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do you happen to know of any deaf or mute au's or blind au's?? I've been a little obsessed with them lately and I couldn't find many so I wondered if maybe you could!!!! thanks so so much!!!!!

Yeee, of course I do!!

The warmest mix, by pacw0man [Blind AU, YOONMIN, 3k]

you’re not broken by hobilu [Deaf AU, YOONSEOK, rated E, 6k]

over time (i love you more) by heartbee4 [Deaf AU, SUGAKOOKIE, rated G, 1.7k]

Calling Your Bluff by Yoongi_trash [Deaf AU, YOONMIN, rated T, 2.2k]

give me a sign by iwillalwaysbelieve [Deaf AU, YOONMIN, rated T, 11k]

Speak to Me by signifying_nothing [Deaf AU, TAEGI, rated G, 800 words]

You’re making me uncomfortable by 9395 [Deaf AU, YOONMIN, rated G, 800 words]

come on star boy, we can shine together by bulletsfrank [Mute AU, YOONSEOK, rated T, 17k]

Brave by Yoonmin_Trash [Mute AU, JIKOOK, rated M, 26k]

Under the rain by raphopessi [Mute AU, NAMSEOK, rated T, 2k]

no place in between by jflawless [MUTE AU, YOONMIN, rated T, 2k]

Hope you enjoy these! I unfortunately couldn’t find all of the Blind AU’s I thought I had saved!! ://

-Admin Nana

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Congrats on 4K followers! Your blog is one of my favs. Also Shallura childhood friends AU plz


and thank you i can’t believe so many people want to follow a loser like me

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so here we go. altea and earth are in diplomatic relations. alfor visits with allura. shiro’s dad is one of the top military people. the kids meet.

  • shiro is seven and allura is five
  • she’s still trying to figure out her shapeshifting but one of the things that helps her learn is making funny faces that make shiro laugh (like tonks from ootp)
  • shiro shows her the ocean and teaches her how to make sand castles
  • he gets used to introducing himself as shiro bc other kids can have a hard time pronouncing his name, but given how complicated altean is allura has no problem so she always calls him takashi and is one of the only people outside his family to do so
  • when another kid makes fun of allura’s ears shiro goes to give them a stern talking to (as much as a seven year old can) when allura beats them to it and absolutely annihilates them and that is the day he falls in love tbh
  • they teach each other their languages so by the time shiro is 10 they’re both trilingual more or less
  • as soon as they both know how to write somewhat decently they write all the letters to each other. or skype through comm-link. both? both is good
  • when shiro is taller than her he’s really excited at first and then when they see each other in person she shapeshifts and he’s like “oh, yeah”
  • shiro’s family loves allura ofc and tease him knowingly about her. 
  • they see each other every few years or so. earth is allura’s favourite planet to visit
  • one day alfor comments on this. “you like the earthling boy” “what no NO takashi is my friend that’s all” coran and alfor share knowing looks
  • puberty hits them both like a ton of bricks. like they see each other when allura is thirteen and the next time they see each other actually in person they’re sixteen and holy shit you’re hot? commlink cameras didn’t do you justice what the-
  • save them
  • allura being so excited and congratulating him when he tells her he got into the garrison
  • shiro teaching her earth games like rock paper scissors and learning altean equivalents and other games.
  • shiro being jealous whenever allura talks about having suitors
  • allura finding out months after anything happened that shiro had a girlfriend and then they broke up and she’s like “you didn’t say anything??” 
  • reunion. hugs. of various kinds. spinny hugs. tight hugs. i’m so glad to see you but i think i’m holding you too long. you’re not letting go either oh thank the stars i missed you so much hugs. pulling away to smile at each other, with light and dancing eyes and hands on each other’s shoulders for like a long time before they remember other people are around them and letting go.
  • and then finally, shiro gets sent on a diplomatic mission to altea. and it’s the best summer of this life.
  • and after that mission, well
  • reunion kisses. enough said

my goodness! i finally hit that followers milestone i’ve been working towards & that means appreciation for all of my mutual. i am grateful for all 1k of you followers & of course all of my mutuals as well. thanks for continuing to make my roleplaying experience a positive one. 2 months away from my 2 year anniversary for this blog. 

MY PEOPLE:      (  especially as of recently )

@arizonassupermagicsmile -  MCKENNA, you’ve been around for most of my time writing callie & have truly made such a wonderful experience. with your arizona you have helped me to develop her in so many wonderful ways & allowed me to explore different settings & AUs with her & for that i am forever grateful. you write a wonderful arizona robbins & i hope you’ll continue to bless me with your writing because we have an amazing writing chemistry together.

 @hersupermagicsmile - KAT, first off the passed week or so since you’ve been back writing arizona had been amazing for my muse & i’m really glad you’re back. i’ve always enjoyed writing with you & so the passed couple days have been a huge blessing. thanks for letting me throw random plot ideas at you & always being down for them. i love the chemistry our writing has & i hope you don’t forget your password again so you’ll stay for a very long time & bless me with your presence in my activity & on my dash

THE RESIDENTS:      ( those i enjoy writing with but we don’t really have a relationship )

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Hey, I was wondering if you knew any survival kind of fic... like where they need to survive after a plane cash or on an island or like a AU or whatever. I prefer long fics (with chapters or not, just long). thank you so much.

okay so i tried searching many different ways and i couldn’t find a single thing, which just doesn’t seem right. this fandom has to have some of these, right?? idk. so i’m gonna make this reader2reader. does anyone know of any fics like this? -Madi

J/C as Exes AU, Chapter 5: Going Steady with Slight Trepidation

I know this was a long time coming. Thank you all so very much for being patient. Thank you to @moghraidhjamie for helping me figure out what to do with this chapter. And many eternal thanks to @akb723 and @hickoryhamlet for their wonderful job helping me edit this chapter and make it even more beautiful. I hope you all love it as much as we have! (Also, it seems some of my formatting didn’t transfer over when I copied this from my google doc, so if something isn’t italicized or whatever, please let me know. Thanks!)

He was nervous, as if it was the first time he was taking her out. That had been a lifetime ago and they were different people now. She was giving him a second chance and he couldn’t risk any mistakes.

The coffee shop was busy, as it always was. While ordering his drink, he was tempted to order for her as well, to show her that he remembered what her favorite drink was. He stopped himself though. Had they been married or engaged, this kind of gesture would have been acceptable, but not now.

When the little bell above the door dinged, he leapt to his feet. She was here. She’d come. Her head moved slowly from one side to the other, searching for him. He waved his hands to catch her attention.

“Hello, Jamie.”

“I’m glad ye could make it.”

“I almost didn’t.”

He nodded and pulled a chair out for her. She smiled and took it.

“I’m glad ye decided to give me a chance, Sass– Claire.”

“This is just coffee, Jamie, nothing more. I just  want to see where we stand.”

“Aye. What would ye like to drink?”

She reached into her bag and pulled out her wallet. It was the same one she’d always had, worn but practical. He couldn’t let her pay for her own drink,

“Please, Claire. Let me?”

For a moment, she looked as if she would decline his offer. Relief flooded through him when she seemed to think better of it.

“Fine. This time, but if there’s a next one I’m buying.”

A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. It wasn’t easy for her, he knew that, but she was trying to give him a chance.

“Deal. What would ye like?”

“Have you forgotten?” she asked with a wry smile.

He shook his head. It had been a long time since he’d felt so comfortable with another person.

“I havena forgotten what it used to be. I didna want to take a liberty of assuming…”

“I appreciate that, Jamie. But I haven’t changed that much. Black coffee, please.”

He ordered their coffees and paid the nice young boy behind the counter with shaking hands. Soldiering hadn’t made him this nervous. But, he supposed, being a soldier did not risk as much as rekindling the only true love you’d ever had. Fighting and dying were easy, compared to offering your tender soul to another living person.

After a subjective eternity, the young man handed both coffees over to him and Jamie went back to where Claire waited.

“So,” he said, trying to find a safe topic of conversation. “How have ye been since I… Er… Left ye? I ken we didna talk all that much.”

“Honestly? Not great. But I’d rather not talk about… that.”

He nodded.

“How have things been at the hospital? It’s been almost two weeks since we… Ah… Weel… Since last we spoke.”

She laughed a little and sipped her coffee.

“You mean since we slept together?”


“Well, things have been busy. That’s why it took me so long to get back to you about when we could meet up to do this.”

He took a brief moment to look her over. She was in a simple outfit, though she hadn’t ever been one to over-dress. Her hair was only pinned back enough to keep it out of her eyes and she looked lovely. If anything had changed in the year he’d left her, she’d only grown more beautiful.

“That’s all right. You’ve a busy job, but an important one.”

“Thank you. What about you? What are you going to do now?”

He sighed. This was the question everyone asked him, the question he never had an answer to.

“I dinna ken. I’ve got some pay from my discharge, but that willna be enough to live on forever. Ian’s settling in wi’ Jenny and a civilian life. Perhaps have more bairns, now that he’s home for good.”

“And you? Are you going to settle into a civilian life?”

Honesty. With her, he could be honest. He could speak his fears to her and know that she’d not see him differently.

“God, I wish I kent what I wanted, Claire. I’ve no skills outside the military.”

Her brow furrowed and she took another drink while she thought something over.

“You’ve always been good with languages. Perhaps you could teach?”

He shrugged. Jenny had recommended that too, tried to give him papers to get approval started.

“Aye, I could.”

“Even if you don’t teach other languages, perhaps you could do classes and teach Gaelic? You’ve always had a passion for your ancestral language.”

His heart swelled at her words. She knew him better than any other living person. At the same time, guilt tried to drown him again. Claire was his perfect match and he’d thrown it away.

“Perhaps. I dinna ken if I’m meant for a classroom or not. I’ve got some time to work it out, though.”

“You do. I suppose you haven’t got much going on these days.”

He hung his head to hide the truth of her words, for he had few friends, outside Jenny and Ian, no social gatherings, no parties. Nothing to keep his mind from Randall.

“No’ so much, no. I read a bit, though mostly at night.”

To keep the nightmares of that bastard Randall away, he thought. As if she could read his mind, she spoke kindly.

“Have you been sleeping all right?”

“Ah… Weel… As good as may be.”

Her hand was soft on his, warm from her coffee. She squeezed his hand gently. It was a small comfort, to feel her. She always knew when he hid something from her, which wasn’t often, and the solace he felt in her touch always had him spilling his soul to her.

“I’m sorry, Jamie. For what he did.”

He gave her the best smile he could. She didn’t know the worst of it. No one besides himself and Randall knew everything.

“Och, dinna fash about it. I’ll be alright.”

She returned the smile and pulled her hand back.

When her cell phone rang, he politely drank his coffee while she answered it.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, starting to stand. “There’s been an accident, and they need all the help they can get.”

“You’ve a calling to heal and help. I’ll no’ keep ye.”

She hesitated, bag in hand.

“Thank you, Jamie. Ah… Perhaps we could, uh… Do this again, sometime?”

He swallowed, not daring to trust the excitement bubbling in his chest.

“Truly? Ye wish to go out again?”

“This went well, I think. So long as we go slowly, I think another date wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

“Aye. I’d like that. May I call ye? Or drop a text when you’re no’ busy?”

She hesitated, thinking over what he’d asked.

“Yes. I’d like that. Then we can coordinate and make plans again.”

“Aye. Good. Go save lives.”

That made her smile bright. With a final nod, she turned and left.


In the two weeks between their coffee date and their agreed upon second date, they’d begun to speak on the phone regularly. They were getting comfortable with each other again, which he thought was a step in the right direction. They’d agreed on a second date and set up a time for him to go pick her up. It was a little more than just a coffee date, but not as formal as going out to dinner.

He drove to her flat and knocked gently on her door. She opened it and smiled at him. Today her hair was down and as wild as he’d ever seen.

“Good afternoon,” she said, stepping out and turning to lock the door.

“Good afternoon, Sass- Claire.”

Looking up at him, she seemed to have come to some sort of decision.

“You can call me Sassenach, if you like.”

In truth, he hadn’t really ever stopped calling her Sassenach. Not in his head, anyway. That’s who she was to him; his Sassenach.

“I dinna want to be too familiar wi’ ye yet. That was something I used to say… before. And ye said ye wished to take things slow, aye?”

She nodded as they walked out to his car, close but not quite touching.

“You’re letting me set the pace for our whole relationship. And you’ve been nothing but respectful of my boundaries. I wouldn’t mind hearing it again.”

They got into his car, and he drove them downtown. There was a local antique shop that had recently opened, and he thought it would be a nice place to go.

“Weel,” he said a short time later as he parked. “It’s a wee bit of a walk to our destination, but it’s a nice day.”

“I noticed,” she smiled, peering out the window. “The sun’s almost completely out.”

“Aye, it is. Thought we could take advantage of it while we had it.”

“So,  where are we going?”

“There’s a new shop I wanted to take ye to. Maybe we can grab lunch after, if ye’ve nowhere to be?”

Claire nodded.

“I’d like that. As long as you let me buy lunch this time.”

He smiled at her. God, he’d missed her. The way her face lit up when she smiled at him made his heartbeat race.

“Aye. That was the agreement.”

“Excellent. Then let’s go.”

They  talked as they walked toward the shop, stopping every so often to peer in a shop window. The antique store was a quaint little thing, filled with oddities acquired from rummage and estate sales. Claire was enamored with some of the ancient medical equipment, often rolling her eyes at different tools. The elderly sisters that owned the shop came around and spoke with them, pleased to see a ‘sweet young couple’ out and about.

A rusty tool caught her eye, and she stared longingly at it.

“What is that?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“I think they were used to remove bad teeth.”

They looked much too large and sinister to be such a simple object.

“Wi’ that?”

“Yes. Thankfully dentistry has changed quite a bit in two hundred years.”

He nodded as he checked the price.

“Aye. I wouldna want this thing anywhere near my mouth.”

She sighed and put them back on their shelf. Jamie picked them up almost immediately.

“What are you doing?”

“I think I’m buying ye a wee gift.”

Claire began to shake her head in protest.

“No, Jamie you don’t have to do that.”

“That’s why it’s a gift, Sassenach. Please let me?”

With a sigh of resignation, she gave in.

“Oh, all right.”

Once his purchase was complete, he handed the wee bag over to her with a bright grin.

“Hungry?” Claire asked as they left the shop.

“Aye, verra hungry.”

She snorted.

“I heard your stomach from across the room. Some things don’t change. Do you still keep snacks in your nightstand?”

Her unexpected question made him laugh harder than he had in a long while.

“Aye, I do. Ian made sure to stay near me whenever we did anything;, there was always something to eat in my pockets.”

“Well, you won’t be forced to raid your stash just yet. Come on, I know a place that has wonderful sandwiches.”

On an impulse, he offered his arm to her. To his surprise, she took it and linked her arm through his. Nearly two hours later, they still sat at the small table just outside the sandwich shop, Claire laughing heartily. Empty plates had been pushed aside, forgotten in their conversation.

“Angus actually said that?”

“Aye. He did. Our commanding officer had him cleaning the loo for a month.”

“I wish that surprised me, but… It is Angus.”

“Angus will always be the same, I think,” he said, wheezing and trying to catch his breath.

Tears ran down both of their faces, neither able to take a full breath through their giggles and snorts. Claire sighed and smiled softly at him.

“This was very nice, Jamie. Thank you.”

“You’re verra welcome, Sassenach.”

When the silence fell, he worried it would be uncomfortable or awkward, the way things were in the beginning of a new relationship. But that feeling never came, only a warm and comfortable silence between them. Neither felt the need to fill it, simply letting the space remain as it was. They stared at each other for a long minute. He studied her, the way her hair curled and shone in the sunlight. Or the glitter in her eyes as she smiled. How her cheeks turned pink when she laughed too hard. Anything and everything he could see, he locked away as a happy memory.

“Would you like to go out again?” she asked suddenly.

“Aye,” he said without hesitation. “I would.”

“So would I.”

“A proper date. I’ll take ye out for a nice dinner.”

She nodded slowly at his words.

“That would be lovely.”

“Good. Shall I take ye home, then?”

“Please. I’ve got a few errands I need to run today. But this has been fun.”

Strolling comfortably back to his car, she took his hand and laced her fingers through his. He gave it a gentle squeeze, happy that she’d initiated the contact. The trust between them was beginning to grow again, giving him more peace than he’d felt in over a year.

As he drove her back to her flat, she took her odd dentistry tool out of the bag to inspect it closer.

“Now I have to get you something,” she muttered.

“No, ye don’t. A gift is given wi’out the expectation of something given in return.”

Claire snorted.

“You said that like you had it memorized.”

“Aye. It’s something my father used to say.”

“He must have been a wise man.”

Jamie nodded and swallowed past the lump in his throat. Talking about his father was never easy, and it only happened with a handful of people.

“Aye, he was a verra wise man.”

When he parked the car outside her flat, he turned to her.

“May I walk ye to your door, Sassenach?”

She sat up a little straighter and put the tool back in the bag and nodded once.

“You may.”

He got out and strode quickly around the car to open the door for her. She accepted his hand as she got out, keeping a hold of it as they made their way to her flat.

The closer they got to it, the more nervous he became. What was he to do now? What did she expect of him? Should he kiss her or would that be too much too soon? She dropped his hand to dig in her bag for her keys.

Just before she went inside, she looked up at him and smiled.

“Thank you for our lovely date, Jamie. I’ll call you later.”

His mouth opened to reply, but he didn’t get the chance. Claire popped up on her toes and gave him a soft kiss before darting into her flat.

Jamie stood frozen in place. Had she just… But… She’d kissed him. For a moment, he forgot how to breathe, how to think, how to do anything except replay the kiss over and over in his mind. She’d kissed him.

He had no notion of how much time had passed when his brain finally remembered how to function. He shook his head a few times and began to slowly walk back to his car. His fingers moved to his lips, as though to capture the feeling of her mouth against his. All in all, he thought as he sat down in his car, not a bad second date.

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You said it was really hard for you to gauge how well people liked your miraculous x hunter fic, but let me tell you PAL. I don't even watch miraculous and didn't know the plot before this fic, and I only recently started hxh and i've put on notifications for you to make sure i don't miss ANYTHING of this amazing fic. you have no idea how invested I am....honestly

thaNK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! This made me so happy I can’t even ;alkjsdfklajsd;klfja;skldjflajsdflkdkjsflasldfjaklsjdflkjsfdkljas;ldfjksaljfdlsdigjgnghgdkajljfkdjfkdl;sfsdj;kl

I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy this au so much bc I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT??? Me and @emthimofnight just keep. Talking about it. Like, non-stop talking. Its amazing and wonderful and this AU is going to destroy me because its so perfect   ALKSJDFKLASJFLKSAFJKLSDFJ

There’s so many ideas that we’ve brainstormed for this thing. Emthim is such an incredible artist and the way they’re building up this universe is so great ^^ So more miraculous x hunter stuff will definitely be out soon!!!!


A quick undertale cover that Imma just put this here now cause I’m gonna be pretty tired to be putting it up at 12pm so! Ya get it early! Yaay :D Thank you Toby for this lovely game that you put your blood, sweat, and tears plus your heart and soul into making this awesome game. Thank you for giving so many fans, friends, family determination and love <3 The mere existence for this game has left so many in tears of joy and sad also with the aus has lead to more people coming together than anything. The fandom has taken off so much, I just hope it continues to have more wonderful adventures and dreams of inspirations to follow. Thank you and you all have a wonderful day <3 Happy Anniversary and 1st Birthday Undertale! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

||Hey guys, it’s Angela, the admin. I just wanna say, again… Thank you for the support and I’m sorry you have to deal with my many hiatuses.

I’m currently trying to balance studying and practicing my art (whilst trying to make the plot for this AU) so I can make this blog something I’m proud of. Lately, I look back at my art here and I am not proud of myself. I compare myself to all the other ask blogs and wonder why I even try sometimes. This blog was experimental at first and it was still going to be experimental— only now do I feel like putting all my effort I can into this. I feel like my previous posts before this where I tried harder were just not good enough and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

I’ll try to update again if I can, but not until I come up with a product I’m proud of with this blog. I am almost finished with art I’m making for a group blog I’m sharing with a good friend, and I’m pretty proud of it (╹◡╹)Some how, I think I can manage. I’ll keep trying.

I want you all to be proud of me.

Here’s another crappy pic of me. The scar under my nose is more visible— just so you know, it’s from the time I fell face first into pavement when I was 7.

Anyway, don’t worry, I won’t be gone for too long.||

((Also happy late birthday Suga))

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Excuse me, stalker here, just recently found out your blog and I've been obsessed by it XD Just want to drop by and says: Where've u been all my life?? Thanks for sharing your love of Marco with us *hug Marco because he deserve it* ....Ah forgive me for crossing your personal boundaries, I kind of get too excited after reading your AUs (That Egyptian!AU is the best) Sorry for the rambling, stalker out ^^

Originally posted by floppy999

{ Aww you cutie!! Thank you so much for sending me this, it made me smile so much!! I am getting all flustered ijfoajwf And you haven’t crossed any boundaries yet, such asks makes me happy <3 I am so glad you like our AUs!! I of course couldn’t do such wonderful AUs without my precious Hotaru, which is why I am so thankful to have her <333 And many more reason, but aofwfijiaw And I must admit that that is my favorite one as well!! So I am really glad you enjoy it as much as you do :3 <33 *huggles* }

This is has become my favorite Undertale AU. The fact its not a full AU makes it even more amazing in my opinion. It kind of gives to viewers their own ideas into what could be. Its a very inspirational AU as well, its like an artist mascot for creative in the Undertale fandom and I love it!!! I also love that 7goodangel made a Papyrus version to this AU as well :3 Its a very cute and I don’t think Sans should be by himself. There are to many lonely Sans out there :’( So thank you @comyet for making such a wonderful AU! I love your other as well but this one is closest to my heart <3 Keep up the great work! ^^

(sorry 7goodangel, I modified the spray brush. I just thought it would be cool if the both had large brushes ^^’)

Mistakes And Erasers (Part 2) | Calum Hood

Pairing: Y/N & Footballer!Calum

Rating: T

Request: Yes

Words: 2.000+

Summary: You can’t neglect the thoughts of last night. One person tries to help you and another tries to crawl under your skin.

Note: I couldn’t help myself! There has been so many request for this particular imagine. Thank you so much for supporting me. I really appreciate it.

Keep reading

Regina Mills is starting her second year in the Oval Office caught between a war she didn’t start, a conspiracy she can’t seem to shake, a staff she doesn’t trust, and the never-ending pressures of being a single mother trying to run a nation. Bringing in a new Press Secretary is the last thing she has time for, especially one as abrasive and inconvenient as Emma Swan.

Prior Swan Queen Weeks: (x) (x) (x)

Somewhat belatedly, my adventure with this winter’s Swan Queen Week is done! Many thanks to everyone who encouraged this strange West Wing AU adventure, from my poor abused roommate @viperstiel​, to the wonderful inbox visitors who I ignored in favor of getting it done, to the ever-appreciated individuals who work so hard to make the week a success for all involved.

The Not So Neighborly Noise [2/2]

A/N: WOW! I did not expect this little ficlet to get as many notes as it did or all the wonderful flailing I’ve received today. Seriously, you guys are amazing. So here’s the final part for you! I want to thank @ive-always-been-a-pirate for beta reading for me - your comments make the editing process VERY fun my friend! Also, I hate condoms and I hate writing about them even more so for the sake of the story, lets say Emma’s on birth control and they are both two healthy adults - but remember to always practice safe sex with a new partner, kids.

Part 1 

‘It’s been a really exhausting day and all I want to do is go to sleep but I forgot my vibrator was under my pillow and it scared me half to death, causing me to scream and for you to break down my front door because you thought I was being attacked and dear God now you’re standing there looking all delicious and making sassy remarks about the size of my vibrator while giving me the ‘I’d like to be the one fucking you’ look’.

She wasn’t surprised in the least bit when she was awoken the next morning to Queen’s Radio Ga Ga playing loudly from next door. He had at least waited until a decent hour - if nine o’clock in the morning was a decent hour - and he had kept his word from the night before as it wasn’t him singing it but rather him playing it through his speakers. She had to give it to me, the man at least had good taste in music.

Sighing heavily, Emma rolled over and buried her face into the pillow.

It had taken her forever to fall asleep the night before, her exhausting day long forgotten under the memory of Killian’s body pressed against hers and his breath hot in her ear. She had contemplated taking care of the ache between her thighs again but couldn’t bring herself to do it. There was something about getting herself off now when she knew he had been thinking of her in the same way that felt cheap, like she was settling when the better version of something was only a feet away - and if the size of his bulge was any indication, it was by far the better version. In the end she had taken a few sleep aides and fallen into restless dreams filled with piercing blues eyes and declarations of want.

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The others never can never understand when stuff happens like this.

This is also based on that post and Kate gave me a wonderful idea about this on skype so like I finally got around to finishing and making it.