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This is a celebration post because this blog has amazingly passed 1500 followers! Thank you so much to everyone who has started following this blog recently, as well as those that have stuck around since the beginning. For anyone who’s new or interested, on my page I have links for all the directors, cinematographers, and movies that I have covered on here. I can’t believe that just five months ago I was blown away by the fact that I had 200 followers and now here we are- thank you all so much!

Now, back to the movies and the regularly scheduled programming. In thanks, above are 10 new frames from my 10 most popular posts. You’ll find the list of movies and links to the original posts below!

- K

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You were relieved that after you and Kells had done the dirty deed nothing had really changed between you two.

He still smoked and drank with his boys and you still did your job and kept him out of trouble as best you could.

Some things however did change a bit.

Like you were way less strict about certain things now, like you didn’t stress the curfew as much or keep a limit on how many girls were allowed to be in the house.

Also you were joining in on a lot more things now, you drank at the house parties and even threw a cantaloupe at the wall last week…just because!

Tonight however was gonna be your first time clubbing with everyone, so you took a little extra time getting ready and decided to dress a little more sexy

‘(Y/N)! Hurry up, the acid we all took is gonna kick in soon!’ Rook yelled from downstairs.

‘I’m almost done!’ you yelled back after you had put down your black lipstick.

You had on a black crop top, jean cut off shorts with a red plaid shirt tied around your waist and black combat boots. (No body has time for heels when they’re dancing)

You were all going out to some tiny hole in the wall club, no cameras or promos, just a club.

Deciding you were ready you headed downstairs.

‘So…how do I look?’ you asked as you turned around for them to get a good look at your outfit at all angles.

For a few seconds it was dead quiet while they all looked at you, you started to think you needed to change.

‘Aaawww shit!’ Dub yelled.

‘Who is this bad bitch and what has she done with our sweat pants wearing babysitter?’ Rook teased.

‘Pose for the Gram baby.’ Slim said as he pulled out his phone.

You laughed as you began doing silly poses, after all the photos were taken you all headed to the van, you were locking the door when you felt a hand on your waist.

You turned and saw Kells.

‘Did you forget something?’ you asked.

‘Nah, just wanted to tell you that you look really nice.’ he said before he headed to the car.

You looked at him for a moment before you shook the comment off as just a compliment.

Kells had been giving you a lot more compliments lately, not that he had been putting you down before, he was just boosting you more now.

You got in the car, happy not to be the designated driver for once, the bassist drew the short straw so that was his position.

The club was pretty decent, nothing amazing, but not a piece of shit.

‘Let’s get it.’ Dub said as you all headed in.

First, if you really wanted to just let loose and fucking dance like you had no worries, you needed at least three shots of rum.

So off to the bar you went a few of the guys came with while others headed to the dance floor looking for their one night stands.

You noticed that the bartender was rather handsome and decided, why not.

‘Hey, can a girl dressed like this get a free triple shot?’ you smiled, ignoring the childish whispers of your friends a few seats away with the female bartender.

‘No, but a girl as cute as you definitely can.’ he smiled as he poured your drinks.(you made sure to watch him pour it)

‘I spent forever picking out a sexy outfit, and I’m still just cute.’ you fake pouted before throwing back your first shot.

‘The outfit is…very sexy, but your face is cute as a button.’ he flirted.

You bit your lip to keep from smiling like a dork, he was totally flirting.

‘I never caught your name.’ you said as you picked up the next shot and downed it.

‘Jason, and what might your name be sweetheart?’ he asked as he leaned against the bar top.


‘That’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.’

‘You’re a charmer aren’t you?’ you teased before taking the last shot.

‘A little.’ he smirked.

Before you could give a flirty response Slim and Dub were pulling you away from the bar.

‘Time to dance.’ Rook said as they dragged you.

‘To be continued!’ you yelled.

‘What the hell, I never cock blocked you guys so why are you twat blocking me!’ you glared at them.

‘Kells said he didn’t like the looks of that guy.’ Rook said before he headed off into the crowd.

‘Look man, I don’t see nothing wrong with the dude, but after last time…’ Slim said, letting you fill in the rest.

After the disastrous Tender date Slim had been keeping a closer eye on you, making sure you were OK.

‘I get it, thanks for looking out, but I’m good. Go on and grind on some girl.’ you assured him before sending him off.

Well since you were already on the dance floor and full of shots you might as well dance. The Music was blasting, the lights were flashing and everyone around you is just vibing.

No partner needed you threw your hands in the air and and just let loose, the music was perfect to just sway to.

After a while you felt someone begin to grind behind you.

You turn and see Kells swaying behind you, for a second you think maybe you should put some distance between you two but you were drunk and deep down it felt right.

You two swayed and then the song changed to faster one and by then the shots were in full affect, so with no second thought you bent over and the twerking began.

You felt Kells press against you even more and his hand on your lower back.

After what felt like half an hour you were so tired and  by the looks of it so was Kells.

‘I’m gonna go get some drinks before we get back in there.’ you said.

You headed back to the bar.

‘I need something fruity and cold…strawberry daiquiri, I’ll take it free if you can.’ you smiled as you sit down.

‘I don’t charge cute girl a penny, but your boyfriend might need to buy it for you.’ he said as he started making the drink.

‘Boyfriend? Oh no he’s he’s just a friend.’ you said, realizing now how you and Kells must have looked just now.

‘Well your friend is glaring at me like I kicked his puppy.’ Jason said motioning to where Kells was standing on the other side of the room.

And he was indeed glaring.

‘He’s just protective, with good reason, if I’m being honest.’ you said as you accept the drink.

‘Look, you are absolutely adorable and I am into you, but I don’t like fooling around with girls with other dudes.’ he said as he wrote something on a napkin.

‘So how about you call me when he’s out of the picture.’ Jason smiled as he slid the napkin over with his number on it.

You looked at the number and smiled, then you turned and saw Kells talking to some girl and frown.

‘See? Just friends, so how about you come and dance with me far a bit?’ you flirted.

You watched him sway his head in thought before he walked around the bar and pulled you to the dance floor.

‘My drink.’ you whined.

‘I’ll make you another one.’ he smiled as he spun you around and pulled you close to him.

He had his hands on your waist as you both rocked, chest to chest, faces only a few centimeters apart.

‘You got some moves.’ you whispered.

‘So do you.’ he smiled down at you.

‘I have a few more moves up my sleeve.’ you smiled as you put your arms around his neck.

‘Oh yeah? Show me what you got.’ he challenged.

Just as you started to lean in for the kiss you were being pulled out of Jason’s arms, off the dance floor and out the club.

The whole while you were kicking and slapping to be let go, but the arms remained.

Finally when you were at the van the guy let you go.

‘What the ever living fu-Kells?’ you shouted angrily when you see who had pulled you away.

‘You don’t even know that guy.’ he said.

‘You didn’t know that girl in the gold dress, but I didn’t snatch you out the club!’ you argued.

You took a step back and a deep breath to calm yourself enough to talk without yelling.

‘I know you are just looking out for me, after what almost happened last time I get it. I appreciate it, I really do, but every guy I talk to will be like that and-’

Before you could finished you feel Kells’ lips pressed against yours.

You brought your hands to his chest to push him away, but you ended up pulling him closer.

One of his hands slid down your back to your ass while the other played in your eyes.

You should stop, this isn’t like last time, you weren’t a virgin this time, he was doing you a favor this time.

This time he wanted you.

Despite what you thought, you couldn’t stop.

You fumbled with the van door behind you, thankful Rook never locks the door.

You and Kells climb into the back seat and we all know what happened back there.

Rhy: From now on, we will be using code names.

Rhy: You can address me as Eagle One.

Rhy: Parrish and Gen, code name – Been There, Done That.

Rhy: Alucard is – Currently Doing That.

Rhy: Lila is – It Happened Once in a Dream;

Rhy: Holland, code name – If I Had To Pick an Antari.

Rhy: Kell is… Eagle Two.

Kell: Oh thank God.

—  submitted by @aphprussia

Variks, the Loyal 

Variks x Female Guardian | Mithrax x Mercy | Fluff & Angst | G-rated

This story is for four people! First, it’s for @gajeelsfineass for letting me write about her Nightstalker Juyon, whom Variks is secretly in love with. It’s for nonny who asked about Mithrax loving Mercy’s hair (beautiful idea, thank you) and for my last Mercy/Mithrax kiss meme requester. Nonny, you asked for 18 or 19, but I did those for Shiro-4/Andara so instead I made one up: ‘A kiss because I despair of you, but I love you anyway.’ And lastly, this is for this morning’s nonny who asked about a conversation between Mercy and Variks about her relationship with Mithrax. This is mostly between Mithrax and Variks but gosh it’s as awkward as you predicted it would be!

I hope you enjoy everyone!

“It is the traitor,” Mithrax growled. 

Variks looked up into the cold, narrowed eyes of the larger Eliksni, and took a tighter grip on his staff. Betraying Skolas to the Queen made him trustworthy in human eyes but despicable to other Eliksni. With utmost politeness, he bowed and said, “It is Variks, the Loyal, and I welcome you to the Reef.”

The Captain sneered and looked away, and Variks considered leaving him to sort out the ruin that had become of his attempted alliance with the City on his own. But Mercy had begged him to help her and Mithrax. He liked Mercy. She spoke in perfect Eliksni and conversing in his own tongue was something he dearly missed. 

Besides, there was something Mithrax had that Variks dearly wanted for himself.

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jacksgreatcoat  asked:

Sometimes Jack doesn't have the time or patience to go to the barber and get his hair cut so Ianto does it for him and it is mutually beneficial because Ianto gets to play with Jack's hair a lot and Jack gets to have Ianto's fingers running through his hair. Ok I'm done. Have some fluff to make up for the torment lol

Okay I really feel like you’re reading my thoughts tbh because one of my favorite headcanons is how much Jack loves when Ianto runs his fingers through Jack’s hair, so thank you for this 😍

Star Was Rebels S4: The Occupation and Flight of the Defender

Welcome back to Rebels! We got two episodes today!

Ezra is napping

Ezra is understandably upset about Lothal

Ryder found plans for better Tie Defenders

YEAH! Ghosts Crew is going back to Lothal!

ALEXSANDR KALLUS! Are you coming on this mission too!?!?



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I just want to wish the happiEST birthday to the bEST rapper out 🔥😍🎈🎉🎊🎁🎂🍻 Kells you have helped me in so many ways and I honestly wouldn’t be around right now if it wasn’t for you. When I first became a fan you were turning 22 and now you’re 27 😍 I have enjoyed seeing you evolve as an artist these past years and I am so proud. Your third album is coming soon and we are all extremely excited for it!! I hope you have the bEST time and enjoy the fuck out of your day! Thank you so much for everything you have done 💖💚💜💛💙

darcicole  asked:

You might've answered this before but I couldn't find it anywhere... how tall are the characters??? Specifically wondering for Kell, Lila, Rhy, Alucard, and Holland. Thanks!

oh, that’s a good question. It’s never specifically stated in the book, but the characters are described by their height relative to one another.

Kell is a couple inches taller than Rhy (he’s built like a long shadow to Rhy’s more statuesque frame. Lila is a few inches shorter than Kell, and Holland is roughly the same height as Kell, but a little broader. So:

Lila: 5′9″

Rhy: 5′10″

Kell: 6′

Holland: 6′