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Thank you all for the new followers ♡♡♡♡  
     I hope ya’ll stay with me as I try to make more gifsets, doodles and actual drawings~ 


all the people I would like to thank for letting me enjoy tumblr again ♡  
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In light of me reaching another milestone, I decided to do another tumblr awards!


  • must be following me
  • reblogs only, likes will not count :)
  • you have until 3/16 to enter
  • go be nice to somebody and/or send a nice message cause nice messages are awesome :)


  • favorite doctor who blog
  • favorite broadchurch blog
  • favorite multifandom blog
  • favorite actor-centered blog (i.e, a David Tennant or Billie Piper)
  • favorite edits
  • favorite theme
  • favorite url
  • favorite overall

(note: describing your blog as “mostly” dw/broadchurch/dt/etc will count as a the fandom you’re mostly associated with)


  • will be listed on a special page on my blog
  • get a graphic/gifset/picspam request
  • unlimited solo promos for the rest of march and into april
  • a follow back if not already
  • runner ups (1-2 for each category) will have a special spot on the winners page as well and will be in a special group promo

Again, you have until March 16th to enter and winners will be announced some time that week :) 


So… I just hit 500 followers O.O 

I did not expect this one bit! Thank you to every single one of you who follow me!

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Drabbles anyone?

Send in a one sentence line of dialogue and a pairing (e.g. Sam x Reader - no ships please) and I’ll write a prompt.

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