall shut up.

Somehow she managed to doze off into a restless sleep. She tossed and turned, waking up several times to cough until her lungs ached before drifting off again. Her dreams were ominous and unsettling. They left her drenched in a layer of cold sweat that made her shiver even under her thick blanket.

The door to the room creaked open and the sound of footsteps crossing the room pulled Mal out of her sleep. She tried to open her eyes to see who had come in, but the sun was too bright and stung her sensitive eyes. She groaned and closed them.

“Mal?” Mal’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of Evie’s voice. She tried to turn in the direction of it, but that only made her cough more. She tried to sit up, but the movement made her head spin. She swayed dangerously as her coughs shook her whole body.

Before she could fall off the side of the bed a pair of hands were there to steady her and ease her back down. They rubbed gentle circles into her back until her coughing was over. Mal managed to crack one eye open enough to see Evie’s concerned face close to her own.

“Have you been like this all day?” she asked.

Mal nodded.

“Why didn’t you call someone?”

“I’m fine,” Mal croaked her words punctuated by a small cough that proved the opposite.

Evie pressed a hand to Mal’s forehead. “You are not fine. You’re sick.” She stood and crossed to the nearest set of curtains and pulled them closed, then circled the room closing the rest of them.

Mal couldn’t help but sigh as darkness filled the room, and she could finally open her eyes. It was still too bright, but not near as bad as before.

“I just need to lay her for a bit, and it’ll pass.”

“No, you need medicine and fluids,” Evie retorted. Before Mal could try to argue Evie disappeared into the bathroom and returned a moment later with a glass of water and a bottle of pills.

“E, no,” Mal protested when Evie set the pills down on the table beside the bed.

“You have a fever. It’s either you take these or I call the nurse.” Mal moaned and pulled the blanket up over her head, but Evie already knew she had won.

“Fine,” Mal grumbled. Evie shook out two pills, handed them to Mal, then helped her sit up enough to take a sip of water. As soon as she took one drink, Mal realized just how thirsty she had been. The cool water felt nice on her sore throat and before she realized it, she’d drank almost the entire glass.

“I don’t know why you always insist on being so stubborn,” Evie said pretending to be exasperated as she helped Mal settle back into her pillow.

“Because it’s more fun.”

Evie shot her a stern look as she turned to walk to her desk where she had a few sewing projects to finish up. Mal tried to grab for her, but she was already too far away.

“Stay with me,” she pleaded. Her cracked, breathy voice made Evie’s heart melt. She turned to see Mal with her cheeks bright red from the fever making the most pathetic pout that pulled at all the right heart strings.

“Okay, but you have to promise to rest and not be difficult,” Evie replied. Mal gave an enthusiastic nod and sent herself into a fit of more coughing, but Evie was there, sliding in under the blankets next to her to hold her.

When her coughing subsided she rolled until her head rested on Evie’s shoulder, and Evie wrapped her arms around Mal. She ran her fingers through Mal’s hair and made sure the blanket was pulled all the way up to her chin. Feeling more content than she had all day, Mal burrowed further into Evie’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

“Try to get some sleep,” Evie whispered as she lightly brushed her nails up and down Mal’s arm.

“Mhm,” Mal mumbled. She let her body relax into Evie’s touch as her breathing evened. The rhythmic beat of Evie’s heart vibrating up through her drowned out all the other noises from the hall and lulled Mal into sleep. With Evie holding her and the medicine kicking in her sleep was much more peaceful. She slept through the afternoon in Evie’s arms.

The sun began to set and Mal woke up coughing, but Evie was there to hold her and rub her back until they subsided.

“Feeling better?” Evie asked after she helped Mal take a few more sips of water.

Mal settled back into her arms and traced unintelligible patterns into Evie’s arm. “If I say no, will you stay with me?”

Evie laughed and kissed the top of her head. “I’ll stay with you no matter what you say,” she promised.

“Then yes, a little better.”

“Good.” Evie pressed another kiss to the top of her head. She let her head rest against Mal’s. They both fell asleep to the sound of each other’s steady breathing and spend the rest of the evening pressed together in their bubble of warmth.

As Mal drifted off, she mused that being sick wasn’t so bad if it meant getting to have Evie take care of her.

anonymous asked:

Mevie 12 plz

“Before sunrise, they are your child/children.”


Mal can hear them.

Of course she can, she is so in tune with the twins that sometimes it frightens her. She can hear them giggling in the hallway, and she rolls onto her side so she can stare at the sleeping face in front of her. With a soft smile, Mal reaches out to trace the delicate features of her wife and watches with a soft expression as Evie’s nose scrunches and she attempts to squirm away from the touch. After a moment, lashes flutter open and Evie looks to her with a pout that still manages to make Mal feel a little weak at the knees.

“Hm?” Evie hums.

Mal grins in amusement, “Luke and Jamie are up.”

“What? Why?” Evie pouts.

“Because, just like their very beautiful mother, they like to start their mornings early.” Mal whispers as she scoots closer to Evie. “I got them yesterday so it’s your turn.”

“No way. Before sunrise, they are your children. Good luck.” Evie smirks, and she can’t help but peck Mal’s pout away before she grabs her hand to settle it on her swelling abdomen. “Plus, your princess is still tired.”

“Alright, alright. You don’t play fair.” Mal grumbles.

Mal stares at Evie for a moment longer before she presses a kiss to her forehead and slides from their comfortable bed. A shiver runs down her spine as her feet touch the cold hardwood floor, and she curls her arms around herself to gather some warmth. As soon as she tiptoes out of her bedroom, she can make out the sound of one of the twins humming happily and she patters down the hallway with a frown. As soon as she pokes her head in Jamie’s room, she stops short as she sees the mess of leather and polos.

“What are you doing?” Mal demands.

Jamie jumps in surprise as he turns to face her, “Hi, Mama!”

“Hi mama doesn’t answer my question.” Mal frowns as she bends down to scoop up a t-shirt. “Your mom just organized your closet, James. Why are all your clothes on the floor?”

“I wanna wear a sweater.” The five-year-old huffs.

Mal arches an eyebrow before she walks past the child and reaches for his white oversized comfy sweater, “This one?”

“That one!” Jamie squeaks as he eagerly takes it from his mother and nuzzles his nose against the fluffy material. “Thanks, Mama.”

“No problem, Jimmy Jam.” Mal yawns as she rubs at her eyes and takes a moment to ruffle Jamie’s bedridden raven colored locks. “But clean up this room, your mom will flip if she sees it.”

“Ugh, it’s gonna take forever!” Jamie whines as he tosses his head back with a pout while Mal simply snorts. “Can’t I just leave it and close the door so mommy won’t see?”

“Ha. Like that will work. Nice try though.” Mal smirks as she pauses in the doorway and watches her son for a moment.

Mal can’t help but wonder how she and Evie did this, how they ended up with two amazing little boys and a little girl on the way. Sometimes she marvels in it, when her wife is chasing the boys through the castle hallways or cuddling them on the couch, she has to stop and remind herself where she came from. Somehow, that terrified little girl from the Isle has found a happiness that some could only dream of; and she found it with a princess nonetheless. With one last smile, Mal leaves the bedroom and continues down the hallway where she pokes her head in and rolls her eyes.

“And what are you doing?” Mal laughs.

Luke glances up at her from where he is lying on the bed with his head hanging off the edge, “I’m trying to see how long it takes before my eyeballs pop out. Uncle Jay said they would.”

“Dude, we’ve talked about you listening to your uncles.” Mal reminds him with an amused grin as she moves to clamber on the the bed and mock his position. “This is really uncomfortable.”

“So?” Luke scoffs.

Mal can’t help but smirk because Luke is definitely her mini me, while he resembles Evie physically he definitely has inherited Mal’s personality. From the time they were two, Luke has shadowed Mal and makes sure that he looks to her so he can match whatever facial expression she has. Jamie, on the other hand, struts just like Evie and flashes his dimples in order to achieve in getting what he wants. But both her boys are perfect, even with the incidents of Jamie having been removed from his classroom because he started a fashion show that consisted of a runway of desks. And she finds it adorable that Luke is fearless and likes to climb up in trees so he can shoot spitballs at people. In her eyes, they can do no wrong.

“Whatcha doin’?”

Mal slowly sits up as Jamie marches into the room with his hands on his hips and already dressed in a sweater and shorts, “Your brother is trying to make his eyeballs pop out.”

“Ew.” Jamie whines.

“And because your his twin, if one pops out then you have to give up one too.” Mal teases, and her eyes go wide when Jamie screams and clamps his hand over his eyes. “James, wait…”

“What’s going on?”

Mal winces as Evie rushes to the door and stops herself by hanging on the frame, “Nothing. My joke was just so funny that James decided he wanted to scream about it.”

“Luke is gonna take my eyeball, Mommy!” Jamie cries as he rushes towards Evie and bounces on his toes till she scoops him up. “Don’t let them take my eyes away!”

“No one is taking your eyes, baby.” Evie assures him as she flashes Mal a small glare. “Your mama was only playing a joke.”

Jamie simmers and huffs, “That was a mean joke.”

“Yes it was.” Evie nods as she presses a kiss to Jamie’s head. “How about you and I go have Constance whip us up some pancakes while mama helps Luke get dressed?”

“Strawberry pancakes?” Jamie asks as he plays with one of Evie’s curls.

“And blueberry.” Evie grins as she tickles his stomach.

Mal turns and laughs softly as she sees that Luke has crawled back on his pillows and is fast asleep. With a shrug, Mal considers waking him but instead scrambles onto the bed to join him. As she pulls him into her arms and listens to her wife and son giggle as they head downstairs, she can’t help but thank the stars that she is here; somehow she has the one thing she never thought she would, a family.

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to get something with Mal and Evie being cute where Evie is teaching Mal makeup/clothes/hair whichever and Evie is doing it to Mal and Evie let's Mal practice on her?

Yes! I think this is the second Malvie prompt I’ve ever gotten, I’m so excited!

Also, this was inspired just a little bit by JennaMarbles:

“Oh, shit, E! I got your skin, I’m sorry!” Mal dropped the tweezers and reached for Evie’s, cradling her face. “Crap, you’re bleeding just a little bit, damnit.” She reached up with her sleeve, paying no mind to how her purple shirt would stain, and dabbed at Evie’s eyebrow.

But her girlfriend, sweet and patient and so many things Mal was grateful for at that moment, didn’t even flinch. “M, it’s okay. I knew this was going to hurt.”

“It didn’t hurt when you did it to me though,” Mal argued, wiping at the smallest speck of blood on Evie’s skin. “I mean, it wasn’t pleasant, but it didn’t really hurt.”

“That’s because I knew what I was doing,” Evie grabbed Mal’s doting hands and locked their fingers, kissing the delicate knuckles. “I wasn’t going to do anything that I knew would hurt you.”

Mal scowled and pulled away. “Then why are you letting me do this to you?”

“Because you wanted to learn,” Evie answered simply. “I knew you weren’t going to be perfect at this, I was prepared. You’ll get better.” She cupped Mal’s chin and lifted her head so Evie could study her own artwork. “But, can I just say, I did a fabulous job. Those arches are gorgeous. I mean,” she leaned forward, pecking Mal’s pout, “not that you weren’t beautiful to begin with.”

Mal huffed, folded her arms and gave her trademark frown. “How about this?” She had actually put effort into this outfit, considered the top and bottom and even the belt separating them, it better have been worth it.

But Evie shook her head. “No, M, it’s too much.”

“Too much what?”

“Too much purple.”

Mal groaned. “Purple matches with purple. Simple as that.”

“No, purple clashes with purple. You look like…a grape.”

“Excuse me?” Mal sneered and her flickered just the slightest bit of emerald.

It didn’t work as she had hoped.

Evie had long ago stop fearing her, probably around the time she learnt Mal liked to cuddle during movies and had an obsession with fruit. “Imagine if I wore my blue dress and my blue leggings together. That wouldn’t look very good, would it?”

“Oh please. You’d look fabulous even if you wore absolutely nothing.”

Evie didn’t fight the grin and waited for Mal to realize what she had just said.

“I mean… Shut up!” Mal’s ears turned pink at the tips. “You know what I mean!”

“I do, but I also know you meant what you said,” Evie purred with a wink. “Now, let’s get you in nothing,” she trailed her hand down Mal’s arm just to pull back and place her hands on her hips, “so I can show you how to properly match.”

“Where are you going?” Evie snatched Mal’s wrist, pulling her away from the door.

“Ugh, princess, you were the one who complained about us being late to class and now you’re stopping me?”

“You can’t go out in the hall looking like that!” Hissed Evie as she dug through her purse.

“Like what?”

“Like it’s obvious that we were just making out in the bathroom!”

“But we were just making out in the bathroom,” Mal pointed out before pausing. “How can you tell by looking at me?”

Evie gestured to the mirrors before setting her bag on a sink to rummage deeper.

Mal startled at her reflection, her hair was a little messy and her eyes were wide, but her lipstick was smeared terribly. A faint pink was all around the outside of her mouth, even touching her chin in one long streak. She groaned before wetting a paper towel to scrub at her face. “Why doesn’t your make up look like this?”

“Because I,” Evie chirped as she pulled out what she was looking for, “wear smudge-free lipstick.”

“That’s a thing?”

“Of course. And it’s a life saver with how often you’re pulling me away for things like this.”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it.”

“I never said I didn’t,” Evie conceded, pulling Mal’s face toward her and rolling the lipstick on. She fussed and dotted, before deciding that Mal looked acceptable for third period. “There!” She pecked Mal on the lips. “Now you look like a girl who never even think of making out two feet from a toilet.”

As Evie scrubbed her face with a cotton wipe, Mal watched suspiciously, turning the little bottle over in her hands. “This shit’ll keep my pillow from looking like a finger-painting?”

“It’s make-up remover,” Evie scrubbed at her cheek. “Take away all the make-up, which means none of it will end up on your pillow tonight because it won’t be on your face anymore.”

“All I have to do is rub it on my face?”

“Yep!” Evie showed Mal the wipe in her hand and laughed at the face her girlfriend made. “Takes it all off, then you just throw it away,” she tossed the wipe into the trash can beneath their sink and smiled at Mal. “All done.”

Mal hesitated before following what she had seen Evie do. Shake the bottle, pour some on the rag, then…

“Here, let me help,” Evie pulled the wipe from her and brought it up to Mal’s face, rubbing in gentle circles. “Bye-bye blush and concealer,” she sang. Her movement by Mal’s eyes were soft, feather-like, and she worked slowly and carefully.

She pitched the wipe into the trash and took a silent moment to just look.

“There,” Evie whispered, “let’s get to bed.”

“You know,” Evie mumbled later that night, “you’re so damn pretty without make up. Your skin is clear, your lips are plump, your features are so delicate.”

Mal scoffed. The last word she wanted to be associated with was delicate, but she wrapped her arm around Evie’s waist. “You are too. I always thought you mother was so crazy when she told you to put all the crap on.”

“Yeah, but sometimes I think it’s fun. Like how I can express myself with all the colors on my face, if I feel happy and bright or if I’m serious and moody.” Evie yawned. “I don’t want you to think you have to put it all on for me. You’re so gorgeous even without it.”

Even in the dark, Mal fought down the blush. “Yeah, but you have fun using me as a model.”

“You’re the perfect model,” Evie drawled, speaking slowly as sleep worked its way into her head. “You put up with everything I want to do. Thanks.”

“No problem, princess.”


Evie pouted from her seat on the floor. “I’m sorry you’re stuck doing this.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not your fault the beaker shattered.”

“It wasn’t Doug’s fault,” defended Evie. “It slipped out of his hands.”

“Well, it should be his hand with six stitches in it.” Mal didn’t keep the anger out of her voice, only her hands. She worked the brush through Evie’s hair again, separating the strands to lay just as she wanted them.

“He did get a little cut on his thumb if it makes you feel better.”

“It…surprisingly doesn’t. This whole being good thing blows.”

Evie laughed and relaxed further against Mal’s legs, sighing at the gentle fingers brushing against her neck. “You could have just helped me put it up in a bun or something.”

“If you want it braided, it’s getting braided. Hold on,” Mal twisted the ends, pulling a hair tie around the bottom. “Done. Go see.”

Evie pushed herself off the ground with her good hand, wandering over to their floor length mirror. “Wow,” she breathed, “this is…”


“Really good, M.” Evie twirled the braid and studied it. “I’ve never seen this before.”

“It’s a rope braid. I saw it online and thought it looked pretty cool.”

“Definitely cool,” Evie agreed. “Do you… Can you do my hair everyday?”

“Really?” Mal perked up. “You like it that much?”

Evie turned and smiled at her. “I like everything you do, Mal. But this is…M, this is super cute.”

Mal stood up and reached for Evie’s hand, placing a small kiss on the line of stitches across her palm. “Consider me to be your personal hair dresser, princess.” She leaned up to kiss Evie’s throat and grinned at the little noise her girlfriend made. “Afterall, I learnt from the best.”

Whew, I’m not sure how this turned into a 5 +1 fic, but I kind of dig it!

I hope you enjoyed reading it. I am still taking prompts and requests!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you're still doing Descendants prompts but if you are, can you do a Mal x Evie one where one of the girls is sick and the other one takes care of her and is all overprotective? If you're not doing prompts anymore you can disregard this ask. (:

Let me be honest: I absolutely LOVE this idea, it makes my shipper heart happy. I hope it’s fluffy enough for you because when it comes to someone getting hurt and writing it… I’m always up for the angst. 

      Her left side felt like burning and an unimaginable pain was crawling slowly up until it reached her shoulder. Her face contorted in pain and oh, dear God maybe the blue-haired just noticed her painful expression when they turned to the right, heading straight to their dorm room to change their dress into another one, one more appropriate to dance the rest of the night. And it wasn’t until she looked at herself in the mirror and saw her dress completely torn on the side that she saw what felt like a second-degree burn on her skin, probably a consequence of the dragon they fought earlier.
           Her mother.

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Third-Wheel//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Malia Tate, Reader.


“I just don’t get it. It’s too hard. Maybe I should just drop out, find a job somewhere local.” Malia sighs.

You rub her arm comfortingly, “Listen, I’ll tutor you. If you go down, I’ll go down with you. I’m always here for you.” You nod.

She sighs, “Thank you. I just…maybe I should just find a way to go back. Back to the way it was before.” She looks at her lap.

“No no no, don’t say that. We need you here, I need you. You’re my best friend, Mal.” You hug her and she sighs.

“Thanks for talking to me.” She nods.

“Always.” You smile.

She stands up and heads for the door.

“I’ll call you later, yeah?”

“Yeah, thanks again Y/N.”

You pick your phone up and dial your Stiles’ number.

“Hey, babe.”

“Hey, do you think you wanna come over?”

“I thought Malia was over.” He sounds preoccupied.

“Yeah, she left. I miss you though.”

“Okay. I’ll be right there. I love you.”

“Love you too.” You hang up and toss your phone on your bed.

You let him in as soon as he pulls into the driveway. He kisses you as soon as he walks in.

“Baby..” You smile when he kisses you. “Will you stay over?”

He raises an eyebrow and you swat his arm, “Not like that, I just want you here.”

He laughs, “Fine, I’ll stay.”

“Come on.” You pull him up to your room and collapse on your bed. “I missed you.”

“You saw me like five hours ago at school.” Stiles sits down beside you. “But to be fair I missed you too.”

You giggle and he pulls you onto his lap, kissing all over your face.

“I’m so in love with y-” He stops and looks at the doorway.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry, but can I stay over?”

You turn around, Stiles’ hands still on your hips. You give Stiles an apologetic look. “Yeah. Come on.”

“Thank you.” She comes in and sits on the bed with you and Stiles, not realizing the moment she just broke up.

You climb off of Stiles and sit in between the two of them. You pat Stiles hand. ‘I’m sorry.’ You mouth and he nods.

You end up sleeping in the middle, Malia in front of you and Stiles in back. You wake up the next morning and quietly grab Stiles. You pad downstairs together and you begin to make breakfast.

“Baby, I’m so sorry.” You sigh as he sits at the counter.

“It’s okay. I just wish we could have some time to ourselves. Sometimes it’s like we have a kid.” He shrugs.

“I know. I know.” You hand him a cup of coffee.

You eat and sit some aside for Malia. When she comes back down you heat her food up.

“I’m going to head home.” Stiles kisses your forehead.

“Okay. I might come by later.”

“Okay, just let me know.” He grabs his keys and heads out the door.

“So, how are you feeling about school?” You ask Malia.

She looks up from her plate of food. “Better. I definitely need help with Trig.”

You laugh, “Doesn’t everyone?”

You hang out with Malia all day, helping her with schoolwork most of the time. When she leaves you head to Stiles’ house.

“Hey, babe.” You sit on his bed and he turns from his desk to look at you.

“Are you all mine?” He smiles.

“Yep. All yours.” You make your way over to him. You bend over and kiss him gently, making him smile.

“Cuddle? I felt like we couldn’t last night.” He looks hopeful.

You nod, “Hell yeah.”

He laughs and pulls you onto the bed with him. Your phone rings and he sighs.

“Let it go to voicemail.” You wrap yourself around him.

He kisses your forehead. “We should go on a date. We never do anymore, we just hang out.”

You nod, “Take me somewhere nice.”

He laughs, “Okay. I can do that.”

Your phone rings again and you turn your ringer off.

“You should probably just answer.”

“Babe, no. I’m here to see you.” You shake your head.

“It’s okay. Really.” He rubs your back.

You look at your phone and sigh. “It’s Malia.”

“Go ahead and call her.” He nods.

You call her back, drumming your fingers on your leg as the phone rings.

“Hey, are you busy?” She asks.

“I uh…I’m with Stiles.” You look at him and he purses his lips.

“Oh…well I was wondering if you wanted to do hang out.”

“Mal, we spent the day together.”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I’ll just come by tomorrow morning.”

“Okay. Let me know if you need anything.”

You hang up and lay on Stiles’ chest.

“Babe?” He runs his hand up and down your back.


“Please don’t be mad.”

“Stiles, what’s wrong?”

“I feel like…” He sighs. “I feel like we never get time alone anymore. It’s always me, you, and Malia.”

You sit up and look up at him, “Stiles…”

“I just miss you. You’re always preoccupied with her. I love you loads, I just wish I could have you to myself sometimes.”

“Stiles, I didn’t want to say anything…” You shrug. “I’m her anchor. She just has her dad, she has no one to relate to. I’m that for her. She needs someone to kind of teach her how to be a teenager. She’s my best friend.” You look at him.

“You’re her anchor?” He sits up.

You nod.

“Oh, baby..I had no idea. I just..feel like a third wheel sometimes.”

You shake your head, “You’re never a third wheel. I love you so much. I just have to take care of her, it’ll be less intense as she adjusts. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I’m glad she has you and you have her.” He kisses you gently. “You’re my favorite person ever. You’re the most amazing person ever.”

La Belle et la Sorcière

Anonymous asked: Okay since literally NO ONE writes for Disney Descendants, do you think you can do a Mal x Ben/Chad’s sister fic. It doesn’t have to be either of the princes, but I kinda like the idea of this high class royal kid falling in love with this high class evil kid

Descendants Anonymous here, I would prefer the reader to be Ben'a sister tbh

Hi, this is the descendants anon. I don’t know if you saw the second part of the request I sent or if I even sent it, but i would like it to be a general princess x Mal (she doesn’t have to be evil, but whatever works best for your writing is great)

Ma dude, my darling, you have awoken something within me. I am a huge fairytale nerd and you can bet your fucking ass I will use my knowledge to the best of my ability to do this. I am 10000000% ready for this shit oh my god. I also watched Pete’s Dragon before writing so yeh…hahaha.

Big shout out to my friend Roxy (I think she has a tumblr I forget what it’s called haha, whoops sorry) for helping me out. She’s Canadian and speaks French. The title translates to, ‘The Beauty and the Witch’ since like…Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty both have French origins. So thanks so much for help me out darling! *blows kisses*

And thank you very much for the compliment darling! Anyway, here we go~!

Warnings: Uh….fluff? Dragons. This thing is long as fuck holy shit. And this sucks.

Your name: submit What is this?

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anonymous asked:

malvie 19

“I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you.”

Evie frowns as she turns to the side and smoothes a hand over her stomach before she pouts at her reflection. For some reason, she just isn’t happy with it. At least not today. A soft sigh leaves her as she muses her blue hair and tilts her head. After another long moment of staring, Evie slumps her way out of the bathroom and smiles softly as she sees Mal lying on the bed with a look of boredom as she plays with the remote and flashes a glare at the muted TV in front of her.

“I can’t believe I tripped.” Mal mumbles as she frowns. “At least I look hot.”

“It wasn’t that bad, M.” Evie assures her as she patters across the room and drops lazily onto her girlfriend’s bed before she stares at herself on the screen. “I wish I could be pleased with seeing myself every day on TV.”

“What do you mean?” Mal demands as she turns her head to her girlfriend and watches as Evie shrugs with a slight blush. “Wait…what’s going on? You seemed kind of off at breakfast,  but I thought you were just pissed they didn’t have mango.”

“I just…I don’t know.” Evie admits as she pulls her knees up towards her chest and rests her chin on her kneecap. “I haven’t been feeling as content as I usually do. I don’t really know how to explain it.”

“E,” Mal whispers as she shifts on the bed and rests a protective hand on her girlfriend’s knee while the other curls around her calf. “You’re lying. I know you’re lying face, you scrunch your nose. So, tell me what’s going on.”

Evie is silent as she shifts uncomfortably, “Do you think I’m…pretty?”

With a wince, Evie regrets how easily the words tumble from her mouth. She hates questioning herself, she hates this feeling. A groan leaves her as she cups her hands over her face and wishes she could just take back her words; she has never been insecure about herself, she has always been raised to be confident and strong. For years, people have raved on about her beauty but today she just feels like something is missing.

“Are you kidding?” Mal laughs as she tilts her head and reaches up to pull Evie’s hands from her face. “E, I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you are. Of course I think you’re pretty. What kind of question is that?”

“I-I don’t feel pretty.” Evie admits. “Not lately, at least.”

“Evie,” Mal sighs as her gaze catches Evie’s. “I think you’re beautiful.”

The words cause something to break deep within in her as her lower lip quivers before a stream of tears trail down her cheeks. With wide eyes, Mal curls her arms around her girlfriend and pulls her close. As soon as she is pressed into her girlfriend, a sob leaves her as she turns herself into Mal’s embrace until her tears slow and her eyes close under the soft touch of Mal’s hand.

“I’m sorry.” Evie sniffles. “I’m being stupid.”

“No. You’re not.” Mal assures her as she presses a kiss to blue tresses while her fingertips dance along Evie’s back. “You’re just having a bit of an off day, everybody has their off days.  I mean, I fell down a fucking flight of stairs the other day.”

Evie giggles and shakes her head, “I’m a mess.”

“Yeah, but you’re my mess.” Mal teases as she drops another kiss to the top of Evie’s head while her girlfriend simply giggles into the crook of her shoulder. “So, like the rest of my messes, I’m just gonna have to clean you up.”

Evie draws away to catch Mal’s gaze, “Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, E.” Mal scoffs as she holds her hand up. “You gave me this ring, remember? This ring means we’re in this together, we’re a team. The good days and the bad, I’m here for you. Okay?”

“Okay.”  Evie nods. “I love you, M.”

“I love you, too.” Mal grins, the silence settles between them for a long moment before it finally clears as Mal releases a soft, bitter chuckle. “Would you like to watch the news clip of me busting my ass in front of Audrey’s parents?”

Evie looks up at her and smiles, “I would very much like that.”

Mal releases Evie after a moment as she leans over to grab the remote, and Evie simply watches her girlfriend as a smile spreads across her face. She really isn’t sure how she ended up being so lucky, how she ended up with someone like Mal. As soon as the clip begins, Mal turns the television up before she opens her arms and allows Evie to collapse against her; as they watch the clip on repeat, Mal tightens her grasp on Evie and protects her from both the world and her own thoughts.


Mal x Reader(Daughter of Hercules and Megara)

For loveissacrifice15

(Gifs belong to malevicent  alycia-careys


Notes: It’s set sometime after they’ve turned “good.” I’m guessing since Hercules is a Disney movie that the Greek gods exist too? Just roll with it. 

Imagine: If you don’t mind, could you write the girl to be someone Mal has a crush on? Could she be sarcastic, stoic but a real sweetheart? 

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firsts - dragon swan queen friendship, with a baby

@lucyllawless​ requested Mal and Regina seeing the hat, which means very very new baby and everyone crying. Dragon Swan Queen friendship, romantic Dragon Queen. Dragon Queen baby. (Zelena using her fake midwife skills.) 

(mild descriptions of the immediate aftermath of childbirth)

She’s so little, bright red and squirmy. Regina’s tears fall on her head, and Mal cradles her against her swollen breasts. Zelena brought them the blanket. It has tiny dragons on it, and she pats the baby’s back, drying some of the gunk from her skin.

She was angry a moment ago, bleating like a little lamb, not a baby, but now she has her mothers and she’s quiet while Zelena whispers how wonderful she is. The umbilical cord pulses on the bed, weird and grey and alien. Emma barely remembers this part from Henry’s birth. Everything hurt and he was crying. She didn’t hold him. She never clutched him tight like Maleficent does.

Mal and Regina whisper about love, and Regina kisses her forehead, over and over. Everything’s slick, and even Emma’s sweaty. Her hands are damp because she held Mal’s shoulders so Regina could see their daughter arrive. Zelena and Nurse Ratched caught her, then everything stopped, because she’s here. Right here. She fumbles at Mal’s breasts, rooting around for a swollen nipple.

Regina laughs, sobs, something and then her hand grabs Emma’s arm. “Look at her.”

“Head’s a little squashed,” Zelena says, readying a very shiny pair of scissors to cut the cord and part them. All of Emma aches, but this baby’s not leaving. No one’s giving her up, no one’s taking her. Her life will be here, with her family.

“That happens when pushing takes awhile.” Nurse Ratched helps clean off the baby and cooes at her. “She looks nearly perfect.” She makes something down on a form, and she and Zelena watch the cord still before they clamp it off.

Zelena touches the back of the baby’s head and smirks. “I don’t think she noticed, seems like she’s ready to eat.”

“Is she all right?” Regina’s voice cracks and Emma wraps her arm around her, trying to keep her steady.

“Perfect,” Ratched promises. “Color’s good, lungs are strong. She’s awake, alert, ready to eat.”

“What do we do? Am I doing this right?” Mal looks at her breasts with absolute confusion, and between the three of them, they shift and guide until that little red mouth grabs a nipple.

Mal makes a face and then they’re all laughing.

“Just needs a hat,” Zelena says, looking at the pile of little blankets. “Did we bring one? Wouldn’t want her to get cold.”

A hat.

“Oh I–” Emma blushes and pulls the little hat out of her jeans pocket. She almost forgot. She wishes she’d forgotten, because it’s an ugly, lumpy little thing because she kept screwing up the stitches and it’s not even hard. It’s just a hat, and she tried to get an apple on it, but it’s really hard. “I made a hat.”

“Emma–” Regina’s voice is almost too thick to be heard. “You made a hat?”

“It’s terrible.”

“Emma, please.” Mal somehow sounds more coherent than Regina, which seems impossible, but she reaches her hand. “Let us see.”

“I’m terrible at knitting.”

“No, Emma, no.” Regina takes it and she clings to the little hat, wiping her tears with her hand. She smiles so bright that it hurts to look at her face. “It’s beautiful. It’s her first present.”

“I brought the blanket.” Zelena mutters and Regina touches her and Maleficent laughs.

“You did, but Emma made this.”

“It’s crooked, and lumpy.”

“I love it.” Regina slips it onto the baby’s damp little head, covering her dark hair. “It fits her.”

“It’s too big.”

Maleficent reaches for Emma and grabs her hand with a gentleness she hasn’t had for the last few hours of labor. “It’s wonderful. Thank you.”

Shrugging, Emma looks down, then back up at their faces. “I’m sorry I didn’t make a better one.”


“It just happened so fast.”

Regina glances at the clock, and she squeezes Emma, almost hugging her. “Twenty-one hours. You could have made several hats.”

“Was it?” Mal looks up from the baby, eyes wide.

“Shhh,” Regina insists, leaning int to kiss her. “Everything’s fine. Everything’s wonderful. You were perfect, you’re both perfect.”

“She’s getting sappy,” Zelena mutters, rolling her eyes.

“She’s allowed.” Ratched nudges Zelena and they take the placenta over to the table, while it lies like a dead alien creature.

Emma watches Regina and Mal kiss again, then stare down at the baby and her ugly little hat between them. It’s dreadful. They can’t possibly like it.

“Thank you, Emma.” Maleficent pulls her close and both of them hug her, sweaty, sticky, still wet with tears, and the baby’s in the middle.

“Her godmother should be the first one to give her a gift,” Regina insists, clearing her throat. “So it’s wonderful.”

She can’t escape. They’re both staring at her. They didn’t pick Zelena, Granny or Ursula, someone who knew what she was doing. They picked Emma. They want Emma to be something to this tiny new baby in an ugly hat.


“Please.” Mal smiles at her with liquid blue eyes and fuck. No one should be able to ask her anything with that kind of look. “We want you to be a big part of her life. We love you.”

Hormones. Totally hormones, except that Mal doesn’t need to blame them. She says these things.

Regina strokes the baby’s head. “It would mean a lot to both of us if you’d accept.”

Staring at the baby, Emma nods, now her voice catches. “Okay. I’ll practice knitting.”

“Emma, we love it.”

rebelgirlmatrix1213  asked:

Kidge "Please, I can't lose you" or The Things You Make Me Feel

Keith understands the desire to leave, to figure out what’s going on and discover the truth. Still, seeing her with a packed bag and intense determination on her face tells him that she is going to search for her family.

“Pidge,” he calls out, his voice echoing in Green’s hangar. “You’re leaving?”

“Keith?” her voice is meek, defensive. “What are you doing here?”

“I was hoping I wouldn’t find you here.”

She hums in response as he closes the distance between them. Her hands fidget with her glasses, and her eyes are trained studiously on the floor. “You know I have to,” she says.

“I’ll go with you,” he offers, the pleading tone lingering in the air.

She shakes her head. “Voltron can’t lose two paladins if this goes south. I’ll keep you updated,” Pidge promises, taking a step back towards the pod.

His arm seems to move of its own volition, latching onto her shoulder. “It’s not safe.”

She snorts at that. “We’re fighting an evil empire, Keith. Nothing we do is safe.”

“Please,” he continues, his head dipping down in an attempt to meet her eyes, “I can’t lose you.”

She raises a hand to his cheek, tilting his head up. “You won’t,” she insists, running her thumb soothingly against the side of his face before retracting her arm. “I promise.”

And with that, she turns away towards the pod.

She doesn’t glance back.