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Thank You!

@hellagayaf4dayz , @stennnn06, @elliotdrawpls, and @ anyone else who shared Katie McGrath content from the Supergirl finale premiere.

You all are awesome! ❤️💛💙

Lowkey felt Iike I went to the premiere too and basked in Katie’s amazing presence, haha.

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$500,000 - New Stretch Goal

AND ALREADY AT $446,000 - fellow Adventuresses (and Adventurers) this is incredible!

From Every Cloud Productions (edited for length):
It’s so wonderful to see the power of the Miss Fisher fan base in action!

As a thank you, and as promised, we’ve added a specially designed crowdfunding poster to our rewards list AND as our bonus item, we’ll add storyboard designs of one of the scenes in the film as part of the BTS production updates in Tier 4 ($50)*.  

We’re not done yet though! If we reach $500,000 we will…add an extra scene between Phryne and Jack into the script especially for our crowdfunding fans!! If you’ve already contributed – thank you so much – but please continue to share the campaign so we can reach our new goal.

*We can’t update the current rewards listing to include mention of the storyboard scene designs but it will be added to your rewards package automatically.

Huge Kudos to the team who have done a tremendous job keeping up with all of the questions and updates these past four days! 

Keep spreading the word, it is wonderful to see the fandom re-ignited with all of this excitement, speculation and planning - (so many of us are gearing up to head to Australia either next year for filming or the year after for the premiere!)

Sharing Nathan’s thank you message and this photo, for reasons….

Dunno if Disney has made an official announcement or if anyone has made a post about this yet, but it seems that Ducktales 2017 might be officially airing on Disney Channel on November 4th in the UK, according to DisneyLife.

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Thanks for sharing the info from the premiere episode :) Do you have any other information to share - like do they get the team back in this first episode and do we hear the vows or is it a flashback. It's ok if you don't want to find out before it airs

I didn’t want to spoil it all for myself and in combination with that, I need to be able to sleep better knowing my otp is okay, lmao.

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*SPOILER!!!* Second clip from Ep. 3 : fucking stupid redhead bully guy comes to Rae and says something like "Hey there mad girl, can you break the fire alarm for me?" and he sees she has a plastic bag and asks her what's in it. Then Stacey Stringfellow and her gang show up. Stacey tells redhead guy to piss off and leave Rae alone. He leaves. Then Stacey says to Rae : "you alright? you're Chloe's friend right?" she's her guardian angel basically. That's it.

Ok… I wonder what is that Stacey up to!!

I have this little extract from an interview Sacha Parkinson did a few months ago and talked about her character in MMFD.

“I’m also working on the upcoming series of My Mad Fat Diary on E4 at the moment, which is set in the 90s and that is my favourite era of all time. I really think I should have been a teenager in the 90s. I love everything about it. The clothes are awesome and the music. I play a girl called Stacey Stringfellow – which sounds like a stripper’s name – and she’s a proper b*tch. She’s the most manipulative character I’ve ever come across and it’s ace because I’ve never had to play someone like that before. I’ve based her on a couple of people I knew at school!” (X)

I can only imagine the things she has planned. I think this might be the reason why Jodie Comer has that amazing scene Sharon talked about in one of the pre-premiere videos.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! you’re the besssssssst


I received this heartwarming message this morning on Facebook from Felix and he was kind enough to agree to allow me to share it with all of you. I hope he gets to see his family soon. And this is a photo of him with his grandmother, who is 88 years old, just about the same age as Mako and Bolin’s grandmother! And no, Felix, you didn’t waste my time. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Mr. Di Martino, First of all congratulations for the premiere of the book 3 of Legend of Korra and second sorry for my broken English, I’m from Argentina so English isn’t my first language.

I have to be sincere here, i love all the seasons with Aang, book 1 of Korra was cool, book 2 was so-so for me (please don’t kill me for saying that) and i was ready for book 3 when something happen… I was watching the 3rd episode: “The Earth Queen” and i cried a lot with the subplot of Mako and Bolin with their family from Ba Sing Se. Since I’m in college studying graphic design i wasn’t able to visit the family of my mother in Paraguay, my uncles, aunts, cousins and my grandmother. They live in a rural area that doesn’t have a lot of money or technology so looking at Mako and Bolin’s family was like looking directly to my family, I even think that we have the same number of family members!.

The hug between Bolin and Mako with their grandmother made me cry, it was something that I really want to do right now with my own grandmother, usually I feel sympathy for characters but it was the first time i feel identified with cartoon characters. That chapter was something really special for me and if I became a professional artist and I create a comic, animation or videogame, I hope that I will be able to reach people the same way you guys did with me. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to pass all my finals at college next month and go at least one week to Paraguay to visit my family there.

Well, that’s all; I wanted to thank you, Mr. Konietzko and the others in the crew for the amazing work over the years and for let me have this special moment thanks to Avatar. I hope one day I will able to repay you all for this in some way in the future. Thanks again and sorry for wasting your time, Felix Horacio “Horade” De Vicenzo.


Matthew last night at the premiere of Suburban Gothic (Thanks Vanessa for sharing)


Matthew dancing last night at Suburban Gothic screening. (Thanks Vanessa for sharing)


Matthew Gray Gubler at Q&A after Suburban Gothic Premiere (Thanks Mickie for sharing)