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Announcement! New holiday schedule!

There will be no pages this weekend, since I am still concentrating in my studies and social life!

However… I will have an almost two-week holiday starting this April 13th! And it’ll last until this April 24th!

During those days, I will upload one page each day, and twice as much on weekends! That’s 16 pages! How does that sound~? After that, we’ll return to the regular schedule. Thanks for bearing with me!

Still sick

So as many of you know, the last couple of updates had been done while I’m dealing with the flu…it was a bad idea of course :’D; don’t worry, I’m fine, but I’m going to take these days to recover. You may see some surprises in the future as well~  Hope you understand. 

Thanks for reading!

Well, since I’m kinda having a bat time right now… let’s do it!

There’s my commission sheet! The pictures will be made on this style and full body. If someone wants to request one, just PM me with a picture of the character you want me to do it!

I can do

  • SFW
  • Furries
  • OCs
  • Characters from an anime, game, etc (as long as you give me a picture with them)
  • Basic things like hugging, holding hands, etc

I can’t do

  • NSFW
  • Too detailed armors (remeber, I draw in chibi style!)
  • Kissing (;u;)
  • Too detailed characters
  • Any type of gore (I know that gore is part of the NSFW group but… I only can do things like Geno’s gash, sorry :’D)

And that’s much everything! The payment is via Paypal so I’ll give you the mail once you PM me and we talk abou the commission. I may not answer in a few days but don’t worry, I’m not ignoring you. I don’t have internet in my house actually ovoU

If you can’t request, you can also help by rebbloging this. That will help me a lot, thank you! uvu) 

ALSO: I´ll soon annouce the winner ship for the 2000 followers special!

I’ll be blunt. Mightyhealthyquest hasn’t felt like a good reflection of myself for a long time….after years and years of producing relentlessly positive artwork, I’m feeling a little more than burnt out. It’s not just the fact I’ve run out of topics to speak about (there’s only so many times I can rattle on about confidence or the benefits of a good night sleep) but I’ve also stopped feeling connected to my own work.

It all feels really shallow…

and, to be honest, I don’t always feel cheerful. I tend to look at the world with a deadpan sense of humor or just go with the flow. I love the concept of mindfulness, but I’ve found forcing a grin on my face during hard times to actually be quite damaging.

 This isn’t a goodbye post, quite the opposite. It’s more of an announcement.

I have gone through some really shitty things lately, and I want to talk about them, I want to be real and actually, document my “mighty healthy quest” aka my mission to be content with life. Don’t worry I’m not saying this blog is going to be all doom and gloom! It’s just going to have a bit of a facelift, because I’m just not feeling the pastel motivational posters anymore, I’m not having fun with it. 

I hope you guys understand! 

Thanks for sticking around~ updates soon :) 

You don’t own me part 6

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“Naive little Y/N. Maybe one day you will realise that we live in a cruel world. The good wouldn’t be good anymore if there would be nothing bad to compare it to. I didn’t choose this life. But after living it for a while I realised that there are things worse than being on the bad side.“

“Worse than letting people die for you?”, you felt like choking.

Word count: 1784 // I know it’s short 😵 I’m sorry! Next one will be longer again ;)

Warnings: death, violence, angst! I finally did it 😋 And a little slight tiny smut  😉

Author’s note: Next one! Enjoy! @httpwyf @dont-hyuck  @imbaekhyunstrash @holymolydrrad @jookyunhoe @vicassa @byunbunniess @literaltae @baekmuffin @bbhoodzz  Love y’all ♥♥♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5

Check out my masterlist ;)

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Welcome to Gravity Falls : All 40 Episodes

+ Special announcment!

Honest to god,this is one of my biggest accomplishment.
I started drawing the first epsiode ever since January and finished drawing the last in April.And oh dear i made some other artwork sacrifices just to complete this haha
But yes,Other than that,i wanted to draw all of these episodes to show how thankful i am to welcome gravity falls in my life and for thanking Alex Hirsch for making such an amazing show!So thank you very much!

And for the special annoucment,i will release 5 posters of an episode of your choice!For making this possible,you guys can vote 5 of these drawn episodes that you would like to be as a posters!You guys can write down your answers in the tags,if you decide to reblog,or send me a message!

Once i get enough votes,i will be releasing the 5 most popular drawn episodes!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day/night!

anonymous asked:

how long did it take u to lose 100 pounds??? do u have any tips on how to lose weight??

thank you for noticing?!?!!! i didn’t even make a post annoucing it so thank you❤

i started in august of 2016 and it’s hard to give tips, it’s been a massive struggle at times and then sometimes it’s super easy. i haven’t been answering when people ask for tips bc i still have a problem with binge eating that i honestly can’t give advice on except to eat enough calories to prevent that from happening. otherwise to celebrate the 100lb loss i will list out the most reliable techniques i have used:

-ALWAYS eat breakfast. make it your biggest meal of the day comprising of at the very least 200 cal. it needs to keep you going for the rest of your day and allow your mind/body to function properly
-stay hydrated as much as possible. also try to eat water-dense foods like soup and fruit and vegs
-minimize red meat (though I’d suggest cutting out as much meat as possible) and always try to find healthy alternatives for the foods you already like so you don’t end up binging on the more calorie dense versions out of impulsiveness
-work out in the morning and stretch all the time and do something that makes you sweat at least once a day
-control your portions. use measuring cups and measure your food and watch serving sizes on labels. also imagine a plate made for a child (or just use a kids plate) and shrink your stomach capacity. this will take time but trust me it will get smaller and you’ll realize what full actually feels like
-write down what you eat and how much you work out each day and then watch for patterns
-take the stairs, walk to places if you can, always pick the more active mode of working/traveling if you are able
-don’t eat at least 4 hrs before bed. your body isn’t using those calories
-if you are out of shape and can’t work out, do yoga and heal your muscles. trust me i started not even able to do squats because of the muscle atrophy and joint strain, but you CAN do it. just be careful. start slowly and eventually you’ll be able to do so much more than you thought possible
-don’t beat yourself up and don’t hurt yourself to get to your gw. i know it’s hard but remember you’re doing this because you love yourself and you want to have what’s best for you
-shower every day. it may not seem obvious but if you have destructive eating habits then try altering your surroundings and personal care so that your mental health doesn’t suffer. eating crappy food is a cycle that makes you feel worse inside and out and causes you to crave crappy food. break the cycle.

some fav thinspo quotes:
-if you aren’t hungry for fruit or vegetables you’re not actually hungry
-this month’s choices are next month’s body
-you can make progress or excuses. only one gives you what you want
-you can’t dump trash in a river and expect the fish to thrive
-nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

maybe i’ll make a masterpost about all the tips i’ve picked up but ULTIMATELY


~will power~

train that shit
be safe
listen to your body
message me if you’re having trouble

k ily bye

Periodical Peepers’s Trending 27th + 300 followers event !

Alright guys the trending 27th is very very close and since this blog has over 300 followers now I would like to participate in the 27th ! But for that I’m gonna need your help, I want you all to send me requests ! It can be related to the 27th topics or can be anything as long as peepers is in it ! Really go wild guys and don’t be shy, I want to have lots and lots of them ! I’ll answer them all and post them during the 27th to participate in the trending ! 
I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this annoucement so the word can be spread ! 
Thanks guys for 300 followers it really warms my heart that my silly eyeball scribbles are appreciated and I look forward to keeping this blog up and running for as long as I’m capable of ! 

Back I Guess??

So… I guess I’m back.  But thank you to everyone who commented and noted me; I’ll be sure to respond to them in due time, but thank you once again.

I’m feeling a lot better after taking a break for the past few days.  Not gonna lie, but it was honestly hard for me to even pick up my pen and draw until after yesterday, when I watched Nintendo’s E3, so it gave me the motivation I needed to draw again.  I wouldn’t say I’m 100% or completely motivated, just slowly getting there.

I know we’ve all been in this slump and it felt like I wasn’t doing much whilst continuing my works since the beginning of the year.  It’s been common for me to get doubts and discouragement, but I often recover within a few hours.  This feeling was the worst experience out of the bunch and I ended up having to take a few days break, so it really blew my confidence here as an online artist.  Had it not been for Nintendo’s E3, it might’ve taken longer to get over.

Whether or not I’ll get over such conflicts, I’ll do my best to draw and provide content for all of you peps.  So I apologize once again for the troubles.

…But if I have to be honest, I dunno what to do now aside from working on my arts and potentially comics as usual.

So What’s Gonna Happen?

No commissions for right now.  I’m feeling a lot better, but I just can’t bring up the drive to start them again (even though I could use a Switch…).  I can’t say when I’ll open again, but I just wanna take this time to relax and draw.  Maybe next week I’ll open them? I’m not that confident in myself right now and I don’t wanna feel any pressure this time around with people’s money hanging on me.  I know some peps wanted to commission me, but I can recommend you guys fellow artists if you’d like. Right now, I’m still slumped from my stream (yes it’s ridiculous how I keep thinking back on it) and I feel it’d be too embarrassing to stream again after I canceled my last one.  I’ve announced that it’s tied to a Patreon goal and I won’t publicly stream unless we reach it, but I wish there was some other motivational goal that didn’t require money.  I don’t want to put it in a paywall, but I also can’t think of any other goals to put streaming into it.  And I have to find a new mod (due to personal reasons) should I ever stream again.  But yeah… I don’t feel right streaming right off the bat and I need to find another motivation goal for streaming that doesn’t require money… otherwise the goal still stands.While on the topic of Patreon, plans haven’t changed for the Patreon-Discord server.  It’ll be closing on Sunday, June 18.  I will still continue creating content for my Patrons and provide them the rewards they deserve as well.Arts and comics will continue however.  I’ll need some time thinking about Departure since I originally felt it wasn’t being as received as I liked, but I’ve been working on AWH’s next pages.  And E3 provided a lot of goodies, so I can’t wait to doodle and draw them.I’m semi-back, just need some more time to ponder and stuff for myself.  I figured that I oughta make this announcement to let you guys know.  Thanks for reading peps!

I’m taking commissions you guys. I’ve never done this before, so I’ll only be taking 3 jobs at a time.  

I will draw:
Fan Art | Original and Fan Characters | Animals | Fluffy NSFW | Just Ask! 

But I definitely can’t draw:
Mechs or Detailed Robots | Vehicles | Detailed Backgrounds | Explicit Material


  • Payments are accepted through Paypal and made upfront
  • Prices above are in USD and don’t include Paypal fees
  • Commissions are only for personal use and can’t be altered
  • Visual references are needed for original and fan character commissions
  • I will deny any commission I am uncomfortable with

Please be as detailed as you’d like when describing what you want (poses, expressions, dialog, etc.). Let me know if you’d like a white, single color, gradient, patterned, or transparent background.

Message me here or email me at for questions or requests. 

Thank you! And thanks to you who always signal boost for me!! <333

One Year!!

So today the blog turns one year old! I just can’t believe it, like it’s been so long and yet it feels like I started this yesterday. I can’t believe we are where we are and I want to thank you all for being here during this long journey, even if you joined yesterday. Thank you all so much. Because without each one of you, the blog wouldn’t be here at all and we wouldn’t be having so much fun and talking and supporting exo and all that. 

I want you all to remember that I’m here because I do here 3 of the things I love the most, talk about exo, writing and supporting people. Please remember I’m here for you, and not only me but the other admin as well. 

I’ve met so many people thanks to the blog and if I had to start again I would do it just to meet all of you. Thanks to the ones that came and became my friends, the ones that secretly support the blog and prefer staying on anon, the ones the criticize and point out our mistakes to help us imporove, the ones that have come and left, the ones who are new in this blog. Thank you ALL. 

This second semester of the year will be busier for me and I don’t think I will be as active as I’ve been this past year, but we also have admin Chas and Balie so I hope we three can keep the blog alive. I wouldn’t leave this blog for anything, so please don’t think I’ll forget. I’ll be here, just a little bit busier. Maybe in another year I’ll be thank you all again for helping us to keep this for two years. Or maybe I’ll be with Kyungsoo. Just kidding. 

Anyways, this is already long enough and I don’t want to bore you with more ‘thanks’ xD I love you all! Admin A~

Hi all,

First off, Happy New Year!!! 2014 was really great and I grew so much through blogging here and chatting with all of you. Thanks so much for supporting my blog and helping it reach as many people as it did in the past year. I feel I’ve made my mark and helped lots of folks to see things in a new light. I even met a few of you in 2014 and I hope to meet more of you this year. I’ve got some exciting things planned and I’m busting to just blurt it all out, but I won’t because surprises are fun. Wishing you all the best!

Lots of love, black-australia xo