thanks for the follow back! u w u

hey guysssss!!!!!!!!! 

im going on a trip tomorrow and will only be back after the new years so i wanted to say some stuff (i know nobody reads so it will b kinda short)

to people that follow me: thanks for putting up w my shit this year ♥, u guys must b either very patient or very dumb, i love u all so u can be freinds with me!!!!! u can talk to me whenever u want i swear im not rude or anythigng (it might look like i am but i AM NOT)

to people that dont follow me: u are missing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to people that unfolloed me and might b seeig this: i understand why u did it but also fuck u 

to people i follow: u guys are all great and ik i dont see/talk to yall at all but i am always watchign, literally!!! i dont have a blogroll and listing everyone would b too tiring so im just gonna list my amigos along with some cool people ive been seeing a lot on my dash lately 

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u all make my dash ok (cuz a lot of u just spam yuri on ice all the time and i cant even blog but watever) so, thank u very much for making and rebloggin stuff this year!!!!!! u go i wish u all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

also u dont even have 2 like or reblog this!! have a gr8 day, bye

hi!! i’m back oops! basically the semester ends in two weeks and i’ll have loads of free time to just do whatever the hell i want, so i figured why not invest a little more in this blog & all you lovely people who follow me. so this is happening.

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RULES: Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself, and tag 11 people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts you mentioned previously! The facts can be absolutely anything! Whatever springs to mind! Let’s get started!

1. I haven’t written anything for myself in forever, which makes me feel horrid but w/ever.

2. I don’t have my driver’s license yet.

3. I’m hopefully gonna get my braces off in the next few months.

4. I have no idea what kind of degree I want to get.

5. I’m a baby witch. (I’m just starting out)

6. I legit never go anywhere without my phone.

7. I’m very tired right now, which is why I’m being so very incredibly boring.

8. I recently had double mandible surgery.

9. I’m still figuring things out as far as my sexuality goes.

10. I literally love cooking so much, like it’s so calming. Please come visit me I’ll make you food.

11. I’ve lived in four countries.

idk abt 11 people so im just gonna tag some. @recklesss–and–brave @thatsnotmozarts @laheyismypuppy @electronicspace @saltofficial @a-company-of-heroes @bisbee-saurus-rex @carey-pric31ess 


HI EVERYONE!!!! ik its been a while but i just got back on tumblr and saw that this acc has over 4k ppl following it???? like,, that’s so insane. thank u guys so so much from the bottom of my heart. i dont rlly use this acc anymore bc i dont see a lot of lis stuff that i havent already seen so i tend to not reblog it n such, but the game will always hv a place in my heart but so do all of u <33 pls msg me if u want to talk so we can connect!!! thank u for staying w this page and for staying w me!! 💛💛💛

 aw ye son, 2k follower art giveaway

 so i know i hit that milestone a while back but w/e it’s time for a giveaway. should you win you will receive one full art piece of your choice and in any style i’ve posted before. two if the style isn’t complex/doesn’t take too long.

 reblog to enter :3c likes will not count. the winner will be chosen by a random number generator. if you don’t reply within 72 hours, a different person will be chosen randomly. open to followers only.

 deadline is 12th july so like. next week

 u//u thank u all ur the best

None of yall will believe it but I was so miserable the first 2 years of high school I dressed super ugly cuz I hated everything then I started following lordbape and they inspired me to get back in touch w my fashion . Rian hashtag thank u for being the sweet fashion angel u are 😘