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Hello! I wanted to send this ask off anon but i am kinda shy. I follow your blog since i saw your Murdoc drawings and i wanted to say that i completely love how you capture his essence. He's my favorite member of Gorillaz and i just want to thank you for making such amazing art, being it original creations or fan art. You inspire me a lot and now i want to make my own art blog too!

Thank you so much for contacting me! Thats ok if your shy, it makes me so happy to talk with you guys in any way. I’m glad that I can do a good job of portraying him because lord knows he’s my favorite character too! And as or the art blog, you totally should!! As Murdoc said himself-”There’s some advice for the next generation. If there’s a dream in your heart, never let anyone tell you you’ve got no talent. Get out there, embarrass yourself, and prove to the world you’ve got no talent. And then give up. ‘Cause not everyone can be a genius like me.” I think that about says it lololol

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I believe that Sherlock texts Irene about John a lot. And for some reason I like to think that Sherlock texted her after he got out of the hospital about how John saved him and that's why she texted back.

I think the same. The conversations usually goes like this:

I : Have you told him yet?

S : Told him what? 

I : You dumbass.You are so pathetic.

I : Happy birthday you gay nerd.

S : Do me a favour.

I : No I can’t send John ‘I love you’ from you. That shit doesn’t work like that . 

S :Send me a text on exactly *this* time.

I : ooohh playing the jealous card you nasty fucko.

S : will you do it?

I : Consider it done.

S : thank you.

I : Tell John today that you are hungry okay ? :>

S : stfu


    You hadn’t meant to do it. Certainly not when Dean was within earshot. But it was right there, eight-legged and on your damn desk, and it had to go. Even if you already knew you’d never hear the end of it as you heard Dean’s boots thundering down the hallway.

     “Y/N?!” Dean called, bursting through your door with his gun raised. The eldest Winchester gave the room a quick once-over and then settled his gaze on you, assessing for damage with frantic eyes. He lowered his gun just the slightest bit. “Y/N? What happened? … Are you okay?”

     You smiled sheepishly at Dean and walked forward, pulling the gun from his calloused fingers with a gentle tug. “I’m okay, it’s just – uh …”

     “What? What’s wrong?”

      There was no apparent danger and you’d already dropped the gun on the bed, but Dean’s voice was still edged with concern. So you stepped aside and wordlessly pointed at the desk.

     The look Dean shot back would make Lucifer himself quiver in his boots.

     “A spider?” he said calmly. “You screamed because of a spider?”

     “It’s a big spider.”

     “It’s the size of my pinky nail!”

     “Yeah, well, you have fat fingernails …”

     Dean just rolled his eyes and reached for your desk with his bare hand, intending to solve your bug problem, but you caught his wrist mid-swing and stopped him from crushing the eight-legged pest.

     “Wait, you need to use a tissue!” you cried.

     His eyebrows knit together. “Why?”

     “Because you’ll get spider guts on you!”

      “So?” Dean just stared at you blank-faced. “Y/N, you do realize you’re a hunter, right? You’ve been covered in monster bits more times than I can count. How is this any different?”

     “Because this is spider guts, Dean! Spider guts.”

     “… And?”

     “Spiders are the spawn of Satan!”

     “Okay, we’ve met Satan and I don’t think -”

     “Satan, I tell you! Satan!”

     You ran across the room and quickly pulled a Kleenex from the box on your nightstand, passing it to Dean and backing up a step in case he missed his target. A motion he noted, if his raised eyebrows were any indication, which only served to make him look even less impressed.

     “Okay. I’m killing the spider,” Dean said, holding up the Kleenex for you see, “with a tissue.” You opened your mouth to speak but he cut you off before you could, already knowing exactly what you were going to say. “And I won’t miss.”

     And he didn’t.

     The spider was gone in a matter of seconds and Dean was tossing the crumpled up Kleenex into the trash on his way out the door, looking over his shoulder before leaving and flashing a quick smile. “You’re lucky I love you.”

A/N: Okay, I don’t usually put Author’s Notes on imagines because they’re so short but in this case I felt like I should because I really don’t think this is my best work. I decided to post it anyway because I agonized over this fic for too long to not put it up ( @skymoonandstardust knows what I’m talking about and thank you for putting up with me, girl!) but I just wanted you guys to know that I’m fully aware it’s not that good. Apologies, friends.

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Unpopular opinion: Fandom needs to realize that there are more about Jumin than just his BE2.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Anon, you know you said the most important thing here~ Tbh I don’t understand why some people still entitled/associated him with his BE2 I thought we over that and that was a BE for a reason; both MC and Jumin are at fault; why some people couldn’t see past this? because his character is more than that. I mean c’mon guys, if you really pay attention of his route; in the end of his route he become a wonderful person and tbh his character development was so heart-warming and beautiful. Let me summarize it a little but sorry if it was not really well organized.

1) He is trying his best to not to get so possessive

2) He know he was fucked up and he is always apologizing to you of what he had done; he just need times to sort of his feelings and emotions; he want to become more mature for you

3) He is considering your opinion and even RFA members to help him become a better version of himself; he still learning about ‘relationship’ so please guide him to right path

4) He treats you like the most precious treasure in his life; you are his world his everything; everything is nothing compared to you; he is willing to change just for you

5) Even after married, he still want to be a good husband; a better person just for you

Sorry it become really long lol but well this is me when talking about Jumin Han I got uncontrollable xD

Anyway thank you for sharing your opinion^^

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In regards to Keith being Galra: imagine him getting some Galra spwcific illness before they all find out he's part galra and no one knows it's a galra-only thing and everyone's just like... ???

(slams fists on table) YES

Maybe they land on a planet somewhere, and someone brushes up against some weird plant that Galras are allergic to? And he gets super congested and sneezy, and everyone’s like WTF Keith and even he doesn’t know what’s going on so he just grumbles there miserably and tries not to sneeze on anyone.

Or maybe give him something like lactose intolerance, but for a specific alien food that everyone is okay with except for Galras. Everyone’s just like “oh, maybe that one was bad”, but they try it again and Keith doesn’t eat anything but food goo for like a month because at least he knows that’s safe.

Or I like to play with the idea of really weird alien sicknesses. Like how Coran got the Slipperies. Things that are just so bizarre to the paladins that there’s no way that could be a human illness. So Keith starts getting these odd itchy spots, or his hair grows really fast, or he just straight up loses his sense of smell for a week - something just so out of the blue that they start to suspect something’s up.

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hi, um, idk if you're taking requests atm, but if you are, could you maybe possibly do a zutara eros/psyche au??? with like, azula as aphrodite (bc she can deffo be as spiteful as aphrodite at times - and like zuko!eros would be her brother, rather than her son)??? kthanksbyeandiloveyourwriting *flees*

excuse me while i scream and cry because this is the first request i’ve ever gotten????? publicly like this????? you’re an angel bless you???? (i’m always taking requests btw!!!) i really like this prompt too, let me get right to it!! 


“It’s absurd!” Azula shouts. Her sharp voice echoes off the walls around them, mingling with her agitated footsteps. “There is nothing special about her - she’s human!” She spits the word, as though it burns her tongue just to hold it in her mouth.

Zuko threads a stray piece of fabric between his fingers. He’s barely listening to his sister’s ravings; it’s always something with Azula. She’s never satisfied. He stretches the piece tightly, holding it up to the light to watch it shine through the gossamer fabric. What is this made of? It catches on his skin in some places, so clearly nothing too soft.


He winces at his sister’s shrill tone and looks up. “What?”

Azula stalks closer. When she’s angry like this, brow puckered, lips curled into a snarl, eyes glowing with spite, she isn’t nearly as lovely as the mortals insist she is. She snatches the fabric from Zuko’s hands and curls it into her fist. 

“I said, you’re going to do something about this!”

“What?” He repeats, sitting up. “Why me?”

“Because I said so!” Azula stands back. Her expression smooths out, and Zuko knows instantly she is plotting. “You owe me, anyway, big brother.” 

Zuko rolls his eyes with a long, loud, drawn out sigh. He leans back against his chair and lays his head over the back of it, hair falling out of his face. “Fine,” He mutters, glance up out of the corner of his eye. “What would you like me to do?”

A devilish smile curls Azula’s mouth upward. “I want that retched being to fall in love with the ugliest creature on that earth,” The goddess declares. “Give her a lover she deserves.” 

Zuko raises a brow. “That’s it?” It’s… Tame for Azula, but he shrugs and sits up properly. “Fine. It will be done.”

Azula crosses her arms. He smile widens into a satisfied, sinister grin. 

Zuko sighs again. Can he ever get a day of peace?


Well. He can certainly see what all the fuss is about now.

Zuko perches on a pile of snow, completely unaware of the cold biting at his skin. His toes could fall off right now and he wouldn’t notice, so long as she stayed within sight. 

Yes, she is certainly beautiful. Beautiful enough to be a threat to Azula, a goddess worshiped for her beauty. 

Far more beautiful, as far as Zuko is concerned.

The princess stands in the snow, arms crossed over her thick winter coat. One neat brow sits high on her head; her full lips are pursed, but her bright blue eyes sparkle with amusement as she watches the man across from her fuss with his kill. Her skin is perfectly smooth, a lovely shade of brown, with a soft flush from the arctic winds around them whipping at her cheeks. Loops of hair a darker shade of brown flutter in the same wind.

So very beautiful.

Zuko chews the inside of his lip. He knows his orders. He has already found the beast that Azula wishes to trap this girl with. 

The young man slips with a loud yelp, tumbling face first into the snow - narrowly avoiding the blood and guts before him - and the princess laughs. The sound carries to Zuko on another gust of air, warm and bright, something most would consider obnoxious from the volume alone.

Yet the sound wraps around his heart and squeezes viciously.

His finger ghosts over the tip of his arrow. It glimmers dully in the winter sun. 

It isn’t a hard task to complete. Fire it, let her find her way to the beast, and return home. 

But then the princess smiles, pearl white teeth behind those full lips, and the arrow falls uselessly from Zuko’s hands.


Her back presses against the door, none too gently. She gasps and Zuko swallows the sound whole, presses it into his lungs as he devours her mouth.

But she is not so meek. She responds with an enthusiasm to rival his own, grabbing his hips to press them flush against her own. Her fingers glide upwards, deft and slender, and push the sash at his waist apart until the material falls open to reveal the pale skin beneath it.

Zuko opens the princess’ vibrant blue tunic and grasps her waist, lifting her off of her feet. Her strong legs wrap around his hips, and his head spins when her thighs flex around him.

“Your name,” He whispers raggedly, “What is your name?”

She pushes the tunic from his shoulders, dragging her blunt nails down his chest. Zuko shudders, hissing quietly.

“Katara,” She breathes against his mouth.

It’s the most wonderful name he’s ever heard.

He kisses her hotly, moaning when her tongue slips into his mouth to meet his. Zuko presses against Katara, digging his fingers into the fullness of her hips.

There will be hell to pay, he knows, but Katara kisses him again, fingers digging into his hair, and Zuko decides that the consequences are more than worth it.

Hey, guess what! To thank you guys for 4K, I’m hosting an art raffle! To those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically me entering the names of everyone who reblogs this into a generator and the first three get some art!

Here’s how you enter:
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-The winners will be announced by April 10. After April 10, I won’t enter any more usernames into the generator or hat or whatever I’m going to use.
-I won’t accept anything NSFW or graphic, nothing illegal (pedophilia, necrophilia/bestiality, you get the gist).
-If you win and you request an OC or character I don’t know, I’m gonna need a reference sheet or detailed description of the character or subject of the drawing.
-Furries or kin art is also fine.

Thanks again for 4K, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or send something into my inbox. If you do have questions, please try to ask me through my inbox instead of messaging me privately, as others may share the same question. Thank you! :)

Jeff Atkins x Reader | Friendzone - (Part 2)

A/N: Highly requested. Here it is ! Hope you all enjoy it. Be sure to follow me and send me feedback as it’s always appreciated.

(Part 1)

Originally posted by juggiehead

“Hey are you okay ?” Zach asked. I sniffled and turned around to look at him “Yeah I’m perfectly fine” I faked a smile. “Theirs no need to lie. I can tell you’re not okay” he now took the seat beside me. My eyes were probably blood shot. Ugh why do I have to be such an emotional wreck at times. “You wanna talk about it ?” he asked. “Not right now but thanks for the concern Zach” I gave him a small smile and stood up dusting the back of my shorts.

Clay’s P.O.V

Hannah and I looked at each other at the same time when (Y/N) walked out. “The poor thing, I feel so bad for her” she said. “Same here. I should probably go check on her” I stood up. “At this state don’t expect her to explain herself” I nodded at her in assurance and started to walk out but Jeff stopped me. “Hey Clay. Where you think you going man ? I thought you and Hannah were hitting it off pretty well” he said. “Well we are having a good time, theirs no problem” I said and tried to walk past him but he still blocked me. “Then where are you heading ? Something serious ?” He questioned.

“Just worried about (Y/N) thought I’d check on her since she doesn’t seem well” I said and walked right past him this time not bothering to answer any more questions. I could feel he was close behind me. Why worry about a friend the most when they’re hurt. (Y/N) looked like she was just leaving as she dusted off the back of her shorts and Zach standing up after.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V

“Hey (Y/N), are you okay ?” Clay asked. “Yep I’m fine, I was just leaving” I nodded. He understood what I meant and walked back into the house. Jeff was behind him. “(Y/N/N) why are you leaving ? What happened ?” Jeff asked as he rushed towards me. “It’s nothing Jeff, don’t worry about it. I’m just feeling a bit under the weather right now and all I’d like is a bit of space” I sighed. “Yeah okay sure thing. Go home safe and take it easy. Message me if you need anything” he pulled me in a for a hug and kissed my forehead. I nodded in return and waved him off. “You wouldn’t mind me walking you home would you ?” Zach asked. “Not at all” I giggled. He’s so sweet to actually stay, of course Jeff couldn’t read my emotions. Why do I crush on this boy anyway

It was a good walk, I got to learn a lot more about Zach and he learnt more about me. We were now a few feet away from my house, their was a calming silence between us both. “You sure you’ll be okay” he asked one last time when we reached my front door. “I’m sure of it. Thank you so much for walking me home, I really do appreciate it” I pulled him in for a hug and wrapped my arms around his neck, the struggles of hugging this boy since he’s so tall. I love it.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow at school” he raised a brow. “Yepp I’ll see you then” I bit my lip. “Okay bye” he waved off and shoved his hands in his jean pockets. “Bye” I waved back and shut my front door. I sighed out loud as I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. As sweet as Zach may be, I still only have feelings for Jeff at this moment. I walked up to my bedroom getting undressed and slipping on my pyjamas then going back to studying. My notifications went off ‘Thanks for making my not so boring night 10x better, I’m glad I got to end a good evening with you xx’ - Zach. Aww that’s so thoughtful of him. I started blushing from his text and replied back ‘Aww thanks Zach for tonight ! I had a good time in those 15 mins. See yah x’. I locked my phone and decided to call it a night, I needed a rest after all that drama.

Next Day

I woke up early the next morning at 6:30 and decided to spend my half an hour on having breakfast and getting ready for school. Their was no rush since I could walk to school and it was at least 20 mins away but I didn’t mind because I needed the cardio. I got dressed wearing a plain black crop top, fishnet stockings, ripped denim skinny jeans paired with black and white converse. I tied up my hair in a high ponytail since the heat was unbearable. I grabbed my back and left at 7:15, reaching school at 7:42.

I pushed through the double doors and went straight to my locker. I started packing my bag for the day when out of a sudden a familiar voice whispered “Miss me ?”. I shook in fright and turned to see Zach “Gosh, please don’t do that ever again” I held my hands on my chest trying to steady my heartbeat. “Uhm so I was wondering if you have any plans tonight ?” He asked. “Nope I don’t think so, why ?” The curiosity starting to build. “I was just wondering if you’d like to go out tonight for dinner at 7 ?” He suggested. “Sounds like a plan Dempsey, I’ll see you then” I grinned. He started walking backwards then shouted “I’ll pick you at at 6:30” and winked.

I didn’t realise I was still in daze at the thought of going on a date tonight with Zach when Jeff stood in front of me. “What was that all about ?” He asked and looked back then back at me. “What’s it to you ?” I short back. “I care for you. I don’t trust any of my mates to go out with you” he said and crossed his arms over his chest. “I appreciate that you care but I’m going out with Zach tonight” I said and pushed past him. He started following me “You aren’t going anywhere with him, go cancel on him because I won’t allow it” he stood in front of me. “I’m going with Zach tonight and that’s final !” I yelled, earning stares from a few people.

Jeff looked around us and pulled me into an empty classroom “Why are you being so difficult. It’s for your own good and he isn’t for -” we were cut off by moans in the corner of the classroom. It was Zach and Sheri “Are you fucking kidding me ? I shouted. Jeff was ready to grab my wrist. ”(Y/N) wait" Zach started chasing after me.Why does life have to be so cruel ? Why does everyone have to always turn their back on me ? Why do I think that life is going to be okay ? Why do I even try ? I went to the girls bathroom and into the first vacant stall that I could find. I let the tears fall, I might as well ease my pain now then later. I can’t stand to see the world anymore.

The bell then rang 5 minutes later. I used the back of my hand to wipe away my tears, went to the sink to rinse my face and go to my first lesson which was Maths. Just great that I have Jeff and Zach in the same class. I walked into class getting stares from both Zach and Jeff, as well as other familiar faces. I walked to the back of the class instead of my usual seat next to Jeff. “Hey do you mind if I sit here today ? You can take my seat next to Jeff” I hoped and prayed in that moment that this kid was okay to switch. My prayers were answered when he said “Yeah sure” and walked to seat without any further questions. Zach and Jeff watched my every move, right now I couldn’t care less. I took a quick glance at my presence on my front camera feeling blessed that my eyes weren’t bloodshot this time.

They don’t deserve to know that I’m weak. Luckily this lesson the teacher hadn’t asked me to answer any questions as she usually does, since I’m her pet then she always makes me answer her questions. I guess she got the memo like Jeff and Zach that right now wasn’t a good time to talk to me or ever for a while.

It was now the end of the day and I pushed past the double doors with more force because of my anger. I jogged downstairs and speed walked to the pavement to walk home. “(Y/N) !” I heard my name being yelled and a car honk. Zach was following me “I’m so sorry” he said. “Don’t be, I’m sorry for actually believing that someone would like me for once. Jeff was right. Fuck all of you, I’m done with life” I said and not bothering to look back at him. “At least let me give you a ride” he offered. “I’d rather not” “(Y/N) please it’s the least -” he was cut off by Jeff. “Bro she’s not interested leave her alone” Jeff scoffed. Zach didn’t say anything further and drove off.

I was glad that Zach was gone but I don’t want to have to deal with Jeff. “(Y/N) at least look at me” he said walking next to me. “No. Now go back to your girlfriend and leave me alone” I picked up my pace. I didn’t go to the gym for nothing these past few months, it’s for situations like this so I can run away easily. “Why are you being so complicated ? I was just trying to help you and -” I cut him off short by placing my lips on his. The butterflies in my stomach were all over the place. Did I just make the worst mistake or the best choice ? 

A/N: My apologies if it’s not the way you guys were hoping for it to be, their will be a part 3 and in future their will be another imagine that’s something like this but of course different. Love you all and thank you for being patient for this one xx

To the Readers

THANK YOU. For reading, for supporting writers, for cheering us on and interacting with us. For putting smiles on our faces, for making us laugh. For talking to us about our stories, for putting more thought into details than we did. For yelling at us over sad endings and cliff hangers, for squeeing over romance and love. 

Readers don’t get enough love. So this is for you, no matter what type of reader you are.

Thank you to those who read at all. I can’t see you on Tumblr, but I can on other sites. It’s a great feeling to know that my stories are reaching other people. 

Thank you to those who hit the like button. That acknowledgement does not go unnoticed. I see you in my notes and its great to know you enjoyed my story. 

Thank you to those who reblog. You’re helping to expose my writing to more people. I love that you thought the piece was good enough to share.

Thank you to those who write a reply or comment. Your input is so valuable. Incoherent babbling lets me know I evoked emotions. Thought-out comments let me know I provoked thinking. 

Thank you to those who send in asks or messages. It makes me feel so loved to have that personal message and to hear your thoughts. 

Thank you to all readers. Thank you for showing us writers your love, no matter how you do that. If you’re too shy to talk to us, its ok. We see your likes. If you want to comment, but can’t find the words to express your thoughts, it’s ok. We know the feeling. We are so grateful for your support, no matter how you show it!

I say all this because the world of fan fiction takes two to turn: writers and readers. It doesn’t work if one side is rude and ungrateful to the other. It only works if we all support one another and focus on the purpose of fandom, to make friends, to share something we love, and, simply put, to have fun. 

Uhm yeah had to take a break. I dont feel well right now…Watching 13 reasons why didnt help…to soothe my soul I sketched some young McHanzo. Its a bit better now. I love Jesse with a messy bun. No one can take this from me. Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH for much more then 200 followers by now!!! I appreciate it a lot. If you have any questions or just want to talk with me send me a message or an ask. I would really love to talk to you guys :3


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So was this cake competition Sangwoo's way of projecting his mother's issues onto Bum (i.e defending her/Bum by winning)? Does Sangwoo still see Bum as his mother, or as a separate person?

Interesting question, anon.  Honestly, this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Sangwoo actually sees Bum as his mother, or even really as a “replacement” so to speak.  Bum has always been his own person, but Sangwoo wanted to have the companionship and unconditional love that his mom provided him.  So, I don’t think he ever really saw Bum as a “new mother” or some kind of mommy kink thing.  I think he was really just lonely and looking for someone who would accept him as he is.  As for the comparisons, I have a feeling the forced feminization was a method of control through humiliation.  How better to keep Bum off-balance and subordinate?  Plus it reminds him of his “place” in the household, namely beneath Sangwoo and at his beck and call.

I do think that Sangwoo was trying to defend Bum’s “honor” though.  He walked up to his “partner in crime” being harassed and bullied by some other guy, someone who was stopping Bum from doing as Sangwoo asked.  At no point was that exchange “about the cake.”  It was always about power.  Yoonjae was one of Bum’s (many) bullies, and he absolutely wanted to relive that rush of power.  He can’t push him around in front of his girlfriend (that would make her uncomfortable and maybe make her dislike him), but he can take the last cake from him and remind Bum of how much less he is.  So when Sangwoo steps up and interrupts, Yoonjae needs to escalate.  He can’t let Sangwoo take the cake, because that means that Sangwoo is the better/stronger man.  Sangwoo knows that; it’s why he insists on continuing and refuses to back down, even though Bum and the girlfriend clearly just want it to be over with.  (She offers to let them keep the cake more than once, after all.  That was more about her discomfort with confrontation than kindness in my opinion.  She was in an awkward situation; giving them the cake would end it.  Plus it isn’t even an anniversary cake.)

I really love the relationship growth we’re seeing, actually.  Sangwoo has decided to keep Bum, Bum has decided to stay, and Sangwoo is going to be a lot more protective moving forward, I think.  I doubt this is the last time we’ll see Sangwoo stepping up to stop people from being mean to Bum.  After all, an insult against Bum is an insult against him as well.  That means they doubt his taste and his choice, which is Rude.  He needs to keep Bum on his toes, of course (hence the taunt with the phone), but the days of constant tests are probably (hopefully) over.

I think the most telling scene is actually that little head bap he does with Bum.  We’ve just seen Sangwoo get a 998 on a punching strength test.  So the fact that he holds out his fist and tells Bum to knock his head against it says a lot.  He doesn’t want to hurt Bum, but he does want to make his displeasure clear, so he lets Bum control the strength of the hit, almost having him choose his punishment.  “You’re annoying, but I’m not going to hit you when you were trying to do as I asked” or “I’m mad, but for once I’m more angry at someone else than at you or “I’m mad that you lied to me, but you’ve been good lately.  Continue being good and I won’t have to hit you again” or something like that.  I really think that he’s more annoyed about Bum having the gall to lie to him than about anything else that happened.  If Bum plays his cards right, he could make it through this unscathed, but it really depends on how apologetic he is.  And how mad Sangwoo really is.

I give us three chapters, maybe four, before Sangwoo has the uncle in the basement.  My major question is how active a role he makes Bum take.  This is the perfect time for him to make Bum see killing as a way to exert power and take control of his life.  No one would be a better turning point than his uncle.

it’s easy to kick people when they’re down and i’m not going to let you do that.
the hate messages stopped coming once i’ve blocked one of them so they’re apparently from the same person. i’ve been writing on tumblr for 9 months and i’ve never taken credit for anyone else’s work and anyone who’s been here for a while knows that. i work hard on my stories, and yes i did get your ask saying they’re shit, and that’s fine, nobody is asking you to read them. all in all, if you don’t like me, my content, my stories, or anything else on this blog, you’re more than free to leave. sending anon hate is just sad in my opinion because the point of it is to ruin someone’s day even though you’ve never even met the person. if you have anything to say to me and back it up with receipts, you can always do it off anon, but we both know that’s not going to happen because i haven’t done anything. this is seriously the last time i’m addressing this or posting hate asks on my blog. if you send something like that in, i’m just blocking you. i don’t talk that way to other people and i’m not going to let anyone talk to me that way.
to everyone else: thanks for your support! you’ve been making me really happy for nine months and i can’t thank you enough. i hope we’ll talk soon and until then, take care ♥️🙏🏼

anonymous asked:

I have a migraine and I actually want to fall in a ditch but oh well :/ do you think you could do a got7 Mark au please? I really love your account by the way. It really helps me calm down because your writing is so smooth.

  • athlete doctor!mark tuan 
  • specializes in athletic injuries and knows too much about,,,,too many sports,,,,,,shouldn’t he be an athlete himself why does he have a medical degree
  • mark: because i went to med school,,,,,,,,,,in cali,,,,
  • everyone: we didn’t need to know it was in c-
  • mark: in California 
  • everyone thinks he’s really handsome and super smart,,,,but he isn’t much of a talker. like when he’s with patients usually nurses do all the talking and he just explains what’s going on and what kind of treatment the person is gonna need
  • he’s polite and all that but literally every patient that’s ever tried to be like “dr. tuan, what are your hobbies?” mark answers really simply and cuts to the chase
  • and it’s like,,,,,,,,you really separate work and your personal life don’t you
  • but it’s actually kinda cute,,,,you don’t have to hear him say something to tell how family orientated and sweet he is. like his desk is covered in framed photos of his parents and siblings. him holding his nieces, him with cousins, him with his best friend fellow doctor jackson
  • and for someone so quiet and serious on the job,,,,his social life looks great LOL
  • even though every nurse who’s ever asked him out has been (gently) rejected
  • you come in because you’ve been having really bad leg cramps ever since you got injured at your soccer game and instead of asking dr. tuan about his hobbies or telling him you need more pain meds
  • you’re like “doctor, let’s be real - do i have to get my leg cut off?” and you’re looking at him dead serious and mark,,,,,,,,he bursts into laughter
  • and he never does that except when dr. wang visits
  • and he’s just like “no one has ever started a conversation with me like that before!” and you’re like fffff please don’t laugh!!!! im seriously worried
  • and he regains his composure and he’s like “no, your leg will stay. it’s probably another pulled muscle.”
  • and he examines your leg and writes a prescription but he asks you why you’re smiling so wide and you’re like “because!!!! i get to keep my leg that i love so much” and mark, again, can’t hold back his chuckling
  • and he’s like “you’re,,,,,incredible you know that?” and you’re like hmmm why
  • and mark is like no one has made me laugh that hard since forever,,,,,plus they’re cute,,,,,,and he looks at your chart and says your name and he’s like
  • “call me at this number if the pain doesn’t go away, send me updates on how you’re feeling ok!”
  • and you nod and thank him and as you’re leaving you’re like talking to the secretary and you’re like “he gave me this number to call if anything happens” and when she sees it her eyes go wide and she’s like ,,,,,,that’s not our direct line,,,,,,,you got dr. tuan’s own!!!!! cell number
  • and you’re like H U H,,,,really,,,,,,,,
  • and she’s like omg omg omg he neVER DOES THAT
  • and you look over at the office where mark is going over another patient’s chart,,,,,and you remember how strong his features are, how he looks more like a model than an average doctor
  • and you can’t help but feel really lucky,,,,like you have his number,,,,,the hot doctors number,,,,,,
  • and hell yeah a week later you find yourself on a dinner date with said doctor because mark finds you charming and adorable and you make him laugh so hard he almost spits his wine out at the table LOL 


i literally never, ever imagined that my art would reach so many people! i cant tell you how much all of you mean to me, and knowing that you enjoy seeing my art that much makes me SO HAPPY!! 

thanks for sticking around and sending me super dynamic requests, a ton of fun asks, and so many incredibly sweet compliments! i cant wait to keep talking with u all and continue sharing my art!!! 💗💕💞

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youre so unthankful for your followers on here and the asks you get wait until the day youre irrelevant and no one cares abt your blog youll miss getting 100 messages/day. you lit complain abt ppl giving u attention. ppl go out of their way to send you well thought out asks and you still only answer like 30%? we will get tired of you only answering witty asks that make you sound funny. i wonder how it feels having everyone's saying this behind ur back and hoping you'll finally get wht u deserve

oh don’t worry i get loads of what i deserve in real life

hi bubs!!! i just hit 3k (whoooooo) and i want to thank you all so much! i’ve done blog rates and lil blog recommendations in the past, but since my blog is growing so fast i want to do something a lil more…. fun?

what you need to do:

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what this does:

♡ i will be picking anywhere from 10-50 blogs (depending on the notes ofc) to be on my fav blog page! it’ll be a page i keep up on my blog forever, i may slowly add to it. 

♡ if i’m not following you, you will get a follow. 

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that’s it!!! i’ll be making the fav page and announcing the winners on the first week of august! i love you all so much and i’m so thankful for each and everyone of you! have fun (:

yur local girl is back with some edit type thing and a hella dank banner (inspired by @huphilpuffs​)

so i hit 2k a couple days ago idk how that happened and I’ve been told my moodboards are dank (also coz idk how to make anything else rip) so to give back to my wonderful followers, i thought i could make a little url moodboard edit type thing for y'all. 


1. must be following me thank

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  • everything relating to this will be under the tag #isabella does mb so feel free to black list it 
  • similar to callie  im only gonna do the ones that inspire me the most coz im expecting quite a few requests
  • be patient with me bc it will take a while to make quality edits! and expect me to post more often <33

if this gets no notes it didnt happen thank u

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Honestly I just want to know more about the shouji and tokoyami love child and what those two would be like as parents! Thank you and I really enjoy seeing your art !!!

I’m so sorry this is so late I had exams since it was the end of semester OTL but here we have Shouji and Tokoyami as parents!!

And here is a slightly clearer version of their kid who is a tad older than the little babby over there