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Marty Jannetty presented Lifetime Achievement Award
[August 7th, 2017]

I want give a HUGE thank you to everyone in Wheeling, West Virginia for making this past weekend a very special one to always be remembered(yep, we made a memory) I felt so very honored by the First Class treatment given to me every minute there..AND it was all topped off with receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award..having 2 of my bestest long time career friends Shane Douglass and Barbarian there made the moment all the more special..

I can’t even find the words to express how good it made me feel to know that people care about me and my accomplishments that much. Recently in Israel, we were having dinner at a cool outside section of the restaurant when a nice lil family walking down the street recognized me and came over..they were so excited, said I was their favorite and thanked me for the years of bringing them entertainment AND helping bond their family together strong..they explained that when wrestling came on each of them had their own favorite to watch and would take over the TV room from the others..but when I came on they ALL were happy at once and cheered me on together..the father told me they all agreed that they felt something special about me even through all the TV stuff..I kinda think I know what he was trying to say and I hugged them all tight and thanked them right back..We took some pictures together and they walked away smiling so big and so did I.

I guess my point was gonna be, people who don’t know me can say all the silly negative things about me they want and it doesn’t mean a thing to me because it’s the people who DO know me and the moments like that one in Israel and the other night in West Virginia that let me know EVERYTHING is alright..I did something good with my gift of life..And all the blood, sweat, tears and pain for the past 34 years are absolutely worth it..I would do it all again

BUT, please understand this: this lifetime achievement award DOESNT MEAN that I’m finished..I still got a whole lot more I want and will give. I give much love to all of you who give so much love to me. You all are the reason I wake up in the mornings ready to get the adventures started!! And again I want to give big thanx to all of the SCWA crew..a very class act and great down to earth people from the boyz to the owners to the production crew and certainly to your great fans..loves ya all!!

Virginia au Augustus

“She is something new, something hopeful. Like spring to my deep winter.” - Darrow, Red Rising, Pierce Brown

“If Eo smelled of rust and soil, then the Golden girl is fire and autumn leaves.” - Darrow, Golden Son, Pierce Brown

for virginiamustangauaugustus, for becoming one of my first real tumblr friends. Thanks, doll!

(Because I was having some strong Virginia feels while making the Institute collages…)

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jord4nnn  asked:

Everything you write is perfect. You are one of my favorite musicians. Hopefully on your next tour you will come to West Virginia! Have a great day! ☺️

IT’s a dream, i really hope i make it to west virginia too! . thanks so much for your kind words!