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Hi! My name is Indie and this is my first posepack! I really hope you like it, it isn’t perfect (especially the first pose) but I tried! These pictures are not edited, except the first one. All they have on them is topaz clean. 

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Pls don’t reupload ANYWHERE.  Thanks! Tag me if you want idk u don’t have toooo…


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@karamelfrosting jeremy made little jokes about it then said a very sarcastic and half assed “i’m sorry”, followed by a little shrug. melissa just mentioned how it was all a surprise for her and katie, then katie Validated everyone’s interpretations of them while melissa mumbled lots of “yeah”. then katie was interrupted by chris when he made a disgusting comment (that he tried to pass off as sarcasm, which would be problematic anyway) about how sexuality is all about everyone’s perceptions of yours and melissa laughed uproariously. i saw no proper apology on his part nor validation on hers. what i actually saw was him making fun of what he did and melissa encouraging him by saying “that’s brave”, as if making jokes of an already oppressed group of people was an act of courage and not cowardice and a despicable attitude.

also, and in my opinion, even if he had properly apologized (or even apologized, since i don’t count what he did as such) it wouldn’t make what they did okay. it wouldn’t be okay if they did while they were alone, it’s even less okay doing so during an interview that is there for everyone to see - that a lot of people, including young wlw, will you see. invalidating anyone’s sexuality - or any other aspect of their identity, for that matter - is not a joke and should never be treated or used as such. much less so by a grown heterosexual white man.

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Ey can you give a good list of black butler blogs like urs? That post lots of good content?

Hello there my dear anon!, Well I mostly follow blogs who are multifandom so with that being said I will try my hardest to find and only tag you the kuro bloggers who I personally enjoy seeing on my dash and post a really good content so here we go!.

@funtomhivecompany , @thedemonssidekick@bocchanxbutler ,  @bocchan-phantomichaelis , @livspiderlotus , @sebastian-michaelis , @wattsyslaments , @alsjdjd , @caeli-phantomhive , @funtomco , @the–dark–crow–smiles .

Allura: Don’t push me. As a princess, I’m well-versed in politics. I’ve honed my ability to zero in on a person’s greatest insecurity. 

Lance: Oh, I’m real scared, Allura. Whatcha gonna do?

Allura: Eyebrows. (walks aways)

Keith: Eyebrows? Like that’s gonna make you…




ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore