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I  c a n ’ t believe i t ?? 2,000 people think my blog is worth following !! It’s so surreal omg !! I honestly love each and every one of you, and I’m eternally grateful for all your support and your encouragment!! 

Thinking back to when I first started posting on this blog allll the way back in December, I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought I’d be where I am now !! My time so far in this community has been wonderful, I have met some incredibile people and made many close friends !! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog for many more months to come !! 

hehehe! I’m going to have to start working on some gifts for you all !!! 

Hi guys! Yesterday I reached 5k followers! That’s something I never thought I’d even come close to getting, thanks so much guys for helping me reach this milestone, you’re the best! Huge thank you to every one who supports my blog and says nice things. You have no idea how much it means to me. Reblogging my gifs and edits you make me happier. I didn’t tag everyone because i follow too many blogs (exactly 404 blogs, what can i say, i watch too many tv shows), i’m so sorry if i didn’t include someone. Ok, lets do this:


@solitude-am-i @lecomics-hooverman Oh, my sweet Iv and El. Family don’t end with the blood and  you two are like my sisters from another mother. I tagged you together because the the three of us are unsaperate. I love you both so much and now i can’t image a life without you two ( i can’t image a day without our talks:) You two know me here the best. I’am so thankful that i have the pleasure to know you. You’re my real life friends. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my life with you <3

@mel-loves-all My sweet Mel, you are here with me since the beginning. Without you I would not be here. You’re one of the first person that i started to talk here.I was so shy, but this was my best decision to start interact with you. I love you so much my friend. Thank you for all the love, support, all the random messages. Thank you for being you, one of the kindest, lovable people that i ever met. Thank you for everything honey<3

@spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting Oh dear Abby, a day without a message from you is a lost day. Thank you for being a part of my life, a part of my spn family. I love you my adorable friend. Thank you for liking and reblogging my stuff, for all the support. Meeting you was a gift which I couldn’t be more grateful.

@smoakqueenz @oliversmoaked My dear Nelly and Brune, you two give me the power for doing what i do. Thank you for all the kind words about my work. Thank you for all the support. You two made me believe in myself, you made me believe that what i do is not meaningless. I’m a very big fan of not just your blogs, I am a fan of what you are as a person. I love you to very much<3

My favorite people since forever, you made me who i’m here now. Thank you sweethearts for everything. There is no me here without you. You all are very special to me and I love you all very much<3

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Folks I haven’t interacted as much i would love to, but still really adore or stalk (favorite bolded):


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Thank you to every single one of you guys and I love you so much! Big  thank you to all of my followers, with all of you everything is possible ♡

[ KOUHEI;; Uwaaaah!! I don’t even know what to say for my beloved followers… ; - ; 
You guys have no idea of how happy I am to have you guys as my senpais, this kouhai
is the happiest little shit when they’re having fun and interacting with you all… I would’ve
abandoned this blog a long time ago if it werent for you guys. The lil’ Kouhei and Amami
have grown a lot since december of last year and you all are an amazing part of all of this. ]

I met such wonderful people here that it’s impossible to not make special mentions, so here
we go:

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Thank you all for getting me to here like, I-I Dont even have any words Right now!

Like I honestly didn’t thing id get this far,that id only get a few followers and maybe a few friends, IDK, and now…Like, im here, what? But still… Thank yall! I honestly dont know what to say other than whats going to be in the list thing under cut

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So… An old friend told me today that on her wedding there will probably be one of Germany’s most well know comedians doing a performance. But it’s still unsure. Because he is physically not too well at the moment.

And she asked me (I’ll be taking the wedding photos) if I could be the replacement in case he won’t be able to. Which is kind of exciting and pretty scary at the same time. Also I’m kind of wasted right now because… well… 6 bucks for “all you can drink” in that Greek restaurant we are right now is sort of a challenge, right?

follow forever 2.0

last time i did a follow forever, i was celebrating reaching 500 followers.  today, i celebrate reaching 5,000.  this list has been condensed, but i would like to thank each and everyone on it for being my inspiration for this blog and in life.  when i started this blog a year ago, i was not sure what to expect, but it has been beyond lovely.  i am so glad i get to share what i love.  thank you.

mica’s 5k follow forever


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anonymous asked:

Hi, can you tell me which verses that say don't follow the majority etc.. just interested

وَلَقَدْ صَدَّقَ عَلَيْهِمْ إِبْلِيسُ ظَنَّهُ فَاتَّبَعُوهُ إِلَّا فَرِيقًا مِّنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ
‘’And on them did Satan prove true his idea, and they followed him, all but a party that believed’’ [Quran 34:20]

Imam Muhammad al Baqir’s (as) answer when he was asked about the Words of the Mighty and Majestic [34:20] ‘’And on them did Satan prove true his idea, and they followed him, all but a party that believed’’

He (as) said: ‘When Allah (swt) Commanded His Prophet (saw) that he should nominate Ameerul Momineen (as) to the people, and these are His Words [5:67] O’ Messenger! Deliver what has been Revealed to you from your Lord (regarding Ali) and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His Message’’ Rasool Allah (saw) grabbed the hand of Ali (as) on the Day of Ghadeer Khumm, and said: ‘’The one whose Master I was, so Ali is his Master’’.

The Devils urged the placing of the dust upon their heads, so Iblees said to them: ‘’What is the matter with you all?’’ They said: ‘’A knot of this man has been tied today, forget about solving it now up to the Day of Judgement.’’ So Iblees said to them: ‘’Never! A number of the ones around him have promised me, and they would never oppose me regarding it’’. So Allah the Glorious Revealed this Verse [34:20] ‘’And on them did Satan prove true his idea, and they followed him, all but a party that believed’’ meaning the Shia’s of Ameerul Momineen (as).

Reference: تأويل اآليات 6 /474 :2

Another tradition states that:

When Rasool Allah (saw) passed away and the people established someone other than Ali (as), Iblees wore a crown of the king and established a pulpit and sat upon the cushion, and gathered his cavalry and his infantry. Then he (Iblees) said to them: ‘’Be delighted! Allah will not be obeyed until the Imam makes a stand’’.

And Abu Jafar (Imam Muhammad al Baqir) recited [34:20] ‘’And on them did Satan prove true his idea, and they followed him, all but a party that believed’’ Abu Jafar (as) said: ‘’The explanation of this Verse came to the fore when the Rasool Allah (saw) passed away, and the conjecture from Iblees where they said to the Rasool Allah (saw) that he speak out of desire, so Iblees conjectured about them with a conjecture and they made his conjecture to come true’’.

Reference: الكافي 542 /344 :8

Read this for full reference

thank you

okay, i don’t really know a lot about “follow forever” and i assume that it’s just making a lit of people you will follow forever, but i’m gonna make a post of all my followers to just thank them u kno? ‘cause i’ve got 70 followers now, which isn’t a lot considering the people who have like 10k followers but anyways, here. mutuals are in bold

@oliviamcrobinson // @meowpointer // @bibliophagist17 // @blxrry-facx // @milkatthedisco // @httpsdaniel // @lumierehowell // @shibainupml // @lena8boy //@wisehowell // @philmings // @itsaphansplosion // @drarry-phan-larry // @doddleland // @barelyalivebarelydead // @onlyslightlyobsessed1 // @anchy1221 // @hesitant-dan // @vbjtheprofanebanana // @serenephil // @theofficialgrahamcracker // @rattlesnake34 // @boycrushowell // @sittingcookie // @processblue // @phillester // @stylishphil // @agastopiaphan // @moonphilight // @robin-aranha // @jasjasjaasssss // @just-me-and-my-fandoms // @snazzynightowls // @funnybabyvideos2016 // @daintydodie // @delusionalphannie // @ornella-x-nutella // @a-username-relevant-to-a-show // @glitteryely // @jackcalf247250 // @copiertrash // @philophobae // @doodlingphans // @lovelylilaclester // @cloudyphilip // @amxndatxman // @ificouldfindaway // @ounrosa // @yotics // @rebhappily // @skyylovely // @east-of-novel // @the-tol-one // @sparklayyytaylor // @chillphann // @melodiesthatbounce // @alderaanplacesinthetardis // @danhoel // @magicpixelmemeboy // @settlepetal76 // @krophan // @piebsa // @mikeyisyourdad // @jimmytheinternetperson // @caerysxxxx // @svtstar // @game-inglove // @sabuchansmile 


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I’m going to try something a bit different this time and give a few shout-outs to some of you in the community that make this blog possible!

I wanna give a huge thanks to blogs like:

@actay @adorable-anime-girls @aku-no-homu @anime-scarves @caskitsune @cutegirlsdoingcutethings @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga @cutegirlsmoe @futureisfailed @jonathanyeaa @is-the-order-a-destroyer-new @laster @literally-the-best-onii-chan @lizzies-cafe-2002 @lonelywolfys @lolisarereligion @lycis @man-nona @moeitall @moehi @moekingdom @moepig @more-moe-more-problems @onodera-kosaki @phucnghinguyenhoang @piyo @shiintan @skyholic @theloligod @xyzismywaifu @0ni-chan

You should definitely follow these blogs, they’ve always got my back, providing me with quality waifu content!

I also wanna give a huge shout-out to:

@allianortis @animolsbiz @desastre22 @ergoemissary@shuuyu-ikki

Just a few members of the community that I always happen to see liking and reblogging my posts!

Thanks for everything everyone! I hope that I’ll continue to have a bunch of quality waifus lined up for you all in the coming days!


So I know a lot of this number is bots and inactive blogs but since this is my seventh year on this site I know a lot of you have really stuck it out with me

So thank you! 

I’m glad this silly blog can entertain at all

i would have made a celebratory video but my computer is still broken but aaaaaaaaa!!!

thank you all for all the kind words you’ve said. 

I’ve gotten so many messages of support and concern and its just nice to know someone out there cares and doesnt hate me as much as I hate myself.

Ill try to reply to some of my asks today, but im going to keep the supportive notes for myself so sorry if I dont reply to those. But sincerely thank you.