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kimaofvord replied to your post “will we ever have guests of color in critical role? like do they know…”

Ashly Burch’s mom is Thai/East Indian :/

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Plus Eric Bauza (Sam’s Bar Room Blitz) and Ify Nwadiwe (Ep12 and the Extra Life game).

Here you are, anon! More information from people with longer and better memories than I.

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I just want to tell you this - your fanfiction had helped me develop a view of what healthy sex should be like. I've been reading your stories for a long time. Your stories always depict Peeta as a considerate and generous lover (most HG fanfiction does, thankfully), and I loved reading that. Unfortunately not everyone in the world are exposed to things that help them develop this mindset. Thank you for contributing something good to the world.

thank you! i’ve certainly tried my best, though imperfectly, i’m sure. it’s something i’ve become quite conscious of in my writing, the smut especially. of course i want it to be hot lol but i guess i’ve tried to make sex an intimate and respectful encounter, explicit in some way or another with its consent (and detail, ha).

anyway i think this conversation happening definitely has made me even more aware of how important this is for women. the more i read, particularly contemporary romance and new adult or whatever, the more i notice just how much this is lacking in smut. and how guilty a lot of woman authors are of perpetuating the very damaging “she’s just playing hard to get”/”women like aggressive alpha males”/”no doesn’t mean no” idea in romance. and hell, some women like that, i know there’s a difference between fiction and reality, and i dont wanna kinkshame or whatever, but it’s just been so discouraging to me. this shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and just like i think the growing violence in porn and porn consumption by men really affects how they view sex with women, i think the media women consume has a similar effect on them too.

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Jaune and Sun working out and training each other to use their weapons. At first, hilarity ensues as Sun begins to realize there's more to swords than "swish swish stab" while Jaune initially struggles with the gunchucks as he keeps accidentally hitting himself. Eventually, with lots of love and support from each other, they gain just enough skill in each others weapons so that they can switch in battle if need be.

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my first impulse is to say like. real fancy opera. maybe an orchestra in a huge concert hall. that’s probably kravitz’s first impulse too?

but then he’s like “is that something taako would be into oh no i don’t know” so to balance it out they go to a real shitty dive bar afterwards

kravitz likes music. does taako like music? kravitz doesnt know. but you’re supposed to share the things you like with the person youre dating, and kravitz likes music. and being fancy. he knows taako appreciates fancy, so that’s a point in his favor. and kravitz doesnt know a damn thing about mortal food and taako seems to Have Opinions so there’s no way he’s going to impress in that area. but also, also, taako took him to a pottery class? unexpected. taako is Full of Surprises. and not only flaunts the rules of pottery class but also of Life and Death which is still, admittedly, concerning, but also upper management is cool with it so it is no longer technically his problem. except for the fact that he is willfully entering a potentially romantic odyssey with this potentially problematic mortal. regardless, he does have that long standing reserved box for the neverwinter orchestra. sometimes the safest option is the best.

all this out loud whilst kravitz is having tea with istus and the raven queen (because as pet head reaper he has Privileges). istus points out that she could probably help but that would ruin the fun and also be Cheating. the two goddesses are mostly just letting him verbalize his decision making process over tiny sandwiches. 

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In this house....We love you, Caleb! You are such a positive force! You are always a joy to see on the dash, or talk to ooc. We also love Toshiro. Because, well - Toshiro. <3

               This made me so dang happy to receive!? — Thank you
                 so much, anon!! I hope you have an amazing weekend!!

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Hey, Mars! You may not reply to this 😊 I just wanted to tell you that your blog has been the first one, among my newly discovered blogs, I feel a strong pull towards. I didn't have this feeling for a long time, and I'm super happy it's back. Your screens are beautiful but the atmosphere of your story, the emotions behind that atmosphere, the warmth of your characters are just incredible. Thank you! 👍👏🙏

Ok, when I read this, last night, I was having a beer with my dad and I almost cried in the glass 😭❤️
I really needed this because lately I’ve felt like my story wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t good enough at characterizing the people I write, I even thought about taking a break from everything or/and delete everything.  Your message touched my heart when I was in a very dark place because I couldn’t appreciate my ideas and my writing, so it means a lot to me.
Also, I’m so happy that my blog gave you a feeling that you’ve missed for a long time 😍
Thank you again for taking time to leave this message in my inbox and for catching up with my blog/story!
I love you ❤️


Another TodoDeku Art Dump [Complete ver.]

More of Todoroki and Midoriya’s daily life illustrated.  (°◡°♡) 
Just like the previous set, most of these were shared early as previews for those who left nice messages in my inbox!!

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alisha why are you lying to yourself? keith is a scrawny boy once you see him in his swimsuit! he's strong but not ripped, he's a beanpole

sweetie. u sweet, sweet anon i know ur heart is in the right place here but i just cannot let this go. i dont mean ripped like bara muscles ripped. i mean ripped like he clearly has muscle definition. the animation of the show is very inconsistent and often based on the mood of the scene. the scene with keith in his bathing suit was meant to be comical and so they were drawn more scrawny bc that’s more convenient to animate 

my issue is that so many ppl draw him like that all the time… which is fine u do u honeys… but also… it’s kinda weird that they’ll draw keith like a twelve year old child but then draw l@nce more toned, wider, and ten feet taller… but i digress

in other important/action scenes when you see keith he’s animated much broader, much more toned… some examples…


could strangle me with that musclé

running into my heart yes u are baby 

bby boy does his squats


this one is courtesy of becca cryopcds but look at that ab definition

conclusion: keith isn’t a small noodle beanpole of a boy he is toned and could probably lift any of us over his head and throw us into the sun and i’d love to see more of that and less of smol uwu uke keith who looks like he might be fourteen years old at most it’s weird

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do you know that benjamin steven guy who used to maybe be friends with phil in the early days of youtube and stuff? don't know much about him but i just found a tweet from him to phil talking about dan and he said "fuck you making him popular! he already got 400 subs in a day >.<" and idk why but i'm laughing so much

one last thing: and benjamin tried so hard to get phil’s attention but he failed so miserably, i kinda feel bad lmao BenAndPhilGames is a thing at some alternate universe

I honestly had no idea who this guy was before you mentioned this, so I typed in his name & AmazingPhil in Twitter’s search bar and all these old tweets popped up:

This dude was more thirsty for Phil than Dan was and Phil rarely ever replied

I feel bad for him LOL