thanks for the follows everyone! :d

@betaruga and me, two primitive saiyans taking down a pathetic Tuffle troupe. 

It’s a present from us to you, our mutual followers! And more or less our official way to let everyone know that we’ve been a serious item for some time now!! ^_^

I want everyone following me to know how happy and fulfilled I am to be with her, and that we both owe a lot of gratitude to you for your reblogs and support, you helped put our names out there, and we legit wouldn’t have met each other without your shared contributions :D

Thank you so very much, seriously! I hope some of our constant, non-stop joy rubs off on everyone here!


today i finally came out to one of my best friends and i just feel so relieved and so full

watching carmilla for the first time in high school was the turning point in exploring my sexuality and it helped me realize for certain that i was not straight (i’d like to thank natasha negovanlis especially)

and just

this little web series gave me the courage to explore myself and start making strides to love myself and my identity fully. i’m still working on myself and still not open about my sexuality but i’m getting there and it’s largely due to this community

so thank you. thank you to everybody who has kept following this blog and supporting me despite my odd quirks and sporadic activity, and thank you to everyone involved with the production of this wonderful, little web series that helped make it possible for me to muster up the courage to love myself today

Hi everyone! I won’t be able to post much for the next couple of days because I will be working Black Friday! My shift is 11pm to 6am on Thanksgiving *cry* and then 5pm to 12am on Friday. Wish me luck!  Shout out to all my retail and holiday working simblrs out there. The struggle is real but you can do it! May the force be with you! Friendly reminder if you’re Black Friday shopping:

  • be kind to your retail/food/any worker!
  • try your best not to add to the mess
  • don’t forget to say thanks if you were given A+ customer service! you might just turn their day/night/shift around. :)

Hope everyone who participates has a wonderful, safe, and fun Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

                  ♥ so i ended up making this blog about two years ago on thanksgiving break and i’d have never have guessed i’d still be here all this time later?? i’m just so incredibly thankful to everyone that’s stuck around and helped me develop shion not only as a character, but myself as a writer too ; no.6 has been such an inspiring world to create and mess around in, i’ve loved every minute of critical thinking and consideration it’s encouraged me to do on the very nature of human beings. thank you guys for giving me wonderful friendships and memories to cherish on here, thank you all for being so welcoming to my blog and interactive, i really couldn’t imagine a better set of followers than you. from the ups and downs we’ve experienced, it’s another year that’s passed by seemingly without my notice and i can hardly believe it’s this time all over again. i wanted just to take a moment and thank a few of you that have been on this ride for a while or have really left a special mark on me & shion, but i’m truly so very grateful for anyone who’s messaged me once, left an ask, or even liked a headcanon post. that’s what really keeps me going here and i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving no matter where you are ♥ lettie.

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[[ I’m totes super flattered to have so many followers! I haven’t even done much since I had my… drama, you know? But thank you so much! I hope you know this is a super duper biased list and I’ll write stuff about my favorite people. I’m so happy aaaa This is the fastest I’ve gained followers! I’d really like to thank those who’ve stuck by my side through all the drama and my mental break and discoveries. I’m so # blessed to have such wonderful friends and a certain someone by my side. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day / night / whatever and that you know I totes love you guys. I know who my real friends are now and I love all of you~ IF I FORGET ANYONE I M SORRY IM ACTUALLY AN IDIOT ]]

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Thank you everyone for the response to my Orion! :’D Sometimes when I’m posting redesigns, I get worried about how they will be received and if the feedback will be negative (admittedly this was way more common when I first started - I think most people following are now pretty prepared for whatever I pull out of the hat!).

I was worried that the tiny wiggle noodle would be something nobody at all would like - which would be a shame, because I think Orions might be one of those redesigns that is cemented from day one! I watched TOS The Menagerie, and imagined Vina as a tiny wiggle and Captain Pike being like “This is it, this is my new life, how am I supposed to leave this wiggle, I can’t, I have to be with the wiggle, I have to.” That was it. From then on, Orions were tiny wiggles. Tiny wiggles with big friends. 


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Holy shit guys, 300 followers!!! That’s insane, I can not thank you guys enough!!! I love each one of you with every fiber of my heart!!! When ever you leave me a message saying you like my writings or just telling me about your day, my heart explodes!!! 💕

I said when we hit 200 followers that i’d do ships, and i haven’t even gotten to do that yet!! So, maybe this friday we could do ships? Only if you guys want!! We could do something else too, if you guys would like!!!

I have about 25 requests left to do, I could reblog more prompt lists and you guys could request more, maybe??

Let me know!

I seriously love you guys more than you know!! Thank you again, for supporting me and giving me feedback!!!💕💕

Hi everyone! Since I’ve reach 1000+ followers (IM SCREAMING YOU HAVE NO IDEA), i’ve decided to make another art raffle to celebrate! Thank you all so much for following me and liking my content, you have no idea how happy and grateful i am! Thank you again and I hope ya’ll enjoy this art raffle event! Also, I’ve added more prizes and slot winners because THE LARGER THE BETTER

I’m thinking of making the deadline on August 1st, but i might change it soon so we’ll see!


im still in shock tbh!! thank you SO MUCH everyone, i appreciate you guys so much for supporting my art ;u; SOOOOOO as a thank you, im hosting another give away!

There will be two winners for this give away!


1st place:

  • 1 keychain
  • 5 stickers
  • 1 print (8.5x11 in.)

2nd place:

  • 1 keychain
  • 3 stickers

I have more sticker/print options to choose from, the ones shown here are just a few examples! The winners will be shown the full selection and may pick whichever they like :D (and yes, i can ship internationally!)


  • must be following me!
  • must provide a valid shipping address
  • to enter, just reblog this post! 1 reblog = 1 entry, reblogging more than once will not count
  • likes do not count!
  • deadline to enter is 11/15/17, winners will be announced and contacted the following day. please have your messages open so i can contact you!

that’s it! good luck everyone, and thank you again ♡♡♡

Thanks for 10k followers on this blog.

I decided I’d make a different kind of give away (but only in january because I lack of time for now and I need to finish previous one first).

There will be only 2 spots with different type of rules - I’ll be listing there:

  1. must follow this blog
  2. must have liked/rebloged at least one of my posts (from this blog ofc)
  3. must give a caption line to a post of your choice in this form : “[2018] Caption text goes here”.
  4. Previous give away winners can’t participate it to be fair.

I will pick the winners according to the captions I liked most (and I’ll give a reason to why I picked yours if you win too).

This will run from 1st november 2017 to mid-january 2018 (a bit long but I need to get ready for exams T ^T).

It can be a comment on the post of your choice either through reblog or simple comment (not through tags, I can’t check that).

To make sure you’re in for this “event” you’ll have to add [2018] in front of your comment.

You can see all the posts more easily here : 6 w6b

There will be no 1st nor 2nd, both winners will get a colored halfbody like this :

Good luck everyone!


(( OOC: We’re going to be taking off for a few days, we’ll be back on Saturday. I’ll try and get around to posting the options for the instagram follow suggestions while we’re gone, but if not I’ll do it the day we get back. :) Thanks everyone, and Happy belated Halloween! :D )) 


Aaand it’s done!! Thank you to everyone followed the update on twitter. you made the experience x100 better!! I came up with the story hour by hour, so I’m glad I could make a sense of this mess of strips :D It was a nice experience, but really tiring, time to sleep for me :D


The RWY Hug. My heart sank into my chest when Ruby saw Weiss and Yang. Time actually stopped. I needed this so, so much. 

Here’s 10 gifs to commemorate such an amazing moment.

(I can now gif the episodes the day they air on RT!)

Final note: We’re closing in on 100 followers very shortly, only 4 more! Thanks to everyone who’s already been following! Not sure what I’m gonna do for 100 followers though. Open to suggestions. 

Edit: Only 1 more follower! Follow now to be #100! :D

Edit 2: 101 followers! Thanks a ton, 100 follower post coming tomorrow. Follower 100 was vox-animus-1.