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“Now, does anyone have any questions before we begin,” he asked the class at large and one student raised his hand, looking nervous. “Sir, can we have a demonstration,” she asked. --- You suddenly changed the student's gender, right? (his hand vs. she asked) Thank you for this new story! I loved the chapter ^^

Oh yes, you’re completely right! I never noticed this mistake, thank you for pointing it out

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I have an interesting Headcanon idea (modern verse mainly): What would each of the 2nd gens first jobs be? (For ex Forrest working in a department store, etc)

I was actually thinking about Modern Forrest earlier, haha ^_^

Kana- CEO
Shigure- Artist and website designer
Sophie- Dental Assistant Dwyer- Unemployed
Midori- Landscaping Assistant
Siegbert- Accountant
Forrest- Fashion Blogger
Shiro- Car Salesman
Kiragi- Chef
Soleil- Interior Decorator
Ophelia- Singer
Nina- Author
Percy- Motivational Speaker
Ignatius- Handyman
Velouria- Thrift Shop Owner
Asugi- Creative Marketing Worker
Mitama- Poet
Hisame- Lawn care worker
Caeldori- She has no job because she actually won the lottery!
Rhajat- Unemployed
Selkie- Nature Walk Guide

EDIT: Huge thanks to @sakuradreamerz for pointing out I missed Sophie!

My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

Sebastian: Where’re you going?

Jim: To either get ice cream or commit a felony.


Jim: I’ll decide in the car.