thanks for part of my url haha

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I'm super curious: what's the meaning behind your url? or what does it stand for? :p

Hey nonny! I’m surprised no ones asked this yet haha I try to keep all my blog urls sort of related so the mtt is part of my main blog’s url and the tme stands for Tyler, Mark, and Ethan. Nothing too special haha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (if anyone’s confused on how to say it I say m, triple t, m, e it’s kinda catchy in a way idk haha)

Tbh I meant to change the url shortly after I made this blog, but I never got around to it and now I’m in too deep oh well. Thanks for being curious nonny!

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hey you :D i just went to browse (coughstalkcoughcough) your au tags and realized that the links no longer work. they link to your old url and then show a "this url couldnt be found". same with when you click on your ask link, while it works in linking to this current url for some reason the ask box is an error. it's the "ask cat" url btw, when i deleted the cat part i came right here :D i just figured i'd let you know! (now back to my stalking, i mean browsing)

Oh, thank you for letting me know! I know there’s a lot of links outside of Tumblr I have to change as well, and I haven’t got around to it yet. Partly because there are so many, I forget. Partly because I’m lazy haha.

But I’ll try to fix as many as I can right now :D


Ahhhhhhhh so this is it! 2016 is finally coming to an end. What an exhausting year. There were so many things to be angry and revolted about this year but I think we (madridistas and especially Cristiano fans) can all agree that if there was one thing that put a smile on our faces and made us dream and forget about all our problems and the shitstorm around the world in 2016 it was football. Starting with Zizou taking over in January and giving us all a huge amount of hope, followed by winning La Undecima and short after, the very best gift football has ever given me, witnessing the dream of one nation coming true and seeing Cristiano lifting Portugal’s very first cup as captain. And after that we still went on to win 2 more cups, + all of Cristiano’s individual awards… (not to mention the fact that 2016 was the year I first saw Real Madrid playing in the flesh aksjdsjksjhsjhs)

In short, 2016 might have been the scariest year thus far in my life, but i’m so blessed to have football and this blog to come to to forget about everything and just celebrate with you guys.

Thank you for helping to make 2016 less heavy, I love you all so much! This follow forever is mostly for mutuals but i’m thankful for every single one of my followers and, while we’re on that note: thank you for 3 thousand followers! Never in my wildest dreams I would have thought this blog could be this big. My favorite part of it is seeing you guys’s response to my posts and mainly hearing from you and talking to you about the widest range of things, from happy things to sad things to annoying things haha So, honestly, thank you for thinking my blog is worth following I’ll try my best to keep it that way :)

Last but not least this is also to celebrate the two year anniversary of this blog and to say goodbye to my url @cristianoronaldocf because I will become @cr7 in 2017.

Ok so let’s get on with this: follow forever under the cut :)

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When I see your blog URL I get lit because you're one of my favorite Taegi shippers I follow. Daegu is also my birthplace so "I'M D-BOY BECAUSE I'M FROM D"

!!!!!!! IF I CAN GET PEOPLE LIT OVER TAEGI, THEN MY GOAL IN LIFE IS HAS BEEN FULFILLED. and wow you are part of the daegu crew yourself!! brownie points to you as a taegi shipper tbh 😍🙌

What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL?        

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for the nickname thing I always call you "noob" (or "noobi) because for the longest time I always just recognized your icon (which I LOVE, btw) when you pop up on my dash and your blog comes up when I type in "noo" in the search so my lazy ass didn't actually read your entire url for a while haha

Fun fact, the rest of my username after noob part is my firstname, Ilona. I’ve managed my goal and made people call me a noob lol. ((And thanks…… for liking my icon……. ilikeittoo… and I like your kiriicon too….))

OKK Ive remade. new blog is up instead of messaging people I’m just gonna follow the URLs I’ll know it’s me because I’ll have a similar icon to this one here haha. you dkt have to follow it back if you don’t want to, it’s still gonna be my main blog but more overwatch. I know a lot of you are here from Naruto so if you only wanna see Naruto posts, they’ll be on my sideblog “lno” for the most part .

Thanks for bearing with me on this!!!

Andrea's Follow Forever 2014

hello to all of my lovely followers and all the lovely people I follow. it’s that time of the year again (or well I keep making follow forevers earlier and earlier haha). it’s been another great year on tumblr! we’ve been through many ups and downs and my url identity crisis haha. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for making my dash an awesome place and making me want to come back here everyday. I love reading all of your thoughts and fanfictions, looking at your beautiful edits and gifs and watching your amazing videos! a special thanks goes out to my bbs for always being there for me no matter what. you have become such important parts of my life. there are no words to describe how thankful I truely am. love you the mostest ♥

I'm feeling a 10 for these lovely adorable people


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Hanapin niyo na alng ung URL niyo. HAHAHA. mejo malabo eh. Dun sa mga kakafollow pa lan this week, maya na yung inyo ha :) ska pala pati sa mga nagpalit ng url. HAHA. eh yan kase ung nkasave sa pc :p HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for being a part of my 2013! :)