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Things I Have Been Reading ...(Feb)

This really has been a labour of love because I have tried to post it twice only to have my laptop crash and have to start again!!!  

As I have been off work for the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of reading a butt load of fic (I believe that is the technical term).  I have also had some AMAZING recommendations sent over to me and please do keep them coming, feel free to tag me or send a link or send it to me by telepathy (although maybe not the last one because my telepathy skills are a little off atm).  It was quite tricky to narrow down this months list but here are some of my favourite things that I have been reading in February 2017.

P.S. If you make your way through all this and still want something to read then check out @lucifersagents who has been writing the most amazing drabbles and I love each and every one of them!


A huge thank you for all the SPN recs I’ve got this month! I have found some amazing writers who I hadn’t come across before so please keep them coming or there is a good chance this list will just be Gabe filth.

Pull them Harder@wayward-mirage gifts us all with this amazing Gabriel filth.  As a Gabe girl I have to say this fic gave me several ideas which I will probably never actually get round to writing.

Bringing Tidings Of Joy@bkwrm523 has written this fantastic little series and I urge all Gabe girls to pay special attention to part 2 before going having a cold shower.

While You Were Gone @luci-in-trenchcoats has killed me this this fic.  I haven’t got the words to describe how amazingly sweet and adorable this is a fantastic insight into Dean that warmed my heart.

You - @eyes-of-a-disney-princess is a writer who has recently come to my attention and from what I have read so far I expect great things.  This bit of Dean smut is fantastic and please feel free to make your way through her masterlist!

Off Limits –   @dancingalone21  I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore this fic, it is super cute and the relationship between Sam and Dean is brilliant.

Winchesters Don’t Giggle –  @rizlowwritessortof I read this a while back and it made me smile like an idiot.  I do love the softer side of Dean.

Research –  @nichelle-my-belle Here is another writer I have only just found but after making my way through her masterlist is definitely on my favourites list! This Sam smut is amazing and you should go follow her and read all the stuff!

Unexpected@percywinchester27 After reading this I want to have Sams babies. Lovely and fluffy and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


So as you can see this list is quite Steve/Bucky heavy so if you come across ANY other marvel fics that you think I should read PLEASE let me know. I love Steve and Buck but I’m a sucker for the underappreciated characters.

Not Over You@amarvelouswritings This series is killing me a little but in a totally good way.  

Try Again@promarvelfangirl A fine example of the breaking up and getting back together genre beautifully written and I may have had a stupid grin on my face quite a bit when reading this one.

Dirty Minded Cap – Steve - @fvckingsteverogers As a Steve/Chris girl I have no idea how I have not found this blog sooner but here is another masterlist I will be pouring over.  This Steve smut made me all tingly in my lady parts and I think I’ve found another favourite blog!

Homesick @thorne93 I have been reading this series from the very first part and as always my girl here has schooled me in the art of writing.  The fabulousness of series like this is why I don’t really write series because the bar is set really high x

What This Was@amarvelouswritings  THIS SERIES IS AWESOME AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE AND I WANT TO BE ON HER FOREVER TAG LIST BECAUSE EVERYTHING I HAVE READ OF HERS IS AMAZING!  Sorry, fangirling a little there but in all seriousness, you should go follow her.

Screwed - @just-call-me-mrs-captain  It is entirely possible that I binge read this entire series and squealed several times.  Bucky is so brilliantly written here, go read it now!

Hallelujah –  @bovaria brings you a bit of Bucky angst for you all.  You may want to get a box of tissues handy before you start this one, you have been warned.

I think she likes you@emilyevanston I am feeling the whole coffeeshop AU thing right now and as someone who adores nerdy Nat this fic is super sweet.  The interactions between Bucky and Clint are brilliant and I pretty much had a grin on my face all the way through reading this one.

Exs and Ohs –  @civilwarkilledme I feel there should be more T’Challa, especially if this is what is created!  

Star Trek:

I’m a little light on Trek fics (possibly because I’ve been drowning in the Steve/Bucky trash) so send me your recs and hopefully they will make my list!!!

Carnival Fun@atari-writes creates a lovely version of the gorgeous doctor in this fic and I absolutely loved it.  

Stop Apologizing@kaitymccoy123 a super sweet bit of Bones here.  It’s all fluffy and awkward and really cute.

More Than You Know and The One by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord are two amazing bits of the lovely Captain. A beautiful little fic and an wonderful series that are well worth a read but then again she is one of my favourite writers and I would put everything she writes on this list if I thought I could get away with it.

Other Fandoms and Fics:

Love and Spiders@little-red-83.  So I fully admit I’m a Fili girl and this adorable little fic crossed my path a while back and I thought it was super cute and super sweet and as someone who is terrified of spiders this would be something I would do. Plus @little-red-83 is my tumblr twin so go check out her work.

Sleepy –  @chrisevans-imagines I am a total sucker for a daddy Chris Evans fic right now and this one is super cute.

Treat You Better  - @dont-hate-relate-pls has written this beautiful almost heartbreaking little fic about the lovely Rob Benedict and she writes him so well I can hear his voice in my head as I read it.

Let Me Show You @wayward-mirage is a writing genius who I adore and her Mark Pelligrino fics like this one are absolutely sublime.  Go follow her and show her a little love.

Donnie x Reader - @totally-turtle-imagines this is a really sweet little imagine about how super cute, fluffy and awkward Donnie can be.

Sharpie Promises @another-tmnt-writer.  This Soulmate AU is adorable and the unsure, insecure side of Raph just makes me want to give him a hug.  I am really enjoying seeing what this fandom and this blog has to offer. Also check out Hold Me for an extra slice of @another-tmnt-writer’s Raph.

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Thank you

really you are really nice beautiful people 

i always was sad about my writing skills because of hates or jokes message 

but you made me so happy telling it’s ok and making me realize i should not care about these haters 

and i realize i  translate my comics not for them but for you “ good people “ who follow me and encouraging me and say nice things to my drawings 

that why i translate my comics because i want everyone to read it i didn’t want to be selfish and translate just only my language  ( not all artist need to translate there comic they are not selfish i said that to myself because personally thing ) 

i mean i can just stop  translate them but every time i read something very nice from you all 

that what makes me want to translate my comics <3

so thank you for all your kind message <3

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Crazyanime3 do you recommend servamp? Should I watch it? Yes, I am looking for your biased opinion lol please and thank you

HELL YES I RECOMMEND YOU WATCH IT AND I RECOMMEND THE MANGA TWICE AS MUCH TOO(it has a lot more to it tbh) It’s probably one of my most favorite vampire series! (I say this cause I starting reading “The Case Study of Vanitas” and I like that so far too)

Okay hold I am gonna end up writing a bit of an essay here. THANK YOU GOD IT’S THE WEEKEND LOL. (I want all the support for a season 2 after all)


I will try my best to tell you a bit about the all character groups(its faster this way…) and what I like about them without spoiling too much since you are looking to possibly read or watch it. There are a lot of them. 

So Servamp has these 7 main deadly “Servamps”(and their “eves” who I will talk about in a sec), reason there are seven of them is because they are they are the seven deadly sins, plus the 8th Servamp who’s their youngest “brother” and he wants to kill them all and their eves. (try and guess who’s that one lol) What a lovely family pffffttt, they should really talk about their problems together….

They are called Servamps cause they are “servant vampires” to humans, their eves and basically just do whatever their eve says… well if you “use them correctly?”

and here’s their “birth order??”, more like “creation order” I guess you could say….

  1. Sleepy Ash of Sloth
  2. Old Child of Pride
  3. Doubt Doubt of Envy
  4. The Mother of Wrath
  5. Lawless of Greed
  6. World End of Gluttony 
  7. All of Love of Lust 

and the bonus sin, I mean sibling

8. Who is Coming of Melancholy (don’t forget him or you die, literally) 

and some things I love about them all as whole:

  • Despite their “physical appearances” they consider each other “younger” and “older” even though the “oldest” one, Kuro is like physically 18 but his psychotic youngest brother, Tsubaki is physically 21. This just amuses me. Basically “I was a vampire longer than you so technically I am much much older than you” by like a century or so. I dunno. 
  • They don’t constantly thirst for blood, cause they can eat human food too. Some even prefer it. Blood is more like a “power up” for them when they fight with their eve.
  • They consider each family, even though they don’t all get along necessarily. (like legit say “big brother” and “baby brother” omg) 
  • You know how in old fashioned vampire stories, vampires can turn into bats? In Servamp they all have DIFFERENT animal forms and they are all pretty cute too. One of the Servamps is a bat actually, but that’s cause he is old fashioned. We got a cat, snake, wolf, hedgehog, pig, butterfly and a fox.  I guess, it’s kinda what also lures you into making a contract with them…hehe)
  • There’s only 1 female BUT SHE ISN’T LUST. She’s Wrath and SHE’S COOL AND NOT USED FOR FAN SERVICE AT ALL. Also the sin of Lust is a guy named Snow Lily and he’s actually a really sweet guy. (he might make you cry if you read volume 4, cause I did ;__;)  
  • mixed personalities. ALL OF THEM, some get along some others not so much. Some may try to fight the other… 
  • Will die for their eve. 

okay there’s a lot I could say about them but I am trying so hard to be VAGUE. AHHH

and we have our main human characters the Servamps “eves” or masters 

There are only of a few of them though cause not all the Servamp have one(or not revealed yet) if you watch or read Servamp you’d know why some don’t currently have one. 

  • Like the sevamps all have mixed personalities and they all have different viewpoints/opinions about vampires.
  • two of them are related, try and guess which two, I dare you.
  • Almost all the eves are basically their servamps polar opposite. It’s amazing how some pairs manage to work together. (For example Sloth Pair, is duo of a hardworking guy who wants to save everyone, and then there’s his Servamp of Sloth who could maybe care less…or does he? :0)
  • One of them is a TOTAL MOM friend. They even call him “mom” in a drama CD. ITS CANON.
  • They are not all the same age, but some close in age. They are 14, 15, 16, 18 AND THEN 23. Yeah, try and pin an age to each haha, You might’ve never guessed for some)
  • One is a famous.
  • they all get weapons and abilities from the Servamp contracts. They are all pretty and unique, and strange even.
  • all have a different kind of relationship with their Servamp, you will love them all tbh.

danggit the last pic is so tiny whhaaa. 

and last major group of characters I am gonna talk about is the subclass vampires. These are the more lower level vampires created by Servamps. Subclass are originally humans who the Servamps saved. A dying human drinks Servamp blood and becomes a vampire and follows the Servamp(and eve) around basically and does what they say. “Extra servants”, I suppose? But some of the Servamps considered their subclass, “friends” or “FAMILY” ahhh it makes me cry. ;w;

I would make points about the subclass too but there are A LOT OF THEM and they are more diverse, And the “Melancholy Team” in the first image is pretty much the main subclass group who see since they work with the “big bad” of the series. 

SO YEAH. PLENTY OF REASONS TO WATCH SERVAMP. But a few things about the anime adaption:

  • They cut out quite a bit of the “lesser” characters in the anime, so some characters you will only get see in the manga, or only a little a bit of in the anime and WAY MORE in the manga. But the anime also doesn’t reach a certain point for us to see some characters. (there’s a chance for S2 though so maybe we will??)

some examples:

  • We don’t get to see everyone’s character developments. Some only seen or learned more about in the manga. Or the some of the development between characters is kinda done differently in the anime version. 
  • Animes always do this, but they do cut out some dialogue, scenes, AND ONE ENTIRE ARC and some things do happen earlier than they are supposed too. 
  • They leave out some funny parts of it too, which is boo…. :p
  • The anime’s ending is a little…. weird. You have to see it for yourself. :| 
  • the pacing is a bit fast.
  • some moments are moved around in the anime too. Still happen but in a different spot.

BUT!!! THE ANIME IS STILL ENJOYABLE. A lot of things ARE still the same and you will still be able to understand the story and everything else. 

- You still get most backstories
- You will definitely end up with a fave Servamp/Eve pair(and I don’t mean ships necessarily) 

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You will laugh and maybe cry. 

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okay I am done babbling it’s almost 12 a.m. CA3 IS OUT. 

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I am personally not worried about Touka, but I am a little intrigued by Mutsuki's jealousy towards her. Also, I love the fact Haise was so attracted by Touka even if he didn't remember her. I think that at this point it's obvious the two of them have a strong attraction for each other and it's interesting how despite this they can't communicate properly.

Hey Anon! Thanks for reading :) 

And yeah, I was a bit caught off guard that it seemed Haise actually went more than twice to :Re while in fact it’s not that surprising (considering that he thought about her in ch31.5 during Christmas, way after the last time we saw him going to :Re). 

Anyway, I also agree that the difference between Haise’s behavior and Kaneki’s current awkwardness is a bit funny, but all in all that’s not so surprising either :) 

Kaneki really went through a lot during the last arc: between Arima’s death, Eto’s proposal of becoming the OEK… And as I said once, he probably hasn’t showed an actual smile ever since Arima died, so since he’s focusing on “having to fight” (like after the Aogiri arc in TG), a lot of things are put on hold for the time being.

That being said…

…Touka’s punch didn’t really help the fact that things between them are awkward and that they need to talk. But I’m hopeful…

‘Cause Touka asked for a talk and Kaneki’s comrades are aware that he’s having a few difficulties processing what the role of the OEK means. 

So don’t worry Anon, I’m sure they will be able to start communicating properly once they get to talk! 

Have a nice weekend and thanks again for reading! :)

Well, Anon, from the moment this…

happens just before they started the investigation for the auction arc, I think that means that Sasako making this compliment to Mutsuki didn’t make them uncomfortable. On they contrary they were rather flustered and happy (because they already had this obsessive crush on Haise back then). 

Basically just consider that at the moment of :Re ch1, Mutsuki already was starting to be “in love” with Haise, okay? This will make things easier xD

I hope it helps, have a nice weekend!

Hey Anon! Well, between her obvious crush on Saiko in ch112 and this omake, yeah probably. :)

The point is, she’s interested in Saiko: she could be a lesbian, bi or pan, it’s all that matters ‘cause her crush is super cute.

Pass it on.

Haha, have a nice weekend Anon!

Hey Anon! 

Well, in my opinion, it should probably be either…



Not so different from the fandom as a whole, hahah xDD Have a nice weekend Anon!

[Fates Rewritten - A Retelling of FE:F]

(All right, this is just a fan rewrite that came from some general discontent with how Fates was handled. I’ll have gone through a couple drafts of this before I’ll be satisfied enough with how it turned out to post it. If you guys like this, show your support and I’ll post chapter summaries for each route sometime in the future! Thanks for reading!)

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hey hey! I recently really got into bts (I love them so much ahhhh) and I was wondering if you know any good bts or other kpop blogs to follow? (I also want to say your covers on youtube are really good!)

yes ofc! im glad you got into bts theyre all sweethearts and losers and i love them a lot (also thank youuuuu!) 

btw im putting the blogs under read more in case this gets long and also sorry in advance if i missed anyone :(

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Hey guys. Just wanted to say something quick before I got to sleep, because I have to wake up extra early for work tomorrow (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/

It really makes me happy to know that you guys are letting me be a small part of your day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for reading my little stories, and for loving them as much as I love writing them. Before this, I hadn’t written anything in probably six to eight months, and before that, it had been years

You all inspire me to be a better writer, to broaden my thinking about character development and diversity and so many other things. And the messages of encouragement you guys send me, and reading your comments on reblogs and your tags honestly make my day.

So anyway. Thank you. I’m a sap, but I really do appreciate it so much. G’nite.

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Hey love, i was just wondering if u see yourself ever writing Sterek again in the future?

yep. i totally want to. tonight was the first night in over two weeks i’ve sat down at a laptop and had time to be on tumblr, though. i’m weeks behind on my shows, too. i’m super keen to sit and do some writing, i just don’t always have the time. i keep trying, though, and the super sweet comments on ao3 for older fics keep me going, so thanks to everyone still reading, thanks for not giving up on me!

i still think about sterek all the time, i plan out fics in my head, i read them, too, i’m just always travelling to work or at work at the moment :(

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■ for the Nohr siblings?

■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters Headcanon

Elise: Her room has a lot of plush and fancy furniture, but her favorite thing is her vanity mirror. That’s where she keeps all her makeup and perfumes. Her room is very clean thanks to the maids cleaning it practically daily, but Elise likes to hide books in strange spots so the maids can’t find them.

Leo: His room has a lot of dark colors and the drapes are always over the windows, but he doesn’t actually spend a whole lot of time in his room. He has quite a few bookshelves chock full of tomes, but he’s already read most of them. He likes to read and do work in other parts of the castle, so he’s mostly just in his room to sleep.

Camilla: Smells the best out of all the rooms thanks to her burning scented candles all the time. She likes a nice rose smell, but sometimes she’ll have other flower scents. She has more lavish decorations, mostly because she picks out her own decor. She has a big full length mirror that’s cleaned everyday.

Xander: He also burns scented candles in his quarters sometimes, but they’re more to help with headaches rather then for the actual scent. He has the most extravagant room thanks to his position as Crown Prince, but he likes his desk most of all. It’s very expertly crafted with beautiful mahogany wood, and it’s where he spends the most time in his room. Even though he has a study, he’ll bring his work back to his bedroom to continue working on it. His room has a lot of trophy cases where he keeps his weapons and armor, or other important treasures of his.


Hello!! So i meant to post this yesterday but i slept over at a friends last night and i didn’t get around to do it! We went to bed at 6 am XD, so i’m reeaaaaaally tired right now!! But i’ll still try to write so i can keep drawing the next Inktober comic!! I haven’t had time cause i wanna finish the chapter first!! D: 

Anyway, i had drawn this during the semester last year, so only my friend had seen it hahahaha, but the day before yesterday i was able to redraw it! So here it is! Tell me what you think!!

As always, thank you all guys so much for all your likes, rebblogs and comments!! They make me really happy and help me keep up my spirits and keep drawing!!! (/ ^ U ^)/  (Oh! and also some of your tags! hahahahaha there are some really funny tags you guys use and i have a great time reading them!! XD so thank you so so much!)

Again, the idea of Princess!Kara and Dragon!Oso doesn’t belong to me! Just the drawing! I first saw it on a freakishly amazing and adorable fanfic written by @nxymxrjr , called terminus a quo ! Go check her stories cause they’re freaking amazing! :D

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Tought I've been reading fics in english for a really long time, i've never found them as inspirational and touching as fics in my own mothertongue. This has change with you and UMFB. My skills in english are far away from being able to express properly all the layers, feelings, stories inside other stories, realness in every bit of every character and dialog and basically, all the poetry i have found in your story, your (because they are yours and yours forever, sorry kubo) characters. (1/2)

(2/2) So i can only say thank you for this fic, which has been a real present as a reader, as a YoI fan and as a person going through some dificult period of life. I’m looking forward to reading chap 14 (and the companion fic and whatever you write after this) but i will miss this last week, when i have the oportunity of knowing you and this little treasure. (Again, sorry for my broken english)

Wow omg thank you so much, I am so honoured by this! And don’t worry about your English, I can understand you perfectly!

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All the believers in JJ make me smile... I am french and barely know US tabloids but I know that JJ is full of shit 😉 come on for them Hiddleston/Swift was such a cute love story.. this was BS like everything here.. btw thanks for the explanation about ABC.. I read it often but never understand the signification... i am sad for Cait because she is an angel and they are clearly full of love for one another..but I have to say that many now on IG seemed to prefer Cait to the shirtless blondie...

Group hug anon! All of this, I agree so much!

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scarletclarinet  asked:

i just wanted to tell you that i read through all of your penumbra fic in like two days (too quickly to leave comments, it was so good and i needed all of it, i swear i'll go back and comment) and i loved it and now i'm following you because fic and also you seem deeply cool so thanks for that (and not to be awkward but what's your policy on prompts? because i would die for a continuation of, well, anything, but especially the pushing daisies au) anyways a+ fic 11/10 would die of emotions again

Thank you!

Also, holy crap on getting through them all in two days. There’s a whole lot to read, and not all of it is in coherent order. 

Here’s Part 1 of the Pushing Daisies AU, for those who don’t remember (or haven’t read it yet).

I’m always a bit wary of writing characters that we haven’t met yet in canon, especially when there’s such a heavy implication that we’re going to sometime in the future. But in this case, I’m glad I did. I like how this one turned out.

Thank you for the prompt~

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So one of my very good friends just bought her first tarot deck and wants some help in learning. So if anyone is up for it, I’d like to offer free readings for the next 24 hours so that I can show her my methods and help her learn. I’ll take all questions and answer as many as I can. So please send them in.

Again, I know I usually charge for readings now but these readings will be completely free so she can learn and maybe even practice herself. As always, anon is on if you need it. For those of you who send in your questions, thank you so much! To everyone else, have a fantastic weekends!

Love & light! 💕💕💕

TLDR: Free tarot readings so I can teach a friend. Please send in requests?!

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For the drabble game, 54 with Key!! :D Thank you for giving us a new awesome drabble!!

Originally posted by xxxisps-blog

drabble list!

Kim Kibum: “Um…like…so…do you like me?”

Out of all the things Kibum could write in his autobiography is that he’s good at remembering things, whether it’s a new language that he has to learn or simply facts that he could use in certain conversations; he’s really good at looking at something, reading over it and learning it completely, hence why he decided giving a try to acting and why he remembers so naturally her usual choices when the two of them ask for takeout. He doesn’t recall this as he stands out the door, two bags of takeout in each one of his hands as he puts his foot out to knock on the door. Balance is necessary when doing this and he manages not to drop anything as he knocks on the door softly, however, he feels like he’s losing balance, widening his eyes when the door opens abruptly and she takes him by the foot at the precise second she notices he was about to fall.

“This is weird position,” Kibum starts before chuckling softly, the plumpness of his cheeks showing slightly as his eyes shine brightly. If there was something that she liked about Kibum, apart from his sense of style, was his beautifully created face structure, as if some mythological creature had worked in making Kibum just as perfect as he was. “But hi, I brought take out!”

“I can tell.” She bites her bottom lip before releasing his foot, her hands reaching for one of the bag of takeouts before she looks up at him, their faces centimeters away before she gasped quite loudly. “Your hair is pink!” Her fingers can’t help but run through his locks and Kibum smiles softly, pinching her cheek before chuckling.

“Well, it’s supposed to be pink, so thank you?” He questions before moving to her side, entering her apartment before turning back to look at her. “Are you coming inside or not?” The tone of her voice makes her get out of her thoughts as she rushes inside, closing the door behind her with a small thump.

Beauty, some conceptualized it the same way and most of us didn’t fit in that standard that society had created, but to her…the definition of beauty was Kim Kibum, much more in the position he was right now. His lips were shut, humming a song slightly as his fingers delicately opened the bags of takeout and poured the contents on some plates, being as much of a perfectionist as he was. His black t-shirt fit his body perfectly, making his bright pink hair look even brighter, his eyes showed concentration and without noticing, she was leaning against her counter, biting her bottom lip as she looked at just a close friend. Kibum was always…this exceptionally cute and when he looked up at her, she straightened her back, clearing her throat before looking to the side and out the window to see the stars.

“What? Do you like me?” The purpose of the question is joke around with her, like a flirty type of joking around, but it makes her look at him with widened eyes before his eyes followed the same path, licking his lips before rubbing his necks. “Um…like…so…do you like me?” This time he quizzes with a small blush on his cheeks, crossing his arms over his chest as he feels the room that much colder, as if he was actually freezing. That moment, she gets closer before sighing.

“A tiny bit, like this tiny bit.” She signalizes a little with her fingers and Kibum feels like chuckling, but he’ll know that it’ll make her nervous and could potentially ruin his opportunity. “But I promise I’ll forget about my little crush on you and everything will get back to normal-”


“You don’t have to pity me-”


“Kibum, really, I’m sorry.”

“Shut up for a second!” He exclaims before taking her by the cheeks, looking down at her features, up and down, letting his eyes rest over her lips. She stays still, looking at the male in front of her and just after she heard him sigh. His bluntness is something she had been used to for so long, but now it seemed so raw, so necessary. If he was going to break her heart, then he might as well do it now. His fingers run through her hair before kissing the corner of her mouth. “I like you too.” Her eyes widen and she bites her bottom lip when he pulls away, the question spilling from her tongue too quickly.


“Yes.” Kibum is surprised when he feels her hands over his forearms and her lips press to his, but if he was honest…there’s no place he’d rather be.

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( recommendation anon ) ive decided i will read all of them but ill start with... the blind boy bc that one was bae af 👌🏼👌🏼 btw you're my favourite author on tumblr that ive come across because youre the only one with proper grammar and only minor mistakes in your writing so ye 💖ilysm

ahaha good decision man i hope you enjoy them! and thank you ahh!! i try to keep my writing as mistake free as possible >.<


Hey guys! I just want to let you know I’ve gotten a lot of your birthday messages and I appreciate all of them!

Unfortunately I can’t respond to them right now because I’m picking up a friend from the airport, but I’ll read them all later.

Thank you!