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Why do you think Link chooses Zelda over Ilia in TP?

I feel like this is a loaded question, but I’ll see if I can give my headcanon justice. And I’ll warn you, this is gonna get long.

I want to start this out by saying I don’t think Link just ups and decides ‘Oh Zelda’s prettier so I’m gonna be with her.’ No, I think life happens and situations change and people move on from their first loves.

I do believe that Link did like Ilia when he was younger and before the whole Twilight Invasion. There are obviously very close in the beginning of the game, and I think that if the Twilight Invasion had never occurred and Link did not have to go off and become the Chosen Hero, then yes, he would have married Ilia. But that didn’t happen.

Link’s life was literally turned upside down. He turned into a wolf, learned that the children of Ordon, including Ilia, were kidnapped, and had to deal with a sassy Imp Midna along the way (I totally think Link and Midna were only ever friends btw). So obviously he goes after them and starts saving Hyrule along the way.

But when he finally finds Ilia, she doesn’t remember him. You gotta know that broke his heart. This is where my headcanon comes in. If I remember correctly, it’s kind of a long time in game from when you find Ilia to when you’re told that Ilia’s memory can even be restored. Now it’s hard to judge time in game; it could have been days or weeks or even months before Link knew that Ilia could return to normal. I think that during that time, Link was readying himself for the worst. Cuz what if her memory couldn’t be restored? What if Ilia never remembers him? In doing this, Link subconsciously moves on. Any feelings he had soften and evolve into something different, something not as strong so it doesn’t hurt as much if he loses her forever.

And this keeps going until Link restores Ilia’s memory and realizes that he only sees her as a friend now, an old childhood friend that’s almost like a sister. He rationalizes to himself that he’s not the same anyway, she wouldn’t like him anymore, it doesn’t matter that she’d say she’ll wait, she hasn’t seen what he’s become, wielding a sword against enemies with ease and changing into a wolf when needed.

So he moves on, saves Hyrule, rescues Princess Zelda, destroys Ganondorf, and tries to move on with his life. He escorts the kids and Ilia back to Ordon, but try as he might, I don’t think he’ll be able to go back to his old life in Ordon. He’s been on a nonstop adventure to save Hyrule for months, and suddenly Link’s suppose to settle down again and watch goats. I don’t know about you, but I would go crazy, and I personally think Link would, too.

So what does he do next? This is where we truly dive into the realm of opinions. I headcanon that Link goes back to Castletown and meets with the now Queen Zelda. She understands everything he thought he would have to keep to himself in fear of people thinking he’s crazy or broken from his time during the Twilight Invasion. Of course Zelda wants to knight him for his bravery, but Link attempts to refuse because he’s a sweet humble baby.

Over time the two become close, becoming friends and close confidants when one needs to talk through events of the Twilight Invasion. Eventually, Link takes up a job in the Hyrule Army and becomes Zelda’s personal bodyguard. They fall in love slowly over little actions like Link stopping in the middle of training to feed a stray cat or how Zelda scrunches her nose and plays with her hair while she reads. Soon even Zelda’s council takes notice of their chemistry, and because I headcanon Hyrule as a matriarchal monarchy, it doesn’t matter that Link is a commoner. The council approves of Sir Link and the two are happily married. The End.

Now it’s totally fine if you or anyone think that Link never gives up hope when trying to restore Ilia’s memory, and his love only grows stronger while he saves her and they move back to Ordon together after the game and get married. That’s totally cool, but I like to think that Link and Zelda are soulmates and will (almost) always find their way to each other and fall in love all over again.

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At what point in the series do you think that Inuyasha fell in love with Kagome? and realized that he was in love with her?

Ooooh. This is an awesome question. Difficult to answer, but awesome! 

It’s hard to precisely pinpoint when Inuyasha fell in love with Kagome, because it happened so gradually. But in my opinion, he’s definitely in love with her by the time Kagome asks to stay with him. That whole series of events (chapters 171 - 176) has always struck me as a kind of tragic irony: just as Inuyasha decides to give Kikyou his life in payment for his (perceived) debt—and just as Kagome accepts his decision and offers him her unconditional support—he fully feels what Kagome means to him. That is, he understands what Kagome is to him just when he’s chosen to prioritize someone else. (That’s some Shakespearean level tragedy right there.) Inuyasha may not have consciously understood his feelings at that point, but I think he knew it in the way we’re all able to know things: in the gut, in the bones, in the heart. I’m convinced he felt what Kagome meant to him even if he didn’t cognitively recognize it as love yet. 

I say this because, by this point in the series, Inuyasha has already admitted that he wants Kagome by his side (ch. 72), that she can’t be replaced (ch. 78), that Kagome is his home (ch. 115), that she gave him back his lost heart (ch. 123)… if that doesn’t scream love to you, I don’t know what else possibly could. (And that’s not even mentioning all the times Inuyasha put his life on the line for her, and got jealous of Kouga, and pined for her company when she was in her time… I mean jeez, the dude was obvious.) But the clincher, I think, was Kagome’s gesture of unconditional support. That she would return to him despite knowing what his choice was going to be, that she would accept his decision and ask to stay with him anyway, that she would choose him in spite of her pain… that had to be mind-blowing for him. He hadn’t been given that kind of unconditional love since his mother died, and I’m sure on some level he recognized her request to stay with him for what it was—just as I’m sure there was some answering recognition of his own feelings, however inchoate it may have been. You can’t face that kind of selfless love without being affected by it, without taking some internal stock. 

As for when Inuyasha consciously realizes he loves Kagome? He certainly knows it when he declares that he was born for her (ch. 556). It doesn’t get more clear and plain-spoken than that. He may have recognized it earlier, but that’s the moment he puts it in words, when he’s able to give some shape to what he feels. And it’s one heck of a profession of love, isn’t it? 

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12 for flintwood and 18 for hucey?

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

Marcus is the one who overdoes it and Oliver likes to acts as if he’s the Mature and Reasonable Adult™ but the reality is he’s usually perfectly wasted himself. It’s honestly a miracle either of them manage to get home in one piece.

18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

Adrian has been in love with Terence since he was thirteen years old and despite the fact that he denies and represses this for a good 10 years (at least) Adrian is still the first one to admit to Having Feelings™

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Hey there! You know there was this theory about Molly being pregnant by the end of S4. Wanted to know what do u think about it. (I know It's not happening but still, just bc I love the way you explain things haha).


Well, yes, there was (is?) this theory with Molly having a bad day, and looking like she was sick over the sink, some noticed her breast a little bigger… Maybe from some activity on that ambulance ride… who knows? hehe

Originally posted by robertseanleonard

(ok, sorry)

Personally I don’t really think she’s pregnant, or that she could be… and I’m not sure I want her to be pregnant. I mean for HCs, metas, fics, yeah sure! I’m all for that! But in “reality“ I would like them to deal with their own feelings for each other first, and not with a baby in the middle.


Another thing is that I wish I could know sometime why she was having a bad day, right? Why the authors thought that was some detail important to mention in that moment… she was upset with Sherlock, that we all noticed, something happened between them, and apparently Sherlock didn’t know it? (”But it’s me calling!”) Maybe someday we will know, but knowing the Mofftiss, maybe not! lol

Idk if this answered your ask, hope it did!

Thank you nony!!

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Hello aja-san!!!! How are you? For the ship thing, can you do shin soukoku? Have a nice day!

please send me a ship and I will tell you

who’s the cuddler: Atsushi is often the one who initiates physical affection, heating up the cold one. Akutagawa’s like, “What are you doing??!” Atsushi doesn’t respond but casually clings on to him like a cat.

who makes the bed: Aku makes his side of the bed

who wakes up first: Aku because he’s a light sleeper, while Atsushi sleeps like a tiger (Fun fact: Tigers sleep 16-20 hrs a day!)

who has the weird taste in music: You wouldn’t want to hear Aku’s music

who is more protective: Atsushi is a kind person by nature and while Aku trusts him, he can’t help but cough intentionally at times when Atsushi becomes too oblivious to the people around him.

who sings in the shower: Whenever Atsushi comes out of the bathroom, he notices a light tinge of pink on Aku’s usually pale cheeks, and he still wonders why up to now…

who cries during movies: Aku doesn’t really fancy watching movies but he absolutely likes watching Atsushi’s reaction. Atsushi goes on like “He didn’t deserve what he went through!” and so on with his fists clenched, and the corners of his eyes damp.

who spends the most while out shopping: They’re both not into shopping for clothes and such, but Atsushi likes buying food for Aku’s health

who kisses more roughly: Atsushi can transform into a beast, no, I mean, Aku is the more clueless between the two when it comes to things like this

who is more dominate: All is fair or else Rashomon and the Beast beneath the moonlight would clash

my rating of the ship from 1-10: Hmmm, quite hard. 8/10. Still need a few more years to grow up and follow their dads and grandpas😊😊

Thanks for the ask! 

Noni-chan, I realized it’s my first time writing other than Soukoku OMG hope that turned out fine. I still see shin soukoku as innocent babies lol they’re too precious😭😭

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i'm new on tumblr. What are some good Castle blogs to follow?

Well, first of all welcome!! I hope you like it here, because somehow you will find yourself unable to leave!! 

For sane and logical commentary of the show you cannot go wrong with alwayswritewithcoffee, castleramblings, and writingonthecastlewalls! (Plus when they do get sassy, it is hilarious!)

For any and all of your fanfic needs castlefanfics is a must!! - Like seriously you could ask Alex for that one fic, that one time, where Castle was in a blue striped shirt? And she probably already knows the exact one!

We truly have some amazing artists in the fandom; from fanart, to edits, graphicsm and gifs, behindgreeneyessrandom-ship  (fanart-by-e), a-torvs, 74flawsasofyesterday, officerbeckett, sofika0707, alwayswiththecoffee, musefulstranger and stanakaticland 

Laura over at ournorthstars is legit the master of 8Tracks = Literal Music Encyclopedia 

Emily over at hipstercastle always makes the best stuff!!

I follow some amazing writers and I am probably going to leave some off, (ON ACCIDENT!) tvfanatic, veraflynns, lousiemcdoogle, why-am-i-narrating, bunysliper, handcuffedplotbunnies, n-p-y-d, rewritetheending, and cassbones.

If death by tags is something you’re into, tellme0urstory and castleincalifornia can tag anyone under the table. 

Amazing people that I would be remiss in leaving off of this list, couldalwaysjustcuddle, castleismyoneanddone, beckettsbooha, writer-monkey47, beckettsdrawer, becketts-areola, weshipcaskett, stanamylove, allons-y-stana, sinetimoresedamore, hisgirlwednesday4-47, rickate-kateick-caskett, amtepe, sunrisefromindigo - These people keep my life and my dash interesting!

I hope this list helps! You are already off on a great start! Interacting with people will be one of the best parts of your tumblr experience, there are some amazing people here, and I am blessed to know a few! 

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Hi ! I saw your Misha & Jensen photo op and i wanted to ask you for the story! How did it happen!? (But it's ok if you don't wanna share) And thank you for posting it!

Thanks for asking Nony~ It’s ok for me to share that. Sorry if it’s a little long.Me and my friends are waiting to shoot the photos. First they were shooting my friend’s photo. Jensen was asked to FAKE grab Misha’s butt in the photo. But instead he DID grab his ass. The second they shoot the photo he just moved his hand a little away. So his hand didn’t touch Misha’s butt in the photo but all we girls&staffs in the room saw what he really did. We all laughed so hard. LOLI guess he’s a little shy (or excited maybe, I can’t defined) about what he did, so he laughed SO hard. And then they shoot another photo with read a fanfic book which was created by my friend. I opened one non-slash page for them to post and shoot the photo. I told them that my friend created this fanart book but she couldn’t come to the convention this year so this photo would be her memorable gift as she requested. Actually they’ve already know that story because this book had already been signed by them but shooting photo in JIB has specific rules so I feel I need to tell the staff again about the story just in case there’s any problem. And I told them very clear that’s a fanfic book so they just need to post the posture and please do not turn the page or read the book. But now I learned my lesson, Jensen is just as stubborn as Misha. They would never take any shit starts like “please do not…"He just close the page I showed them and reopen it and turned a few pages when I turned my back to Danilia to tell her I will be the next to shoot the photo. When I turned back to face them. I was so surprised that it’s already in another page and they shoot the photo with this curiosity look on their faces. I don’t know how much they saw. I hope it’s only some color print PG fanarts from the first few pages.Then it was my turn. I asked them if Jensen could just put his head on Misha’s shoulder like I did in another photo ( I show them my cellphone with another pre shoot photo). He gleeful said “sure I can.” Then he just laid his head on Misha’s shoulder just like I did. And he just couldn’t stop laugh. (I can feel his body shaking from another side of Misha’s shoulder.) And everyone in the room can hear his [really loud] laugh. And actually that’s the most happy photo I had ever shoot with them and my face was just like an exploded pumpkin in that photo.So that was my cockles photo story. XD

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Hey do you work at Dick's, because you're sporting the goods. If you want to tell someone to f-off then you can switch this pick up line around to: Hey do you work at sporting goods, because you're a dick. Hope this entertains you(?)

truth be told i really liked it!! xD
It’s a nice pick-up line and insult 

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I just wanted to say that I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote on that post, and I think tumblr really needs to understand that. Thank you so much for saying it!

Its so nice to get some love on here once in a while. I feel like every one is just wrapped up in being SJWs that we forget to be people first. Thank you for this message. I made my day a little bit more bearable! And also reminded me that there are decent people out there. Thank you so much.