thanks for making an awesome web series

First drawing in a Danganronpa series I’m doing centered around flowers/plants.  Here is Aoi Asahina from the first DR game.

Tbh, I’m not super pleased with how this turned out, at least the extra elements in the background and the flowers themselves.  Granted, I haven’t been feeling like myself for the past week and a half or so… that’s probably the main reason why I’m a little grouchy about this drawing.  No need to worry about me though, I presume it’ll only be a few more days before I begin to feel better again…that’s usually how this sort of things works, for me at least. :)

@xiil3gendary​ Here’s your completed Asahina, Nate.  It’s not much, but I hope it can put a smile on your face. ^.^  @jinjojess​ I’ll be drawing Junko next.  I hope I am not too obnoxious.  You guys both put in so much hard work for your audience and community, it’s probably not super original or special or anything, but I want to thank you both for making me feel so welcome in the community.  Your videos always brighten up my day, and I plan on sticking around even after NDRv3.  Keep being awesome! 

A note in general to everyone about my art and this series in particular, I don’t mind if any of you guys share my art or use it elsewhere on the web as long as you give me credit.  Also, like I said, I’m drawing Junko next, but I have no idea who I’m going to draw after that.  Feel free to suggest any character from DR, SDR2, NDRv3, or Despair Girls (there’s a couple I might draw from the DR3 animes, but I’d like to stick to the games to start out with).  It will be first-come-first-serve…I literally have no preference as to who I draw.  I really only dislike one DR character, and I hope to end up drawing them anyway, so take your pick!

darlingeyre17  asked:

Hey Alysson! Working on anything internet based lately? I've been doing some rewatch of AOJE and All's Fair and would be super stoked to what other characters you've got up your sleeve!! (And I would totally come see your live work...if I lived in Vancouver.) Thanks for your work in AOJE, really helped me through my first year of college. :) - A fan.

Hello and Thank-yooou and kind of! 

Nessa and I have been working to develop a couple of things. We have a web-series on the back-burner right now for a handful of reasons (mostly time and money and people which are all the things you need to make web-series), and then Nessa’s been working on another web-series which I’m excited about (I’ve read first drafts - very funny and awesome!!), and she’s involved in assistant producing an indie film. I’ve been writing a play and I’m in rehearsal for a play this summer called ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ at the Jericho Theater. And we’re both hoping to write and produce a short film together this summer. So there are web things coming… I just don’t exactly know WHAT things, or WHEN things. But when I do know know details - I will absolutely share details everywhere. 

A big thank-you  to you and everyone that is still supportive and excited for new things! It warms the cockles of our hearts, and drives us to keep writing and acting and making new things in all the ways we can!  You’re the best! :))

anonymous asked:

Hi Abbi, I stumbled upon your show Broad City. I got hooked, and watched the webseries as well. The show, and its evolution over the course of three years, inspired me-not throwing around platitudes- to pursue a career as a comedy writer. I'm 25, and have no experience writing professionally, comedy or otherwise. I'm looking to change that in part by immersing myself in a group of people. What do you suggest as a good first step for someone in my situation? -Keep making Wednesday night awesome.

First off– thank you so much!  Thanks for being a fan of the web series! You helped make BC a TV show.  I’m honored that our show has inspired you a bit to pursue comedy and writing– that is maybe the highest compliment!

I think my biggest piece of advice to you would be to keep churning out work.  25 is a great age.  You’re right smack dab in the middle of trying to figure out who you are and what it is you want to do.  It’s the best time to try things and put yourself out there.  Broad City is my first “professional” –as you call it- job doing comedy, but I think the trick is to not label things “legit” or “professional” and to treat all of your endeavors as such.  If you take them seriously then others will too.

I don’t know where you live, but I’m sure if you’re in a city, there’s a comedy scene– and if you’re not near a city, think about getting near one or start treating the internet more as your arena.  As a creepy lady once said to me in a scary conference: “Jump in, the water’s just right”

It can take awhile to find your voice, but keep making things and trying and meeting new people.  If you keep going, crazy things can happen. Good luck!