thanks for recommending this show c:

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Do you have any recommendations for good First Nations films? Thanks xx

i do!! c: though i won’t make this list limited to First Nations i’ll also include Inuit, Pacific Islands, and other Indigenous regions~

  • Smoke Signals
  • Dance Me Outside
  • Once Were Warriors
  • Whale Rider
  • Skinwalkers (tv movie)
  • Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner
  • Princess Ka'iulani 
  • Turquoise Rose
  • Rhymes for Young Ghouls
  • Samson & Delilah
  • Skins
  • Mohawk Girls (tv show)
  • Ten Canoes
  • Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance
  • In The Land of the Head Hunters (made in 1914 so if you can find a copy of it anywhere i HIGHLY recommend it)
  • Reel Injun (documentary)

these are just ones that i’ve seen so everybody is free to add their own suggestions!~

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Hi I'm a fairly new Teen Top fan (at first I wanted to say I'm a new angel but that sounded a little silly) and I was wondering if you could recommend some shows Teen Top has done/been on, please? Since you make gifs I thought you might know the good ones. I'm also really curious about the show the gifs of last week where they're singing and c.a.p turns off the background music so only Chanjo's voice can be heard are from? Thank you very much in advance, have a nice day!

Hello Angel, welcome to the fandom! I hope you really like it here~ I have replied to this question before, but I’ve updated the dead links and added other stuff:

The gif set of the boys fooling around in the studio, and C.A.P turning off the music, you can watch the video here!

Well, for starters, I suggest you watch their Weekly Idol episodes first! Here are the subbed episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (more episodes here!)

Teen Top recently came out with their own show called ‘Teen Top on Air: The New Beginning’ and you can watch the episodes here!

Their recent interview with KBS is the funniest you can watch it here

Their DVDs are bomb (and eng subbed too praise the lord): 1, 2, 3, 4,

Here are their first edition MV put up together!

If you don’t have enough time but want to watch something entertaining, I suggest you watch Niel’s 4 things show english subbed here!

If you want to watch Teen Top + 100% (100% is their dongsaeng group)’s ‘Rising Brothers’ episodes, here are all of them, and if you want to see them individually learn things and be cute af, you can watch the other section of ‘Rising Brothers here!

You can watch L.Joe’s web-drama ‘Magic Bottle’ (only 3 episodes): 1, 2, 3

Changjo worked in a movie ‘Mak Girls’ so you can watch Changjo being his pretty self in movie cuts: 1, 2!

You can also watch Teen Top’s ‘Never Stop in Guam’ and you can find the eng subbed episodes here

For small videos of everyday Teen Top, you can watch their English subbed ‘Teen Top On Air’ videos here!

Other than that, some videos I linked might be un-subbed because the channel subbing them was taken down and they haven’t re-uploaded the videos yet. I hope you have a good time watching all these! You have a good day too love ^^

questions tag

tagged by @profilerrynn 💕💕 thank you! :D

my questions!

1. favorite villain? why?
2. a character that you disliked at first but gradually came to care about a lot?
3. ost from a drama (kdrama/jdrama/cdrama) that makes you sad?
4. favorite scene from your favorite drama?
5. favorite animated movie? or just favorite movie if you’re not into animation?
6. a movie or show you love but wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?
7. an actor/actress you got into recently? what made you get into them (show/movie/variety show/etc)?
8. your favorite artist/band? or just favorite genre?
9. a drama that had a lot of potential but failed to live up to it?

i think i’m supposed to put 10 but i honestly couldn’t think of any more.

tagging: @hattiehargrove @youholdthewater @banghae @scarsbecomearmor @evil-writer ok idk if any of you have done this yet so ignore if you have >.>

favourite actor/actress that you consider underrated?

if this were a few months ago i’d say kim jae wook, but i think with voice he finally started getting the recognition he deserves :’)

also yoo in na? she gets a lot of second lead roles and they’re usually kind of similar? so i don’t think a lot of people get to see that she can do a lot more. (ahem please watch the master piece that is queen in hyun’s man) lee el as well, since she usually gets minor roles but she’s always so great to watch :’)

first kdrama & kmovie you watched?

first kdrama was playful kiss. and first kmovie was love me not. i grew out of the kver of playful kiss but i still really like love me not.

favourite books? (so i can have more book recs hihi)

  • a tree grows in brooklyn - betty smith
  • the uglies series - scott westerfeld
  • and then there were none - agatha christie
  • the book thief - markus zusak
  • kindred - octavia e. butler
  • yotsuba&! - kiyohiko azuma (ok its a manga but still it’s really great!!!!)

an actor/actress you think deserves a main lead? (coz yknow always gets casted as a supporting char and stuff)

kim seul gi! she’s been the lead in two webdramas, but i’d love to see her as the lead in a full length one. she’s so good and she deserves it :’’)

also choi yeo jin!

favourite screenwriter you wished would produce dramas/movies more?

hmm i don’t think i have a favorite screenwriter. tbh i’m just waiting for the liar game writer to make their comeback with s2

favourite otp or dream otp?

favorite otps are boong do and hee jin from queen in hyun’s man and yi suk and hong do from heart to heart.

for a dream otp i would love love love to see kang ha neul and kim seulgi do a drama together. ever since that happy together ep i’ve been waiting

if you have a chance to produce your own drama/movie, who would you cast?

tbh i want to get song yoon ah and ji chang wook together again for a good slow burn melo! their chemistry in the k2 was just Too Good

favourite actor/actress that you would want to see in real life?

I think I’d like to meet kim seul gi the most because she seems really fun and chill to hang out with. I’d love to meet gong hyo jin too but i honestly don’t think i could handle her presence.

a drama/movie that didn’t disappoint you from start to finish?

it’s rare for me to go into a drama with high expectations or any at all so i’m rarely disappointed. idk if that makes sense. but i think both my wife is having an affair this week and awl really surprised me. for both of them, i went in just to watch b/c of cast or people saying it’s good so i only wanted to check it out and they really just blew me away with each ep. also dmf! i hadn’t really seen any of the actors/actresses in other things so i was kinda going in blind (and i didn’t really love its okay its love or that winter the wind blows) but it’s a fave now :’’)

favourite kdrama/kmovie of all time?

queen in hyun’s man is my absolute fave but i also love age of youth, gaksital, signal and misaeng just as much :’)

favorite movies are my ps partner and sunny :D

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I really wanna start the 100 because of Bellarke and because I'm already in love with Bob/Bellamy. Every time I see bellarke on my dash my heart skips a beat. But the toxicity in the fandom, C/exa stans being bluntly biphobic and even racist and also bullying people really turns me off. They kinda scare me coming from the Supergir/ fandom where they have migrated. I can't stand this toxicity in fandoms anymore. Anyways good luck with becoming canon and there's always the books!

You can watch the show and stay out of the fandom? That’s my recommendation, because it’s a really good show! But you don’t have to if you don’t want to, Nonny! Thanks for the well wishes.

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random but who are a few underrated kpop groups you'd recommend right now? i'm trying to find new artists to listen to and you seem to listen to a lot of difference artists, thank you!

ooooo, of course i’m all about giving hype to underrated groups !!!

D A Y 6 ( I recommend all of their songs I Wait and I’m Serious )
They’re signed with JYP Entertainment - Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular– I believe they’re going to be releasing a new M/V(????) every month for the rest of 2017 so please listen to and stan this amazing group bc they’re literally the definition of an underrated hard working group :(

I M F A C T ( I recommend In The Club and Tension Up )
They’re signed with Star Empire - I’ve literally just fallen in love with. They debuted with a really sweet song (Lollipop) but their sound has taken a 180 spin and im living for it.

K.A.R.D  ( I recommend Don’t Recall and Rumor )
They’re signed with DSP Media - They’re the only co-ed group i know of besidesAKMU and Troublemaker, they’re bring such a new sound to k-pop and i love it so much !!

M O N S T A  X  ( I recommend Stuck and Beautiful )
They’re signed with Starship Entertainment - They’re gaining a lot more popularity with their recent comeback but not enough (imo) ad they’re still somehow so fucking underrated even tho they’re such sweet and kind idols they literally love Monbebe to death and Minhyuk is always giving fan service on vlive and their fancafe. i’m yelling to the high heavens that these boys get all the first place wins they deserve.

S F 9  ( I recommend Easy Love and Roar )
They’re signed with FNC Entertainment - I’m really liking their style a lot, they seem to have a wide vocal spectrum, and like visuals everywhere???


replied to your post

“debating making a sideblog for my videos & edits”

My friendo, I just started a sideblog for things I like to do but at a much more relaxed learning/practicing curve than drawing (reviews, edits, etc) and I am so happy I created a blog for all those things instead of “I’m gonna wait until I get good at this and never post until then despite wanting to” mentality on my main. AKA 10/10 recommend or organizational and other needs.

that’s helpful to hear, thanks!! i did end up making the blog, i didn’t realize i could put other things on it, too. i have so many unposted drafts here. heck, i should make one for writing, lol. i get shy b/c art is what i’m known for and i feel like anything else will bore people, but i like showing clips/making videos & i’ve been writing a long time as well

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You know why I love notGrima? He usually shows only one eye but despite that he's hella expressive. You're awesome, and I've been waiting for the moment where Grima shows his SPESHUL eyes. If he was this expressive with one eye, I'm afraid to imagine what will happen if he shows all of his eyes at once :o (is it possible to make his creepy eyes SEXY?) pls

omg thank you!! personally, I love messing around with his extra eyes :D even tho I havent published too many sketches with them. But yeah, those extra eyes mean extra expressions SO. I recommend everyone playing around with something like this c: it’s awesome.
Also is this “sexy” enough??? Grima isnt sexy at all, I can’t make him that.

i hit a couple hundred more followers from just a few months ago ( now i have more than 1, 700+ ). i’m really happy about that, so i made another follow forever, just to show my thanks and support to those blogs i find myself loving each and every day. also, to my new followers i hope i don’t disappoint! – 

( would like to recommend everyone listen to and watch this performance of sunggyu on immortal song,   불후의명곡2-성규(Sung Kyu) - 내 마음 별과 같이.20120707.  it’s one of my favorites c: )

B old - blogs i admire

I talic - blogs that are my friends / who i talk to 

– blogs i reblog the most from:                                                   

gay4gyu | youre-my-cover-boy | myungsussi | hugtae | jaldwaega  | youaremychoding |  myungsues-u  | namu-tokki |

a - i :

ask-sunggyu | augyust | bwiyomi | catiecoqui | damn-it-sungyeol​ | dazzlingkai

| dino-yeol | dinogyu | dongwoothighs | dongwtf | doresque | egu-mo-ni-na | feelsogyu | fuckyousunggyu | fyeah-infinite | g-y-u | gyuseu | gyusooya | gyuzizis | hanbindoors | hoaegi | hodumb | hoe-one | hogays | hoseokjung | howono | hyosungie | ifnt0428 | ifntgyu | ifnthoya | ifntjjong | ifntnet | ifntsoo | infiniteficreclistot7 | infinitizeme | inspiritsnet | infiniteontheblock |

j - n :

jangdogwoof | jelleu | jeonjam | kigyukimsoowon | kimvampgyu | kingsunggyu |  kookie-aah | ksgyu | kyuz | leehoowon | lovelygyu | mintsuga | myeongseu | myungl0 | myungsoolutely​ | myungsootbh | n0jamz | namstar | namuyeols | nmhyun |

o - z :

ohsunggyu | perfgyu | pinkgyu | purpleboyhowonee | seduce-me-with-satoori | sexkyu | sngqyu | snguyeol | star-hoya | taehyungs-glasses | thugjong | whiteconfession | woofinite | woohynie | woohyun-ssi | woomeh | woohyunbiased​ | yibohua | yonggukology | yonggukwhy | zelo | zelou |

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Do you read other septiplier fan fictions? If so what are some of your favorites or any recommendations because I need some more septiplier in my life

There’s a couple that I read on AO3 which I have enjoyed or am currently enjoying reading c: 

Again With This Shit? by razorbladecass

Lonely Hearts Club by saxophonesandcuesticks

Mine by razorbladecass

We’ve Been Walking A Thin Line by princessflorp (phlegmatic)

You’ve Got The Love by Elgan, Galaxy_Ghost 

30 NSFW Prompts by princessflorp (phlegmatic) 

The Lucky Charms Challenge: Jack’s Flight Of Fancy by tiny_septic_box_sam

The Lucky Charms Challenge 2: Mark’s Deep Descent by tiny_septic_box_sam

Frustration by QueenTrickster

“Netflix and Chill” by princessflorp (phlegmatic)

Thanks For The Dare by QueenTrickster

Fireball & Lucky Flannel by Elgan 

Jack Gives A Little Show by QueenTrickster

That’s it! Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did! :D

Cat Ears Backpack Review ・ ω ・

Order date: 04/01/15

Arrival date: 04/03/15

Rating: 5/5



I remember seeing this backpack on a Tumblr post a while ago, but didn’t purchase it until recently (my Finn backpack is wearing out so yeah). It comes in various colors, and I decided to go with the coffee one. I was originally going to purchase the beige/off-white one, but since it’s a very light color I felt like it would get dirty quickly. I bought this from Amazon for $14.95! Since I had the free trial for Amazon Prime, I was able to get two day shipping because it was Prime Eligible c: The seller I purchased it from only has them in 5 colors, so if you’re interested in seeing/purchase the other ones I suggest searching “cat ears backpack” in Amazon and/or in Google.

I’ve had this bag for 10 days now, and I absolutely love it! No issues whatsoever with this backpack, so I’m very pleased with my purchase. It also looks exactly the way it does in the pictures above. When I first received my package I thought I had received a “broken” backpack ‘cause the straps weren’t put together. Then I realized you’re supposed to adjust the straps yourself, which makes sense since we’re all different.

One person who wrote a review about the backpack stated that the ears don’t stand up due to packaging, and they were right. Still very cute though, and it’s no big deal imo.

I adore the little cat paw on the zipper! It’s too cute!!! ♥ Sorry for the blurry picture orz

I also love the little cat face on the front too! Reminds me of Cookie Cat from Steven Universe for some reason c: On the zippers it says, “Harhu”.

Let’s see what’s in Iris’s bag today~! In the front pocket I have my extra phone battery, hand cream (it smells sooooo good! Got it from one of Cutiepiemarzia’s Memeboxes ♥), some money (tips from work, hehe), hair comb, Tic Tacs, receipt from Chipotle this afternoon, Chapstick, pens, my contact lenses case, a necklace, and lip gloss (also from Memebox! Tony Moly brand ♥).

Inside the backpack I have my notebook, calculator, USB cord + charger, my Hello Kitty bag with markers, pens, etc. in it; my headphones, and wallet. I put my wallet in that pocket just to show you guys that pocket, hehe ^^; I usually put my phone there. Speaking of which, I love how this backpack has various pockets! They come in handy and I can put all sorts of stuff in them c: The only one I haven’t really used is the big pocket, which you’ll see in the next photo.

I tried putting my notebook and laptop in the pocket, but it’s too small for them to fit. I put a composition notebook instead to show you what could fit inside of it. Perhaps if you have a notebook of similar size or a small laptop it could fit? 

There are pockets on each side, which are very convenient! I use them all the time. Whether it be my water bottle, my keys, my phone, etc., there’s always something in ‘em. 

So there you have it. I highly recommend purchasing this bag. It’s sturdy, practical, and cute! ♥ It would make an awesome gift, especially if the person you’re giving it to likes cats c: Thank you for reading!  ♥

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hey so im in the mood to read a really angsty romance novel can u recommend me some? i've read the addicted books and the foxhole court books too :P they can be NA or YA or anything like that. i just want to feel things XD thank you!

hmm i’m not sure what will live up to these series but here are some books that either have some angsty romance or will make you feel things (hopefully)      *=not YA

luxurypoetryarchive  asked:

I would be super jazzed if you could recommend your favorite cyberpunk/robotics books, please & thank you. Also, a reminder that you're a delight in case you misplace that thought.

wow sorry! I missed this b/c it showed up in the middle of my “sad and dying” portion of finals. (thank u for the message though; it lifted my spirits when I saw it :D)

I honestly don’t read a lot of cyberpunk/robotics books. There are a couple that are really great, but for the most part, the genre is too visual to work well as text-text (for me, at least). So… I’m just gonna recommend my favs from the genre in general.

traditional texty things

  • do androids dream of electric sheep? - philip k dick
  • neuromancer - william gibson (this book is the ur-cyberpunk novel & much else is a pale and inadequate imitation)
  • i, robot - isaac asimov (some of his novels are fun-ish, but really, go check out his roboticsy short stories & you will not be displeased)
  • gravity’s rainbow - thomas pynchon (kindof?)

comics **(comics have my favorite cyberpunk dynamics, tbh)

  • everything warren ellis has ever written
  • seriously though
  • transmetropolitan (LITERALLY MY FAVORITE)
  • global frequency
  • iron man’s extremis arc (it’s possibly better in the comics. fucking ellis)
  • doctor sleep (weird… weird… but fun)
  • some jhonen vasquez stuff? if you dig around? it’s more traditional sci-fi but there are strange cyberpunk-ish elements
  • fray (cool shit, man, cool shit)
  • eXistenZ (supposedly; I haven’t read/seen the movie version)


  • blade runner (THE BEST)(THE. BEST.)
  • 12 monkeys (bizarre but enjoyable)(more just—generally weird intense tech-stuff than cyberpunk? but similar vibes)
  • EVERYTHING TERMINATOR (sarah connor chronicles especially—I haven’t watched all of them, but what I’ve seen is glorious)
  • the fifth element (I need to revisit this but remember it being perfect)
  • DARK CITY (a film released at the same time as the matrix, subsequently ignored, honestly 10x better) (german impressionism influenced noir film)
  • gattaca (DO IT)
  • adaptations of PK Dick’s work are always… strange and interesting (so that’s like, the original total recall; minority report; a scanner darkly; some weird poorly-reviewed indie stuff etc)
  • Repo! the Genetic Opera (my relationship to this is love/hate bc the writer is a PIG who has zero understanding of what he could’ve done w/ the world he created)(and misogyny)(blatant undisguised misogyny)(but it could’ve been SO. MUCH.)
  • INVADER ZIMMMMMMM INVADER ZIMMMMMMM (you will not regret it)
  • dollhouse (man it has some flaws but in terms of cyberpunk content, political critique, & discussion of technological responsibility and possibility [THE cyberpunk heart] it’s dead on)
  • equilibrium (cool… not amazing… but food 4 thought)
  • also obligatory mention of the matrix (first film, u no the drill)


  • ghost in the shell (s1 anime)
  • GUNSLINGER GIRL <3 (borderline in terms of cyberpunk-ness but a little roboticsy?) (also, pls only watch s1)
  • akira (film… weird as all hell, but interesting)
  • steins;gate (I haven’t seen it yet but I am 100% confident it is perfect & perfect for this list [based on what I’ve heard of it from its recommenders])
  • cowboy bebop (I haven’t seen all of it and its classification as cyberpunk is iffy but I would feel wrong leaving it out of this list)

semi-recommendations for anime

  • ergo proxy has been recommended to me; I found it intriguing but not worth finishing (the translation I watched was ?????????)
  • serial experiments lain is, uh, kinda cyberpunk (in the japanese way where everyone is a machine and no one is real) but I’m not a huge fan—it’s just worth mentioning b/c some folks really enjoy it


  • david bowie’s outside album
  • shadowrun is a tabletop RPG that is 100% noir cyberpunk criminal shit, it’s phenomenal
  • warren ellis's vice column (x)

I haven’t read this but I’ve heard magnificent things & it’s gonna get read this summer: snow crash - neal stephenson

pursuitofc10h12n2o  asked:

I've recently fallen in love with overlining my lips, but the liner that I use seems too soft, almost? Any recommendations for matte liners (or any products really) that work well with overlining? Thanks!! c:

Hello :) 

When using a lip liner to over exaggerate lips it’s really important to use a more drying lip liner! There’s nothing worse than over lining your lips to have it wear off within a few hours and showing an obvious over drawn line! It might not go on as smoothly and even accentuate dry lips so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before hand.

Tip: Lip liners in pencil form are usually more drying and long lasting than those in a twist up tube. 

Check out lip liners like

MAC Lip Liners. MAC lip liners go on more stiff and dry so they stay put forever, they also come in many neutral shades like mauves, nudes and browns so you’re bound to a find a shade that works for your skin tone for over drawing lips!

NYX Slim Lip Liner Pencil. These pencils are affordable, long wearing and not overly drying!

Makeup Forever Aqua Lip. Waterproof, transferproof lip liner that come in many, many shades. 

anonymous asked:

do you know good anime with romance?? thanks c:

Lol, someone just asked me this a few minutes ago. This is my recommendations (from people asking) tag. But, yes, I do. :)

  • Clannad + Clannad After Story
  • ef - A Tale of Memories + Melodies
  • Nodame Cantabile
  • NANA
  • Zetsuen no Tempest
  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous (The more I think about this show, the more I love it)
  • sola
  • White Album 2
  • Toradora!
  • Sukitte Ii na yo
  • Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
  • Shinsekai Yori
  • Itazura na Kiss
  • Lovely Complex
  • Kanon 2006
  • Air
  • Kuragehime (NEED MORE.)
  • AnoHana
  • Chobits
  • Mawaru Penguindrum
  • Kyoukai no Kanata
  • Fruits Basket
  • Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Also (Not necessarily as much romance but it’s important):

  • Chrno Crusade
  • Requiem For The Phantom
  • Welcome to the NHK!
  • Angel Beats!
  • Cross Game
  • Little Busters!
  • Aku no Hana….?
  • School Days (It’s not really a romance but it has fake-romantic scenes)
  • Monogatari? (I am not completely done but it has a lot of romantic elements but I don’t know that I would call it a romance)
  • Mirai Nikki (It’s ABOUT love but I don’t know that it’s romantic, lol.)
  • Inuyasha (I seriously need to watch the new (not new anymore) series.)

Other good ones that I like but aren’t necessarily my favorites (Most of them because I watched them a long time ago and I don’t remember much except the major points but I do remember I LOVED them at the time):

  • Skip Beat!
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • Special A
  • Honey and Clover
  • Paradise Kiss
  • Kobato.
  • Hanasakeru Seishounen (No one watches this.)
  • Basilisk
  • Spice and Wolf
  • Bokura ga Ita
  • Myself;Yourself
  • H20 - Footprints In The Sand
  • Ouran High School Host Club (I forgot this one.)

And I will add Nagi no Asukara + Golden Time to these lists when they are done but they are still airing.

alexandritedagreat  asked:

Hello there. I want to write a character who uses rather "fancy" words often, accurately of course - but English is not my native language and I write my stories in English. I can speak and write English well - well enough to write stories at least, but I'm more familiar with 'daily language' than such richer words. Any sources or advices you have for a more sophisticated language? It may help both my writing and expand my English vocabulary.

Hello there, writerly friend~ ♥︎

I absolutely understand where you’re coming from. Now, any other person would point you to a list of words that are ‘fancy,’ but not me. That would be as good as tossing you a thesaurus. You see, English is not my native language either– and the 'fancy’ characters I’ve written in the past did not come to me out of a list of words… but out of books.

I can pin-point with, deathly accuracy, the first time I stumbled upon the proto-typical fancy, elegant, high class, Bourgeoisie, character. I was in highschool. I had picked up a book from the library because my father had recommend it to me. It was by this guy: 'Oscar Wilde.’ There was a picture of him on the back. He looked pretty fancy himself, leaning back on a chair while wearing a fur coat and holding a cane with one hand. I thought it looked interesting enough.

The book was titled… “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

If I can get you to read a book, read The Picture of Dorian Gray (actually if I can get you to read two books, then read 'On Writing’ by Stephen King and THEN read 'The Picture of Dorian Gray’).

Now, you see, 'fancy’ characters are 10% about language and 90% about attitude. I don’t know what you picture when you think of a 'fancy’ character… but I picture a man, dark of hair, wearing a fur coat and leaning back on a chair, looking as relaxed as royalty, and having upon his face an expression that is equal parts amusement and boredom– as though he is waiting for the world and its chaos to make his life more interesting.

Kind of like… this bloke:

That’s Oscar Wilde, by the way. Nobody takes selfies like an Oscar Wilde selfie.

The Picture of Dorian Gray has a very special character, my mental image of 'fancy’, of 'decadence’. He is one of the main characters, and happens to be the second person to be introduced. His name is Lord Henry Wotton– and he is a decadent man, grey in morality but colorful in language. He is an awful person. The biproduct of a world where people with money and power no longer had to worry about anything in life. He is the living picture of decadence– and he is a delight to read.

If you have ever seen an Oscar Wilde quote, then you have read Lord Henry Wotton. He is the source of 99% of Wilde’s quotes. No. Seriously. He is.

What I am getting to, is that anyone can just open up a thesaurus and BLOW UP a character’s dialogue– but if you truly mean to create a character who is fancy, elegant, or may we say… decadent. Then I think you should do yourself a favor and pick up The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The book is ancient, and thus it’s open domain so you can just download it from here, or even better– you could listen to a free audiobook adaptation (thank you, LibriVox!).

I will stop fangirling about The Picture of Dorian Gray (actually I won’t, because I love the book), but before you shrug this off as me just giving you more homework… think of this: vocabulary grows with reading. There is no other way around this c;

I hope this helps! If any of you has any other recommendations for books with 'fancy’ characters, feel free to let me, and our writerly friend, know~ ♥︎


Here’s a reel I made for my thesis project! Obviously not done yet, but I’m taking a break from environment stuff so that I can start on the character that’s meant to run around in this world c: I recommend going to vimeo and watching in HD. Also if Vimeo is being a butt, it’s here on youtube as well.

Thanks to some of my friends who helped – Ryan Dzuirgot who made the pretty floaty particles and showed me how to edit them as needed, and Matt Graczyk who made some really fancy water and let me use it in my game <3

why hello there ;) it’s been a really long time since i’ve done a follow forever so I thought it give it another shot! it’s a way of showing you guys that i appreciate and really admire your blogs, right? ^^ thank you for making my tumblr experience so enjoyable (and i inconspicuously blame you cuties for my inability to get off this site) ♥

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