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Ska! How do you ink your traditional drawings? And. Would you mind sharing some tips for traditional?

Yes of course, thank you for asking! ; 7 ; / To start, don’t think you need expensive tools to draw traditionally, even just a $1-$2 ink pen or sharpie can look nice against paper! The tools I usually use for all my ink work is a red color pencil, $2 ball-point ink pen, and a sharpie (occasionally white out)! If you’re like me (someone who has trouble doing a large-scale picture and do better with smaller thumbnails), I would suggest to buy yourself a small canvas sketch journal! 

It’s a lil beat up, but this is what I use! It works well with sharpies/ink and feels great to draw on! As for sketching, I find red color pencil sketching looking better than a regular pencil! It feels like guidelines and makes the black ink pop out more! Here’s a comparison with an old doodle! 

A great way to make your lines look nicer is extra line weight! I usually give my outlines an extra stroke with the pen to make the lines thicker on the outside, and you might also want to go over your lines twice if your ink is not dark enough! ; 3 ; / I also occasionally use whiteout to fix mistakes or add lil stars/sparkle by dipping a toothpick in it. 

The next thing I suggest is using an app called CamScanner! It uses your camera to capture your pictures but defines the lines/colors better and works great if you want to use the lines as lineart when you scan it to color digitally (don’t think you need a tablet to color it! Half of this picture was colored with my tiny trackpad. You can totes do it with time and effort)! Here’s another comparison!

CamScanner on the left, and regular camera on the right! It also changes lighting, crops pictures (I had to crop the right one on sai), changes toning, and even fixes angled shots for you! It works wonderful and I recommend it! The last thing is that please have fun and take your time! 

I think that’s about it! Sorry if I went a lil long! Of course, I’m not a professional and obviously there’s probably more benefits with professional tools, but this is my process! Thanks so much for asking! <3

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Not Langst today, my friends. Today I bring you ‘LaFluff’  :v 

Also, guess who hasn’t finish writing their other stories just to make a new one? That’s right, me. 

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In the contrary of everyone thinks, Lance is really shy and doesn’t like to talk about feelings. Yes, he may talk about a lot and say lots jokes, but feelings are a hard subject for him. He loves his friends, a lot, and would do anything for them. Anything but telling them ‘i love you’.

They started telling ‘i love you’ to each other thanks to a bonding exercise that Allura gave them to help them realise they were something more than just a team. Shiro and Hunk were the first one to say the words. Pidge followed not long after them and to eveyones surprise, Keith did too. 

But Lance never did. 

Lance loves all of them! He truly does! But everytime he tries to tells them those three little words, he frezees. 

Shiro and Hunk are always telling him ‘I love you’ and looks a little bit hurt when Lance says nothing back and just smile. Pidge and Keith looks disheartened and hurt as well. 

To be honest, Lance feels guilty. 

They never complained or pressure him, but he could see how it was affecting them. Lance felt thankful for to them for being so kind and patient, but he needed to find a way to express them without words how much he cared. He needed to let them know he loves them as much as they love him. 

Lance has always being an affectionate person, so his hugs and cuddles didn’t surprise his friends anymore. If he wanted to make a point, he needed to do something really special. 

Hunk was cooking when Lance arrived. They started talking and joking like usual. The only different thing was that Lance was being more clingy than other days. Not that Hunk minds at all, he enjoys being the one Lance looks for when he needs a hug or some kind of affection. But there was something different… Hunk could tell. He wasn’t sure what was it, but Lance was acting a bit different. A little fidgety. 

“Are you ok, buddy?” 

“Me? I’m fine, dude. Don’t worry.”

Lance helped him around the kitchen. Hunk gave him ony the easy tasks not wanting to take any risks. Lance was a terrible cook both on Earth and space. He learnt that the bad way. 

“Well, i think we’re done. I’ll tell the others the food is ready!” Before Hunk could leave the kitchen, Lance took him by the wrist. 

“Hunk, wait! I need to… To tell you… Show you something… I think.” He murmured.The yellow paladin looked at him with some confusion before finally understanding what his friend was trying to do. 

“You don’t have to say it, Lance. I can say it enough for the both of us, ok? Until your ready to say the words. No need to rush.” Lance’s eyes widden at this. Hunk chuckles. “I love you, so you don’t have to worry–”

Suddenly, a pair of lips were over his, and Hunk mind goes completely blank. It takes him a few seconds to finally comprehend what’s happening. 

Lance Mcclain was kissing him. 

The kiss was slow, sweet and full of tenderness. When they broke apart Lance gave him a soft smile and without any explanation, he left the kitchen. 

Hunk’s heart was beating fast. 


“… Wait, Lance?! What was that? Buddy?!” But Lance was already gone. 

Hunk spends the next few days trying to talk about what happened with Lance with no success.

He doesn’t know how, but instead of talking, they always ends up kissing. 

Hunk stops caring after a while. 

Pidge likes to work at night alone. She enjoys how quiet the castle is when everyone else is sleeping. It gives her time to think and to concentrate in some of her projects. Sometimes, Shiro arrives to try to convince to go to bed early or just to give her some company. Sometimes, instead of Shiro, is Hunk. Bringing her some midnight snacks. 

Tonight, to her surprise, it was Lance. This wasn’t something new. It was weird when he joined her, but it usually happened when he was feeling homesick or just lonely. 

“Hello, Pidgeotto. Mind if i stay here with you for a while?” He asked in a sleepy voice. Before Pidge could say ‘Yes’, Lance was already sitting beside her like he always did, but much closer. 

She didn’t complain though, she only looked at her friend with curious eyes before smiling at him softly. 

“Do you want to know what i’m working on?” 

“Enlighten me, tell me what fantastic stuff have you been doing.” Pidge laughs. 

“Sure you want to know? You know once i get started i don’t stop.”

“We have all night darling. I’m all ears.” 

Lance could be very talktive during the day, but when it was only the two of them, he would often encourage Pidge to talk about whatever she was working at the moment. Pidge noticed that when Lance was feeling down, he prefered to listen to others insteat of talking. 

Hours passes. And they are now laughing about some stupid little joke Pidge made about space. Lance was now hugging her from behind and his chin was resting on her shoulder. Pidge doesn’t feel uncomfortable with this new position but everytime Lance’s whipers near to her ear or his breath hits her neck she feels… Funny. Everything is too intimate, it isn’t like anything they’ve done before. 

Lance tightens his grip on Pidge and she sighs as she leans more on him. “I love you, Lance.” Her voice is small, but Lance is capable of listening the words thanks to how close they were. 

There’s a shift. And suddenly Lance was pulling apart from her. Pidge panics, thinking she messed up the moment. She turns to him, trying to say an apology but Lance was alredy kissing her. 

Unlike Hunk, Pidge reacts fast, and clings to Lance joining the kiss with eagerness. She doesn’t know what came over her or the reason behind Lance’s actions, but she was going to accept his show of affection. 

There’s no need to say, that from that night on, they kiss every time they have a chance.

Shiro knows there’s something going between Lance and Hunk. Everyone with eyes could see it. Their bond was stronger than ever and Shiro couldn’t be happier for them. He also knows Lance and Pidge have become closer. They talked more and spent more time together.

Shiro was proud of Lance. He had been worried for him since the bonding excersice Allura gave them. Shiro is not stupid, he knows Lance have his reasons for never returning their feelings.Yes, it surprised him. He was expecting something like from Pidge or Keith, never him. But he was understanding, everyone was. They did not pressure him or criticized him for anything, they all agreed to wait for Lance to feel comfortable with the situation. 

Still, it didn’t mean they weren’t hurt by his silent. Shiro tried and told the others not to let it show a lot, since he didn’t want to make Lance feel guilty or anything like that. But as more time passed the team grow more insecure thinking it was them the problem and that Lance truly didn’t want to be a part of Voltron. 

Thankfully, that was not the case. Lance was finally feeling comfortable around them again and that was a huge relief them. 

Shiro finds Lance in the hangars and a big smile draws on his face.

“Lance!” Shiro calls his name and the paladin jumps in surprise. 

“Shiro, hey! You scared me, what are you doing here?” 

“I wanted to talk with you for a bit.” 

“Oh… Did i do something wrong?” Shiro frowned at this. 

“What? No, of course not! I came to tell you how proud i am of you!” Lance’s eyes widened. “ You have strengthen your bond with Pidge and Hunk on your own way and you’ve been great on the battlefield. You have improved a lot, Lance. Your aim is amazing and you hand-to-hand combact is much better now, have you been practicing?”  

“I ha-have, umm, yeah, i have… y-you notice?” There was a soft blush on his cheeks. 

“Of course i did. Sorry if i didn’t comment it before. I’m glad to see your commitment. Just don’t strain yourself too much, ok? I don’t want you to get hurt in training. We need our sharpshooter protecting our backs.” 

Shiro was happy, and meant every word. Lance was improving, and he needed to know his efforts didn’t go unnotice. But his smile drop when he saw a few tears rolling down Lance’s face.

“What’s wrong buddy?”

Lance shook his head and hugged Shiro. “It’s nothing… ”

“Lance… You’re crying.” There was a murmur. “What was that, buddy? I didn’t catch that.”

“I said i’m happy… I thought… I dunno. I wasn’t good enough for Voltron, you know?” 

Shiro looked at Lance with disbelief. "What?”

“But having you here… Telling me i’ve been doing a good job… It’s reassuring. Sometimes i just… Doubt my position in the team and… I don’t know. I’m glad to know i’m doing something right. ” And Lance looked truly happy. Shiro cupped his face.

“Lance… I want you to listen to me. You are a big part of this team, you were already good enough.. You may not be strong as Hunk, or fast as Keith, but you are a great sharpshooter and can create awesome plans! You don’t to doubt you position in the team, but if it truly helps to make you feel better I tell you everyday how much i love you and what an important part you are to this team, ok?” 

The boy nodded. "Ok… ” Lance’s eyes were shining and looking at him with so much wonder that Shiro couldn’t help but blush and smile with fondness. 

“I love you…” When those words left Shiro’s lips, Lance launched himself to the black paladin. To seal their lips together and wrapping his arms around him.

Shiro was so surprised he didn’t even move. Lance broke the kiss, and they both stared at each other in silence. The look in Lance’s eyes was enough to make Shiro understand the meaning behind the kiss.

The words he couldn’t say were they, tingling on his lips.

They kissed again, and again and again. Always sweet, always soft. And sometimes, with their grip in each other strong.

Shiro quickly figures out what Lance has been doing with the other paladins.

He can’t truly complain when he enjoys so much of Lance’s special way of telling them 'I love you’.




Ok, i know you are wondering, “Where’s Keith part?” Well, i didn’t like it. So i decided to write it later. (it was becoming harder and harder to write for some reason????) 

So, i hope you like this. Love you all.  

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If have time can I get some Alex helping Thomas with his anxiety hcs, please?

I make time for my personal otps *-* 

  • Thomas doesn’t talk about a lot of his problems, he’s usually quiet (unless with Ham) so when he decides to not even talk to Alexander its troubling
  • Thomas gets most anxious when he has to face a crowd, Alexander purposely diffuses these settings by being the center of attention
  • Thomas just moves by thankful the spotlight isn’t on him
  • Alex tends to pull Thomas aside and gently hold his hand and jokingly tells him “Just imagine everyone is me, talk like you’re talking to me minus the insults” 
  • Alexander purposely picking (practiced or old) debates with Thomas, usually one that he’s got the upperhand in and lets Thomas ease himself into the social setting
  • Thomas gets to babble and impress the crowd like Alex had planned
  • If it can be helped, Thomas just stays away from crowds in general

He loves you all

Hey guys! It’s been a month since I joined the studyblr community and one of the things I love the most about it here are how cool n kind everyone is. So I thought it would be cool to give a lil shout-out to all the people that have had a part in my time here so far. I’m really thankful for all these people that I’ve been able to meet (or at least be inspired by lol) and I can’t wait to continue to meet and talk to you guys!! So without further ado, here’s my shout-out:

People who’ve inspired me from the beginning:
@rhubarbstudies @tbhstudying @focusign @elkstudies @acadehmic @emmastudies @eintsein @studypool @studypetals @stvdybuddies

Cool cats who I’ve gotten to know a lil:
@thestudyshifu @davey-croquette @kuroistudies @unicaffe @studytune @goldmildliner @idcstudies 

Faves I’m following: 
@gloomstudy @intcllectual @faetherial @secret-student-claire @castillos-co @izzystudies @nehrdstudies @z-oologystudy  @babyfangirlstudies @studybuddy3267 @juliasacads

Some awesome discords y’all should join:
@scholarcord studycord creatorcord and @bookishdiscord (i couldn’t find all the blogs for the cords but these people are gr8 and should still get a shoutout)

Other Faves:
@psyduckstudies @just-call-me-r @btsstudyblr @birdkostudies @aureatestudy @cytosine-to-my-guanine @forensicstudent @chasing-productivity @estudianding @catestudies @studybiologyis @realsmartialarts @bintahidra @melaniestudiesastronomy @studyquill @studyfeather @hoshi-studies @startrekstudies @kinstudies and so many more people!

Pls remember even if I didn’t mention you I still think you’re awesome and I’m glad you’re here. Also my messages and asks are always open if any of you want to talk. I hope you have a lovely day!

so i somehow managed to hit 4k followers the other day which is insane, thanks to everyone who follows me and puts up with my annoying ass, i love you all! i thought i’d do a little follow forever just to give a shoutout to my lovely mutuals and i wish i talked to you guys more because you’re all awesome but anyways here we go,

special shoutout to the loves of my life who idk what i’d do without:

@spacelightwood, @aleclighdwood, @ruinedbymagnusbane, @beauitfulfreak-blog

my other beautiful mutuals who i love a lot:

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I’m sorry i’ve been so quiet, friends. It’s been a rather rocky month and a bit for me but I’m trying my best to get better.

To Everyone Who Has Ever Taken The Time To Write Thoughtful, Sweet Messages To Me: 

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I have nearly 100 asks in my inbox now – I never know how to respond to them because every time it makes me so grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support. It may seem like I’m ignoring you, but I promise I’m not. I don’t know how to convey how much it means to me without coming off as a broken record. 

I also keep these messages to look over whenever I’m feeling my worst, which has admittedly been more often than not the past while. You’re all so wonderful and kind and I don’t know how you put up with my flaky self. It may not seem like you’re doing much, but trust me. You are. By taking that time to tell me such lovely things means more than I can put into words. Thank you seems to fall flat, but it’s all I can really muster.

You’re all incredible and again, thank you.


Taehyung Texting his foreign crush about a ‘surprise’ he’s going to ask her out when he comes to visit (request)

Another request! For the beautiful TaeTae. I’m planning on working on some more stuff over this week and posting some more so I hope you all look forward to it! AND YAY I reached 500 followers! Thank you all so much! I do love to talk to my followers SO EVERYONE! don’t be shy hit me up in my asks or my messages honestly I love talking to you all!

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Hi everyone, so I need a favor, see I had this blog with a friend, where I would write out the story and they would draw out the art for said story, but due to a fight w had I am no longer talking them, but I wrote the story already and don’t want it to go to waste, so I am looking for a whole bunch if artist to draw soem scenes for the story, is anyone is willing to do it lease contact me and in will be really gratefull
Thank you
Admin Griffin

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Could you give me a shout out? I created a dirty talk + Scenarios blog for bnha. @bokunohero-nsfw. Thank you. You have make me fangirl so much.

Sure thing lovely! Welcome in the fandom and thank you for your kind words <3

Everyone, if you want to check out a new BNHA blog, go right ahead =D

I’ve not grown up with Harry Potter. I must have been around 7 or 8 when I picked up Philosopher’s Stone, read a few chapters, and promptly got bored and never picked it up again. It wasn’t until a few years later when I got into Harry Potter. A part of me wishes that my 7 year old self carried on reading, that I could attend midnight book releases or even film premieres. Harry Potter might not have gotten me into reading, but Cursed Child got me into theatre. It’s so easy to feel isolated in this fandom when you’re younger than everyone and haven’t grown up with this series. But among many millions, I can’t thank JK Rowling enough for all that’s she’s created. Cursed Child affirmed my love for tis series even more, and allowed me to talk to other fans and even meet up with them at the Palace Theatre. And that’s beautiful. This play has given so many of us life-long friends, and allowed us to connect with others on a deeper level that wasn’t really possible with the books or the films.

Here’s to 20 years of Philosopher’s Stone; the beginning of the journey that has shaped many of our lives.

a bit of an update - i believe my mother was very drunk and also grieving over having to put my dog down when she said she was kicking me out at the end of the month. we’ve talked about school a few times and she said today she was taking me off the lease as a resident but i’m still on as an occupant since i’l be going to school so i think things will be okay. thank you so much to everyone for reaching out to me, i truly didn’t know what i was going to do but i cannot thank you guys enough for showing me your love and support during the worst time of my life right now. i love yall

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I wish everyone could see that we should all get along, regardless of favorites. I'm sorry that you had to go through that : ' (

You’re absolutely right anonny! The reason why games/shows have a unique cast of characters is because not every person likes the same character. I guess some people feel the need to degrade others for having different opinions then their own. Oh well, this is the first ‘hate’ I’ve received. But it’s not too bad knowing that people like you support me and for that, I thank you anonny!! ^^

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what has changed in your life since you started the connor project?

“I- I have a girlfriend, for the first time in my life- who likes me for who I am, which is just wild- and it seems that some people actually want to um, talk to me for once- and I’ve been getting so many thank you messages from everyone who the project has helped. It makes me really happy that I’ve been able to help others realize that they aren’t alone-”

i’m safe <3 thank you so much to everyone who talked to me u mean the world to me and i’m so sorry i keep stumbling

i’ll pick myself back up, but i might need some help along the way <3 

i love you all



I just woke up, I quickly checked Tumblr, and then I saw this… How to say…


I began to post less than two months ago and you are already so many ?

You are amazing ! I want to speak with everyone and discover so much more about you ! Never hesitate to come and speak, I love meeting new persons, talking about everything, I already do it with some of you, but everyone is interesting and has a lot to teach to others.

If you have any question you would like to ask me, about anything you want to know, do it, I will answer back.

Have a nice and sweet day, you made mine ♥

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So a week ago I had asked you about the fic thihv. It was sooo amazing and now I feel the need to thank you for recommending it.

!!!! I’m glad!!!!! :DD tbh I thought magisterpavus was one of the authors everyone and their mothers knew LMAO,, but since now I know it’s not I’m self hijacking this post to PSA: magisterpavus’s works are amazing and if you haven’t read them and I haven’t recc’d them, consider them recc’d :-0c

Stop saying "kweer" 2k17

Seriously guys it makes fun of queer IDing people. It devalues my identity. That’s not cool at all.

Ace discoursers, you’re trying to aim it towards people you view as cishet. Though it’s harming people who by your standards aren’t cishet.

Please stop. It’s not cool. It’s not funny. It’s harmful to people who aren’t straight and/or cis.