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these posts might be annoying, but from the start of 2016 when i started watching and drawing ml to now- this show and this fandom has pushed me to draw so much more than i used to and ive improved heaps because of it, so thank you!! 

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Can I ask for some art advice? I'm a super beginner and proportions are the bane of me, in both realistic and cartoon attempts. How do / did you practice proportions? Did you have to work at it a long time until you were happy with it?

this dude does a good demonstration, and covers more than just faces:

he explains it in a way that makes you realize everything is relative to everything else. something he doesn’t really cover however, is using a grid to help you better grasp how things are proportioned to help you better understand how to change them to fit what you’re doing.

things is, i still struggle with proportions, and it’s largely due to old habits that i had. i would always elongate and make things heavily lop-sided, which is still something i struggle with when free-handing. i keep a straight edge or some sort of ruler in all of my sketchbooks now, just in case i feel something isn’t quite right.

Anonymous said:

First off, I love love love your stuff. Always makes me giggle. So thanks! :) I really like to draw stuff, and some days I do crazy stuff way out of my league and other days I can’t draw a square - the latter is really frustrating and makes it hard to keep drawing - if today happens to be a bad art day I’m afraid gonna hate what I draw. Do you experience this and how do you get through it?



something a lot of people don’t know is that i’m currently a chronic pain sufferer. it largely impacts my mood and ability to draw. i firmly believe that a happy artist is a good artist, and when pain gets too much, i go into Rage Mode and everything i make looks, to me, like garbage.

what i do to overcome it is just……enjoy the pocket. that time where you feel good, and you’re really into what you’re doing, find that pocket and live in it for a minute. you can’t always be on top of it at all times. some people take years-long breaks just to find the pocket again.

but you say you do “crazy stuff way out of your league”–realize that the crazy stuff you’re doing, that is your league. that’s what you do. what you made didn’t just happen on pure chance. that’s your art.

it’s ok to realize that not every piece is a masterpiece. i can’t begin to tell you the thousands of pieces that have been deleted, thrown out, and never shown the light of day.

Anonymous said:

Hey, Scout! Do you usually know what size canvas you want to draw/paint on or do you keep adjusting the size as you go along? Do you have any favorite sets of dimensions, or standards you like to work with? (I just keep adjusting mine as I go because I don’t know what I’m doing I guess?)

heya! i do normally know the size of canvas i’m going to work with. thing is, once you start creating pieces for print, your idea of concrete dimensions becomes a little more strict. you never know when something might take off, so you have to be ready to have it in a size suitable for printing.

comics are the only things i don’t really care what dimensions i have, but i work really tiny with them. especially post-episode comics! i always have a 500x900 72dpi canvas open in case i wanna whip up a quick strip

something a little bit more on the move today

on redbubble


Grayson photography studio L.E.N.S (not sure about the name)

thanks to @applekissims @kosmokhaos @putrulance @cakenoodles @sakorb @katsujii and @reveal-the-fkn-sims for letting me use your sims pictures💚


—    bold   all   physical   traits   that   apply   to   your   muse. 

                                                    Cyril Stacy

eyes (general):    large   /   small   /   narrow   /   sharp   /   squinty   /   round   /   wide-set   /   close-set   /   deep-set  /   sunken   /   bulging   /   protruding   /   wide   /   hooded   /   heavy-lidded   /   bright  /  feverish  /  sparkling   /   glittering   /   flecked   /   dull   /   bleary   /   rheumy   /   cloudy   /   red-rimmed   /   beady   /   bird-like  /   cat-like (hurr)   /   jewel-like   /   steely   /   hard   /   long lashes   /   sweeping eyelashes   /   thick eyelashes

eyes (color):     chestnut   /   chocolate brown  /   cocoa brown   /   coffee brown   /   mocha   /   mahogany   /   sepia   /   sienna brown   /   mink brown   /   copper   /   amber (gold)   /   cognac   /  whiskey   /   brandy   /   honey   /    tawny   /   topaz   /   hazel   /   obsidian   /   onyx   /   coal   /   raven   /   midnight   /   sky blue   /   sunny blue   /   cornflower blue   /   steel blue   /   ice blue   /   arctic blue   /   glacial blue   /   crystal blue   /   cerulean   /   electric blue   /   azure   /   lake blue   /   aquamarine   /   turquoise   /   denim blue   /   slate blue   /   slate gray   /   storm blue   /   amethyst  /   storm gray   /   silver   /   silver gray   /   chrome   /   platinum   /  white /  pewter   /   smoky gray   /   ash gray   /   concrete gray   /   dove gray   /   shark gray   /   fog gray   /   gunmetal gray   /   olive   /   emerald  /   peridot  /   a loud green  /  leaf green   /   moss green   /   soft pink   /   seafoam   /  damaged (white/blood flecked)

eyebrows: arched   /   straight   /   plucked  /   sparse   /   trim   /   dark   /   faint   /   thin   / thick   /   unruly   /   bushy   /   heavy

skin (general): lined /   wrinkled  /   seamed   /   leathery   /   sagging   /   drooping   /   loose   /  clear  /   smooth   /   silken   /   satiny   /   fine-grained   /  dry  /   flaky   /   partially scaly   /  delicate   /   thin   /   translucent   /   luminescent   /   baby-soft    /   small pores   /   large pores   /   glowing   /   dewy   /   dull   /   velvety /   fuzzy   /   rough   /   farmer’s tan   /   mottled   /   dimpled   /   doughy   /   firm   /   freckled   /   pimply   /   pockmarked   /   blemished   /   pitted   /   scarred  /   bruised   /   veined   /   scratched   /   sunburned   /  weather-beaten   /   raw   /   tattooed

skin (color):     amber   /   bronze   /   cinnamon   /   copper   /   brown  /  dark brown   /   deep brown   /   ebony   /  dark honey   /   golden   /   pale   /   pallid   /   pasty   /   fair   /   light   /   cream   /  alabaster   /   ivory   /   bisque   /   milk   /   porcelain   /   chalky   /   sallow   /   olive   /   peach   /   rosy   /   ruddy   /   florid   /   russet   /  tawny   /   fawn   /   dark blue /  blueish-grey

face structure:     square   /   round   /   oblong   /   oval   /   elongated   /  narrow /   heart-shaped   /   cat-like   /   wolfish   /   high forehead  /   broad forehead   /   prominent brow ridge   /   protruding brow bone   /   sharp cheekbones   /   high cheekbones   /  angular cheekbones   /   hollow cheeks   /   square jaw  /   chiseled   /   severe  /   craggy  /   soft  /   jowly   /   jutting chin   /  pointed chin /   weak chin   /   receding chin   /   double chin   /   cleft chin   /   dimple in chin   /   visible adam’s apple

nose:  snub /   dainty   /   button   /   turned-up   /   long  /   broad   /   thin   / straight   /  pointed   /   crooked   /   aquiline   /   roman   /   bulbous   /   flared   /   hawk   /   strong  / sharp

mouth/lips: thin /   narrow   /   full /   lush   /   cupid’s bow /   wide   /   rosebud   /   dry   /   cracked   /   chapped    /   moist   /   glossy   /   straight teeth   /  crooked lower teeth   /   gap between teeth   /   white teeth /   yellowed teeth   /   braces   /   overbite   /   underbite   /  dimples   

facial hair: clean-shaven   /   smooth-shaven  /   beard   /   neckbeard   /   goatee   /  moustache   /   sideburns   /   mutton-chop sideburns   /   stubble /   a few days’ growth of beard   /   five o’ clock shadow 

hair (general): long   /   short  /   shoulder-length   /   loose   /   limp   /   dull   /   shiny   /  glossy /   sleek  /   smooth /   luminous  /   lustrous  /   spiky /   stringy    /   shaggy   /   tangled   /   messy    /   windblown   /   unkempt   /   straggly   /  neatly combed  /   parted   /   slicked down   /   tied back (occasionally)   /  slicked back   /   cropped   /   clipped   /   buzzed (on the sides, fight me SE)  /   buzz cut   /  curly   /   bushy on occasion /  wavy /  straight  /   lanky   /   dry   /   oily   /   greasy   /  layers   /  corkscrews /   spirals   /   ringlets   /   braids   /   dreadlocks   /   widow’s peak   /   bald   /   shaved   /   comb-over   /  thick   /   luxuriant   /   voluminous   /   full   /   wild   /   untamed   /   bouncy   /   fine   /   thinning

hair (color): black   /   blue-black   /   jet black   /   raven   /   ebony   /   inky black   /   midnight   /   sable  /   salt and pepper   /   silver   /   silver gray   /   charcoal gray   /   steel gray   /   white   /   snow-white /   brown   /   brunette   /   chocolate brown   /   coffee brown   /   ash brown   /   brown sugar   /   nut brown   /   caramel  /   tawny brown   /   toffee brown   /   red   /   ginger   /   auburn   /   copper   /   strawberry blonde   /   butterscotch   /   honey   /   wheat   /   blonde   /   golden   /   sandy blond   /   flaxen   /   fair-haired   /   bleached   /  platinum /  TEAL HECK YOU

body type:   too tall  / tall  / average height /   short  /   petite   / fits in a locker  /  compact   /   big   /   large   /   burly   /   beefy   /   bulky   /   brawny   /   barrel-chested   /   heavy   /   heavy-set   /   fat   /   overweight   /   obese   /   flabby   /   chunky   /  getting closer to chubby /   pudgy   /   pot-bellied   /   portly   /   thick   /   stout   /   lush   /   plush   /   full-figured   /   ample   /   rounded   /  voluptuous   /   curvy  /   hourglass   /   plump   /   soft   /   leggy /   long-legged  /  gangling   /   lanky   /   coltish   /   lissome   /   willowy   /   lithe   /   lean   /   slim   /  slender   /   trim  /   thin   /   skinny   /   emaciated   /   gaunt   /   bony   /   spare   /   solid   /   stocky   /   wiry   /   rangy   /   sinewy   /   stringy  /   ropy   /   sturdy   /   strapping   /   powerful   /   hulking   /  fit  /   athletic   /   toned   /   muscular   /   chiseled   /   taut   /   ripped  /   herculean   /  broad-shouldered   /   sloping shoulders  /   bowlegged

hands:     delicate   /   small   /   large   /   square   /   sturdy  /   strong   /   smooth  /   rough  /  calloused   /   elegant   /   plump   /   stubby fingers   /   long fingers   /  crooked   /  gloved   /   ragged nails   /   grimy fingernails   /   ink-stained

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I’m pretty sure my career as a H omestuck blogger peaked when Sh elby Cra gg followed me for like a week before getting sick of me bitching about Paradox Space


Hello everyone, I want to say to you all is that I value your opinions of me. I take all the words you say by heart to improve myself as a person and an artist. However, I’ve been having issues with this person on both accounts on Tumblr and Discord. Where I wished it weren’t the case, but unfortunately it is. I had to block this person from both accounts because it was an endless cycle of negativity that was affecting me in such a terrible way. I want to to explain to you all that I tried to help, gave them the best advice I could give. However, there is only so much I can do as a 16 year old. I even tried to have my Mom help, since there’s things that they said I didn’t know how respond too, I offered them to talk to her and it was fruitless. The most important thing I want to say is that I hope you all understand is if this person tries to say bad things about me, please just tell them that you don’t want to hear it or get involved. It saddens me so much that this person has caused so much drama that I had to block them forever, but it had to be done… Another thing is that I want to say is that I’m taking a break from both Tumblr and Discord for two weeks, plus this very weekend. I just want things to settle down before I come back posting art, which leaves to the art challenge… @stressaurus, @eliana55226838, and @idolaelyartist I’m so sorry I won’t be participating in the art challenge with you, a lot things have happened and I need to take a break. I’ll come back in two weeks with more art and to see you all again! I love you all so much and thank you all for your endless support, goodbye everyone. See you all very soon!  

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I agree 100% with you on your post about Rachel. I would say that there is a serious double standard going on in the LiS fandom in general because it seems like it's okay to feel bad about Nathan because we are seeing him before Jefferson arrives and manipulates him, and we can see that he's suffering because of his father, but the fact that Rachel is struggling about her father's mistakes and what being her daughter means to her own identity is something they don't seem to care about

oh yeah. it also really bothers me to see people breaking out the same anti-chloe arguments we all heard in original lis discourse but turning them around on rachel now.

i saw another post talking about how ~Problematic~ it is that when chloe said they should run away eventually and rachel continued to insist they do it now. which smacks of the same kind of complaints that chloe was pushy, didn’t respect max’s boundaries, was manipulative/selfish etc

like… can we chill for a second and acknowledge that these characters are teenagers with a lot of their own baggage and maybe they’re not going to navigate every single social interaction with complete tact and respect. thoughtlessness is not malicious intent. christ.

it really is doubly frustrating when people are still so eager to excuse male characters for the far shittier things they’ve done, while demonizing the girls for the most basic human flaws and missteps imaginable.

First off we just want to wish Andrew Scott a very happy birthday and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we hope he’s having a wonderful day!!

Since it’s Andrews birthday I thought.. what better time is there to celebrate the fanbase? Without him there are a lot of people I wouldn’t know and a lot of people I probably would never have started speaking to, and I know I say this a lot but the Andrew Scott fans are still the best fans I know, everyone is so loving, and kind, and supportive, and it fills me with so much joy to be a part of that. So this year I wanted to celebrate you guys, because without Andrew Scott I wouldn’t know you, and I’m so thankful to him that I do know you guys! So I made a (little) gift for you guys..

I made up a whole bunch of colourful icons over a few months and put them all into a nice page on the blog so it’s easy for you to look at certain colours/characters etc! I know it’s nothing HUGE but I thought it might be something you guys would be interested in! At the moment there’s a little over 100 icons on the page but if there are any colours/patterns you want in the background or if there are any pictures of Andrew you want as icons I’d be happy to make them if you let me know! I’ll probably keep on gradually adding more to the page over time anyway so I’d love to hear your guys’ ideas!

You can find the icons here! And I’ve also added a handy button to the top of the blog page if you want to go there to find them! All of the icons should be 100x100 pixels, let me know if there are any issues with any of them in any way and i’ll try to fix it! It’s not necessary but it’d be awesome if you could like or reblog this post if you use any of the icons (:

I just want to say a final thank you to you guys for supporting us for so long, and a general thank you to the fanbase for being so wonderful, I hope you all like the icons!

Amber <3

Inktober is done to me

Guys, I won’t finish Inktober (aaagain) I’m really tired (maybe because I woke up at 4:00 am to watch Inazuma Walker, totally worthy tho) and I have no energy to draw at least today. So it doesn’t make any sense to me to skip a day, maybe next year I can survive a little longer.

I want to thank you all the ones who supported me with your likes and reblogs on my OC, you have no idea how motivated I felt on people liking my original stuff, I appreciate it a lot and I’m so glad I could share a bit of me to you.

I’ll be back drawing inazuma kids soon.


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