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Stanly smiled and gave a polite bow to greet the Reuniclus "A pleasure to have you here, miss. My name's Stanly and I hope you're enjoying the ball so far. Accept this Mayflower as a 'welcome' to the event~"

What cute, tiny flowers! Reuniclus will add them to her headpiece. She’d also like to offer you a rose in return!


“It has been quite the wild ride, this short while that I’ve been about, thank you, everyone, for making it so interesting.”

So there has been a lot of things happening recently, that have been keeping me away from these blogs. Back in December, when I first started this out, I really just wanted to have this be a bit of an exploratory blog into a different side of everyone’s favourite jackal.

Of course, that didn’t last that long, and I loved every moment that I spent talking with you all. Though it seemed to explode pretty massively, far, far more than I had anticipated. I had set this up as there was a lull in my actual work, but that has picked up again. On top of organising things to move house, it unfortunately left too much on my plate, which is why I have been mostly absent for the last month.

That’s changed now, I’ve moved house, and my work has settled again. While I won’t be around in the exact same capacity as I was before, I will have more time to devote to here.

Thank you, everyone. For both your attention, and your patience.

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now since you've got the idea in my head, what would scorpius and albus drinking giggle water include?

I think this goes without saying but… giggling. Lots and lots of giggling. They’re going to be ‘drunk’ on their own laughter before the alcohol even hits their bloodstream.

Scorpius is going to start giggling before he’s even tasted it. Albus isn’t surprised at all. He’ll roll his eyes but still offer Scorpius the bottle first. The instantaneous giggle surprises them both. Scorpius slaps both his hands over his mouth and stares at Albus, eyes wide like he hadn’t expected it to actually happen. The sight makes Albus choke on his own sip, and the half giggle half cough that erupts from him only sets Scorpius off again. No giggle water required this time. Eventually, the two stop laughing long enough for Albus to pass the bottle back to Scorpius. The next giggle was expected but it still tickles them both. Albus didn’t think it was possible for Scorpius’s giggles to be any squeakier. Scorpius thinks he’s one to talk, has he heard himself right now??? The bottle is passed back and forth as they lose themselves in laughter. They don’t even know what they’re laughing at anymore. Everything is just. so. funny. Unsurprisingly, they completely lose track of the time…

Their roommates find them in complete hysterics. Scorpius is rolling around on the floor. (The only thing that makes this different from any other night is the empty bottle on Albus’s bed.) Albus is holding his stomach, clearly in pain from all the laughing he’s still doing. He tries to wipe away the tears streaming down his face on the bed curtains but in his drunken state, leans too far over and falls flat onto the floor. The boys of the seventh year dormitory wince but still no one intervenes. They watch as Scorpius “shhh! they’ll see us!” Malfoy finally notices their presence and quickly rolls away under Albus’s bed to ‘hide’ from them. A bewildered (and possibly concussed) Albus looks rather alarmed as he’s suddenly pulled backwards by his ankles under the bed too. A few seconds later there’s a bang as someone smacks their head on the underside of the bed and then an arm emerges. It reaches up, grabs the pillow, and it too disappears under the bed. They decide to leave them to it.

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what's the difference between the ghost company and the 212th?

Hello Anon!

The Ghost Company is a part of the 212th battalion.

How it works is that you have companies like the Ghost Company that consists of the ground infantry unit. Each company will have a captain who leads them.

Companies are a military unit and act as a measurement to tell you how large the group is (which is a really basic way of describing it lol). For example, companies are divided into platoons, which are divided into squads.

For a visual, consider examples and think of their numbers for these groups:

Torrent Company

Slick’s Platoon

Domino Squad

You’ll also notice that some of the troopers we know who are part of Ghost Company will be sporting their yellow marks to showcase they are part of the 212th (i.e. Boil and Waxer).

– Admin CG

                                                             a thank you.

okay today i reached the 400 follower mark and i knew i was getting close, but until this morning, when i innocently realised that a couple of extra people had followed.  and then came the crying and the shaking that has kept going all day.  i am in awe.  the thought that there are 400 individuals out there who have at one point made the decision to be here, to read my writing, is INCREDIBLE. it’s just something almost u n f a t h o m a b l e to me. i never expected this.

some of you followed me on MYRCELLA,   and i remember that when i made her, i thought i was picking someone that would be liked, instead of someone i cared about. (pls don’t get me wrong, i love her, but this whole blog was me trying to be likeable)  and then i came here, and i found my feet. i started to write a character that i care about so, so much,  in a way i haven’t felt in a long time. i love willas,  he has developed so much and become more than i ever thought in just the short space of time that i have been here. i firmly believe that a lot of this is down to you, my darling, dear partners.  you make willas who he is, make me feel comfortable enough to explore in this way.

so i want to say THANK YOU. last night i posted that i had a headache, and so many of you came to me to make sure that i felt better. you are the very best of this community. every fandom, every group has it’s bad periods, and i know and understand the anxiety here,   but you – the people reading this – are amazing. you make one girl in rainy SCOTLAND so damn happy,  you give a person, who six months ago could barely leave her house without her boyfriend because of her anxiety, the confidence to find herself. you don’t fix my life or cure my mental health or anything like that,  but you give ACCEPTANCE,  and that - my darlings - is the most important thing in the world. you make me happy, you give me a space to express myself and be honest and creative, you accept me.   and that,   is worth all the weight of gold in the world.  I LOVE YOU. you are such a light point in my life.  please know, if you ever need me,  i am here.

please remember that you,  the person who is reading this,  are doing an amazing thing for a person you do not know that well.  and that is incredible.  soon, i will do a giveaway – or something – for you all, but i have a holiday booked and this is all i can offer for now.

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500 Followers. It feels great to gotten this far and I’d like to thank all 500 of you taking part of my blog.

I’d like to congratulate these awesome people for their support and getting me where I am now.

@demoiselledefortune for your always giving me something to talk about, particularly mechanics
@markoftheasphodel for your fics and giving me inspiration on how to approach writing
@arthoure MAY DOMA’S BLESSINGS and your headcanons are cool
@the-banished-one For shitposting infinitely on the Light of Zwei
@allitalksfandom I see you reblog my stuff and I appreciate it.
@randomnameless giving me the blessings to expand the Genealogy Of The Holy Self Insert S Support confessions
@flamingarcanine for your backing for getting to where I am now
@epictacticianjay for your constant ruining and weird replies. Dammit Jay, I hate you but I also love you. 
@priestessoftheemblem for being the person on this lonely canoe of Ike!Mia
@jugdraldefender for defending Jugdral, also being a really cool friend and being out there for me.
@burgermiester85 who’s experience has given me insight on the evolution of its fandom
@mirrorsofsilver RETCONS, POINT THEM ALL OUT.
@eliiwoods Thank you to elevating me to Mod Stats, but there is something you must know. BENCH OSCAR.
@prince-mar-mar You are forever a Humble Meme Merchant, that is your destiny. SUBMIT TO IT.
@almas-glue Thank you joining forces in the Pineapple on Pizza Defense Force on the Discord
@seeralvis I remember the old days when you would talk about how great Cormag was but then I would counter with DEAN. 
@telethiaplume MOR’S FURNITURE, ONE DAY.
@videogamefangirl-world I still remember the elder days of the Hector Cult
@talys Together we are salt!
@pumvilla It’s nice chatting with ya anytime
@wylia Something something Gaiden jokes, something something Lunatic Club
@naga-of-akaneia You’re on here because our shenanigans get me followers, and nothing more. You’re actually pretty cool but I’ll never admit it.
@saint-of-swords Even though we don’t interact much I appreciate you liking my stuff
@sugardaddegaius Thanks for being a friend I can talk to, also your art is great. 
@mahnati Nice having you around, and nice art.
@princess-marths-princess You and Princey. Never change. Never stop like ever.
@genocidaltophattedoharo AY MAN, YOU MY BEST MAN.
@miss-randomness-the-iii Your contributions are to my stuff is great.
@beserkercharlotte You are Kaga’s greatest nightmare
@silver-lucas FAM, I MISS! If you ever need I’m here, probably shitposting.
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@random-crap-fandom-crap Never stop memeing, ever.
@suicunerider for being a great friend and memer. 
@smedgemcedge I remember way back when you International Postal Service and far we’ve come since. 

A Grunkle's Guide to Life on Earth

((fic by @pomrania, in the Blind Faith AU. The blog owner mentioned coming across a lot of sad grunkles, so here’s something different.))

Stan squinted at the title of the book in front of him. His bionic eye was uncovered, and he knew he could see better than the average human with that; it was just that there was so much glitter, he wasn’t sure what he was looking at.

“Li gaunhleis golde to iibe au…” he tried pronouncing.

Mabel shook her head. “‘A Grunkle’s Guide to Life on Earth’,” she corrected. “I made it for you both!” She held it open in front of her.

It was bright, and cheerfully illustrated, and written in larger letters than he’d gathered was normal here, or for her writing. “I know you can’t read smaller stuff without your cool eye, and you wear a patch sometimes to cover it up, so I made sure it was large enough you could read it easily.”

He didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know what to say,” he said. “Thank you…” for thinking of me, for thinking of Ford, “but I know what life on Earth is like? I grew up here, after all.”

She gave him a Look he couldn’t put into words. “Dipper!” she called over her shoulder. “Do you have that thing I was talking about?”

“Coming!” her twin shouted back. He entered the room, pulling a wagon. The wagon was filled with… Stan thought they were photos? He wasn’t entirely sure how this dimension stored image records.

“Exhibit A,” she said, gesturing at it. “Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford Do Not Know What is Sold in Stores or What Weapons are Legal to Carry or What Currency is Used or What Countries Exist.” She grinned. “It’s a work of modern art, in progress. I just need to attach them all together and frame it.”

He looked at one of the pictures. He remembered it, Ford trying to pay for a bar of chocolate with a Canadian penny and a trout…. The reactions would have been a lot funnier if the trout hadn’t landed on Stan’s shoulder after the cashier threw it away. (Still funny though.)

Maybe they did need some help, adjusting, and learning what had happened while they were away for all those years. And at any rate, Mabel’s book was sure to be a more interesting read than the history texts her father had suggested. Definitely less scholarly, possibly rife with inaccuracies, riddled with cartoon figures….

Yes, this would be awesome.

“Hey Sixer!” he yelled down the stairs. “Come take a look at this!”

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I have come up with a great first date question!!! What would your villain origin story be? Not only is it fun but it means they're gonna tell you what they see as their worst parts or the parts they know could've messed them up real bad but instead they conquered them and just ugh I love this question. (Ps you should ignore my ranting and answer it 😘)

first of all that is SO COOL how have i never thought of that? i’ll definitely ask my crush next time.

now what my backstory would be? i always like to think of a lonely kid way too smart for its own good, seeing further, wider than everybody else and having great ambition but eventually falling into madness because no one can understand what it is like to be in its head. kind of like tom riddle? or moriarty? or yeah

what about you guys?? write your story in the comments and i’ll share a couple!