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IronHawk (Part Twelve)

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This is a long chapter, but an important one because it sets off the rest of the fic, and YIKES I’m sorry about the angst you guys. This one is rough.

If you need to catch up, Chapters 1-11 are HERE.

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Tony had wanted space so that’s what Clint gave him.
After a week of Clint not even approaching the lab, Tony finally started coming upstairs again to eat. The rest of the team knew something was up with the mated pair, but the one time Wilson had tried to comment on it, Natasha had sent him such a fierce glare that he had picked up his plate and fled.

Clint always ate at the couch, with Natasha close by, and Tony and Bruce always ate at the kitchen table with Steve and Pepper and the rest of the team.

Tony had started having panic attacks any time he thought about the situation, anytime anything got him too worked up, so Bruce was never far off to keep him level or bring him back down.

If Clint or anyone else noticed Bruce so close to the omega all the time, they never said a word.

After a time of just that, just the bare minimum of interaction, Tony began participating in the movie nights with the team again. He started attending the nights out, when the whole team went to a concert or to dinner. He even started allowing people back into the lab, started designing gear again and things slowly moved back to a semblance of normal.

Clint never went along on the team activities. Didn’t join them in the living room for movie nights. Never set foot in the lab at all. He was determined to give Tony as much space as he needed until the Omega was ready to talk. And sometimes Tony would notice him and smile the tiniest bit, but most of the time he ignored him, choosing to spend all his time close to Banner. Clint tried to deal with it, tried not to let everything about the situation upset him.

But after several weeks of it, several weeks of pitying looks from the team members and apologetic glances from Bruce, Clint started withdrawing even more, to the point of almost always being gone on solo missions, not even eating with the team, and rarely sleeping in the tower if he could avoid it.

And it worked for a while, until Tony went into heat.

He locked himself in his penthouse, and sealed the elevator up to it, with strict instructions to JARVIS that no one be allowed in.
Clint flew to Tony’s balcony, and sat outside his room, banging his head against the locked glass door and pleading with his Omega to let him in.
Tony sobbed from the other side, and told JARVIS to black out the windows.

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Natalie! Do you have any other Harry fanfics to recommend? I've read all the ones in your rec list hahaha

Thank you for specifying that you have gone through my rec list ALRIGHT OKAY here are some fics that are not on my official rec list that I have either started reading since or have been meaning to read that have been updating recently/are complete (if I get any of the details in the following summaries wrong writers my apologies pls let me know and I will remedy this)

(also, here is an incredible list Natasha made for Harry’s birthday of a ton of Harry fics for yr perusal)

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@fanficallergy: I decided to create a new post because this thread was getting long. I hope you don’t mind me chiming in; I think/hope you won’t because you’d tagged me in one of your replies. And I’m thankful you did. 

I’m so sorry that someone- anyone- felt they had the right to think, much less say, that you should kill yourself. When I first posted Mile High to, the very first comment I got was “fuckin shit kill you'r self.” It does’t matter how many times I have reported it to or how many emails I have sent them, unanswered. There it stands, on the record, the first of eighteen comments. Telling me something I struggle not to think every single day. So I understand, truly, as someone who has been told that online and who struggles from exhausting depression, what that feels like. 

I can’t tell you what to do or not to do, and I wouldn’t want to. It’s not my place. But I do have my own view on things- and why I’m still here, why I’m still on tumblr, why I’m still alive- that I’d like to share. 

Someone was an asshole to me a few weeks ago, and I blogged about it. Someone reblogged my post- great! But when I looked at the tags, she was basically like, “Sorry, but this isn’t real life. Well, no. It isn’t. 

But it is. 

We conduct our interactions here through a series of 1s and 0s, basically. We can’t see each other’s faces. We can’t actually hug each other, roll eyes at someone, flip them the bird when they’ve pissed us off. There’s lunch tables stocked with cool kids and mean girls and nerds and stoner goths and drama queens and every type of person or clique you could imagine, and then, making this a whole lot messier, there’s the sociopaths raging around the lunchroom with impunity trying to terrorize all of us as we go about our business of trying to eat our fucking lunches. Sometimes we have to walk away from it just to collect ourselves. 

But you can’t walk away from something that isn’t real. 

Social media is a new form of society. You could look at society and say it’s toxic, but really I think it’s just imperfect. Our fandom is the same way. 

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