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oh my goodness your art has me absolutely smitten; it is most positively resplendent. thank you for shining the spotlight on jaune and male members of the cast, they have certainly earned better treatment within the community in spite of some of their upbringings. bless your soul, dear - all you bring are miracles โค

man im literally just a big gay i havent done much to deserve ya'lls nice words

*snorts* 😂😂😂

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“most idols don’t even work hard, they have everything handed to them bc of their famous companies”

ok but when william said butterfly effect everything made sense to me.

just like in the trailer, sana has caused almost everything in the show to happen.

if not for sana, eva would not have felt pressure to hook up with the senior boys, may not have gone to the penatrators party, would not have hooked up with chris, which means her and jonas may have not broken up and she may not have been able to find herself the way she has.

if not for sana, noora would not have joined the russebuss. therefore, she wouldn’t have become close with vilde, wouldn’t have witnessed william being a dick, wouldn’t have felt the need to go on a date with william so he would be nicer to vilde, wouldn’t have dated william.

if not for sana, isak would not have gone to the kosegruppe meeting, would not have met even there, would likely have not dated even, could quite possibly still be in the closet.

i mean come on, sana runs this bitch and has driven every season from the start, which is why the trailer makes so much sense. we were trying to figure out what the trailer would mean for this season, when in actuality her effect on everyone has been happening since the very beginning.