thanks for the follow u w u


i literally never, ever imagined that my art would reach so many people! i cant tell you how much all of you mean to me, and knowing that you enjoy seeing my art that much makes me SO HAPPY!! 

thanks for sticking around and sending me super dynamic requests, a ton of fun asks, and so many incredibly sweet compliments! i cant wait to keep talking with u all and continue sharing my art!!! 💗💕💞


ॢ 29.07.17 self care notes ॢ
i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the load from school so i made a self-care bujo just to destress abit!!
its my first time trying calligraphy w watercolour pens n it is so fun?!? i love the effect of it ♡ its like ur almighty brush pen bc u can have any colour u want HHAAH (๑•̀╰╯-)و.

my new track tag is #studybonbon

◇ stress go-to-song :
๑ space , seventeen

hihihi! so, i am turning 18 today and have reached my goal of hitting 1k followers a few months ago! so, i decided to celebrate this big day by spreading the love to the amazing people i follow. every person below is a mutual of mine that def deserves a follow!! i love you all! 

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shitty banner check

i hit 6k??? and honestly what the fuck that’s so many people, i cant even imagine that many people. i truly never thought i’d even get 1k, i always admired people from afar like that and now im so grateful to anyone who follows me. as a thank you, im going to list off all of my amazing mutuals here (if i forgot you please do feel free to come and slap me btw)

i’ll tag it as ‘maddi’s 6k follow forever’ if you want to blacklist!

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HEY my little brother made this 2 second long video on youtube and he wont stop asking me to check his view count so can you guys give him some views pls thank you also he had cancer so if you like kids with cancer hit that like button


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i’M sCrEaMiNg !! I want to grab every single one of you and have the biggest group hug ever ! About a year ago I made this blog, not knowing what the fuck I was doing (tbh I still don’t lmao). I’m still so overwhelmed, I could honestly cry. THANK YOU, LOVELIES!


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oh my gosh. i just hit 25k and im about to hit 30k followers?? what. w hat. here’s a little gift from me to u to thank u all for all for all of the unbelievable kindness this blog has recieved. i am so, so eternally grateful for all of the lovely people i have met throughout my past half a year in this community. enjoy (・∀・ )

  • feel free to use!!!
  • pls don’t claim as ur own 
  • please like/reblog if you use or save! if it’s not too much to ask, these took quite a bit of time to make and it’ll let me know whether i should create more in the future :-)

anonymous asked:

Kenma, are you and Kageyama friends? Do you both get along? What kind of stuff do you two talk about?

we…we don’t really talk a lot

im looking for more blogs to follow so if u post any of the following, reblog this post and put what ur blog is abt in the tags so ill know to check out ur blog 💞✨

  • harry potter
  • aesthetic stuff (fashion, photography, architecture, etc.)
  • ya literature
  • poetry
  • yuri!!! on ice (AHSJSJSK PLSSS)
  • ur own creations
  • bonus points if ur blog aesthetic is pale or b&w!!!
  • hate-free / drama-free

if were mutuals already, maybe reblog to signal boost?? thank u sm!!! :’))

helo !! its sayeeda here w another follow forever !! so its been almost.. an Entire year since i made this blog n ive also reached a follower goal so i thought id just do it!!!!!!!! honestly i was gonna post this on the 1st bc thats like. my exact 1yr anniversary?? but i couldnt wait n had 2 tell u all that i love u sm even if we just became mutuals!! or we’ve been mutuals for 34792yrs…i love u all n appreciate u sm i wanna thank u all for being so nice like. ive made so many amazing friends n id die for all of u!!! even if we’ve never spoken id still die for u!! that being said i hope we get 2 talk if we dont already!!!! anyways enough of me talkin …….. i love u all!!! 💌

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