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Close Relationship w/Ten

Ten Scenario

Prompt: Could you please do a bullet point scenario where the rest of NCT are teasing Ten for being couple-like with his girlfriend &/or best friend (the reader) please and thank you

Genre: Fluff; Bullet point 

a/n: This was such a cute prompt : )

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  • I haven’t done one of these in a while
  • I’m excited
  • okay let’s get started
  • The first time you came to the dorm everybody just assumed the two of you were dating
  • Because everything you guys did was couple like
  • physical contact was very common for the two of you
  • like if the two of you are standing you’ll have your arms around your shoulder and lean against him
  • or vice versa 
  • if y'all are sitting and watching a movie or something like that you’ll rest your head on his shoulder or he would rest his head on your shoulder
  • needless to say, there is a lot of physical contact
  • but physical contact wasn’t the only thing that gave off the vibe that the two of you were dating
  • Like you guys do a lot of things that would be considered ‘dates’
  • Y'all go to the movies, and dinner, picnics, mini golf, amusement parks
  • all that jazz 
  • basically you go to all the places where the couples from ‘relationship goals’ pictures go
  • but what gives off the most relationship vibes is how close you two are
  • all your inside jokes, they way you can just look at each other and laugh, they way you guys can talk to each other for hours and never run out of things to say
  • to put it simply you guys are just cute together
  • which is why for about a month after meeting you everyone thought you were dating Ten
  • It was only revealed that you when you were over at the dorm for movie night 
  • and you were sitting next to Ten and had your head on his shoulder 
  • and everyone else was like 'awwww’
  • and then Doyoung mentioned that you both made a really cute couple
  • which everybody agreed with 
  • but you were like !!!
  • and so was Ten
  • because the two of you weren’t dating 
  • and you both hadn’t realized that everyone else thought you were 
  • so you had to awkwardly break the news
  • “We’re not dating”
  • and now it was Nct’s turn to be like !!!
  • because this whole time they thought you were dating
  • and they were shook because you guys made a really cute couple even though you weren’t actually a couple 
  • so now the teasing begins
  • because everyone in Nct highkey ships you guys and they are gonna let it be know
  • Whenever you are at the dorm they’ll ask you when you and Ten are going to on an actual date
  • and you’ll just stand there cause you don’t know how to respond 
  • they literally will not let you guys live
  • After you get back from going somewhere with each other they’d ask something like “how was your date?”
  • and you two would be like “It wasn’t a date”
  • and they’d be like “iT WaSn’T A dATe”
  • sorry I had to
  • but in all seriousness y’all can’t do anything together without being teased 
  • “You guys are literally relationship goals and you’re not even in a relationship”
  • “Y’all are like those two people on a tv show that everyone knows likes each other and are basically a couple, but it’s never confirmed so it never becomes canon”
  • “It’s not my fault I ship the two of you, stop being so shippable.”
  • “C’mon guys you would make a perfect couple”
  • Like you can not do anything without someone commenting on your relationship
  • and they’d always ask when you two were going on a date
  • and you’d always roll your eyes, but one day you and Ten actually went on a date
  • you know just for kicks
  • but then it ended up going really well
  • and you were like “shit…nct was right”
  • so you guys start to date
  • but you don’t tell everyone else because you want to see how long it will take until they figure it out themselves
  • you know for science
  • and you guys end up dating for like a month and a half without them figuring out
  • so you figure it’s probably time for you to spill the beans
  • Everyone’s chilling and someone asks “When are you going to start dating”
  • and you’re like “We are Dating.”
  • and everyone else is like What!?
  • you were going to add a ‘lol bitch you thought’ but then you were like I’ve trolled them enough and just tell the truth
  • Ten and you told everyone about how y’all wanted to see how long it would take them till they noticed
  • and they were like “How were we suppose to notice you guys literally acted the same way when you weren’t dating”
  • and you were like “You do have a point”
  • Even though the two of you were dating now, they still teased you all the time
  • they will still never let you live
  • but you didn’t mind because you were happily in love

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hi emma! do you have any ideas what i should add in my bullet journal? also do you think i need exclusive stationery (washi tapes, mildliners, a variety of brush markers etc) to start a bullet journal? thanks!

Hi! In mine, I just put the month/week, each day/date, my tasks, some outlining with a highlighter and, if I’ve got some, a couple of stickers to fill it out. You could add in quotes or pictures if you like! I’m not 100% committed to my bullet journal so I don’t feel the need to make it super fancy or spend an excessive amount of time on it. You definitely don’t need exclusive stationery. If I’m honest, my favourite bullet journals are just using a black pen. I love the minimalist look!! If you do like adding those additional features then purchase whatever products you fancy or that fit your price point, but please don’t give into the pressure of buying a specific product because other people use it! I hate this kind of underlying pressure that people experience when they come into studyblr about products/materials :-( In my opinion, all you need is the notebook and a pen - all the extra stuff is more of a creative outlet. Having a bit of washi tape or some calligraphy with a $25 pen isn’t going to improve your productivity magically! I keep my bullet journal super simple and quick to design and I find it works great for me. I’m really not a fan of tracking a million things in there and adding in a bunch of decorative stuff. Like I said, if you do want to use fancy bits and pieces I encourage that but if you don’t want to, there is no pressure! I do sometimes question whether I should be doing calligraphy/etc but in my heart I know I’m a terrible drawer and have no desire to learn it as a skill so, to be blunt, why bother wasting my money on a special pen to give it a go once :’-) Hope this is a little useful x

this morning I couldn’t find anything to wear because I didn’t like the way I looked in any of my clothes. I went back to bed in my underwear and told my boyfriend I wasn’t feeling good about myself. after a long cuddle I managed to get myself dressed, but I decided I was going to skip breakfast. I made some tea then sat down with my boyfriend as he ate. he saw that I wasn’t eating anything and, even though I dodged the question and tried to tell him I would eat later, he forced me to eat some cereal. a few hours later, I’ve realised that, if I hadn’t eaten that cereal, it would have made me think it was okay to skip lunch, then skip breakfast tomorrow, then every other day after that. I really dodged a bullet and, god, I am so thankful for my boyfriend right now


01 / 07 / 17 • Two more days left of winter break and I have barely finished anything early like planned because we’re so busy with packing for the move. Finished this spread though! New year resolutions. May 2017 be good to us. 🌼🌿


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Can I just say that you've inspired me immensely to start a bullet journal! I recently came across this interesting community on tumblr/yt/insta and I got so excited to start my own, but it seemed everyone did theirs using calligraphy for headings and I couldn't do that unfortunately! Then I came across your Instagram and realized i didn't need to do special lettering to start my very own bullet journal! 💓

Thank you so much! I was exactly the same with it when I started - everyone is incredibly artistic and I can barely draw a decent circle :’-) I’m glad that you came across mine and don’t feel that kind of pressure anymore. I think it’s important to show that you don’t need to have an extremely decoratively designed or calligraphy filled bullet journal for it to be functional! xx


• day 15/30 of productivity • 5/3/17 •

halfway there lolol but yea here’s my week 7 bujo even tho it’s now going to be week 10 HAHAHA also listening to green light & i love it!! && thank you for 0.7k omg i’m so honoured!!! thank you all for the notes 💓💫maybe i’ll post an intro post soon (???) but here’s to hoping that next week will be better & more productive!! ^_^


170314 // Hii guys 😗 sorry for being absent for such a long time, so here’s a little update: Semester started three weeks ago and somehow I’m already overwhelmed - BUT I’m getting the hang of it thanks to stable routines, bullet journaling and a good balance of work and life 🤗🤗

So here are some snaps of my daily logs (which I tried for the first time, I always do weekly ones) and some handwritten lecture notes.
Happy journaling everyone ❤


- ̗̀ 13/06/2017  ̖́-

this week’s spread inspired by 네시 (4 O’CLOCK) by R&V (it’s such a beautiful song aaah)

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 400 followers!?? i genuinely did not expect to reach more than 50, especially since my first few posts didn’t get that many notes. and i know, i know, followers and notes and likes ain’t everything, but it’s nice to feel appreciated?? i guess this shows that with a lil patience and hard work, you will improve, even if you don’t notice it yourself at first :)

the dumb fucks at blizzard decided that somehow, bastion was fucking useless, completely ignoring that the reason people generally don’t use him is because most players have some measley iota of respect for other people and he’s a garbage dump of a character NOT because of how useless he is but because of how utterly STUPID it is to play against him and makes it fun for no one

they decided that this walking gun was only not being played because nobody saw any practical uses for him as is, even though every single ten year old and their grandmother i’ve gotten locked in with has known that the strategy of shoving a mercy so far up this gun’s ass and putting the most senile reinhardt in front of them WORKS and it’s so painfully STUPID for both teams

but no, not only was bastion and his self-healing, infinite bullet-spitting ass somehow useless, they had to make him 

  • have 100 bullets added to his already hefty 200 magazine size, allowing him to spray for a few seconds MORE after he’s already decimated your whimpy ass
  • this chump fuck can heal himself while running away like the little coward he is instead of sitting there and receiving the death he deserves, allowing him to heal, run off somewhere, and thanks to his now conveniently larger magazine size, kill you with 25 bullets instead of 20!
  • what’s more, his healing is goddamn unstoppable. if you damage him, he just keeps fucking healing. it’s like dealing with roadhog, but at least i can feel something for roadhog, because he’s not a garbage can robot
  • and in case this wasn’t enough, this piece of shit is 33% more harder to kill because he takes less damage. say hello to teams exclusively laid out to protect their bastion overlord, that idiot fucking robot, and say goodbye to any semblance of love you have for humankind as a whole 

‘bastion should now be stronger and more flexible now, you’re welcome’. go to the trash compactor you smelly fucking hunk of junk. fuck you jeff kaplan. go to hell and take your garbage robot gun with you

hi guys i think i owe you an explanation/update on my hiatus. If you haven’t noticed i haven’t been posting alot on tumblr, it’s weird because I almost post daily on Instagram. i will always cherish tumblr for all of its aesthetic, indie and hipster art but i haven’t been using it that often. maybe when it’s summer again I’ll start posting regularly but for now I’m on a break. See you soon (and thanks for 45k)

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➸ 04.22.2017 | Its CRUNCH time! 👊💦 Only one more week of school before finals - so I made a tracker/list to keep an eye on everything I need to finish until then. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sweating buckets. (Image on left page made by me! Figured it’s time to throw some of my art on my spreads 💖) 


06.07.17 | 19/100 hello! Aw man I haven’t been active in ages :(( Here’s my spread for June (which I was really not planning to make initially until I realized my life was out of sorts).

I don’t think I’ll make weeklies for June. I’ll just use it to track my study habits. I’m also liking the space theme and the brown paper trend I’ve got going. (Doodles were found on google images!) 

important: pls MESSAGE me if you have any tips/tricks/shortcuts for solving math, chem, physics, or any other kind of problem (specifically for TESTS)!! THIS WOULD TOTALLY BE SUPER APPRECIATED! Plsplspls message me even if you think it’s a commonly known trick! thank you loads <3 

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