thanks for the awesome pic

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You make the Hikari Twins even cuter wirh your art! :D I love it, and I can't wait to see mor of you wonderful art! ^-^

OHHH my gosh, first of all, i’m sorry about how super late this is! but thanks a bunch, that means a lot to me!!! :-) i’ll do my best to draw even more of these two dorks from here on! 💪✨ (ALSO GOMEN if it isn’t very clear in the first pic, netto’s just teasing saito because he’s not very good at hiding the fact that he’s happy/embarrassed about being complimented HAHA _(:3)


Got an awesome christmas present from my pal @vaxasnazule who had gifted me my awesome hancock funko pop earlier this year! I got a hancock stocking and a pack of mentats and a little holster for it so i can be a mentats peddler >u<! I even have a couple of caps and some candy <3 there was also a tasty chocolate rice cracker i ate before it occured to me to take a pic

Thanks so much TvT this was an awesome gift and so very thoughtful! Youre super talented and we have the best little ornament now for our tree downstairs! The stocking even has mentats and jet charms that are just the right size for the mini funko i got from @captainanndor!

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Hey! Thanks for posting those awesome new b/w pics of Ed! When I click the link to the source, I do see the pics, but I can't seem to find the article/interview. Do you know how to access it? Or maybe it's not available yet? Just wondering. Thanks!

Hello! Sorry about that. I sourced the photos, not the article, because the article only uses one of the three photos. But you can check out the little interview thingy right [here]. It’s about the types of dreams Ed has when he sleeps. It’s in German so you’ll need to use a translator to read it. I wish they’d put a direct quote as well because translations of translations always lose a bit of nuance, but it’s still pretty cute. Imagine little Ed dreaming about being a prisoner on a pirate ship! Doesn’t that just make you want to squeeze him and take care of him forever?! 

Look at this baby pirate with his little hook hand!!

Ugggghhhh too cute. Cannot handle. 


Recently I’m obsessed with drawing the Turtles as humans.  Thanks to Lorna-Ka’s awesome pic (shown above), I had a great design to work from!

Of all the ones I’ve done so far (and there are a lot) this picture is my friend’s favorite, so I thought I’d post it first.  Lots more are on the way.

I <3 these guys so much. (T_T)

Hi, Spideypoolers!

After almost 3 years, I am forced to close this blog. I can no longer give it the attention and time I gave it before and which it deserves: I need to focus on my family matters and my interests and fandoms have changed, as some of you might have noticed.

Spideypool still holds a big part of my heart and I will probably continue writing fics about it on my personal blog, but I won’t be recommend stories nor find them anymore. I won’t delete the blog, so the archive, list, and answered questions will remain available for everyone, but from today I am officially ‘stepping down’.

Thank you all so much for the support and love you showed during these years and especially during these last, hard months! The Spideypool fandom has been one of the fandoms I most put myself into and I met many wonderful and beautiful people thanks to it. All your stories, fanarts, videos, and creations are stunning and I am so happy to have taken part in it! Answering your questions, recommending you stuff and finding what you needed was so much fun and it made me feel useful and good for something; I hope that you will continue reading the fics, as well as writing them and giving the fandom more gorgeous stories to read.

Maybe one day the blog will reopen - for now, goodbye and keep on being awesome!

Thank you again!

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Thanks for all the pics of the euro tour it was awesome seeing those 3 handsome dudes having so much fun together. I love seeing NR & JDM together finally someone that can keep up with the reedus and his wild ways 😂 and I don't care what anyone says about JDM I don't see NR getting in any trouble when he's with him he's a welcome addition to the fandom so if you don't like him oh well NR does 😂😂😂

Thanks. I’m trying. 😁