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Hope u don’t mind but u seem super nice AND you're America, I have a feeling I can ask you this. There’s something I don’t understand. Sometimes I hear people say Barisi are an interracial ship. Of course Barba’s ethnicity is Hispanic/Latino. But. His *race* is white, right? Can u explain, please? Thanks - Confused Non-American (PS: Of course he might be black/white mixed, Cuba's always been a kind of a melting pot. In that case it probably would make sense to call Barisi interracial? Idk.)

First, I’d like to thank you for thinking so highly of me that you’d think to come to me with such a thoughtful* question as this. And yes, I hear and think that Barisi is an interracial relationship, but at first I wasn’t sure I could explain it without missing some details due to the fact that I am not Latina myself. So I brought the question to my roommate, who is herself a fair-skinned Latina, and she had the perfect response. (she never fails to bring clarity to things like this for me??? bless her honestly) 

It has to do with the fact that Latinx people are (regardless of the color of their skin and at least in the United States), sociologically considered a marginalized minority/identity or person of color, as my roommate says:

“…Latinos are people of color. The Latino community (including, Central/South America and the Caribbean) is super duper diverse in color so we have every skin spectrum imaginable. However, Latinos are considered people of color and the term people of color refers their status as a minority. Fair-skinned Latinos like myself and my family are people of color. Period. Sometimes Latinos identify as white but that’s because of something else all together (i.e. census b.s., society, survival tactic, etc). Raul Esparza is a man of color. He is the son of Cuban immigrants. He is Latino. So it would be considered an interracial ship.” 

I feel it’s also important to point out that, despite the appearance of their light-skin, Latinxs with light-skin do not benefit from white privilege, which adds to the reasons why Latinx people will never be “white”….

Race is a pretty murky concept, given that it’s (messily) socially constructed and mainly conjured up by Americans. A youtuber named Kat Blaque explains race pretty well in this video (x). (Just as a precaution, “white history month” was used as a satirical device within the video series that included this one). 

I really hope this clears things up for you, and thank you for asking! If I’m remembering correctly, Raúl gives a really good response to this issue as well, as he was often casted into white roles. (If anyone knows where this interview is, would you mind linking it?)

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoodie you blessed angel!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making that awesome izuocha vid! I've been feeling pretty depressed lately and your video along with all the other new izuocha artwork you've done just put a huge smile on my face :D

That’s so nice to hear!! I’m really glad that it made you happy! ^^ I hope you feel a lot better soon, friend!! I’ll be cheering you on!

Underrated/Rookie Groups to Look Out For (with song suggestions)! (Feel free to add)*Updated

100%: Ubeauty / Beat / Want U Back
1punch: Turn Me Back / Nightmare
2000won: I’ve Come to Hate Seoul / GOODBAM
24K: Secret LoveHey You
4K: Bye Bye Bye
4ten (poten): Tornado / Why
A.Cian: Ouch / Just Leave
Alphabat: Tantara / Surprise Party
A6P: Face Off
AKZ: Wa / 청담동그녀
Awesome baby - Why should I
Badkiz: Babomba / Ear Attack
Bambino: Oppa Oppa / Mongsapo Beach
BESTie: Excuse Me / Thank You Very Much
B.I.G: Between Night and Music / Are You Ready?
Bigflo: Delilah / Bad Mama Jama
Bigstar: Run and Run / Be Brave
Blady: Come to Me
Blast: Git It Girl
The Boss: Rilla Go / Who? / Why Goodbye
Boys Republic: Hello / Video Game
BTL: Too G
C-Clown: Justice / Let’s Love
Chocolat: Black Tinkerbell / I like it
CLC: Pepe / Like
Cross Gene: Amazing Bad Lady / Play Wirh Me
Dickpunks: WE YOUNG / Goodbye Girlfriend
Dalshabet: Joker / Big Baby Baby
December: She’s Gone
D.Holic: Chewy
Delight: Hate You! / MEGA YAK
Evol: We are a bit different/Get Up
Excite: Try Again / We Just
EXID: Ah Yeah / I Feel Good
F.Cuz: CHA-GA-WA / Dreaming I
FIESTAR: We Don’t Stop / You’re Pitiful
FIX: She’s My Girl
FlaShe: My Day / Star of Stars
G-Friend: Glass Bead / Me Gustas Tu
GI: ㄱ(Gi-yeuk) / Bullshit
GOT2B: Only You
Halo: Can You Hear Me? / Come on Now
Hello Venus: What Are You Doing Today? / Wiggle Wiggle
HIGH4: Baby Boy / Headache
History: Dreamer / What Am I To You
HOTSHOT: Midnight Sun / Take a Shot
Jace: My Serenade / Goodbye
JJCC: Fire / At First
K-Much: December 24 / Good to Go
Laboum: Sugar Sugar
Ladies’ Code: I’m Fine, Thank You / So Wonderful (I still cry when I listen to I’m Fine, Thank You. May they rest in peace)
LC9: Hold On / Mama Beat
LedApple: Someone met by chance/ Run To You
Legend: Left Out / Shadow
Lip Service: Too Fancy / Yum Yum Yum
Lovelyz: Hi~ / Goodnight Like Yesterday
Lu:Kus So into U / Break Ya
Lunafly: Superhero / Can I Kiss You
M.I.7: We The Best 
M.I.B: Falling Flower / Nod Along
M4M: Sadness
Madtown: New World / YOLO
Mamamoo: Don’t Be Happy / Um Oh Ah Ye
Minx: Why Did You Come to my Home / Love Shake
Melody Day: Love Me
Monsta X: Steal Your Heart / Trespass
MrMr: Do You Feel Me / Out
MYNAME: Too Very So Much / Message
N.Flying: Awesome / Heartbreak
Nine Muses:Hurt Locker / Dolls
NOLZA: Bubi Boom / Candy Boy
NOM: Kidding Me
Notice: Dangerous
NOXX: Going Crazy
N-Sonic: Blackout / Run and Run
N*White: Hello Boy / Paradise
Oh My Girl: Cupid / Hot Summer Nights
Phantom: Burning / I Already Know
Pocket Girls: Bbang Bbang
Purfles: 1, 2, 3
Rainbow: Black Swan / Tell Me Tell Me
Rion Five: 뚝뚝뚝 /  Tears Are Falling
Romeo: Lovesick / Smile
Royal Pirates: Betting Everything / Drawing the Line
Say Yes: Get Out / Feels Good
Seventeen: Adore U / 20
SHU-I: So in Luv / Bomb Bomb Bomb
SPEED: It’s Over / Baby U
Sonamoo: Deeply Love / Just Go
Spica : You don’t love me / Tonight
Stellar: Vibrato / Fool
Step Girl: Step Girl
Supernova: On Days That I Miss You / Goodbye
SUS4: Shake It
Tahiti: Phone Number / Love Sick
Target: Please Love Me
The Ark: Light
TimeZ: Awaken / Hurray For Idols
Topp Dogg: Arario / Peekaboo
Touch: Let’s Walk Together / I
Tren-D: Candy Boy / Jung
Two X: Ring Ma Bell
Underdog: Delete / Zombie Run
UNIQ: Falling in Love / EOEO
WannaB: Attention
Wassup :  Nom nom nom / Shup Up U
Wings: Hair Short / Blossom
Ye-a: Up and Down
ZE:A: Ghost of the Wind / Phoenix
ZPZG: AOAO / Go Crazy

Feel free to add if there’s any I missed. This was really time-consuming and while I tried my best,  I know there’s probably (definitely) quite a few I missed.
I tried not to include groups that were confirmed to have disbanded/that I was aware disbanded but I may have included some so I apologize for that. On the same note, if you want other great music and can handle the fact that the group no longer exists, feel free to contact me. I also did not include solo artists and would be glad to give suggestions on them as well

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Nelly that video you just posted was so nuggets awesome!! Even though it's just the first part -w-

Well I’m so happy to hear that, thank you so much :D oh and the second part is already out~ it’s an really old comic from around November so if it looks ugly sorry c’: I’ll probably take longer time to make the part 3 tho- cuz I forgot what I was aiming for xp but I’ll continue it c:

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HEY SO my dad is like, REALLY goid at guitar, so I sent him your song (I'm just now realizing I probly should've asked you first sORRY but anyway); he said he would try to come up with guitar chords to go along with it!! \^°^/

HECK!! THAT’S AWESOME KIT OMG (And yeah it’s okay no worries! Just. Next time c:) That’s really cool tho wow?? My sis can play guitar so she can probably play the chords too…

Maybe I can make an actual video of myself singing it in better quality than the original one with my sis playing the guitar with it lol wouldn’t that be neat?


I did it! I can’t believe I really did! Yaaay! <3 

I decided to make it when I heard an adorable and sweet audio file in here: Check it out - it REALLY awesome! <3 

And nooow, I have plans to paint this comic and make an animated video on the same audio! Cuz I love it C: 

SO, THANK YOU @sushinfood for this amazing audio! 

Also, I want to say a GREAT THANK YOU for people, who helped me with the text. You rule, guys, thank you! <3

‘kay now, me end :D

Enjoy! ~


AAAAAND… Here we go. c: My next Undertale Cover.

Well, not directly a cover but rather a response to the Stronger than you Sans Parody drawn by @gymleadercheren and first performed by @djsmell!

A big thanks to @kehmy-art who allowed me to use this awesome Chara picture in the video!

Hope you enjoy ^-^



Just wanted to thank this awesome fandom for liking & supporting my Cloneversation Cosplay Fan Film video. (Haven’t seen it yet? Click here!) 

I’m so glad to be apart of this seestrahood/fandom. I just want to hug you all! I would love to do more of these cloneplay videos so if you have any suggestions or ideas send them my way! :D

We make a family, yes?

Thanks to shefadestoblack for taking these pictures! :)

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Hey Ace! I just wanted to say hi and say that you're amazing! I love the videos you post and I also love seeing your motivational posts on here. Some of your motivational posts have helped me get out of a rut I was recently in. I appreciate everything you do in the fandom. Keep being you! Stay awesome! C: ~silgansentry a.k.a. Kala in the fandom.

Thanks, Kala! First off, I want to apologize for the delayed reply to your ask, but I wanted to give it enough time to think of a proper response. 

Anyways, I’m really happy you enjoy my videos, and posts on here :D And it’s very humbling to hear that the motivational posts helped you through some rough patches. I sincerely hope that you can stay motivated, and work hard every day to find your personal happiness. 

I myself have dealt with depression, anxiety, and all kinds of other sources of difficulty and stress, and what really motivates -me- is getting messages like yours. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and an even more wonderful future! 

- Alex or “Ace”