thanks for the art omg here

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Heeyyy cutie~ I love your blog!! I was wondering if you have a favourite jikook fanart (or a fav bts fanart)?

i can’t choose omg but some of my fav fanartists on here are @aletheia-l @noxiim and @ask-bts-stuff :) their art always makes me cry… in the best possible way lmao

(and thank you so much for saying that you love my blog!! ^^)

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i don't know if you still accept some few confessions , well , here i go : i think .... uh .... i think i fell in love with your art style ... and with you may beeeeeeee(? •//-//•

Omg I am so honored ahaha thank you so much! But please don’t be in love with me it’s a terrible time… so much stress!!

me every 1pm

HHH i’m so sorry if you messaged me and haven’t gotten a reply yet (here && on IG) – i read them all and i think you are all so sweet and kind (thank you so much) and i wanna reply to you all asap but aaah life is so busy right now ;;v;;

i like compiling asks and keeping them categorized so it’s easier for everyone (and for future me when i decide to reread some of them) – but tbh i do the compiling when i have free time at work // that’s why i can’t compile them right now – there’s too much stuff to do in the office and when i get home i work on some art stuff until like 1am-2am and then repeat for the next day ;;v;;

i’ll try to answer a set this week (starting with the more recent ones) – but asdsgfdg please know i’m not ignoring anyone ;;v;; i really do appreciate you all and your support inspires me and keeps me going ;v; Thank you so much! ♥

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HI I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY I freaking love your blog and your art and everything omg :0 I'm a cosplayer and me and my cosplayer friend are always so inspired by your art so thank you so much! Your art is amazing and we both love you sm. ❤️❤️ (I was also wondering if you could draw lance and Keith as sosuke and ponyo of of ponyo, lance being ponyo, I think it would be cool) 💕❤️💕❤️💕

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had been holding onto this message for a while, but here you go:

I love this au

Dead cold hands.


What to do when the space boyfriend is exhausted from a long day of training but also clingy af? cuddle and read.

This blog has reached almost 1500 followers, so this is a thank you to all of you! I know a large portion of you are here because of my stories, so thanks to all who take the time to read them, comment, stay up late waiting for an update, and generally support me in ways I had never expected to be. <3 you guys are what make fandom enjoyable for me. 

Please do not delete the caption or repost! if you enjoy it, reblog it instead, :) thank you.
Art tag / commissions

*looks into the camera like she’s on the office*
tfw when u hurt and ur boyfrend has 2 carry u lmao lyk and subrscirble 

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Omg, it might sound crazy, but may you please draw an art nouveau god teir Rose LaLonde? Thanks if you can! Your art is awesome! Your welcome to ask to see some of mine. :3

ohh ive never drawn art nouveau before! heres a rose :^)

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Spaceboy!Dan and Plantboy!Phil 

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To celebrate my 1000 followers OMG THIS IS INSANE! Thank you all so much <3 if you want me to draw another AU hit me up on twitter or here. I’ve never dreamt of getting to this kind of number ever, thank you all really.

Stay safe, see you soon. <3

🌌Sleepy Logan🌌

Ahh i need to post more art here tbh,i just haven’t been in much of a drawing mood lately! Sorry bout that!
Also thanks for almost 50 followers! It’s much appreciated!
Hope you enjoy this! I spent a lot of time on it! Edit: Omg I realized that this was the full picture,and you can see the pen testing doodles on the corner 😂😂

Character belongs to: @thatsthat24

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I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your Yuuri. Even when you draw him more anime-ish, or more realistic. Tbh, I'm just sooo in love with your art style. It's amazing and stunning!!!! Love you, have a good day ❤


I’ll be sticking with the nonrealistic version of yuuri since he’s a lot easier to draw though <:

aww, thank you!! here’s a victor comparison too since they had the same pose hahah

!!!! so you were probably there when I switched to yoi, that’s a long time omg :’> that makes me really happy!! 

I’ll do my best !!

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Your peacock art was on the radar :) Looked fantastic!!!

omg again woah WHAT WHY UH!!! thank you!!! ʷʰʸ ᵈᵒᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉⁿ ˢᵒ ᵐᵘᶜʰ

and uh, heya new ppl!! what’s swinging hope youre doin alright. i make lotsa art here glad to have ya!! and if you’ve been here for awhile hope things are doin okay too!! hope i can draw stuff you like! / /// aa

Here is a little Dorian Havilliard wip for your troubles.

Omg thank you guys for 2k followers! Still blows my mind people actually like my art enough to stick around my shitty posting schedule.

I might post the full painting tomorrow so stay tuned.

Im done now BYEEEEEEEE

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Enjolras in #57? ;v; (i love ur art 💕)

Omg thanks for the compliments!! Sorry if I made you wait so long ;;

Here he is!!! Fierce revolutionary with a smoke bomb
thanks for requesting and thanks even more for waiting so patiently <3

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Recently you answered a question about final art (i guess), and you showed some of your sketches has examples. And...OMG,they are just AMAZING!!why'd you never did a sketchbook tour?And why not? Your sketches are just asfdhjadfsd,sorry i freaked

ah.. thank you very much ^^ here’s a few pages and doodles here and there then:

i never show them because they are generally very messy or bland (its rare when i use color)… or unfinished, i don’t think most of these are very interesting (to me)!!

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Hi there! Sorry to bother you, but I was looking through your tutorial tag (amazing stuff!) and I saw the hair gif. What exactly is a clipping layer, and are you just using the smudge tool to make the hair go whoosh whoosh? Kind of hard to explain, haha. Anyway, don't worry about it too much, you can just link me an article if it's easier. I love, love, love your art! You draw Keith perfectly omg.

(aaaaaaa I’m sorry for the late response) right click the ‘clipping mask layer’ and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’ and also for the hair I think it’s just because of my brush settings ksdjfhs You can check it here ‘ v ‘  Thank you very much~~