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~Thank you Club Penguin~

   Well, the day final came. Club Penguin has officially announced that it is shutting down March 29, 2017. I went on one last time before the site shut down. My penguins name was “A B C s” and she was 3251 days old, so about 8.9 years old. I was around 9 or 10 when I created my Club Penguin account.

Club Penguin was a very special site for me. As a child I would always go on it and play. I have a lot of fond memories. I just remember my mother taking me to work one day. I stayed with her in her office on the computer all day playing club penguin. It was good for both our sakes. It kept me out of her hair and it kept me occupied. It was a good site for children and it was so cute. 

Thank you Club Penguin for being one of the biggest childhood memories for me. Thank you. 2005-2017  <3

TEAM EPHRAIM good job! (๑و•̀Δ•́)و You’re doing great! Thank you for all your support!

Please continue to fight for Renais by Ephraim’s side!

People who have lost,please help us in our fight!

Let us raise our lances for our memories of Sacred Stones and for Ephraim!

( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Thank you!

•••••••••• I could not find the artist,but if this is your art and want it taken down then please let me know. Same for if someone knows the artist.

Retrograde periods are periods of self-improvement.

Look into yourself. Lose the curtain of obligation and dependency on the external world. Work starts within.

You are absolutely imperfect. There are ways you can approach understanding your values and achieving the pedestal of “happy” we all want. Maybe it’s focus through mindfulness. Maybe that’s not it at all, maybe it’s much deeper.

Even acknowledging insecurities, traumas, and faults is a step. Acknowledging personal pride, appreciation, and values are another step.

Lose the cloud, lose the group think.

It does not have to be a hard period, unless you fight it of course.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is ultimately a choice.

Pain is valid. Suffering is hard to avoid. Self-growth and self-acceptance are necessary for that choice to occur.

Don’t read this too simply, because it is not simple. It is not scary either.

Retrograde periods are some of the greatest periods to love and respect yourself and all that you are.
Maybe breathe deeply and thank your lungs.
Maybe remember a childhood memory and thank your sisters, brothers, friends, pets, anything.

Storytelling Con Sunday - Lana Panel


  • Lana: Kristin is an angel and a wonderful woman inside out (x)
  • Lana thanks us for supporting Kristen and her project (x)
  • Best childhood memory is getting a good punch at her sister haha because she’s seven years older and when she was old enough she GOT HER (x)
  • Lana loves her sister and you’ve seen it with Zelena and Regina it’s a lot of fighting but also making up (x)
  • One of her fave memories is fishing with her father (x)
  • Lana really misses these (fishing) days (x)
  • Lana knew she wanted to be an actress very early before she even understood what acting was (x)
  • Lana’s family used to make a lot of silent Filmes with her family cause her granddad had a camera (x)
  • Art has always been a part of Lana’s life but she’s never pursued it until she was in her scenes (x)
  • Lana started studying t professionally around age 18 (x)
  • Children, family and friendship make Lana happy (x)
  • Lana doesn’t know how to dance flamenco (x)
  • Preparation for playing Regina and the eq was very extensive. No free weekend for a long time. It was a learning process for everyone (x)
  • She was learning how to deal with it as she went along. She has had great doubles and coached them in their physical behavior (x)
  • But she let the doubles be free in terms of their own acting (x)
  • Lana was always well rehearsed because of her preparation (x)
  • Sunset boulevard was her dream role she loves Glen Close (x)
  • Her dream rouse has always been to play a powerful strong woman who makes a difference in a world (x)
  • Regina is complete now with herself even though te eq is gone (x)
  • Regina came full circle and embraced both parts of herself (x)
  • Regina had a hard time crushing grahams heart because she loved him on a leven even though he was more of a toy (x)
  • Regina has been with Graham for 28 years and Lana thinks Graham filled some kind of a father role with Henry. It wasn’t scripted (x)
  • Regina loved who Graham played in Henry’s life and she loved to control Graham too (x)
  • Lana feels lucky and inspired and blessed to give back to the world and receive so much from all of us (x)
  • Regina would say I love you if she met Robin again (x)
  • Lana loves working with Sean and she doesn’t mind who he’s playing and it wasn’t really different for Lana (x)
  • Lana says she always has a blast filming with Sean (x)
  • Relationship with Jared in one word: buddies (x)
  • Lana feels Regina has mourned a lot off camera and she’s had these private moments but it wasn’t shown (x)
  • On OUAT something is always happening and it’s hard to grieve when something’s is always going on (x)
  • Lana thinks Regina’s story isn’t over. Who knows what’s gonna happen (x)
  • Lana: Let’s keep embracing and loving everyone. No segregation of every kind. Let’s love each other and have fun! (x)   


(Credits to Eva)

Storytelling Con


I thought 2 (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: What exactly happened last night? Nobody knows. What is happening right now? Nobody knows either.

Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: none.. i think.. unless you get triggered by pancakes or something..

a/n: woahhhhh.. I didn’t think I was going to make a part two, because a. I was scared it wouldn’t live up or b. I felt like I should leave the rest to you guys, buttttt @maiamiii convinced me otherwise and is really just a great friend so yeahhhhhhhhhh.. and there will be a part three.. because memories do not end there…-wink wink- heh.

(Part 1) (Part 3)

A ray of sunshine phased through the window. Rays of sunshine are usually a symbol for hope for many people in miserable states. Imagine a dark and sinister room, filled with your deepest fears and insecurities. Now, imagine a ray of sunshine appear; wouldn’t that light give you even the tiniest sense of hope? This was the situation you were in at the moment. Seeing the morning for the first time in years with someone you loved was an ineffable feeling. You were oblivious to the rushing possibilities of negativity. You simply did not care at the moment. It gave you the sense of hope you needed for quite a long time and you were not going to waste this small spark.

You rubbed your eyes producing phosphenes, before sitting up, fully awake. There was still some lasting colours and light from rubbing your eyes, but you were able to focus shortly. You glanced around to see Jason Todd in slumber. He was sitting on a rather comfortable chair beside the bookshelf. You didn’t mind this; You felt happy that he decided not to leave you even as a gigantic mess. You gently shifted to the side of the bed making sure not to make noise to wake the snoozing Todd. You stood up walking over your closet, picking out a sweater, sweatpants and underwear.

You quickly scurried to the bathroom and locked it. You striped off and turned on the shower. You took a quick shower that lasted about fifteen minutes and it relaxed your tenseness which was a problem that seemed to linger ever since the night before. It let you calm down. After such shower, you had dried up and worn some clothes. You carefully stepped out the bathroom as the way you quietly came in. A small rumble resonated within your stomach indicating your hunger. You looked again at the happily dozing Jason, before deciding to make some pancakes for both of you.

Jason’s eyes slowly fluttered open quite surprised to not see you. He quickly stood up and looked around the room examining it for any traces of where you could be. The door suddenly flung open startling Jay from his investigation. You held out a tray of pancakes and iced tea.

“I’m sorry. Did I startle you?” You spoke gently.

He just stared at you in response with a slight shock of how calm you were.

“(y/n), I’m sorry. I sh-”

“It’s in the past now; there’s nothing any of us can do about it. All I want to do is spend time with you.” You smiled with genuine joy. You continued to hold out the tray of pancakes waiting for him to take one. He paused for a moment gazing deeply as if he had seen a ghost. You were miserably depressed the night before, and now you were okay? You were going to kill yourself for fuck’s sake. Jason was lost in feeling wondering how you would forgive an act as vile as what he had allowed you to endure. If he were you, he would have never wanted to feel your presence again, but you weren’t like that.

“Jay?” You waved a hand before him. He blinked profusely and quickly nodded his head.

“I got lost in thought, sorry.”

“Enough, sorry’s. Shall we eat?” You proclaimed with your sweet smile.

Jason missed that. He missed so many things about you. He longed to see your innocent face,cheerful smile, positive attitude and the list could go on. Last night, he saw the exact opposite. He saw your beaten face, broken smile, and depressed state. Worst of all, he was the reason for all these nuisances and changes, but this morning you just went back? He expected waking up to a furious and angered spirit, but you were just yourself again.

“Sure.” He replied.

“Uhm. Would you still want to rest here and eat or are you awake enough to go to the dining room?” You asked faintly chuckling.

“I think I can take on the dining room.” He tried his best to lighten the mood.

You showed him to the rather normal dining room composed of a average-sized table and two chairs. Jay raised an eyebrow seeing there were only two chairs. He expected your apartment to be prepared for a large amount of guest seeing that you were very sociable and always invited friends for lunch or dinner. It was quite sad to truly see how much Jason’s demise affected you. You were best friends, and possibly even more in the near future if he had not died. You always wondered what could have been, then you remembered a small incident. It was a serene memory. It was like visualizing a small garden filled with blooming flowers. It must be a wonderful sight.

“Jason!” You screamed falling down. He quickly rushed over to you and kneeled beside you. There was an obvious emotion of fret presented onto his face. He held you close whilst bombarding you with questions and worried expressions.

“(y/n)! What’s wrong? Please don’t leave me! It will be right, I promise!”

You steadily shut your eyes. “I’m dying, Jay.” You mumbled incoherently. A tear sped down his cheek as he continued to assure your safety.

“Please (y/n), ple-”

“of cuteness.” You dramatically posed. He gave you a death glare as you just trolled him. You bit your upper lip holding in the eruptions of laughter. You glanced over the measly and cutesy bee. It buzzed past the both of you in the garden. As you were watching the bee’s direction of movement Jason just dropped you. You fell to the grass letting out a small “Ow.”

“You’re mean.” He said wiping away some of the remaining tears.

“You have to admit it was funny” You stood up brushing off all the dirt your clothes had collected from falling. He crossed his arms and gave you the most serious look he could give you, but you just continued to smile restricting the laughter from coming out. He final gave in and let out a small giggle.

“Okay, fine that was pretty good.” He continued as his laughter slowly grew. You joined and laughed along.

“Just don’t scare me again; you’re my best friend! I don’t think I could live without you..“

Okay but

When I was… like… ten? I read my first ever real sci-fi novel. It was called “400 graden in the schaduw” (400 Degrees In The Shade) by Tais Teng and it was the most amazing thing I’d ever read ever! There was this girl named Tanja, and she was an outer space miner, and she had to pay for every single breath of oxygen because Space Capitalism — and one day, one day she escaped her mining ship, and she built a whole new life for herself, and she made her mining suit walk her all the way to safety while she braved breathless, horrid vacuum. 

And Tais Teng went on to write two fairly terrible sequels to the book which never got quite as much attention, but the original story, that little YA sci-fi novel, stayed with me my whole life. 

And basically what I’m saying is that last week’s Who episode flooded me with nostalgia and joy and love and feelings. It was amazing on its own, but for me, a lil’ Dutch nerd who’s still kind of ten at heart, it was also like seeing one of my best childhood memories made real. 

So thank you, BBC. I love you. 


So I literally just remembered this film that I grew up watching in the late 1990’s early 2000’s about Madeline.

The Madeline books were big in the 1990’s teaching girls and boys rhymes as well as a couple lessons too. This particular film starred Madeline and all the girls in the house with vines.

One day in the winter, Miss Clavel is sick in bed and the girls work together to clean house and take care of her. They get mail and Madeline learns that she has a long lost uncle.

He comes to visit her saying that he will take her to Vienna and she will have to leave her friends to live with him. They have a fancy dinner and Madeline spends one more night in the school.

The next morning Madeline leaves her friends and goes by taxi with her uncle. They stop to buy “clothes” and miss their train. Madeline soon realizes that he may not even be her uncle and starts to drop beads as clues for her friends to find her from a necklace that they gave her as a goodbye present.

He takes her to a store where they have orphans as child workers. They work day and night and make lace from hair and if they get out of hand they get more hair trimmed. She meets a girl named Phoebe while working there.

The girls start to become suspicious of Madeline’s “uncle” and they conduct an investigation. Of course Madeline comes up with a plan to overthrow their captors, the girls find the beads and Madeline and the other girls are saved and join the school.

The overall premise of this whole film is pretty freaking incredible. It teaches girls and boys alike that not everyone is a nice as they may seem. People do take advantage of you and it even teaches them how to possibly protect themselves. Even the theme of stealing children to knit and work as your slaves is pretty fucking dark. Props to Disney.

This definitely needs a re release or something. Kids need mature themes like this one to learn those big lessons. Share if you agree or remember this as well.


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Ahh, yay! I'm sure this will strike ALL of the shock into your heart, but re: headcanons, may I request AOS Pike? ;) Thanks love!

Childhood headcanons, 5/10, for @gracieminabox

Originally posted by danascullys

 AOS Christopher Pike

First memory

Chris’ first memory is of the sun.

He’s squatting on his heels beneath the meager shade of the joshua tree, trailing his fingers in the soft dirt, carefully ignoring Grandma’s heavy sighs at the mess he’s making.

The sun beats down on him, a constant, tangible force, unrelenting and brutal, like the dry heat from the oven door when Daddy is baking brownies.

A cowkiller crawls out from under a rock to Chris’ left. She’s soft, kind of fluffy looking, with stripes of inky black and bright, brilliant red.

Chris knows to stay well back.

“Don’t touch, son.”

He wonders if she is hot, too, under all that velvet.

Least favorite food

Chris hates beets.

He’s four years old when Emily, in a fit of inspiration, declares that the entire house is going on a cleanse diet.

Which actually means pureed beets – smoothies, Emily calls them – for every meal.

Chris thinks they taste like soured dirt. “Baby food,” he declares under his breath.

But he chokes them down anyway, because it makes Mommy smile, and good little boys are supposed to make their mommies smile, aren’t they?

After a couple of days, the beets make Chris sick.

Throwing up is never fun, but when you’re four years old and projectile vomiting what looks like thick, dark blood, well, that’s enough to traumatize any kid.

Chris never eats another beet in his life.

Biggest fear

Chris’ fears are irrational.

He’s not afraid of the normal things – snakes, spiders, serial killers.

He’s not afraid of pain, or of death.

As a kid, Chris is afraid of the desert.

Despite the crippling summer sun, there’s something bone-chilling about all that blankness. It terrifies the ever-loving shit out of him, but there’s something compelling about it, too, something wild that calls to him in the dead of the night.

It’s an emptiness that’s not really empty at all, he realizes when he’s twelve years old and Dad moves them across the state to live with Grandpa.

Grandpa introduces Chris to the horses, introduces him to the heat and the freedom, introduces him to the silent desert night and the cold, shining stars.

It’s only later, decades later, looking back on a life well-lived, that Chris understands what he’d feared as a child.


Favorite hobby

Chris loves horses.

He doesn’t realize this until he’s almost twelve, nearly a surly teenager for whom childhood is a bitter memory.

Grandpa has an old nag named Bobby, a shriveled up, half dead thing that’s evil as sin.

Chris takes a liking to her immediately.

They ride in the evening, just missing the beating sun. The sky is ablaze, brilliant steaks of purple and orange staining the horizon, and Bobby runs as if she’s half her age, and they are one, thundering heart and pounding hooves, streaking across the desert like a clap of thunder in the stormy spring sky.

It’s a joy like Chris has never known.

Best friend

Chris has many friends. 

He’s easy-going and likable, but all the same, there are only a few people that Chris feels he truly connects with, in his life.

As a child, there are three - 

Daddy, when he’s around.

Jessa from the basketball team.

Ian from science class.

But, looking back, Chris realizes that it’s Grandpa who’d always understood him best. 

A defining moment

Chris escapes into the desert.

It’s cold, unseasonably cold, even for November. Chris’ breath hangs in the air. The night is still, silent, black. There’s no moon, only the pale light of a billion glittering stars.

Chris rests his back on a sharp rock, tipping his head up, up, to the sky, wrapping his hands around his ankles, covering that sliver of skin that’s exposed to the night air by jeans that are just a hair too short.

“Growing like a weed,” Grandpa had said only last week, clamping a gnarled hand on Chris’ shoulder. “Nearly a man.”

Grandpa is dead.

Chris does not cry.

“That’s Orion,” Grandpa had said to him, years, years ago. “The mighty hunter, bested by a tiny little bug.”

Pay attention to the small things, Chris.

Chris thinks about the small things, the tiny details, how one moment could be so vastly different than the next.

“Just indigestion,” Grandpa had said this morning.

It’s the small things that get us, in the end.

Random Fact His first date

Chris’ first date is hardly a date.

Jessa McMurray lives just west of the Pike Ranch. She’s a year older, captain of the junior high girls’ basketball team, with wild red hair and bright green eyes.

Chris, new in town and a little too mouthy for his own good, challenges her to a game of one-on-one.

She kicks his ass soundly.

It becomes a regular thing. Chris talks a lot of smack, but Jessa inevitably wins each game, smirking the entire time.

And every day, Chris has the same parting shot.

“Same time tomorrow?”

The summer after Grandpa died, Jessa moves away.

Chris doesn’t see her for another year.

They run into each other randomly. It’s Chris’ sophomore year of high school, tournament season for the basketball team.

He recognizes her instantly. Same wild hair, same upturned nose, same smug grin.

Chris feels like a fire’s been set to his skin. He’s noticed pretty girls before, has kissed pretty girls before, but this is new, different.

“Jessa,” he calls, her name falling off his lips before he can stop himself.

She turns, does a double-take. “Chris, hey!” Her eyes are bright, shining.

Chris shoots her a sly smile. “How about a game?”

They meet at the same dirt court behind the baseball field. One game morphs into two, and then suddenly, they’re not playing basketball at all, not anymore.

Morning comes too soon.

“Same time tomorrow?” Chris breathes into Jessa’s bare skin.

“You bet,” she smiles.

Chris never sees her again.

Still, it’s a night he will never forget.

Link to Anna’s Masterlist here 

During 2!3! the music stopped and ARMYs continued singing. ARMYs made a fan event and turned the lightsticks into purple to signify as flower paths for BTS.

RM: When I was young, my favourite colour was purple, and I thought about that whether the universe could be purple. Therefore I feel like I’m now in a special universe. Thank you for turning my childhood memories and dreams into a reality. I’m really thankful. I love you, everyone. © © ©

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While personally I don't dig the Gerhman and Maria ship as it brings up uncomfortable memories and to me personally makes no sense, I'm in awe how deeply you crafted your ideas to show their relationship and how you theory craft. I have nothing but respect for that. Still ship my own character with her though, got to get me my tol Hunter lady :P

To each their own my friend :) I am well aware that this isn’t a ship for everyone and my own precedent experience in fandoms taught me how sensitive the subject is for a lot of people. On my part, I’ve always been intrigued by dark, gothic and tragic tales and you can thank my awesome mother for that. All the best memories from my childhood and teenage years came from my trips around Europe visiting ancient cities, castles and cathedrals. Nobody is surprised that I became an avid gothic romance reader, a H.P Lovecraft enthusiast and someone who saves money to pay a plane flight/train ticket to random countries just to go and attend obscure conventions and see bombastic musicals about mad science, unrequited love, murder and all the fancy stuff.

I am a chipper person on the outside but I have this dark tormented soul inside when it comes to entertainment! If it’s romance we’re talking about, then I want all the drama, all the torment, all the contradictions, it has to be grand, to be painful and interesting! AH THE SWEET ANGST IT SINGS TO ME! XD

Bloodborne and my tastes feel like a match made in heaven and that’s why I am so passionate about it. They took everything I like in fiction and mashed it together in a beautifully crafted package <3

Different themes, tones and ideas resonate with different people and that’s the beauty of entertainment as a concept, that’s why a movie that I thought was nothing special or I flat out hated can be someone else’s favourite because it resonates with them in ways it could never resonate with me. Same thing goes for ships!

Enjoy all your ships, all your headcanons, everything that this (and any other) fandom has to offer. It’s all about personal enjoyment and I am enjoying myself quite a bit. Keep doing the same! ALL OF YOU :D

And thank you for your kind words ;)

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ah! ^~^ thank you! 💖

Campfire: “What is your favorite childhood memory?”

i miss wearing costumes everywhere, and putting on ballet or gymnastic “recitals” for my dad in the living room! also, little picnics with my stuffed animals on the lawn, Disneyland vacations with my family, and riding my scooter for *hours* up and down the block. ✨☺️

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So Fujimaki has said Mura canonically can't sing at all (and from replace we know he also can't dance) and I feel he'd be laughed at for it a lot. Can I ask for his s/o encouraging him to sing and dance anyway?? Saying they like his voice and stuff.

Aw man, you hit the jackpot with this one. _( :3 」∠)_ You know, I kind of imagine him singing in that off-key muttering manner like Zuoxiao Zuzhou? (Z.Z. is the one with the lower voice in this song, he goes in 2nd). I can’t sing nor dance for hell either. 。゚(T‿T)゚。 Pretty sure I’d make a good career as a necromancer with my singing, it could wake the dead.

And fun fact… Atsushi has his character song that he sings by himself… I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds pretty good… so if this is “can’t sing”, then… what is my life… ( ._.)

… Let’s just go back to Fujimaki-sensei’s canon and off-key muttering. I can’t help but wonder what kind of a death wish one would have to have to actually make fun of Murasakibara…? You know what I mean.

PS. I’m adding links to the mentioned songs. My s.o. helped me with those and she’s just as batshit as I am, so… I’m truly sorry in advance for the horrible 1980′s landmines there. Brings back my childhood memories, I can thank my mother’s disastrous taste in music. (T ‿ T)

“Atsushi, it’s your turn!” You grinned and nudged him.

Okamura was still glaring at the microphone like he was trying to determine where his life had gone wrong and how had he ended up going to karaoke with the rest of the team. Aoi Sangoshō really wasn’t his song. Himuro pathetically tried to mask his laugh with a forced coughing fit. He had nailed The Other Self ten minutes earlier - he could have just as much been the real vocalist for that band - and was simply being a little shit now.

It was a rare occasion, but Murasakibara truly understood Okamura at that point.

And he knew that compared with his, Okamura’s singing was divine.

Okamura passed the microphone and Murasakibara stared at it blankly.

“Nnnnnmmm, I’ll skip,” he droned, offering it to you. “Singing’s bothersome.”

“You’ve been skipping every time so far,” Liu pointed out smoothly.

Sure you can talk, Murasakibara thought with irritation. Liu was unexpectedly revealed to be an absolute karaoke loving genius and his rendition of Nightmare was award worthy.

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