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do you happen to know of any deaf or mute au's or blind au's?? I've been a little obsessed with them lately and I couldn't find many so I wondered if maybe you could!!!! thanks so so much!!!!!

Yeee, of course I do!!

The warmest mix, by pacw0man [Blind AU, YOONMIN, 3k]

you’re not broken by hobilu [Deaf AU, YOONSEOK, rated E, 6k]

over time (i love you more) by heartbee4 [Deaf AU, SUGAKOOKIE, rated G, 1.7k]

Calling Your Bluff by Yoongi_trash [Deaf AU, YOONMIN, rated T, 2.2k]

give me a sign by iwillalwaysbelieve [Deaf AU, YOONMIN, rated T, 11k]

Speak to Me by signifying_nothing [Deaf AU, TAEGI, rated G, 800 words]

You’re making me uncomfortable by 9395 [Deaf AU, YOONMIN, rated G, 800 words]

come on star boy, we can shine together by bulletsfrank [Mute AU, YOONSEOK, rated T, 17k]

Brave by Yoonmin_Trash [Mute AU, JIKOOK, rated M, 26k]

Under the rain by raphopessi [Mute AU, NAMSEOK, rated T, 2k]

no place in between by jflawless [Mute AU, YOONMIN, rated T, 2k]


Think Tidy by nivo [Blind AU, Yoonseok, rated G, 2k]

You Look Loud, You Sound Quiet by SeungMaoKi [Deaf AU, TAEGI, rated G, incomplete]

Hope you enjoy these! I unfortunately couldn’t find all of the Blind AU’s I thought I had saved!! ://

-Admin Nana

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Hello! First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to take fic requests and making lists. I really appreciate them! I was wondering if you could recommend me some songfics? It doesn't matter whether they sing or the story incorporates sing lyrics. Thank you for your help!

Thank you for waiting so long!! I couldn’t find too many fics like these, so please let me know if you have seen more! 

If you want to check out my Musician AU, you can find it here! For the meantime, I hope you like these fics!

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Bedroom Warfare by RedishBlueRose Explicit, 2.1k
Victor and Yuuri’s rivalry isn’t just on the ice, it’s also in the bedroom. Quick, HOT rival AU. Awesome use of song lyrics too!

Once Upon a December by PrettyInPurple00, Gen, 1.1k
Victor is retired from competitions, but not from skating. With the Grand Prix Final on the horizon, Yuuri asks something of Victor that he’s been wanting for quite some time. Incorporates song lyrics!

Come Out of Hiding (I’m Right Here Beside You) by osaki_nana_707, Not Rated, 54k (WIP)
After forgetting the words to his song during a vocal competition as a teenager, Yuuri Katsuki decided singing was not for him. Instead he went to NYU to study English. He never expected Viktor Nikiforov, Broadway star extraordinaire looking to direct his first production on the stage, would ever find his up-and-coming lead… in him. BROADWAY AU!!! Great fic!!

Setting Sun by LittleLostStar, Mature, 24k (WIP)
With the world watching their every move, Victor and Yuuri begin trading lyrics in a secret musical conversation; from playful rivalry to intense seduction, through bubblegum pop and pulse-pounding guitars, their virtual affair unfolds, hidden in plain sight. LOVE!!

Running From You To You by SarkaS, Teen, 4.6k
Yuuri suddenly stops being so flustered when he’s spending time with Victor. Victor does not like not knowing things. Especially when it comes to Yuuri. Inspired by the song “It’s Two Men In Love!”

Song Fics series by DiamondWinters, Ishxallxgood, Gen-Mature, 14k (WIP)
A series of fics inspired by different songs! Lovely!

“As I reached them, he leaned his head down to Bree’s, looking out from under his eyelashes at me and sounding rather thunderstruck. “Mama looks verra lovely, aye?”“Aye!” Brianna squeaked automatically, having incorporated this word promptly into her vocabulary.“So does Da,” I said fervently, taking his free hand and squeezing.“Oh?” he said, and I smiled to see his look of shy gratification. “It’s…alright, then, the Suit?”  Odd, that my throat felt so dry and yet my eyes seemed about to overflow. “You’re beautiful, Jamie.”He smiled broadly and leaned down to kiss me.”

–From Flood My Mornings by the fabulous @bonnie-wee-swordsman

This is one of my favorite au’s- Bonnie is so talented at conveying so many emotions; joy, angst, humor, love, etc, etc., and this wonderful story never fails to give me all the feels. And baby “minna fash sacknap” Bree is the cutest thing to ever happen. Bonnie is also an incredibly kind person; your support of artists is endlessly appreciated and I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so welcome in our awesome little fandom! 💗

Do you love Robert and Aaron as much as I do? 

Come on and join me in the 7 days of Robron week from July 10th till July 16th to spread some love for our boys. ♥

For the gif/edit/fanvideo makers:

July, 10th - Day 1: Favourite Robron scene
July, 11th - Day 2: Favourite Robron kiss
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July, 14th - Day 5: Favourite heartbreaking Robron scene
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For the fanfiction writers:

Drabbles, fanfics, oneshots (whatever your prefer)

July, 10th - Day 1: Robron + fluff + “You look amazing tonight.”
July, 11th - Day 2: Robron + angst + “I won’t let you.”
July, 12th - Day 3: Robron + funny + “You make me happy.”
July, 13th - Day 4: Robron + hurt/comfort + “I’ll keep you warm.”
July, 14th - Day 5: Robron + smut + “Do it. Please.”
July, 15th - Day 6: Robron + another character of your choice
July, 16th - Day 7: Robron + favourite AU

I would be more than happy to see many of you participate in this week. Let’s show our boys how much we love them. 

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If you have more questions always jump in my askbox.

Also you should go and check out the posts from robron week february 27th - march 5th 2017


Of Day and Night

From @beanpots Day/Night Yuri on Ice AU

I don’t normally have much to say about my art, but I want to say that cute and fun AUs like this one are why I love this fandom and continue to want to contribute to it. Fandoms can get nasty sometimes, and Yuri on Ice is no exception, but I love the way the community flocks to and thrives on positive, creative things like this.

I’ve been feeling creatively empty lately. I’ve had the drive to paint, but no ideas I really felt passionate about, so everything I created lacked that spark of interest that made me love it. I have to say, using someone else’s designs was relieving in more ways than one. Once I decided on a direction, I was able to paint this in about two days without much strain, which is probably a record for me for something like this. Not having to make so many decisions on my own really helps things along, I guess. C:

So, a big thank you to @beanpots and everyone else who puts effort into creating beautiful art, fics, and AUs for this wonderful show. It’s helping drive me to create and improve more rapidly than I ever thought possible. 

If I live to see the seven wonders
I’ll make a path to the rainbow’s end
I’ll never live to match the beauty again
The rainbow’s end

I needed to draw this just before bed after Fleetwood Mac came on ok. I feel like Ricardo has so many odd old things from Earth Lob would eventually find some funny typical tourist trinkets of his and pretend he’s actually been there until he actually gets to go for real.

Lob and AU belong to @spinetrick and @stanchez-sloppy-seconds

Bye-bye, little butterfly.

(This pic on Twitter) Also bonus samurai Chat in a different outfit because man I love Chat in tradition clothes:

Congrats to Papapillon and all the other hardworking people whose sweat, blood, and tears made Miraculous Ladybug a reality. 

You did it!! ˚✧₊⁎˓˓⁽̨̡ ˚͈́꒳​˚͈̀*⁾̧̢˒˒⁎⁺˳✧༚ 

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Tears of gratitude and friendship below the cut:

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my goodness! i finally hit that followers milestone i’ve been working towards & that means appreciation for all of my mutual. i am grateful for all 1k of you followers & of course all of my mutuals as well. thanks for continuing to make my roleplaying experience a positive one. 2 months away from my 2 year anniversary for this blog. 

MY PEOPLE:      (  especially as of recently )

@arizonassupermagicsmile -  MCKENNA, you’ve been around for most of my time writing callie & have truly made such a wonderful experience. with your arizona you have helped me to develop her in so many wonderful ways & allowed me to explore different settings & AUs with her & for that i am forever grateful. you write a wonderful arizona robbins & i hope you’ll continue to bless me with your writing because we have an amazing writing chemistry together.

 @hersupermagicsmile - KAT, first off the passed week or so since you’ve been back writing arizona had been amazing for my muse & i’m really glad you’re back. i’ve always enjoyed writing with you & so the passed couple days have been a huge blessing. thanks for letting me throw random plot ideas at you & always being down for them. i love the chemistry our writing has & i hope you don’t forget your password again so you’ll stay for a very long time & bless me with your presence in my activity & on my dash

THE RESIDENTS:      ( those i enjoy writing with but we don’t really have a relationship )

@reginathequeenofmean / @middlecfthestory || @lightobscur || @thewiccanmechanic || @ghcstdoctor || @esorbitanza || @rorishleanne || @soulhcart || @thegreyeffect || @alteredtales || @traumeriin || @downeysace || @mcrethanmuscle || @idyllicism || @jadcdbeauty || @strengthdrivcn || @southraised || @fatalenigma || @elenaxsloan || @skippedthirdgrade || @oflayers || @rosesthorned || @oflightanddark || @hollyhobbieblonde || @xdestinedtofail || @coralinejoncs || @nodebt

THE INTERNS:           (  ones i currently admire from a far )

@whcwashe || @hydrophobiic || @drmcperky || @shauriofabydos || @cxretaker || @qceenmother || @blondexhurricane || @smoakinoverwxtch || @petrasplaining || @drarizona || @boltyxboy || @streetxcat || @lovedloudly || @fallingonbrokenarrows || @nathcnroyals || @objectivelyhot || @darlingmarilyn ||  @kolhearted || @mcpedia || @xmcmusesx || @biologicalengineer || @astralord || @cruelintenticns || @hcvenofear || @fcllowyouintothedark || @smartmcuth || @mcmachine || @howxrudex || @knowsdeath || @weallhaveastorytotell || @pcssibilities || @cardiothorac || @ofstarrynights || @lifefcrdeath || @scveslives || @thiinisms || @rapidfired || @ncharm || @spctlessminds || @sapphicwinters || @sovietorphan ||@timidoptimism || @darkrccm || @decdinside || @soqueerballs || @undenicblydead || @vortship || @fatherly || @knewheaven || @schmoopiepie || @turnstoxic || @kiindsoul || @girlinthebcr || @writesanovel​ || @falseperfection​ || @elenaloveablekotsala

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Congrats on 4K followers! Your blog is one of my favs. Also Shallura childhood friends AU plz


and thank you i can’t believe so many people want to follow a loser like me

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so here we go. altea and earth are in diplomatic relations. alfor visits with allura. shiro’s dad is one of the top military people. the kids meet.

  • shiro is seven and allura is five
  • she’s still trying to figure out her shapeshifting but one of the things that helps her learn is making funny faces that make shiro laugh (like tonks from ootp)
  • shiro shows her the ocean and teaches her how to make sand castles
  • he gets used to introducing himself as shiro bc other kids can have a hard time pronouncing his name, but given how complicated altean is allura has no problem so she always calls him takashi and is one of the only people outside his family to do so
  • when another kid makes fun of allura’s ears shiro goes to give them a stern talking to (as much as a seven year old can) when allura beats them to it and absolutely annihilates them and that is the day he falls in love tbh
  • they teach each other their languages so by the time shiro is 10 they’re both trilingual more or less
  • as soon as they both know how to write somewhat decently they write all the letters to each other. or skype through comm-link. both? both is good
  • when shiro is taller than her he’s really excited at first and then when they see each other in person she shapeshifts and he’s like “oh, yeah”
  • shiro’s family loves allura ofc and tease him knowingly about her. 
  • they see each other every few years or so. earth is allura’s favourite planet to visit
  • one day alfor comments on this. “you like the earthling boy” “what no NO takashi is my friend that’s all” coran and alfor share knowing looks
  • puberty hits them both like a ton of bricks. like they see each other when allura is thirteen and the next time they see each other actually in person they’re sixteen and holy shit you’re hot? commlink cameras didn’t do you justice what the-
  • save them
  • allura being so excited and congratulating him when he tells her he got into the garrison
  • shiro teaching her earth games like rock paper scissors and learning altean equivalents and other games.
  • shiro being jealous whenever allura talks about having suitors
  • allura finding out months after anything happened that shiro had a girlfriend and then they broke up and she’s like “you didn’t say anything??” 
  • reunion. hugs. of various kinds. spinny hugs. tight hugs. i’m so glad to see you but i think i’m holding you too long. you’re not letting go either oh thank the stars i missed you so much hugs. pulling away to smile at each other, with light and dancing eyes and hands on each other’s shoulders for like a long time before they remember other people are around them and letting go.
  • and then finally, shiro gets sent on a diplomatic mission to altea. and it’s the best summer of this life.
  • and after that mission, well
  • reunion kisses. enough said
#FannibalFicRecs AU Event

First off…

Thanks to all who participated and shared the love! We appreciate all of you being so willing to join in and share your recs. We are planning on doing similar events with different themes as we go along. 

Thank you to the writers.

Thank you to all of the amazing writers out there who wrote so many wonderful AU’s of all kinds. The talent and creativity is astounding! You lovely, writerly people know how to make anything work with our beloved show and characters. The ability to create such interesting worlds and mash-ups continues to impress!

FannibalFicRecs Future Events

We have more in the works, but please send us any ideas or themes you would like us to do an event for!

Self-Promo Weeks

Also, from now on we will only be sharing fics during #FannibalFicRecs events. This is to reduce confusion and ensure we don’t miss anything. SOOOO, we will be having frequent self-promo events to give people plenty of opportunity to rec and share their own work with us! We want to encourage people to rec their own work, and we will reblog and promote it! 

The Seal Lullaby

In small, isolated, tight knit towns, people tend to talk. And in this town, they talk most about the strange couple that live down in the cottage by the sea. They talk about how they just turned up out of the blue one day, they wonder if they’ll ever stop having children, they wonder what it is about them that makes them feel so…odd.

My Selkie AU fic! Thanks so much for all the excitement and support over this, it’s really turning into something I’m proud of and I can’t wait to show you guys it. New chapter every Thursday and comments are really really appreciated. Here it is on Ao3 if that’s more your thing and so many thanks to my phenomenal beta readers @minky-for-short @sassy-laffy @purearcticfire


Eliza Schuyler had always been a girl who had one foot in some other world.

She was a ‘daydreamer’. She was always ‘away with the fairies’. She was ‘never quite there’. The ‘lights were on but no one was home’.

There were a lot of ways to say it, most of them dripping with honey sweet condescension that making the obstinately gentle phrases feel a little off, more like thinly disguised insults than anything else. They were muttered to Catherine Schuyler by friends and book club members and distant relatives in just enough of a low voice to make it plain that they didn’t want Eliza to hear but didn’t care that she absolutely could. To make it obvious that they were pointing out a serious flaw but in a delicate way that the girl should really be grateful for.

Eliza was never fooled. She knew exactly what they were saying; that she was strange, weird, an anomaly. That the way she went wandering on long, lonely, meandering walks for hours was unusual. That the way she could sit perfectly still and placid, like some eerily glass like lake, perfectly content inside her own head, made her odd. That the way she devoted herself more to the worlds between the pages of books than the one she physically occupied made her seem disjointed and distant.

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Pastries’ 250 Celebration Writing Challenge!

So to celebrate the fact that over 250 of you beautiful people follow my trash blog, I’m gonna do a writing challenge! Just send in an ask with either the number of the prompt or the prompt itself


  • it has to be Supernatural related (it can be an AU)
  • at least 500 words long
  • it does not have to have any pairing
  • it can be anything- smut, fluff, angst - just please include warnings
  • Pastries 250 Celebration must be in the first 5 tags

Prompts (Thanks @writer-babe   @mytrashbagisfull & @wonderful-prompts  for the amazing prompts)

  1. “Why does everything have to be about you?”
    “Um, maybe because I rule the universe?”
  2. “Can I at least sit down?”
    “Not covered in fucking blood!”

  3. ‘“Your solution to the apocalypse is baking?”
  4. “Gotta love the movies, it makes so many stupid people think that dangerous means chemistry. It makes it all so easy. All you ever have to do is let people believe that they might just be your exception.”
  5. “We have no idea what we’re gonna do, but when we do you better watch out!”
  6. “I know how to fire a gun, patch up bullet wounds, hide in plain sight; you need me and you know it.”
  7. “I know this is off topic, but can I have a banana?”
  8. “I… I just….”
  9. Character A: “I FUCKING LOVE YOU!”
    Character B: *takes out earbuds* “What?”
    Character A: “Nothing.”
  10. “Are you watching Marley & Me, and crying?”
  11. “Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do”
  12. “I am not a consolation prize.”
  13. “Am I significant or just convenient?”
  14. “Please tell me s/he isnt dancing on the bar right now.”
  15. “What can I say? I like a good churro.”
  16. “You’ve been doing this your whole life? And you still suck at it?”
  17. “You’ve just been hit by lightning, you’re stark naked, and you don’t even remember your own name. You have a fairly loose definition of fine.”
  18. “You haven’t saved anyone. I’d’ve rather died ignorant than live knowing all this shit.”
  19. “Why is there a baby in the sink?”
  20. “Okay, but, like, boobs. Boobs.”
  21. “Why is it always you three in charge whenever the world goes to shit.”
  22. “Are you sure you used to be a nurse?”
  23. “Oh come on! We’re celebrating! What’s the worst that could happen?”
    “S/He’ll have fun.”
  24. “You make me crazy, and I can’t take it anymore.”
  25. “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”

Fics are due May 1st (three weeks)

Thank you all so so much for supporting me, and if anyone has any questions feel free to message me!

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omg it’s 11:55! (O ///w///O) i barely made it in time!!! (7^   O ^)7 this is a gift for my very beloved @no-hux-given for their birthday!!! high school AU Hux and Kylo, skipping class and eating cupcakes behind the gym! (where they totally make out after <3)

this piece references back to the past!!! waaayyyy back to the past! to my very first Tumblr post in fact! high school AU Hux and Kylo were the first thing i ever drew here, which was for them!!! (-^ ___^-) <3 dood… for real… where would i be now if you hadn’t been so kind to me? would i even still be on Tumblr?! would i be the Pidgy i am today!?!? i can never know!!! but thank you! thank you so much for helping me to walk through this door (-^   o ^-) it’s changed my life in so many ways <3 All my love and a thousand hugs! i hope your year to come brings many positive changes and takes you in wonderful directions! you deserve it! *HUGS* <3 <3 <3

Leoji Week April 12-19 Masterpost

Hello, fellow Leoji kids~!!

You all made the week before last a wonderful one, with so many fics and art posts and I am just really really super duper grateful to you all. THANK YOU! <3

I would have linked each individual post, but they’re too many for me to handle, and I somehow messed up with the name tags, so I’m mentioning everyone who participated. XD 

Post Tags on the Blog: 



Social Media 💖 Leoji to others 💖 Firsts 💖 Sleepovers 💖 Music 💖 Flowers 💖 Pining 💖 Love 💖 Soulmates AU 💖 College AU 💖 “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” 💖 “It’s okay, I’ve got you” 💖 Guang Hong learns Spanish 💖 Teddy bears

Content Creators:

Your posts have all been tagged with your names, so you can find them all in one place!!

I know this is a really pathetic excuse of a masterpost, but this is the best I could do. S O R R Y. If you have the time, check out everyone’s work. It’s all so beautiful!!!!! :D

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...would it be alright to request more of the vampire au? ;;; because what you posted earlier made me really, really curious to read more of it... but of course, it's 100% ok if not! > < (your writing makes me really happy either way, thank you so much for sharing! You write the best AUs, some of which are rly interesting to think about, like the Held x At x Gunpoint one, and I feel like you always manage to keep everyone in character, too! So good, so fun to read!!!)

Of course! I love writing AUs, so many different options :) Held x At x Gunpoint was a lot of fun to write! thank you so much for the wonderful message, I was smiling like an idiot when I read it!!!

This is a bit different then the first story from this universe, but it explains a bit more stuff. I hope you like it~

“Gon, do you actually need to drink human blood?”

The question stopped Gon short. He squinted back to where Killua still sat on the bed in the dark, shirt half pulled down to reveal his long, pale neck. Even in the low light, Gon’s superior sight allowed him to make out the two pin-prick marks puncturing the skin there.

Gon swallowed thickly. He had just drunken Killua’s blood, but that didn’t stop him from wanting more. He always wanted more, even if the desperate thirst had been satisfied.

“Well?” Killua asked again, startling Gon out of his thoughts.

“Um.” Gon bit his bottom lip, careful to keep his fangs tucked back. “…no. Not technically. I can survive on animal blood, just like other vampires. Human blood just tastes lots better. Its kind of like having wine instead of water from a dirty river.”

Killua tilted his head to the side with a frown. “So, I’m red wine, basically?”

Gon laughed out loud at the concentrated look on Killua’s face; the expressions he made were just so cute sometimes. He said, still smiling, “You’re better then that. To me, at least.”

The words were out of Gon’s mouth before he could stop them, and Killua zeroed on its meaning instantaneously.

“I taste better to you?” he repeated. “Compared to what?”

Gon winced. “Everyone?”

Killua stared at him. “Wha- why?”

If Gon could still blush, he probably would be doing it right now. 

“Eh, well.” He scratched his cheek and kept his gaze locked on the ceiling. “Um. You know how drinking blood usually creates a feeling of euphoria for the human being drunken from? It can happen the other way, too. If a vampire really l-loves a human, their blood will taste way better then anyone else’s, and they’ll get that same happy feeling from drinking their blood, specifically.”

He glanced back down. Killua’s face was slowly turning bright pink.

Killua said slowly, “…you. You just said you love me. Me, the vampire hunter’s prized son and heir.”

Gon’s non-beating heart did several back-flips at Killua’s words. To know all of that was one thing, to admit it out loud on the other hand…

He smiled helplessly at the wide-eyed young male in front of him, the human who meant more to him then anyone else since Aunt Mito had died and left him alone in the world.

“Of course I do! You’re incredible, Killua. Your blood has tasted better to me then anyone else’s since the day we met, when I saved you in the woods. But that’s why- that’s why I shouldn’t keep drinking from you. Its addicting, for both of us.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️  300 Follower Giveaway   ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I can’t believe this blog is going to be a YEAR old in a month. I know I dropped off the face of earth for a few months but I’m back and plan to stay back. A lot of my old partners aren’t here anymore BUT I have met so many wonderful people in the last week since I have returned. This is a little thank you/half assed promo post for those special people that I particularly enjoy writing with and that Bill is absolutely nuts for. Not to mention a little giveaway, too~!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ FOLLOW FOREVER  ⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️⭐️⭐️ THE PINES FAMILY  ⭐️⭐️⭐️

@pinetrce - Holy heckaroni. I LOVE your Dipper so much. I love the thread we have going on for the We’ll Meet Again AU/verse/whatever. Bill and Dip’s interactions make me laugh so much and I always enjoy seeing you on my dash ALL THE TIME and I await each and every reply from you! Quality!

@theglitterytwin - YOU HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR SO LONG OF THIS BLOG’S LIFE AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You are such a positive person and I love your portrayal of Mabel beyond reason. She’s so bubbly and happy and it’s addictive. I love every thread we do because it flows so well with our muses.

@bannedinmoststates - This Stan. This Stan right here. We need to do more threads together but I already super adore your Stan. “Staniel” and Bill fighting? Give me more of that! Punch him in his stupid eyeball! Also I am a Big Fan of your Mabel cosplay. A+++ stuff, my friend. 

@sufordtive - Let me tell you about this Ford right now. It’s been TWO fucking days since we met and I messaged them on a whim. It was such a great decision because talk about immediately clicking. Headcanons and memes galore! I cannot WAIT to do a serious thread with you because DAYUM. Even with our crack/Dicksword conversations, I LOVE your Ford soooooo much. Bill, too.

@bolotiesandjournals - The sassiest Dipper ever. I know we have yet to do the werewolf AU/where Bill and Dipper share a body but… I love talking to you on Discord so much. You are super amazing and Bill is already So Attached to your boyo. The hijinks they would get into in both of these situations is hilarious and I think about this a lot. Thank you for messaging me out of the blue. Friendship made. 


@wxll-cxpher - This is Bill’s demon bf. They have a beautiful baby triangle daughter named Lilith Guacamole and the mun is absolutely wonderful. I have been sending her snapchat doodles of Bill doing silly things over the year and she replies with Will drawings and it always cheers me up. Also our URLs match. We’re fuckin’ twins, okay?

@useless-stereotype - I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE PAZ. I swear to God, Paz is the cutest angel I have ever seen and the way you write is beautiful. I have seen threads where she’s an energetic ball of love and others where she’s super murderous and loyal. Which is awesome and I love seeing that in a character. Bill’s on and off girlfriend ( mostly on ) and he loves her deep down. He just doesn’t show it because he’s a fucking triangle. <3

@bezazzled - I know we’ve been out of touch for a while but hell. You are a Mabel that makes me laugh so hard and every interaction we have puts a big grin on my face. My new favorites are “I can’t believe Bill sent a nude to Ford” and “Great Aunt Bill Cipher”. Keep being you and never change. To more RPs in the future!

@flannelandchill - I know you haven’t been active for some time but hey, I wanted to mention you here, too. I LOVE your Wendy. She’s so chill and she is Wine Mom’s favorite kiddo. I will always remember the thread where Bill takes over and texts her “dates” with ridiculously violent and insulting things. That was the best ever. 


@ted-audrey-blog - No offense but Bill hates Ted. Me on the other hand… I love that you always send me asks to answer! It’s a lot of fun and it makes me very happy that I can deliver quality that makes you keep coming back. 

@wxrstliink​ - I haven’t really interacted much with you but damn. The sass-off with Bill and Pacifica had me in tears. I hope we can do more threads in the future! Thank you for giving me a chance!

I am sure I’m missing people but those are the ones that REALLY stand out. It’s such a short list ( and I’m sorry ) but please know that I appreciate the hell out of everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with me all this time.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ GIVEAWAY  ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Okay, okay. I’m a poor as fuck girl with two jobs and some passable artistic talent. One ( 1 ) reblog and you’ll be put into a list that will be randomly generated with for a prize. This time there will be three winners and the prizes are the following:

First place winner: A fully colored/shaded/highlighted drawing of your choice! If you have an OC you want me to draw, provide references.

Second place winner: A flat colored drawing! Same thing applies with OCs.

Third place winner: An uncolored drawing. Same as above for OCs.

I’ll be deciding the winners on Tuesday! Good luck and thank you! 

anonymous asked:

Chúc mừng sinh nhật tới một blog tuyệt vời!! That is happy birthday to a wonderful blog!! in Vietnamese A fan of ur blog from Vietnam ;))

thank you so much anon!  terima kasih untuk mesej yang indah~😚 it’s been years since i signed up to this site and it feels great to celebrate it!

here’s a kinda punk hal as a gift to us all!

nocturnal-reaper  asked:

I really like your dragon au!!! Your drawings of them make them look so cool! You mentioned Iwaizumi doesn't know many words so I was wondering how he and Oikawa communicate, especially when they were first getting to know each other?

iwaizumi can understand and comprehend the things oikawa says, but he can’t speak back as well, so he chooses to leave his words to noises of approval or disapproval depending on what oikawa is going on about. and he does most of his talking through actions, and over the years oikawa’s also learned to figure out what iwaizumi is feeling or trying to say by reading his expressions. but they are able to talk! its just more oikawa saying things and iwaizumi being like “okay” “yes” “no” “why” “what”, and other various shortform sentences. also iwa is VERY LOUD ALL THE TIME so when he does talk its REAL CLEAR.

also AAAAAAAa thank you for the compliments my heart is warm thank you


Here you go @millin21

I know I said I wasn’t doing the face challenge (and I’m not) but millin has drawn so many wonderful things for my AU, that I wanted to draw something for millin.

So thank you, millin!

(Plus when millin requested this I forgot to write that I wasn’t doing it XD)

This was so fun! I wish I had more time to do more of these!

Anyway, hahaha look at these dorks!
The faces looked like they went together so I drew it all In one pic.
I kinda pictured in my head, Tang Shen and Splinter acting like a couple or cheesy in love or something and that’s why they all are making those faces XD