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tagged by @artificialskyway to list my current 10 fav songs and tag 10 ppl. thanks veronica and admin m (ahh sorry i don’t know your name!! but i just wanted to say i love david archuleta’s crush haha!!)

  1. spring day - bts
  2. past lives - local natives
  3. baby don’t like it - nct 127 
  4. you & i - kim jongwan
  5. on hold - the xx
  6. 2shy - shura
  7. homeboy - jojo
  8. rookie - red velvet
  9. cut it out - kitten (thank you veronica for introducing me to her omg!!)
  10. i’m in love - secret  (thanks jen! they’re perfection!)

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On Allyship and Problematic Books

This whole entire issue, the issue of problematic books boils down to one thing: respect of others. Being respectful of others is not a debate.

Jen has been a massive help to the bookish community. She has generously shared her time and energy with us, helping us be better allies. This includes gentle call outs on problematic books.

Nowhere in any of her posts on here or on her blog has Jen ever said that we can’t enjoy problematic books. She’s even admitted that she’s read and loved some problematic books. We all have a problematic fave or two-that doesn’t make us bad people. BUT we must stop and think. Posting pictures of the book is free promotion for that book. It tells publishers it’s ok to continue publishing problematic and harmful books. It gives our followers the idea that it is a safe book to read.

It’s your blog, but you still owe it to your followers and the people you stand with to acknowledge the issues with those books. 

Too many people don’t tag their book photos or add a comment on how the book is problematic. If you can’t do that, it’s better to not post the picture at all. If you can commit to that, if you really can do that, then do it! It helps. But it’s not as powerful of a message to the publishers. It also sends a mixed message. Do you support the book or don’t you? 

We are not being forced to do this. If doing any of this makes you uncomfortable, that’s on you.

When I first told Jen that I loved Nevernight she said“Yikes! That book is incredibly racist, here’s a link about it.”

a call out. I didn’t feel bad when I read her comment. I didn’t feel attacked, because I wasn’t. Nowhere did she say that I was a bad person or needed to stop enjoying the book. She simply asked me to investigate.

That is the difference between a call out and bullying/harassment.

After investigating I don’t promote the book. I took down my 4.5 star review on my blog and Goodreads because I personally did not feel comfortable supporting such a racist and problematic book that has hurt real people. That’s what problematic books do. I no longer recommend it to others. But no one forced me to do that.

If we truly want this book community to be a community we must stand up for each other, speak out against problematic books and let each other know which books are harmful. Communities look out for each other, and this is the best way to do it.  

Jen puts a lot of thought and time and effort into her posts. I like to think of them as guidebooks, a good starting place. We all have a lot to learn about ally-ship and as we become more aware of things, we must adapt and continue supporting each other by listening and respecting one another.

Because ultimately? There’s nothing debatable about treating others with respect and kindness. 

You either do or you don’t.

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And they lived deliciously ever after!

This concludes Texts Between Gems’ One Year Anniversary “Choose Your Own Adventure” arc! Click here to read it from the beginning.

I’d like to thank the wonderful @jen-iii from the bottom of my heart for creating the art you see above!

While we’re on the topic of thanks, thank you all for reading this blog for the past year and being consistently kind, supportive, and hilarious. I don’t have future vision like Garnet, but I hope that for the entire duration of my online career I never take for granted how lucky I am. Here’s to another great year!

Close Every Door, part two

Characters – Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Summary – TFW tries to find answers after the reader is kidnapped; what they uncover will surprise them.

Word Count – 3,177

Warnings – Angst, Kidnapping, Torture (sometimes graphic)

A/N –  I’m incorporating two challenges into this part of the story.  @kittenofdoomage’s Classic Movie Challenge and @winchesterprincessbride’s 800 Follower Celebration.  My prompt for Rhi’s challenge was “I mean, funny, like I’m a clown? I amuse you?” from the movie Goodfellas.  My prompt from Jen’s challenge was the lyric “Well I’ve never prayed, but tonight I’m on my knees, yeah.” From The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony.  Thanks Rhi for doing your challenge, and congrats again to Jen for hitting 800 well-deserved followers!  You all should go follow both of these lovely ladies if you’re not already!

As always, feedback is appreciated! Please let me know if you’d like added or removed from the tags list.

Catch Up: Part One

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Five days.  It had been five days since the morning you had told them you were going on a supply run. They were now one hundred and twenty-six hours into what should have been a one-hour trip.  And they were no closer to finding out what had happened to you than they had been when they first realized something had gone very wrong. And it was killing him.

“Again,” he said calmly. 

You heard the hum of electricity and your entire body seized up so suddenly you couldn’t even scream. V signaled for Carl to cut the power, and you slumped back against the metal table, panting.  He leaned forward and pressed around the spot on your right shoulder where electrical tape was keeping the end of a frayed wire tightly to your skin.  Another wire was attached to your left ankle in the same manner.  Gently, his fingers peeled back the tape, revealing angry red and blistered skin around the site of the electrical burn.

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We got our Christmas card from the Stickyfrogs!!

The Stickyfrogs look so festive in their beautiful Christmas outfits!  I was tempted to nom Gumby’s shiny red bow, but Mom said that would not be nice.  Inside the card, we found a most lovely Christmas message in so many pretty colors that I didn’t know which one to stare at first!  I decided the green frog sticker and green ink were my favorite, so I sat and stared at them for a long time to see if they would turn into noms.

Thank you, Stickyfrogs, for sending us love all the way from Australia! 😊 🐸  🐸  🐸  🐸  😘 🐢