thanks for that childhood memory

TEAM EPHRAIM good job! (๑و•̀Δ•́)و You’re doing great! Thank you for all your support!

Please continue to fight for Renais by Ephraim’s side!

People who have lost,please help us in our fight!

Let us raise our lances for our memories of Sacred Stones and for Ephraim!

( • ̀ω•́ )✧

Thank you!

•••••••••• I could not find the artist,but if this is your art and want it taken down then please let me know. Same for if someone knows the artist.

Originally for NeoGAF’s Game & Prints club this piece is now, due to sad circumstances, a tribute to the passing of Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata. Thank you for the wonderful childhood memories. He had a huge hand in shaping Earthbound.

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You both say you wish you had a longer journey together but the length doesn't matter , it's what you do with it, you have already come so far in such a short time, in a few decades I'm sure you will have many more wonderful memories than some people have in a whole lifetime and I'm sure mini Watson will have amazing childhood memories to cherish.

Thank you.  This is my hope, yes.  

about those lion king comparisons to t’chaka&t’challa

like listen, i get it. in fact i feel it. deeply. i had the same expression in the theater as i do when i’m on my couch doing a lion king rewatch.

but i don’t trust this fandom with black characters one gotdamn second because we can’t have nice things.

it really rubs me the wrong way when that comparison to animals (even the purest cartoon ones) is made about two black men showing deep emotion.

i’m sensitive because you made me that way, mcu fandom.

I saw Logan.

I cried… ._.

I can’t stay up for arc v or anything else tonight @-@. That movie took my childhood memories and shattered it. Thanks Marvel. The movie was great btw. It got me thinking………………………………………..

(Uh ooooooh another verse/story world/AU is on the rise. This one involves multiple characters and the death of all duel monsters)


Aww man! There are some cute pre-battle quote for Anna DLC! Like, Hinoka used to dislike cold and snow until that day she finally reunited with Kamui again in that one place with pilled up snow (chapter 4, I think?), and now Hinoka loves both cold and snow thanks to that memory. Looking at snow makes Marx remembering their childhood days where he used to have snowball fights with Kamui and the others on the Northern Fort. Camilla mentioning how the Nohrian siblings used to make the snow statue of theirself inside Kamui’s room to keep them company, and how Kamui cried when the statues kept on melting so that they asked both Felicia and Flora to stop these statues from melting. Also, apparently Takumi dislikes cold especially since it numbs his fingers during archery (meanwhile Leon seems to dislike heat according to the Beach DLC since he got sunburned easily). Takumi used to like playing inside a snow hut, though (so did Hinata; bet they played together! ), even if he always thought that he’d definitely die the moment the hut suddenly collapsed on him. To make it more amusing, Hinata’s quote will mention how he once heard someone shouting from inside a pile of collapsed snow hut, though he thought that he may probably have imagined it….Bet my money on that it was Takumi’s voice lol!

things i wanna say to people i know that were born under each sign (pisces point of view)
  • aries: lmao asshole i know you secretly admire me and lowkey wish you could be more like me. i don't know why you think taking your anger out on innocent people is okay, cause it really isn't. don't forget i was your first real friend.
  • taurus: i love you. thank you for the childhood memories and showing me love. thank you for giving me money and alcohol.
  • gemini: lol i could say so many bad things about you :) first off, i know your hate for me comes from a place of jealousy. it's very obvious. being fake is NOT something you should be proud of. faking your way through life won't get you anywhere and neither will being mean to innocent people. valuing my education and getting happy over having good grades is a completely normal thing and it doesn't make me a nerd, but then again you wouldn't know that. one last thing; i lowkey appreciate the fact that you like my jokes, phrases and sarcastic comments but please stop repeating them to people and claiming as your own :-)
  • cancer: remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine? lmao. we used to be best friends and you'd always point out how you talk shit behind everyone else's back but never behind mine. good times :-) also, i especially don't care about YOU calling me a nerd lmao
  • leo: i admire you so much, mummy. you're so strong and even though you went through so many bad times, you were able to brush it off and stay strong and proud. you're SO practical and you can easily adapt to change. i love how brave you are.
  • virgo: people hate you because of your ability to be good at EVERYTHING. i really admire you but i can't figure you out.
  • libra: you care about me so much and you always stick up for me and i love you. you were ALWAYS here for me and i miss being able to run to you whenever it gets hard, that's the downside of moving away. i miss you. i'm really sorry because i pissed you off so much when i was a kid. thank you for always pushing be to be the best i can be.
  • scorpio: i don't wanna say anything bad about you because you still mean a lot to me. i was always here for you. i always helped you. i'm a very good friend to you and i know you can't deny that. you know you can be yourself with me yet you chose to treat me like trash along with aries, gemini and cancer. tbh i think you hate me cause i can form my own opinions and you just jump the bandwagon.
  • sagittarius: you're so annoying but i love you. you're really kind and i'm sorry that i lose my temper so quickly with you.
  • capricorn: i know you planned to have me in your future and i'm sorry for giving up and messing it up. you're way too possessive and controlling and mean at times and i cannot deal with that anymore. i feel like you have the need to always be better in everything than i am. also, i'm so glad that i was able to make you more confident and more honest.
  • aquarius: you intimidate me. you say what i'm thinking but am too scared to say. i really admire you.
  • pisces: i really like you but i really feel like you don't like me??? even though i lowkey know you actually do like me?? you're really sweet and kind and cute.
  • (DISCLAIMER: these are the things i wanna say to certain people i know that were born under each sign. in no way do i think everyone under a certain sign is like those people.)

I grew up watching the original Star Trek (and TNG of course, but that’s neither here nor there right now). Watching those reruns were some of the only happy memories I had with my father… so I guess today I’m having a hard time cheering up. Once I hook my dvd player back up, I think I know exactly what i’ll watch while I’m drawing tonight. 

The world has suffered a great loss in the Nintendo community, and my inner child’s heart still breaks. He gave many gamers and even artists joy and inspiration in what he loved to do best through his job.

Thank you for building my childhood memories, growing up with me, giving me inspiration, and bringing happiness to this world for all of your fans up until the very end.

You will be heavily missed Satoru Iwata but never forgotten.