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Can we talk about Tony feeling really unwanted? With the "rebuilt" Avengers after CW? They show him he's not wanted and disliked. They throw in mean quips all the time. And they have to act like a team again, so they are sitting at the dinner table and they are all talking and laughing and Tony wants to cry with how unwanted and hated he feels. His stomach turning, he has a lump in his throat, his eyes keep watering. He doesn't remember a time when he felt this unwanted and out of place.

Thank you for breaking my heart and stomping on the shards, anon. (And I’m not saying that sarcastically because I really love this headcanon but also ouch! My poor, poor baby!!)

Because it’s just so easy to imagine, you know? To think that Tony–who’s known from the beginning that he wasn’t wanted, that he’s been on the outside of a group he desperately wanted to belong to, that he’s been the add-on everyone tolerates because there’s just no better alternative–struggles with the reunion of the old team.

What the media called ‘Civil War’ was in mostly an argument between a small, super-powered group of people–but it was a vicious one. It was personal, right from the start, always more about them and their own issues than the fate of the world. And maybe that’s why they can’t just- go back from that. They’ve crossed lines with each other–against each other–that can’t be taken back, no matter how much they like to pretend otherwise.

And some of them don’t even bother pretending all that hard.

There are Clint’s consistent jokes, no longer designed to be anything but cutting and tearing as deep as possible. There are Steve’s constant critiques and questions that wear on Tony in a way they didn’t used to. There are Wanda’s hateful glares that–have not changed much at all. There are Sam’s dark expressions whenever Rhodey’s name is mentioned. The list goes on.

To be fair, it’s not just them who’ve changed. It’s Tony too. Tony who can’t hear anything but insults in every word Clint says. Tony who can barely stand being in the same room with Steve, never mind looking at him. Tony doesn’t dare turning his back on any of them, jumps when someone enters without him noticing, then pretends to brush off the mocking his reaction ears him. It’s not as easy as it used to be though (and it was never easy to begin with).

 He can’t sleep, jerks awake from nightmares with a painfully racing heart whenever he manages to get a few hours of sleep. Pretends he doesn’t notice the mocking his make-up gathers. Stays out of the compound whenever possible, takes long business trips and attends every meeting possible. Doesn’t join team dinners unless Steve bullies him into it–and yes, it’s bullying, there’s nothing nice about it, he thinks in one of his rare, spiteful moments. Spite costs energy though, and that’s something Tony finds himself increasingly lacking.

Out in the field they’re a disaster. Well, not all of them. Steve and Barnes are an amazing team, and Clint and Natasha know each other to well not to be. Sam does a good job and Wanda is getting better and better at working in a team. Tony on the other hand… Well. He still can’t seem to bring himself to turn his back on any of them. Has a panic attack more than once and would’ve undoubtedly died or worse, gotten someone else killed, if FRIDAY didn’t have basic emergency access to the suit. Ducks away from Steve’s shield instead of catching it like he’s supposed to. Knocks away Barnes’ gun once. Pulverises a couple of Clint’s arrows that fly into his direction (he doesn’t check whether they would’ve hit him. He doesn’t want to know).

The team–if you can still call it that with Rhodey, Bruce and Vision all no longer a part of it–is slowly beginning to pick up the pieces and learn how to become the new Avengers they’ve been pretending to be for a while now. Except–Tony can’t. He can’t do that. He can’t get back into what he (never really) had, can’t build something new with the too familiar pieces. Can only watch the team, his team, become stronger, better, without him.

The Avengers don’t need him anymore. They show it, prove it, say it everyday, if not always in quite these words. Maybe they never did, Tony thinks, and refuses to cry for an end he’s always known would come eventually.


“If we’re together, I’m sure we can go to all corners of the earth… “

Night Bugs on a Rainy Street
-Yonezu Kenshi

Tribute to @yoralim‘s AU– Echotale! I love the relationship between the characters, it’s like they’re best friends and lovers at the same time–and G is hilarious pffftt

Everything about this AU is amazingly beautiful so… Go read all her stuff!

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"My lovebird came back for me" ARE YOU TRYING TO RIP OUT MY HEART AND STOMP ON IT??? Thanks, Luce. Thanks a lot. (but on a side note I love your writing and it's going to be the death of me)

I mean, just a little?

Remember Us Pt. 2

“He’s back.”

“Y/N was pissed at the game.”

“They’re back together.”

“Calum Hood is totally fucking hot, like Y/N is an ungrateful little shit.”

You rolled your eyes at the rumors and rubbed your temples lightly to relieve a bit of the stress, “Why is this happening to me”, you whispered.

“Hey Y/N”, a voice said, “I heard Calum’s back.”

You looked up and found Kayla, a catty girl in one of your classes, looking down at you as you ate your lunch.

“Hello Kayla, yes he is back”, you deadpanned, “Is there a point to your statement?”

She shrugged, “Just wondering if the rumors were true”, she took a seat across from you, “Everyone says you had an argument after the game, is that true?”

You raised your eyebrows pretending to be shocked and surprised, “Oh wait…yeah we did”, you said with sarcasm, “It’s no one’s business but ours and he had to make it public. As usual, it had to be about him.”

“Where is he”, Kayla asked, obviously trying to get some gossip.

“Honestly Kayla, you didn’t give a shit about me until this happened. I have friends, I didn’t want to sit with them today because I want to think, what makes you think I want you to sit here”, you asked bluntly.

She scoffed, “Make me move”, she crossed her arms, trying to challenge you.

You rolled your eyes and stood up, “We’re getting way too old for this shit”, you grumbled before walking out of the cafeteria and onto the quad, near the fence. You sat up against the fence and let out a long awaited yell of frustration, “I hate that stupid Calum Hood.”

“I didn’t do shit to you Y/N”, you heard a disgustingly familiar voice say.

You turned your head and found Calum standing on the other side of the fence, “What do you want from me Calum?”

“I want you to be with me! I didn’t mean to hurt you, I never meant to break you”, his voice softened, “I would never hurt you.”

“Well you did hurt me, Calum. I’m no longer broken, I’m as good as new and I feel like a better person. I’d actually like to thank you for making me the person that I am today, without that heartbreak I would still be an innocent little dandelion drifting with the wind”, you explained, “So thank you Calum Thomas Hood for breaking my heart, stomping on it, and shoving it in my face by coming back.”

“I never meant for this to happen”, he sighed while throwing his self against the fence to mimic the position you were in.

You rolled your eyes before getting comfortable again, “I just wish I would’ve gotten a call or something, to know that you were okay. I wish I hadn’t found out you were in a band because people on Tumblr are in love with you”, you tried not to let your heart break again.

“Y/N, I said I was sorry and I wish you hadn’t found out that way either”, you could feel his back against yours through the fence.

“We all have wishes and dreams, not all of them come true”, you let out a dry chuckle, “I wish you would’ve stayed where you were and left me alone.”

@renegade-salt All done! Thanks for stomping on my heart :’)

Sorry the end is kinda cringey, I was running out of steam :P

Keith had been feeling irritable and queasy for a while- almost the whole day, if he thought about it.

But this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He asked, incredulous as he glanced from the keys to Shiro and back again.

“No, why would I-” Shiro frowned, hands shoved in the pockets of his uniform slacks. “I’m being serious.” After a few more seconds of Keith staring at him, he tilted his head slightly to the side. “What’s wrong?”

“You can’t just say something like that, right before you disappear,” Keith told him, trying to control his voice- a failing endeavor.

Shiro’s brows drew together in confusion. “What, that I want you to have the bike?”

“No!” Keith almost stomped his foot. “Yes! ‘Take care of it if I don’t come back’? What the hell, Shiro?”

He glanced to their right, where a few officers were milling about, looking over at them to see what the ruckus was about. “Keith, I thought- I thought you knew the risks, when I told you that I was-”

“Of course I know the risks,” He snapped. “This isn’t about that!”

“Okay, then what’s-?”

“It’s about you leaving!” Keith balled his fists, the metal of the keys biting into his palm. “Like you’re happy to go, like this is normal, like- God, Shiro, you can’t just throw out something like that so casually!”

He looked around again as more officers started to take notice of their conversation. “Keith, I’m sorry, but-”

“You’re sorry?” Keith repeated. “If you were sorry, then you’d-” He cut himself off abruptly. “You know what? Forget it.” He dropped the keys at his feet and turned on his heel, refusing to argue when his anger was already simmering, so close to boiling over. If he stayed there any longer, he was afraid he’d cause a bigger scene, or worse, cry.

“Keith,” Quick footsteps alerted him to Shiro’s pursuit. “Keith, wait,”

He reacted on impulse when Shiro grabbed his arm, swinging around to push him back, hard. “No! You don’t get to tell me to wait! I’ll do enough of that when you’re gone, Shiro-”

“You think this isn’t hard for me, too?” Shiro surprised him by shouting back. “You think I want to go without you? I don’t, Keith!”

It took a few long seconds to recover, but Keith managed to respond with, “You could’ve fooled me,” before trying to walk away again.

“No, Keith,” Shiro followed still. “Don’t make me leave like this. Keith, don’t make me leave like this,”

He spun on him, one last time, forcedly cold and detached so that he could keep himself together. “Go. I don’t care.”

Shiro had tears in his eyes, a sight that nearly tore down the cadet’s facade. “Keith, you don’t mean that…”

He didn’t, but it was the only thing keeping him from having a full on breakdown, and he refused to let Shiro see that.

“I do,” He answered harshly. “You brought this on us. On yourself.”

Shiro didn’t follow when he started to stalk away again, just called after him, “Keith,” Then louder, “Keith!” When that didn’t work, he pulled rank for one of the first times since they’d become friends. “Kogane!

Keith paused, barely five feet away. His eyes burned.

“I hate you,” He said over his shoulder, then finished sarcastically, throwing a name of his own back in Shiro’s face, in blatant disregard of his position. “Takashi.”

(requests are still open !)

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the CW and Arrowverse community for basically stomping on my heart three nights in a row. 

“What we do best – us, together – you’d sacrifice that?”

I’ve only just noticed the minuscule nod Jack gives in response, which is probably worse than letting his silence speak for him, argh.

Also, how much do I adore Phryne for refusing to compromise herself, and Jack for respecting her too much to ask it of her.

Thorn and Flame part 9

(part 8)


Before the trimester ended, Enna took her plan to the next step.

Max continued to be suspicious of her nice girl act, which she kept up with even after he foiled her attempt at ruining his grades. She still encouraged him and helped him with his homework, and it was all he could do to keep acting normal in her presence. Something told him that letting her know he was aware of her scheme was the worst possible thing he could do.

Tali, smug as she was, wasn’t very much help at this point. As they drew closer to the end of her first trimester, the classwork pressure finally started to pile on, leaving her too stressed and distracted to focus on what Enna was really up to. Journey, meanwhile, couldn’t figure out anything about Enna’s luck charm beyond the fact that there was in fact a trace of magic in it. He and Max were also falling victim to the extra loads of work, which didn’t help at all.

On top of that, Max’s luck with his job seemed to be getting worse and worse. After a stressful two weeks covering for coworkers who’d been fired or couldn’t make it in, his shifts were suddenly cut, leaving him with a paycheck just barely big enough to take care of his bills.

“The universe is out to get me,” he moaned to Journey one late evening during a study session.

“Stop being overdramatic,” Journey replied without even looking up from his laptop screen.

“I mean it. Everything’s been weird since…” Max trailed off. “And lately things just keep getting worse. I am…so tempted to just run away, sometimes.”

"Running away never solves any problems,” came the response.

Journey didn’t notice the odd look Max gave him. Max didn’t say anything else for a while.

It was an unassuming Friday afternoon when Max realized he’d underestimated Enna. He was called in to a meeting with the dean, something that made him uneasy for two reasons. Firstly and more immediately, because he had to call in to work and get someone else to take his shift. Secondly and more worryingly, because it felt uncomfortably like a similar meeting he’d gone through only eight months earlier.

Stepping into the office, he felt a chill of dread shoot up and down his spine. Mr Stern was there. So was Enna.

“Thank you for coming, Mr Oliver,” said Ms Sparrow.

“No problem,” he lied. “What’s this about?”

The door closed behind Max with the firm thud of solid wood, and a click like the trigger of a gun being pulled.

“Some unusual behavior has been brought to my attention,” said Ms Sparrow. She drew Max’s gaze to the surface of her desk and, as he watched, she placed a single item there: the little black flashdrive he’d given Mr Stern.

“Roughly two weeks ago, as I’ve been told, Mr Stern approached you about assignments you hadn’t been turning in. You gave him this.”

Max nodded. “Yes.” He already didn’t like where this was going.

“Maybe you can explain why nobody apart from Mr Stern is able to look at the contents of this flashdrive.”

Max swallowed. He definitely didn’t like where this was going.

“That kind of enchantment requires a level of magic that we know for a fact you don’t possess,” she added. “In fact, it requires a type of magic that we highly discourage our students from using.”

Unable to think of a defense, with his mind racing up toward the point of panic, Max said the only thing he could think of.

"Enna set me up.” The words spilled out of his mouth, and he instantly regretted them, but now that he’d made the accusation he had to go forward with it. “She’s the teacher assistant. She deleted all my files and kept Mr Stern from seeing them. What else was I supposed to do?”

All eyes turned to Enna, who put on a face of shock and betrayal.

“I would never do something like that! Mr Stern, Ms Sparrow, you know how hard I’ve worked to get here! I wouldn’t do anything to risk losing this job!”

"Relax, Miss Pranke,” said Ms Sparrow. “I believe you, especially considering the additional evidence you’ve provided us.”

Max thought his heart might have skipped a beat in its haste. ‘Additional evidence’ sounded like a very bad thing. His breath stopped coming for a moment when he saw the second item the dean placed on her desk.

“Normally I would discourage snooping in other people’s belongings,” she shot a glance at Enna, who had the decency to at least appear ashamed, “but I’m told the two of you are friends, and the nature of this object is far more concerning.”

She unfolded the black silken square, revealing the golden summoning circle stitched onto it. Some of the threads were stained a darker brown.

“We’ve confirmed that this is your blood on this circle, and that it is recent. You know our policy regarding demons, Mr Oliver. Eight months ago, I believe, we had another discussion on this subject.”

“Yes, we did,” Max admitted. There was nothing else he could say. He was guilty - this time, at least - and everyone in the room knew it.

“Furthermore, there is the nature of this circle. It isn’t in any of our sources, yet it is clearly a circle for the demon known as Alcor. Where did you get it?”

Closing his eyes, Max took a long, shaky breath. They would know if he lied about this. He was screwed no matter what he said or did, so he might as well be honest.

“Alcor gave it to me.”

He wasn’t quite expecting the degree of shock that showed on the dean’s face. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Mr Stern shaking his head ever so slightly, and he could only imagine the satisfaction Enna was feeling.

Finally Ms Sparrow said, “If you have any other magical items on your person, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to show them to me.”

Max very nearly swore aloud. The ring was still in his pocket. The ring that was also a gift from Alcor, that contained a brutish weapon, that he himself had activated with his own blood and used to beat down several people. The situation simply could not get any worse.

He slipped a hand into his pocket, and handed the ring to Ms Sparrow.

“Since you’re going to ask anyway, that’s from Alcor too. But I’d feel much more comfortable talking about it without her,” he jerked his head in Enna’s direction, “in the room.”

Ms Sparrow gazed at his face for a moment, then nodded. “Miss Pranke, you’re excused.” Enna left, with a disgruntled huff, and Ms Sparrow said to Max, “Please explain this.”

So Max explained, beginning with a recap of the events of the previous winter. He explained that he had never intended to get involved with demons of any sort; that he was only taking demonology because continued involvement with Alcor was inevitable by no fault of his own; that he knew he was in a messed up situation and there didn’t seem to be much he could do about it.

He related the events of the beginning of the summer, how he and Journey had been kidnapped by a very cult-like group, and how they had only survived because of Max’s ties to Alcor. He explained that the weapon hidden within the ring was only for self-defense in case he found himself in another situation like that one.

Ms Sparrow listened calmly, nodded understandingly, and when Max was finished finally said, “Could you tell me why this particular demon has formed this attachment with you?”

Max bit his lip for a moment. “He told me that I’m…a reincarnation of someone who was important to him.” It sounded ridiculous when he said it like that, but Ms Sparrow considered it with complete seriousness.

At last she straightened up a little in her chair, took a breath, and said, “I’ll admit that your circumstances are unique, at least in my experience, but I’m afraid our policy still stands. With clear evidence that you have been dealing with demons for school-related purposes, and a confession from yourself on top of that, I have no choice but to take action. A first strike results in suspension; since you’ve now received two strikes, and admitted to dodging the first by doing the very thing you would have been suspended for, the punishment is expulsion.”

"What! But…Please! Please, I need this!”

"I’m sorry, Mr Oliver. Rules are rules. Please collect your personal things and return any school property you possess.” She handed the summoning circle and the ring back to Max, and dismissed him.

Enna was waiting outside, just a short distance down the hallway. By the look on her face, Max had no doubt that she knew exactly what had just happened.

“Satisfied?” he said bitterly.

She shrugged. “I really didn’t want to have to do that. But since you so cleverly ruined my plan to get you out of just the one class, I didn’t have much choice.”

Max pushed Enna against the wall, and pinned her there by her shoulders. “What is your problem? It’s just a fucking demonology class! Do you have any idea what you just cost me?”

Enna’s eyes narrowed, but her mouth turned up in a creepy little smile. “I’m trying to keep you from doing anything foolish, Max. Everyone else may have forgotten about that first little incident, but I never did. Of course I knew who that demon was when I banished it from the apartment. I panicked at first. But then I realized you were in trouble, and I knew I was the only person who could help you.” Her expression changed to a pout. “Please don’t hate me for trying to save you.”

I never needed saving,” Max nearly growled at her. “At least not from Alcor.” But then his blood ran cold as another voice echoed in his mind. An older voice, masculine and sickeningly self-satisfied. “I’ve been asked to save you,” the voice in his memory said. His grip on Enna’s shoulders loosened.

You. You’re the one who sent them after me…”

Enna’s pout became even more sad, and tears pooled in her eyes. “I don’t know what happened. I spent so much time wondering how you escaped while everyone else there died…A lot of good people died, Max.”

“They tried to kill me.”

"You should have let them save you!”

“That was never going to happen because I never needed saving!

Enna laughed, a mad laugh that rang in his ears and echoed down the hallway as tears spilled down her face. She pushed his hands away and stumbled a few steps. “I still can’t give up on you. I won’t. I promise. Alcor may have claimed you, but he can’t keep you forever.” The hopeful smile she gave him sent yet another chill running down his spine, before she turned and walked away.

That Loneliness

A submission by @caekliek

A/N: I decided to keep Kana’s mother unknown to the reader because I wanted the reader to decide the mother. I hope it isn’t too confusing!

Kana’s mother was very sweet indeed. The mother would always visit Kana no matter what happened. The war never stopped them from their love. Same thing goes with Corrin. He was a great father indeed, he cherished his family so much. All three of them were so happy together. Nothing could ever break them apart, not even this dreadful war.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!” Yelled Kana as she ran outside to jump in her arms.

“Ah my sweet baby girl! How are you?” The mother replied back in a cheerful tone.

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i hadn’t realized jane espenson had written the episode?? now it makes sense