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I sit there. Staring blankly at the the empty theatre in front of me.
Pages of writing fill the book I hold in my arms.
I’m beginning to think this all was a mistake, but just as I start to give up, the slam of the theatre doors opening violently, and crashing against the wall, catches my attention.
Slowly people start to arrive and find a seat.
First there was One, then three, ten, fifteen— the numbers only got larger.
I begin to feel successful, and a small smile creeps onto my face.

I read my writings out to the people who sit in front of me, as the flow of admirers grow larger.
A larger smile takes hold of my face.
I begin to wonder why I regretted this.
Then- I flip to the next page of art to show-
The page, Empty.
My heart pounds.

700 people waiting to hear a story, see a drawing, read a response but instead, they get nothing.
The flow of people files down to a thin line.
The spotlight dies down and my panic to find more art becomes useless as nothing helpful appears.
I feel like I’ve failed all these people, yet they’re still here.
Still waiting, still patient.

Slowly but surely 900 people end up surrounding me, waiting for a word or two.
All these people still full of what seems to be everlasting hope.
My eyes gleam as the spotlight brightens with my small smile of confidence that radiated off the people in front of me.

Thank you.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Parody Mickey and Minnie Mouse Reverse Chase Cartoon Movie 2018

Great video I felt back childhood lot about Mickey Mouse. Thank #Superfun

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i've been keeping up with your instagram on and off since i found you back when you had 1k-ish followers, and been actually following (not just checking in every once in a while) since january. it's crazy because back then, you thought you weren't going to live to ever go on testosterone, and now look at you :') and i keep telling myself i won't make it that far, but then i remember you. i'll be 17 in 8 days and even if im not on t by my 18th i know I'll make it one day bc of you. ik u feel like

thank u so much omg that means so much

i’ve just got back home and i’ve seen that three wonderful people tagged me in another game! thanks @inmortalwarlock @champagnemagnus and @wonderdaysoflunacy (◕‿◕✿)

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Now that TW is ending, what are some things that you would have wanted to see from the characters? The ships? Basically what are things that you wanted to see from the show that never ended up happening? (I hope you answer this, I've been following you for a while; love your blog)

Thank you for following honey, what a good question. First of all i love stydia with all my heart but having more kisses would have been much appreciated, i love their development but i really wished for more. About other characters i am really happy about scott’s development, i wanted him to ended up with kira at the end tho. I for sure wanted more people back for the finale, like isaac, kira and danny. Allison was honestly one of the few things i really missed, it would have been really nice to have her till the end. That’s it, in general i am happy with how things went, even if most the times the plot is a mess and confusing

Been on a bit of a posting hiatis

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much. Between being a new father and trying to prepare for law school it’s been pretty tough finally to keep up with drawing Model. But I’m sure I will find some pockets of time and try to get back up to my usual 8 posts a day. Thank you for your continued support your notes, reblogs and follows are so encouraging and I’ve loved putting so much energy into drawing Model because of the people who follow it.


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash



It’s finally done!!! This is a little something I’ve been working on for the past two-ish weeks. I wanted to have it done in time for the blog’s anniversary but I’m just a tad late. This also ties in with the 10k+ follower surprise I had wanted to do months ago, so it’s just as well ^^;

I wanted to offer a small thank you for everyone’s support and patience with me and this comic. I know I say I’m always jazzed about what I have in store with this story and I know I can rarely talk about it or give details…but there are a few things I can let ya’ll have a sneak peek at. I didn’t even get to all the ones I had wanted to include! Just so you care share in the same excitement as me, hopefully!

One last thing: certain events/updates/even chapters have to happen before some of the previews can occur. And some have to wait in a long line of other things to be started, or finish. We’ll get there when we get there - and I’m confident it’ll be worth the wait <3

I hope you enjoy!

I’m crediting whoever needs to be credited under the cut (or after this sentence, for mobile readers). I’d suggest watching the preview first in case of spoilers!

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How They’d  Cuddle You

Request: Can you do a marauder’s preference about how they cuddle you? Your blog is freaking awesome by the way.

A/N: Ask and you shall receive! I’m so sorry for how late this is, life has been catching up on me. I was recently down in Kansas for a couple days, visiting my older brother, and earlier today I had my wisdom teeth removed, so…yay.

Just want to let those who have requested things that I have NOT skipped you or blown you off in any way. My motivation to write has been pretty low because of everything that’s going on, so I decided to do this request because it didn’t require a ton of writing.

Once again, I just want to apologize for being gone, I will start writing again shortly!

Anyway, the request is just for the Marauders, let me know if you want one for the Golden Trio and I’ll definitely get around to doing it. As always, I do not own any of le gifs.

Enjoy! ♥

James Potter

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James is someone who feels the need to constantly move, he can’t keep still. Every time you two would decide to lay down in an attempt to relax, he’d insist on touching you, whether that’s tickling you, or other…activities. He sees cuddling as a waste of time when he knows you and him could be doing so much more.

That being said, he’s not opposed to cuddling in certain circumstances, especially when you’re first laying down to sleep. 

He’s particularly fond of spooning, generally when he’s the big spoon. (He’d like to try being the little spoon, but he’ll never admit it.) He loves the feeling of how perfect your body fits with his, and the way you press your back into him when he tightens his arms around your waist. 

Just a small ‘extra’ thing to add, he loves the way you smell. Your scent to him smells of home, and he often buries his face into your neck when you’re in his arms to remind him you’re still there and safe. 

(I got a little carried away with his…)

Sirius Black

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Sirius is the cuddler of all cuddlers. Literally, any time of day, if you wanted to cuddle, he’d be 100% down. 

Being that Sirius literally is a dog, his body temperature, naturally, would be higher than most. He’s warm and comforting, as a dog would be. Sirius is touchy, but not nearly to the extent that James is, his arms are generally wrapped around your shoulders, keeping you on him. Your head is always against his chest so he’s able to see you. Being reluctant to let go, you’d almost always end up falling asleep in his arms.

Quite honestly, Sirius would cuddle you for the rest of your life, not joke, he’d hold onto you forever. I can’t really explain this too great, just, he’s a great cuddler, 10/10 would recommend.

(I’m really bad at writing for Sirius, I need to practice.)

Remus Lupin

Remus is sort of thrown in between Sirius and James when it comes to cuddling. He doesn’t like it nor dislike it, mainly because he doesn’t want to impose himself upon you.

That said, if there was a situation where he knew you needed him, he’d be there in a heartbeat. He’d instantly pull into his arms, and lie down on the nearest couch or bed, bringing you with him. He rest you  on top of him and wrap his arms around your upper back. Remus’ first priority is keeping you safe and he always wants you to know that you’ll always be safe in his arms. 

Remus has a small habit of kissing you on the top of your head to sort of ‘seal’ your safety, and you best believe you’ll receive plenty of them. It’s one of his many ways of telling you he loves you. 


No art today, but I want to say thank you to everyone who commission me, bought merch from my tictail and donated to my Ko-fi! I really appreciate your support and your encouragement to continue what I do!

I want to thank all my followers who favorite and or reblog my daily post! I notice every single one of you! I love reading the tags and seeing silly comments you all make!

I’ll be taking a very short break to get caught up on life responsibilities and to work on hobbies and commissions! I’ll be back Tuesday with more cuties!


In celebration, I’m holding a raffle!! Here are the rules:

○ You must/start following me

○ Reblog for an entry! (Likes don’t count and one reblog per person)


**Prizes can be OCs! I won’t draw gore, furries, mecha, or NSFW**

(*Loooook at the super adorable tortoise-skele icon the wonderful @nighttimepixels made for me~.  Yep, that’s my tortoise self wearing Stretch’s hoodie.  Ahhh, I had to address that first!)

I decided for the milestone event, I’d do a fic raffle because they seem fun!  

How to Enter:  Just be following me and reblog this post!  Easy-peasy!  

The Prize: An Undertale one-shot!  Your choice of characters and AU’s.  I don’t have many limits; it can be SFW or NSFW, and I’m down with most pairings (canon/canon or canon/reader).  I do request that you not ask me to put your specific OC in the fic, however, just because I’d hate to portray them incorrectly.  Also, I’m good with most AU’s, and even if I’m unfamiliar, if there’s enough information for me to be able to get a feel for the characters’ personalities, we’re golden.  You can be as vague or detailed as you like; even if it’s something as simple as “Stretch sin.”  Or, hell, if you have something you want to see as an SSLL chapter, I’m game for that too.  

The Deadline: It’ll end at 2PM CST on 6/24.

I’ll enter everyone’s names into a random gen and pick the winners that way.  Right now, I’m hoping to draw three names.  That’s subject to change depending on how many people enter.  

Thanks again for reading my silly stuff, guys!  You’re all amazing!