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hiiiii ✨ i know i’ve been posting a lot of writing this week, but i hope you don’t mind one more. in my head, this is set five years in the future. maybe this will be a thing? if i can make myself actually follow through on what i’m picturing for it lol

Saturday, 19:53

For dinner, Even has made lasagna. It’s probably a new recipe, Isak thinks. Even has been marathoning Iron Chef all the last week, and that always seems to bring out the urge to recipe-hunt in him. It’s not anything Isak is going to complain about.

“Do you like the sauce?” Even says, of course right as Isak is shoveling a steaming forkful of pasta and cheese into his mouth. It burns a little, from the size of the bite and how fast he tries to chew, and he winces even as he nods.

“What’d you put in it this time?” he asks, mouth still half-full.

“A splash of vodka, a little red pepper.”

“Spicy,” Isak says, exaggerated and in English. Even grins. “It’s good, though, really. Really good.”

“It still needs something. I think I might try making the pasta next time.”

“Like. From scratch?”

“Yeah,” Even says, stretching the tail end a bit in a clear how else?

“Oh. Cool, I didn’t know you could.”

“Like, in general, or me specifically?”

“Uh, both?”

“How have you survived 22 years?”

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Dear studyblr community,

After 5 long years of sleepless nights, depressing times, recurring failures, and small victories, I finally made it through! As a big part of my journey, I felt like sharing this milestone with you all for this community had greatly helped me motivate myself to push further than the boundaries.

If there’s something I learned from my experience, I just want to leave it here that not all things can be learned inside the four corners of a classroom. Though we are constantly measured by numbers - from test scores to ranks, from fail to pass, I hope that this system wouldn’t blind your perspectives on things that truly matter. Remember, the adversaries that we face in pursuit of our goals are not supposed to make us feel less than what we are now - It has been made as a way to help us improve and discover what we really want to do and be in life. After all, what we really learned during our stay in the university - unity, friendship, creativity, teamwork, love, persistence, dedication, and hard work, are just some things that couldn’t and wouldn’t ever be measured by any scale of numbers 🌻

This is only the start of many beautiful things to come, and from the bottom of my nerdy heart, I wish you all a successful and meaningful journey ahead. If you’re passionate on what you do, everything will fall in its proper places.

Thank you Studyblr Community!!!
Keep inspiring ❤

P.S –
Next goal: CPA Board Exam by October 2017 💪🏼

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How each of the DAII companions grieves a Hawke left behind in the fade? romanced and non

Varric: His world comes to a halt. After Bartrand Hawke became like a replacement sibling, a true best friend in every sense. He’s drowning in guilt-  it’s his fault, he knew the Champion should have stayed out of it- and for a long time it looks as though he might drink himself into oblivion. HIs wicked grace deck spends weeks gathering dust and once he does get the urge to write again its very dark. It takes months before he’s back to even a semblance of himself- thanks in great part to the goal of the Inquisition- but in the end going back to Kirkwall is incredibly painful.

Isabela:  She’s subdued for a long time, the loss of a friend heavy in her heart. A glass is raised to the fallen champion in every port and tavern, and should she ever truly acquaire her own fleet the flagship will be named for them.
ROMANCED: The bender that follows Hawke’s death goes down in legends among sailors. In the midst of her grief Isabela is responsible for some truly epic bar fights and tavern brawls, but nothing makes the sorrow lighter. A part of her heart has crumbled- it was worse than when she lost her ship, when her mother sold her without thought, when the Arishok was calling for her blood- and there is no question that it will never heal.

Fenris: Its a true loss. Hawke was a friend- a good friend- and someone who stood up against the evil of the world with him. The world is less bright now, a little smaller, but Fenris swears to himself that he will never forget the Champion.
ROMANCED: There are a few days after Varrics letter arrived that Fenris was incandescantly angry. It had been his first experience with that level of intimacy– he had not loved as a slave, not cherished or remembered or grieved as he now did over his lover. They had been his whole heart but had not been given the chance to lay his own life down in return for theirs. But the anger cannot play bulwark against sorrow for long, and for a long time after he falls back into old -and wine fueled- habits. But if one thing can be said about Hawke it was that he was a good influence, and at the end of it Fenris carries on in his lovers name.

Anders: Its the first time he prays in a long time, but when he gets the news Anders drops to his knees and prays hard that it was painless and that Hawke is at the Makers side. The champion saved them, spared them after the greatest mistake he’d ever made, and it seems only fair that his dear friend gets the same chance at redemtion and peace the mage was given.
ROMANCED: There is no Anders to grieve for Hawke, not anymore. This last and most terrible lost sent both him and Justice over the edge, and the small hamlet he was sheltering in will never forget the time it took a squad of Templars to destroy the Vengeance demon that has destroyed the gentle healers hut.
Merrill: It’s a sad day when Merrill gets the news about her friend, and she sheds tears over it for some time. Hawke was a true friend to her when she needed it, and she prays to the Creators that they find peace. AS long as she is in Kirkwall she keeps their memory alive, and places flowers at their statue periodically.
 ROMANCED:If the Eluvian was not destroyed Merrill works feverishly for  days to try and repair it. Somehow the idea gets in her mind that if she can open the path she can fetch Hawke back, but in the end it is simply useless. Eventually she collapses in exhuasted grief and sobs for hours. She loved the Champion, had never imagined she could love a human to that degree, and losing them was like losing a part of herself.

Aveline: She assembles the guard and calls for a moment of silence the day after she gets the news. So many of them- including herself- owed Hawke their lives and he will be missed greatly. She also swears to herself that she watch over the remaining Hawke sibling if they live, and -though she feels odd and guilty doing it- goes to the small memorial they built from Leandra to tell the woman what happened. It feels right.

ROMANCED: The guards never mention to a soul that their Captain was absent for almost a week. Watches are maintained, complaints taken and reports filed. It’s the only kindness they can offer, and later Aveline will appreciate it. But in the moment she can only cling to what little she has left of Hawke– the smell of him distant on their pillows, the few pieces of clothing left in the mansion, the letters he’d written her over the ten years they’d been both friends and lovers. It hurts- more even than losing Wesley had- and it takes years before she can get up every morning and not reach for him first.

Sebastian: He lights a candle for them in the Starkhaven chantry every day and prays for their soul. He knows the Maker is kind, knows there is a plan, but it is hard to recognize it sometimes. He also tries to be a comfort to those friends left behind and keep the Champions memory alive in good works as Hawke did.
ROMANCED: His family, his faith, his future. All have been robbed from him and for the second in his life Sebastian purposefully walked away from the Maker. He throws himself into his city- now bereft of its princess- and in helping the Inquisition and all Hawke gave her life for. Its better than dwelling on the burning grief and anger is his gut, and he does everything he can to keep a strong face before his people. But at night he sobs for her, wishing bitterly for the comfort of a Maker that he no longer believes in and for a world were the best people were not lost.

Carver: He’s angry. He’s so angry and so sad and it has nowhere to go. So much time was wasted resenting his sibling- who he always knew loved him and protected him to the best of their ability- and now they are gone. All he has left now are the Wardens or the Templars, and even after so many years gone he wishes desperately for Bethany and his mother.

Bethany: She weeps for days after the letter arrives. Her sibling deserved better. Her family deserved better, and for a long time it takes everything she has to fight off the despair demons haunting her sleep. If she is a Warden then Aveline is a great comfort, but if she has been living as an apostate than it is harder. She can only hope that the rest of her family are safe at the Maker’s side and that someday she will see them again.


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I went onto the Hawke family tree and... spoilers ;0;

*GASP* Huh? Whaaaat?? I have a family tree with spoilers, one that spans across the whole Larsen & Hawke universe??? lmao.. Oh, nonny. I have only added what is in the foreseeable future. If only it included all that I have planned!! *evil cackling*

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Also… for anyone ever questioning Tobias’ longevity.. There’s a reason he is on there. And for anyone curious to see… both legacies have pages linked on my sidebar. Both pages include a link to the family tree ♥

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I'm currently working on the rough draft of my manuscript, and I cannot tell you enough how amazing and useful you have been to me. However, while most people have am entirely separate job from writing, my job is high school. Do you have any advice on how to get a sufficient amount of work done on it so I can have it done by this winter? Thanks again for your help with this.

Quarterly writing goals :) 

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Hey I've been following you for awhile and I've noticed that you befriended a lot of bigger blogs because you wanted to be popular and now you don't talk to them or you don't give them feedback on their fics

Excuse me?

Never once did I befriend someone to be popular. I’m not popular, I don’t think of myself that way and to be quite honest, my friends aren’t super popular blogs either. They’re all fucking amazing writers, but they have about the same follower count as I do.

That being said, being on tumblr and writing on tumblr was never about being popular for me. It’s a number and it intimidates me to know that there are so many people who like me and follow me and like my fics and I love them for that. I love every follower I have. I don’t know how to express it but I try to thank people constantly. I try to thank my new followers when I reach goals and I try to remind them that I love them and that I’m so damn happy they follow me.

And, I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve been doing a thing called Read It Wednesday at least every other week where I give feedback to the people who have tagged me in their works. That includes all the “popular blogs” who I “befriended” who helped me become “popular.” 

Don’t you dare come in my inbox and accuse me of making friends just to give myself a name. I didn’t just get all this handed to me on a silver platter. That’s not how writing works, whether I was friends with popular blogs or not. 

It’s not your business either who I’m friends with and who I’m not, because in the end, why the hell does it matter? If I like what I’m doing, why should I care if others like it too? If I’m having fun, why should I worry if other people like something that makes me happy?

I have every right to be friends with whoever I want to be friends with or not be friends with, whether they are “popular” or not. And can we stop putting the popular label on people? We’re all writers. We’re all here for one reason and that’s to write. And it’s an honor when people decide they want to follow you for your writing and support you. That’s something that’s earned though, that doesn’t just get handed to you.

So if you want to come off anon, and talk about this like adults, I’d be happy to give you some tips on writing and how to get yourself out there, but right now, it just seems like you’re jealous and you’re lashing out at me because of it.

Hey everyone! 

Thanks SO much to everyone who helped me reach my goal of 5,000 followers! I appreciate all of you so much. I also updated my theme so if any of you would like to check it out and give me some feedback that’d be great. Have a good day/evening/night! 

So I don’t say this much anymore and no I haven’t reached any following goal I just feel like saying this. Thank you all, every single one of you for following me, liking my stuff, reblogging it and so on. It’s been around more than 2 years since I’ve been here and you all have kept me going because you show you care and all the people I’ve met here? All amazing every one of them. Skilled in their own unique way. Now I may sound sarcastic at times when thanking, but it’s really hard to say thank you in so many ways so for now I’ll give the original, thank you.

got tagged by @krystaljesus to do this thing soooo

Name: elspeth

Nickname: elsy, pie, sweets

Zodiac sign: aries

Height: 5′5″ but my passport says im 5′6″ so if i ever get detained at the border its bc of that thanks mom

Orientation: the bi

Ethnicity: whhhhhhhite

Favorite fruit: mango (pineapple is the worst fruit and can go die in a hole it is dESGUSTIGN and all those who eat it suck)

Favorite season: summer

Favorite book(s): what kinda question……..

Favorite flower: tulips are pretty i guess

Favorite scent: lemon

Favorite animal: CAT

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea, i have like 10 flavors of tea w me right now and ITS NOT ENOUGH

Dogs or cats: um did u see my fav animal answer (also my dad called me his little crazy cat lady today like thanks im glad u recognize my goals in life)

Fictional characters I like: if they got the big tiddy i will like them

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 or 3 if u count my like really small one that i put over my eyes when i sleep

Dream Trip: um it was turkey but then i went so i guess my dream trip is just to go back again i guess bc i loved it there

When this blog was made: 2014 

Number of followers: 614 apparently wtf

um im tag @friskbitz @zanybystander @cottoncrowns @lemonwedgie and um anyone else who wants to do it idk


You can say I spend majority of my year with Dan & Phil. I am so glad that the phandom welcomed me with open arms. I made a lot of new friends, did fun projects and achieved many goals that I’ve set for myself; like having an entire art summary filled with colours+digital and completing inktober. To me, it was been a very successful year. I may or may not still be in the phandom but where ever my art takes me, I hope to create new memories in 2017 like this year.

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