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"HANNIBAL! I forgive you." --- When will your faves ever just ... Season 3 is so gay ....

When the show first aired way back when, I never thought anything would top the ‘Did you just smell me?’ moment where Hannibal shows his true creeperness to Will and gets all up in his space and Will just seems amused by the whole thing including Hannibal’s weak excuse about aftershave and then he still continues his conversations with him.

And then this happened.

I thought for sure we had reached the Mount Olympus of Gay Hannibal and Will Moments. It could be no better. No future scene could be more emotional than the quiet, glistening heart eyes filled with relief that they’d both survived Tobias scene. We’d struck gold and the first season wasn’t even over yet.

Who knew that we’d go from this subtle ‘I appreciate the company’ line with soft but intense eye contact and close physical proximity to Will asking the woman he has been shown to be jealous of/sass at/hate for her closeness to Hannibal, ‘Is Hannibal in love with me?’ and receive a definitive ‘Yes, you ass’ to Hannibal almost kissing Will and Will nuzzling Hannibal’s chest as they both give up literally everything for each other in order to be with each other.

I thought season 1 was Gay, but then season 2 happened and then season 3 happened and I’ve come to accept the fact that Hannibal and Will and Bryan Fuller (and Hugh and especially Mads) will continue to surprise me and raise and completely surpass the bar when it comes to just how gay can Hannibal get.

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In case you haven't seen the new Overwatch comic. There is an app called "madefire" there are all Overwatch comics for free

I have seen the new comic…

I mentioned that I saw it in my reply a few minutes ago and even used a screencap that I took from the comic. I drew art about the comic yesterday.

I read the comic as soon as it came out.

ekjohnston replied to your post “like im gonna be completely honest rn hearing singular they/them…”

I’ve been debating reblogging this for almost a week because I don’t want it to look like I’m congratulating myself, but honestly: thank you for noticing and saying something about it. It was a deliberate choice on my part, but I spent some time wondering if it was the right one, and hearing from fans who liked it is amazing.(I would like to add that no one on the editorial team tried to talk me out of it either, which is excellent.)

Oh my gosh… I didn’t know you had a tumblr but now that I do know- Thank you so much for doing this. It made me so happy hearing the singular they/them use in an official work from my favorite franchise. As a non-binary person myself it felt very validating and I’m so glad you chose to write that in. Thank you!!!

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Oh no! I did not mean to imply that it's a bad thing you have not written fic for it or that you have to make one. More that I admire your restraint lol I always wondered how creative people could hold back because I know mu craving for things can be fierce but I have to rely on others to provide as I'm not remotely close to being creative. If nothing else, I admire your skills and hope you keep doing what you do. I am a fan :)

Thank you. It’s…tough. lol *points to 600ish k of fan fic on here* clearly restraint isn’t my thing. Fan fic got me out of a major original work block though and I’m really happy to be back on it. I do have a list in my head of all the fanfic I want to write in my “down time” (I can hear @slothquisitor laughing at me now). A sten romance would be one of them. But then I also have a mighty need for an incredibly bittersweet Anora romance that probably will win out? I don’t know, I’m afraid to tackle my Cousland because I love her and Kel (Ser Gilmore) so much I might would have to go completely off canon (I hear there’s a mod for that) and that would be angst with a happy ending because I couldn’t do that to those two.

and now I’m rambling. See! no restraint. lol 

Thank you for the lovely compliment. <3

 I may not write as much fanfic now as I was, but I imagine I’ll still manage a short during the summers (short being 50k or whatever Heatwaves is going to wind up. *cue more Slothy laughter*)

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Captive Prince for fandom thingyyyy

omg ily that was quick lol

Send me a fandom, and I’ll tell you who I’d:

  • Want as my mentor: um i mean damen could teach me a lot but the Beefiness TM would make it kinda hard to concentrate so i’m gonna go with good ol’ nikandros.
  • Bake cupcakes for: Laurent!!! i just wanna bake for him and tuck him into bed!!!
  • Lend my books to: Laurent lmao. i love that hc that laurent enjoys trashy romance reads and honey i’ve got recs
  • Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: i’d put them on the r*gent’s chair and then i would pick it up (like laurent did) and smash it over his fugly head.
  • Have a crush on: damen!! those lips, those curls, the muscles,,, amazing
  • Pack up and leave if they moved next door: the r*gent ew
  • Follow as captain of a ship: laurent aye aye captain
  • Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: laurent cuz i wanna be friends w him and in a movie it might happen lol
  • Marry: i’ll take one for the team and marry nikandros, JK I LOVE THAT MAN
  • Want as my boss: like jord? someone who’s not gonna give me a lot of shit lmao
  • Sue: damen bc he can get out of any trial with The Power of Love, so he’s unbothered. Otherwise the fucking r*gent
  • Want as my best friend: laurent!!!!my king!!! my bestie!!! but also on a reread i’ve realized that lazar lives for the gossip and i so can fuck with that @ lazar spill the tea

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For the character color ask: Bubblegum & Coral for Luana Ryder and Teal and Lavender for Jess Shepard :)

Hi! Thank you so much for asking about them <3 

Luana ‘Lua’ Ryder

Bubblegum - Are you a sassy or sarcastic person?

Luana: Me? Sarcastic? How could it be even possible? No. Never. 

Coral - Do you have a strong moral code? What are some moral things that you feel strongly about?

Luana: Well, my parents didn’t spent so many years trying to teach me for nothing. I can listen sometimes. And the best that I’ve got all those years was this: people can do whatever the fuck they want to do with their lives, as long as they don’t harm, in any way, others in the process. Very simple, actually. Ah, if only the entire galaxy followed it… *sigh* I can say that I do feel strongly in the right to protect others whenever I see someone being harmed or being wronged without any reason. Why? Because it may not show much, but I’m very bold. You don’t say. And I stand up for what I think is right while many don’t have the courage to do that. I don’t blame them, it also comes with lots of shit and headaches, much easier to avoid. But yeah, I can’t help myself. And since I know how to fight too, and if it comes to that, I can always kick some asses. Not everybody is suit for fighting anyway and many needs protection in this hostile new galaxy. I can’t say if my mouth has moral codes, though, because sometimes I can’t contain what I say.

Jessica ‘Jess’ Shepard (art by @augmented-mind)

Teal - What makes you feel most at peace?

Jessica: Hell, if I can ever find peace… this is something I’m longing for so long now. My anxiety, that bitch, never lets me to rest in peace. Like little bugs in my head… all the time… sometimes it’s… too much… overwhelming. But funny thing that I do found some moments of peace… they aren’t permanent, but they are there and I treasure them. When Garrus holds me tight, involve me completely in his arms, I can feel it. I can feel my shoulders lighter. I can close my eyes to the entire universe, just for a feel moments, that could hold the eternity. And in this instant, there’s only our breathes together and our hearts pounding. Also, when I play the piano or any instrument or listen to music, because music is my soul and I feel like my soul can fly with the notes and the rhythm and the harmony. When I paint too, because my thoughts are there, they have a place to go with every moment of the brush. When I’m joking around, just laughing with my friends, my family, from the Normandy, because I feel I have a place that I belong. And also when I watch my old favorite movies, they bring me many memories from when my father and I used to watch them together. Watching the stars for a moment, because there is where I belong, I was born with them around me. If I could only make all those moments forever, I would probably find the so dreamed peace. If not, well shit, I will drink to all that. I just hope I always have alcohol too.

Lavender - what is a smell you really like?

Jessica: There’s a long list, actually. I really like the smell of the books, real books, the smell of paper, those yellow pages. I really love reading while smelling it. Coffee also is a smell that I really like and probably the one that I start my day. I don’t start my day until I drink my coffee. I also love the smell of flowers, all of them and many plants too. The smell of the forest, especially after the rain. Fresh air, sometimes it’s so good to go away from all that technology and artificial world to explore natural places around the galaxy and smell this fresh new air. Vanilla and chocolate smells too. And Garrus smell… it’s something unique, but I can always feel it. It’s a mix of my own smell and his. As if we shared it. And it feels so good. 

Thank you again for asking @badwolf626! That was really fun to do <3

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capri! if someone else already asked you do the foxhole court instead :D

Okay i’ll do tfc :))) i haven’t read the books in ages so here i go

Send me a fandom, and I’ll tell you who I’d:

  • Want as my mentor: wymack 
  • Bake cupcakes for: andrew cuz he likes sweets and he’s my emo son
  • Lend my books to: who likes to read in this series? read capri u guys
  • Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: riko
  • Have a crush on: like nobody….okay kevin day
  • Pack up and leave if they moved next door: riko
  • Follow as captain of a ship: andrew minyard
  • Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: andrew minyard
  • Marry: kevin day
  • Want as my boss: neil josten lmao
  • Sue: riko 
  • Want as my best friend: andrew or renee that’s my squad!!

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12, 19, and 20 ^.^

12: How do you take your favorite coffee? Eg strong or weak? Black or with cream/milk and/or sugar/sweetener? Filter, espresso, French press or instant? Hot or iced? Regular or decaf? None of the above?

19: Write an autograph version of your URL.

20: Pick up the nearest printed material in your first language and copy out a random paragraph.

Thanks, karereiko. <3 I hope you were able to get help, too. >,< Or that you at least could improve your work situation…

Oh, I didn’t know that you were worried about me. >,< Thanks for your message. Yes, self care is really important, but also kinda hard - especially since there’s a fine line between egoism and real self care. But sometimes, when I did stuff for Tumblr, it just felt like another chore, another job I needed to do, because I always need to do something useful or meaningful… or at least draw something for my blog, so that I don’t feel like a super lazy ass during my few breaks…

I still have a long way to go, I guess. But it will get better (hopefully). And I hope you are feeling okay and maybe also better. >,<

@sevi007​ replied to your post :I told my aunt I couldn’t come and that I was…

I could kiss you right now. Err, completely platonically, of course. That’s the right thing, haru, and I’m really, really proud and happy for you. Take’s a whole lot of strength to do that. *hugs tightly* =D

AW Sevi!! <33 Platonic kisses are priceless ! Thank you, having some support and a let out for my emotions also gave me strength to perhaps refuse her this time. *hugs as tightly* x)

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