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Patients are ingrates sometimes

Tw drugs, tw overdose, tw vomit

Was part of an overdose call in a city where it’s unfortunately fairly common. Cops gave him 4 mg, medics gave another 4 before he finally started coming around. My job was to give him artificial respiration with a Bag Valve Mask. He started breathing on his own after a minute or two, and my next job was to hold the puke bag. That much bar an tends to make people hurl. The guy LEANS BACK, away from the barf bag, and blasts his lunch all over himself and me. Ends up going through three more sick bags before he got Zofran. No “thank you”. No “you guys saved my life” just “shit, did I OD?”
Yeah buddy, you did.

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Could you recommend me some jikook soulmate au please?? Thanks a lot in advance ~

- scribbles and drawings by evil_pandabear
- a world for two by huilen
- stop playing “hard” to get by seungkwan
- drops of sky by untrueee
- you make me want to rip my hair out (quite literally) | take the pain away by pastelrainbows
- guy-liner by wontaek
- no, it’s actually my name by mochi_minnie
- you’re the closest to heaven that i’ll ever get by armystarlightgirl
love is such a sweet thing by egbuns
when the day met the night by graesun
soul-tied by wordcouture
- sick of losing soulmates by xosavageexo; everyonexjimin
we go where we want to by yoogni; vminkook

More Period Requests

Request: Hello! I love your blog :) Could you do imagine where the reader has her period and so the Dean and Sam look after her and its just really fluffy and cute? Thank you!

Request: Can you do one where the reader is Sam and Deans little sister and she gets her first period and doesn’t know what to do and is embarrassed trying to explain to Sam and Dean she needs pads and stuff and just really funny. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU

Why did your back hurt? And what the Hell was going on with you stomach? Excusing yourself quietly, so as not to raise suspicion from your brothers, you went to the bathroom. 

You stood in front of the mirror for a moment, and you looked a little pale. You sighed and shrugged, having no idea what was wrong. You pulled down your pants and sat on the toilet, and instantly your once blue underwear were stained red. 

Oh, God. I’m dying! Was the first thought to run through your head. But then you remembered sex ed from school, and realized you’d just gotten your period. You’d just gotten your period!!! Holy shit! 

You didn’t know what to do. Sam and Dean were great brothers, but could you tell them about your predicament? What would they even do? And you didn’t want to have that conversation through the door of the bathroom. 

Making up your mind, you pulled out a bunch of toilet paper and lined your underwear with it. You washed your hands then went to find Sam and Dean, who were still in the living room.

“Um, guys. Can we go to the store?” You asked.

“What? Why?” Dean replied.

“I, uh, need something.” You said carefully. 

“Like what? Sam and I just went to the store yesterday!” Dean pressed. 

You fidgeted slightly, embarrassed to have this conversation. “I… Um.” You started.

“What? What’s wrong?” Sam asked, concern over his face.

“I just….. I just need you to drive me to the store. You don’t need to come in with me.” Maybe you could get away with not even having to tell them what was going on. 

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s wrong.” Dean said, shaking his head.

“I, um, I’m bleeding-”

“What? Where!?” Ssam shouted, then ran to you. Dean also ran to your side, and your brothers looked all over you, trying to find an injury.

“Not anywhere you can see. It’s um, I just got… my period.” You managed to say, staring at the ground. You were sure your face was redder than the spot on your underwear (that’s a disgusting comparison, I’m sorry). 

Sam and Dean both took a step away from you, as if you’d told them you were sick. Dean cleared his throat awkwardly, and Sam rubbed the back of his neck. “Uh, congrats?” Sam said.

“Thanks…” You replied, biting your lower lip. “Um, so about the store….”

“Oh! Right!” Dean said, grabbing his keys.

“You guys go. I’ll, uh, make dinner. Or something.” Sam said, waving you away.

“Thanks.” Dean said, his shoulders drooping. Obviously he didn’t want to do this alone.

You both jumped in the Impala and Dean sped to the nearest store. “Do, you, um, have any questions?” Dean asked. 

“No. School pretty much covered everything.” You answered.

“Thank God.” he sighed.

“I just don’t know what kind of, um, pads and tampons to buy.” You added.

Dean exhaled and nodded. “I’ll, uh, do what I can to help." 

"You can just wait in the car. I think I’ll be able to-”

“No! No way. You’re my little sister. I can help you.” He interrupted.

You shrugged and Dean pulled into the store parking lot. You both went in, and you headed right to the women’s care aisle. You were met with a wall of pads and tampons. 

Dean stood by your side, looking anywhere but you and the items in front of you. “Dean, can you go ask somebody for help?" 

"What?” Dean demanded, shocked. 

“I have no idea what o get! Can you just go ask a girl or something.”

“I can’t… That’s not just something you ask about!” He exclaimed.

“Look, there’s an old lady right there. Just ask her for me, plese! It’s embarrassing!” You begged.

Dean sighed and walked slowly towards the woman. You could hear him from where you stood. “Um, excuse me ma'am? Could you help me?”

“Of course! What can I do for you?” She replied, smiling sweetly.

“Which…. Um…. Which product do you recommend?” He asked, motioning to all the pads and tampons.

“Excuse me?” The woman demanded, obviously thinking Dean was being rude.

“My sister just got her period!” He quickly explained. “And our mom’s not in the picture and I don’t know what to do." 

The woman looked at him skeptically, then saw you standing in the aisle watching them, and she seemed to relax. She passed Dean and walked to you. "Do you need help?” She asked, and you nodded shyly. 

You then spent ten minutes with the woman as she explained all the products and told you which were best. Dean stood next to you, wishing he could disappear. “Do you mind if I ask a personal question?”

“Go ahead.” The woman assured you.

“Do tampons hurt?”

“Not at all! Maybe the first time, but it’s like sex, it gets easier as you do it more often.” She answered. Dean almost threw up. “Do you know how they work?”

“You open the package and just…. shove it up there?” You guessed, and Dean cringed.

“Um, Y/N, can I-” Dean started.

“You need to know these things!” The woman interrupted, giving him a hard look. “Getting your period is a very hard thing, she needs support!” Dean’s eyes widened and he nodded. “Anyway, that’s basically how it works. But it’ll come in this little tube, and you place it in the opening of the vagina-”

“Do I need to know this?” Dean cried, covering his ears.

“Then you push it up. You’ll see.” She assured you, then handed you a box of tampons and pads. “Good luck, honey.”

“Thanks!” You said, then pulled Dean to the checkout. 

“I’m scarred for life.” He muttered as he paid. 

“You’re scarred for life? I just had an old lady talk to me about vaginas for ten minutes!” You argued.

“Can we just agree to never talk about this again?” He asked.

“Maybe.” You shrugged. “But I might need some help with how to get tampons-”

“Shut up!” He interrupted, and you held back your laughter.

Dean sped home and then you ran straight to the bathroom. You looked at the tampon, and decided you would save that for another day. You changed your underwear and put a pad on. Then went to your brothers who were in the kitchen. 

“So, is everything alright?” Sam asked, trying not to appear as uncomfortable as he really was.

“Meh.” You shrugged. “It feels like I’m wearing a diaper.”

“I didn’t need to know that.” Sam said.

“What’s for dinner?” You asked, grabbing a cookie from the counter.

“Chicken and salad.” Sam answered. You nodded and grabbed another cookie. “You’re not gonna be hungry for dinner." 

"Are you saying I’m eating too much?” You asked. Sam’s eyes widened and he started to shake his head, but you continued. “What? Do you think I’m fat?”

“No!” He assured you. “I just don’t want-”

“Want what? Me to get fat? I’m hungry!” You shouted.

Dean walked into the kitchen, saw the scene in front of him, and slowly backed away. “Not at all! I just want you to be able to eat dinner too.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll eat the gross leaves and burnt chicken you cook.” You said. Then you realized how mean you were and offered him an apologetic smile. “Sorry. I didn’t realize how moody I’d get.”

“It’s fine!” He said quickly. “Maybe we could just do pizza for dinner.”

“Oh, that sounds awesome!” You exclaimed. Sam’s shoulder slumped slightly, obviously he was expecting you to tell him his salad was fine. “I’ll get Dean to order it.”

You walked out of the room as Sam started putting away his ingredients. “Dean, order pizza.” You commanded, sitting next to him.

“What? No salad?" 

"Nope! Pizza. I want extra cheese.” You replied.

Dean shrugged and pulled out his phone. Fifteen minutes later and you were all stuffing your faces. You ate more than you ever did; six slices, and Sam and Dean didn’t comment. 

“Wanna watch a movie?” Dean suggested.

“Sure!” you exclaimed.

Sam also agreed and you all sat on the couch and Dean put Te Avengers in. The movie was great, but when Iron Man fell from space to Earth, seemingly dead, you couldn’t stop tears from streaming down your face.

What do we do? Sam mouthed to Dean.

Hug her! Dean mouthed back.

No! You! Sam replied.

No! She’ll probably just cry more if I do! 

And she’ll be all happy if I do? Sam replied, rolling his eyes.

Sam and Dean stared at each other for a moment, all the while you cried, and then they both caved at the same time. “Y/N, don’t cry. He’s alright!” Dean said, patting your back.

“Yeah, look! They saved the day!” Sam added.

“I’m not five! I can see that!” You replied, wiping the tears away. “I’m sorry, that was mean.” You said, shaking your ehad. “I’m just gonna go to bed.”

“Night!” Your brothers called in union.

You went back to your room, changed the pad, and crawled into bed. Sure, today wasn't that bad, but you didn’t know how you were goig to deal with this the rest of your life. Sam and Dean, on the other hand, didn’t know how they were going to deal with this for the rest of the week.

(I hope you like it!)

Brendan Gallagher and a bar (Requested)

It was a Friday night and the bars were filled to the brim. Your best friend told you she’d meet you there but it was already 9:15 and there will still no sign of her. 

You looked at your phone and saw you had three messages, two from your best friend and one from your ex.

“I am so sorry, y/n but I can’t make it tonight. Brayden is super sick and no one is here to watch. I hope I sent this off early enough. So sorry  babe! :(”

“If you want to come over here and hang out with me and Bray you can. He’s just being really cuddly. We’re gonna watch How to Train Your Dragon and eat a bunch of soup.”

You read the two messages from your best friend and sighed. She had sent the messages nearly an hour ago but your service was shit and you had just received them. You sighed again, realising that you had gotten all dressed up for nothing. 

You opened the next message from your ex, he had just sent it five minutes before.

“Hey, y/n, do you wanna go out and talk tonight? I’ve had a lot on my mind and it’d be really nice to see you again.”

You immediately deleted the message. You were one hundred percent over that cheating bastard.

As you sat that the bar drinking and contemplating whether you should leave and go over to Hannah and Brayden or if you should just stay out alone, a young gentleman appeared.

“Hey there, pretty lady.” The man slurred out. 

You smiled shyly, “Um, hi.” The man walked closer to you and you could smell the alcohol and cigarettes on his breath. You hated talking to drunk people, especially drunk men. They were always so unpredictable.

“How can I do you tonight?” He made kissing noise and touched your hand, “I can show you a really good time, baby.” 

You started to turn a bright red and caught a glimpse of a man standing a few feet away from you, your eyes met but you quickly turned away, “I’m okay, thank you though.” You could tell he heard the nervousness in your voice, his grip on your hand getting tighter. “Please let go of me, sir.” You made eye contact again with the strange gentlemen across the room. He was with a group of friends but you could see that he only had his mind on what was happening to you.

“It’ll be fun, I promise.” The drunken man said again, blocking the view you had of the man across the bar.

“Get your hand off her.” A voice said from behind the drunken man. 

The drunken man let go of your wrist and turned to face the person who had just appeared. You saw that it was the man from across the bar and let out a small sigh of relief. “I don’t want any trouble there, big fella, I was just talking to  a sweet girl. I’ll leave that bitch to you.” He sneered, walking off away from the two of you.

“Are you okay?” The stranger asked.

You nodded, “Yeah, I’m okay. Thanks for the help. Drunk people are sort of unpredictable which is why I don’t really ever go out alone.”

“Oh.” He paused, “So you’re not alone?”

“Well, my best friend was supposed to meet me here but her son is sick, so sadly I’m alone tonight. I was actually thinking about leaving right now before that drunk guy came over here.” 

“Ah. Well, if I could, i’d try and convince you to stay a little longer.” He smiled, making your cheeks turn crimson. “I’m Brendan, by the way.”

“Y/N. It’s good to meet you.” You took another sip of your drink. “I’ll stay for a little I suppose, no harm in that.”

“Definitely no harm.” He laughed. 

“So, tell me about yourself, Mr. Brendan. I can see that you know how to save a damsel in distress.” You laughed. You didn’t know why, but Brendan looked really familiar to you. You couldn’t quite put a finger on as to why that was however. 

“Well, there isn’t that much to me. I’m 23, born in Edmonton but grew up in Tsawwassen. I play hockey, which growing up in good ol’ Canada isn’t that much of a surprise.” He blushed. 

“That’s where I recognize you from!” You laughed, “You’re Brendan Gallagher from the Habs, yeah?” 

“You are correct.” He smiled. “You didn’t strike me as a hockey fan.”

“And why’s that? Because i’m a girl.” You teased.

He blushed, “No, just, I don’t know. I guess it was just a feeling. But obviously that feeling was wrong. What’s your team? The Habs I hope.” 

“I love the Habs, I do, but Washington Capitals have my heart.” You laughed, “Maybe now that I know you though, the Habs will take over my heart.” You blushed, “Oh god, I’m sorry, that sounds cheesy.” You covered your face with your hands. 

You felt Brendan’s hand on your back, “I think it’s cute.” You removed your hands from you face and saw how close his lips were to yours. 

“I don’t really kiss strangers.” You whispered out, unsure if he could hear you because of the noise.

“What?” He put his ear closer to your mouth. “What did you say?”

“I don’t kiss strange men I’ve just met.” You spoke louder, knowing that this time you heard, a small smile crossed his face. 

“I won’t kiss you just yet then.” He leaned away and asked the bartender something that you couldn’t hear. 

Oh god, what did i do? I had Brendan fucking Gallagher almost kiss me and i just said I don’t kiss strangers! Oh god, I think I just ruined my one chance. You thought, looking down at your drink, cheeks even redder than before.

Brendan leaned back over to you, “Can I see your hand real quick?” He smiled.

You gave it, placing it in his soft hands. He started writing what you could only guess was his number. When he gave you back your hand, you saw you were write. His phone number and name, a small heart at the end. 

“Just in case you want to leave, I want to make sure I see you again. Maybe one day kiss you.” His voice getting quieter as he talked, you could just barely make out the end words.

“Thank you, Brendan.” You placed your lips on his cheek. “I probably should be going now. I’ll call you sometime, don’t you worry.” You smiled, standing up from your seat. 

“Have a safe drive home.” He smiled. As you turned away, Brendan took your arm. “And y/n, you look beautiful.”

FanFic: Lucas and his Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Night

A/N: This is beyond cheesy…. but I know I was in desperate need of a good laugh. I hope you all get a kick out of this as well…. This one-shot came about by using 6 different prompts.

They are in college…. Lucas is 23… the rest of them are 22

“I will do what I want and you can’t stop me!”

“Fine, you go ahead then. See if I care!”

Lucas and Riley slam down their respective phones. Things have not been easy for them. The pressures of classes, working and being the only ones in their circles in a serious relationship have built up to the point where things were bound to explode.

In her dorm room, Riley is seething. “Maya, Smackle…. I’ve got to get out of here! Let’s go!” Riley grabs her keys and heads for the door.

“Where are we headed Riley?” Smackle asks as she adjusts her glasses.

I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime… I’ll decide in the car.” Riley snaps as she storms to the door.

Maya grabs her IPod and a sweatshirt, “I’m in and hoping for option 2. Smackle put your phone down and let’s go!” Maya follows Riley out.

“Dearest, I’m going to accompany Maya and Riley on an expedition.” Smackle texts Farkle

“Where are you going?” Farkle replies

“Not sure at this moment. Riley is a little perturbed with Lucas and feels the need to get out”

“OK. Keep in touch, please. I’m in Lucas’ dorm room with him & Zay. He is upset as well. This is going to be a long night.”

“Keep in touch. How did I get myself mixed up with these dumb dumbs?”

Smackle’s phone rings

“You got mixed up with me. It’s a package deal.” Farkle says softly.

“Ahh yes. You are lucky you appeal to me on a cerebral level…otherwise I would tell you to take your dumb dumbs…”

“Izzy!” Farkle cuts off.

Smackle laughs, “I was only going to say take your dumb dumbs, sit them down and teach them a lesson.”

Farkle laughs quietly as he opens his mouth to respond Izzy could hear Zay yelling in the background, “FARKLE!! HE LEFT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! TEXAS LUCAS IS OUT!!”

“I’ve got to go Izzy. I will be in touch soon.”

Before she could say goodbye she was met by the dial tone and Maya yelling “Get your ass in gear Smackle! Riley is getting antsy!”

Izzy puts her phone in her purse, hikes it up her shoulder and sighs “This is not going to be a good night.”

Farkle and Zay leave Lucas’ dorm room, frantically searching for Lucas.

“You know this is not going to be an easy night. “Zay mutters to Farkle as he looks around.

“Those 2 are never easy. Did he even tell you what the fight was about?” Farkle spins around to look behind them.

“No and I’m not crazy enough to ask.” Zay grabs Farkle’s arm…. “There he is!”

They run over to Lucas who is walking through the student quad, hands on his hips, head down. His shoulders are jerking as he takes a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm down.

“Luke! Wait up man!” Zay yells as he and Farkle draw close.

Lucas looks up and Farkle stops short, he has never seen that look on Lucas’ face before…if he had to explain it to someone he would say that his expression was blank but his eyes told a completely different story. They seemed to alternate between destruction and despair. Farkle was completely at a loss, he desperately wants to know what happened with Riley but he’s afraid to bring it up. Zay doesn’t seem to catch on that Lucas is in a completely volatile mood.

“Lucas, let’s go to the bar and have a few drinks.” Zay implores as he throws his arm around Lucas’s shoulders.

Lucas just nods and they head to the front of the campus to catch a cab.

2 hours later

Lucas is drunk. For the first time since Farkle met him in seventh grade, Lucas is completely out of it. Zay is drunk as well, Farkle is buzzed.

“I’m telling you man. That’s what we do…. We go to her dorm room, lock you two in a room until you make up.”

“Zay, I’ve known Riley since she was 6, she’s not just going to let us in.” Farkle mumbles

“Ok…so this is what we do. We go to the dorms, go up the fire escape, knock on her window…she will definitely let us in then.” Zay slaps his hand down on the bar and demands the check.

“If we get arrested, it’s all your fault.” Farkle agrees to the plan or he thinks he agrees anyway. Figures the first time he gets buzzed it’s because of Rucas. “Rucas…Rucas… Why Rucas? Why not Liley? Liley sounds so much better, like a flower. I like flowers, I wonder if Izzy likes flowers” Farkle mutters to himself as they head to the door and wait for the bouncer to call them a cab.

The cab lets them off in front of the dorms. Farkle and Zay lead the way as Lucas walks slowly behind them. He knows that this is probably not the best way to fix things with Riley but he’s not thinking straight.

The 3 guys start to climb the fire escape, the only problem? They are too drunk to remember what floor she is on. They start knocking on every window they pass “Riley? Are you in there?” The names and threats are plentiful as they work their way up the fire escape.

When they look through the latest window, Zay recognizes the picture of Lucas on the desk. “Riley! Let us in! We want to talk to you!!” Zay sing-songs as Farkle knocks on the window. Lucas is just standing there and hasn’t said a word. He can’t he is quite simply numb. He knows he was an ass and wants nothing more to make up with Riley. His heartbeat speeds up as Zay calls for her.

“Huh. She’s not here. Wonder where she is?” Zay questions as he knocks harder on the window. There is a pause. It seemed like everything in the world stopped at that exact moment. It was eerily calm until a hoarse shout broke the silence “This is the police! Hands up!”

Well, this is a nice change of scenery” Farkle mutters as he stands in the corner.

It’s a prison cell” Zay unnecessarily explains.

I was being sarcastic” Farkle snarks back. How did he let himself get caught up in this mess? He looks over his shoulder at Lucas. Lucas is sitting there staring at the floor. He is quickly sobering up and Farkle knows that once Riley gets wind of this? They will all hear about it.

“Friar! Minkus! Babineux! Your ride is here!” an officer yells as he walks over to unlock the door.

“Boys, behave yourselves. What you did was foolhardy and dangerous. The only reason you are not facing charges is the dorm manager recognized you and decided not to press charges. Alright Mr. Matthews, they are all yours.”

Lucas feels his stomach fall and he closes his eyes in dread. Of all the people to have to bail him out?

“Thanks Josh!” Farkle slaps Josh on the shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah. I did it for Riley. Friar? I don’t know what you did and I don’t want to know. I just want my smiley happy niece back. Since you got arrested trying to get her attention, I think it’s safe to assume you were an ass.” Josh stands there with his arms folded. “Go apologize to her. Make sure she knows you love her and won’t be a jackass again. Riley isn’t Riley when I call her in the morning? My brother, you know- the guy she calls dad- and I will be stopping by to see you and it won’t be to bring you breakfast.”

While the boys were getting into trouble… Riley, Maya and Smackle were parked at the beach sitting on the hood of Riley’s car, eating ice cream.

“Riley? Will you tell us what the fight was about?”  Smackle asks as she uses her spoon to scrape the bottom of the container.

“I don’t want to talk about it” Riley mutters. She’s starting to feel guilty, was what happened really worth fighting over?

“Can I kill him?” Maya asks gleefully as she swings her feet and finishes her ice cream cone

“No!” Riley yells startled out of her thoughts

“Just a little bit?” Maya pouts. “You are no fun. I won’t hurt Huckleberry that badly. I promise! I know you want to have little hopalongs someday but he has to know that when he fights with you- he fights with all of us!”

“I and our future children appreciate it but no.” Riley laughs and smacks Maya in the shoulder. Riley jumps off the hood of the car “Alright ladies. Let’s head back. I’m tired and I’m going to need my wits about me when I talk to Mr. Friar next”

“You won’t let me hurt him…you decided to get ice cream instead of committing a heinous crime. Boo!” Maya chuckles as she gets into the car. “You’re lucky I love you woman! You could name your first daughter after me to make it up to me”

“Sure… Shortstack Friar. Has a nice ring to it!” Riley deadpans and the girls laugh hysterically before Riley pulls away. “Thanks girls. I’m glad I have you guys to keep me out of trouble!”

As they make their way back to Riley’s dorm, the guys are sitting in the living room of Lucas’ dorm room. Farkle and Zay are bickering about what to do next. Lucas is alternately numb and sick to his stomach. He stands and says “I’m going to take a shower guys. I need to clear my head. I can’t go talk to Riley until I have my bearings. I need to make sure we are OK. It’s just a little fight right? She wouldn’t dump me over a little fight would she?” Lucas looks at Farkle for confirmation. Farkle notices that Lucas is turning a little green “No she wouldn’t dump you over a little fight you big dummy! She loves you. After everything you guys have been through, you should know that by now.” Farkle looks at Lucas closely “You love her don’t you?”

“Was it that obvious?”

“I mean I knew you loved her but I don’t think it hit me until now just how much you did.” Farkle pats Lucas on his shoulder. “Go take a shower. We’ll be here when you are done”

Lucas walks into his room and shuts the door.

“Zay, we need to get them together now. They really need to straighten this out. You go get Riley and I’ll wait here with him”

“Ok…but what if she doesn’t want to come?”

“Get Maya to help. She can ring power her if necessary”

Zay runs off to Riley’s dorm room.  He and Maya return 15 minutes later a blindfolded Riley in tow.

I thought I made it clear- we have a no abduction policy” Farkle yells as he begins to pace around the room

She wasn’t cooperating. What did you expect me to do? “ Zay demands as he takes the blindfold off. “She tried to bite me! She would’ve taken a chunk out of my shoulder if Maya didn’t stop her!”

Farkle starts to laugh uproariously. Only his friends could have a night to remember like this. It reminded him of an Epic Hollywood movie.

“C’mon you big baby! Let’s leave them alone” Maya demands as she grabs Zay by the arm and Farkle by the ear. “We will be downstairs when you are ready”

“Hey Maya?”

“Yes Zay?”

I was kind of hoping, you know, that you would fall in love with me…. Does tonight change your mind?” Zay looks at Maya and bats his eyes.

“We’ll see Babineux…. We’ll see.” Maya replies as she pulls them out the door.

Riley walks into Lucas’ bedroom and sits on his bed waiting for him to get out of the shower. She lays her head back and quickly dozes off.

Lucas walks out of the bathroom and stops in his tracks when he sees Riley sleeping in his bed. He looks around the room, certain that someone is hiding with a camera, ready to capture his reaction. After confirming that they are alone, he walks over and crawls into the bed next to her.

He wraps his arms around her and she snuggles into his chest

“Riles?” he whispers quietly.

“Hmmm” she murmurs in reply.

“I shouldn’t have fought with you. I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I was a jealous ass. I should know better. I love you.” He whispers in her ear and as he pulls back he notices that she is now wide awake and staring at him.

“I love you too Lucas. I’m sorry too. I should have known you weren’t going to be comfortable with me going to a party without you. I know you trust me but I also know that you don’t like it when Charlie is around me”

“He’s a creepy creepy creep!” Lucas mutters just loud enough for her to hear.

She chuckles in reply. “Yes he is. So what did you guys do tonight?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Let’s just go to sleep.” Lucas pulls the covers over them and pulls her close.

“You know you are going to have to tell me Friar…but it can wait until morning” She snuggles into his side and starts to fall back to sleep.

Lucas grabs his cell phone and sends a group text:

To: Farkle, Z, Maya and Josh

The princess is sleeping

We are good

Will talk in the morning

As he rolls back over after putting his phone down, he hears Riley quietly demand “I want to know what kind of trouble Zay got you into tonight. I reserve the right to hit him if I feel it’s needed”
“Easy slugger. He had our best interests at heart…. You know his delivery needs work.” He kisses her on the cheek and settles in next to her. “Love you Riles.”  “Love you too Lucas…but you are still explaining yourself in the morning.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

It goes without saying that Zay pouted about Riley smacking him in the shoulder. He would have continued to pout if Maya didn’t threaten to kick him if he didn’t stop pouting.

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can you guys please pray for my mom? she's majorly depressed. i live alone with her, im in my last year of highschool and i have a lot of things going on and i cant give her time all that much. im so worried i cant even describe it. and my own mental and physical health took a toll. she's sick and cant move much either. she's had such a hard life. i dont know. please pray she feels better and Allah makes her pain and sadness go away. please. thank you you guys are in my prayers as well