thanks for letting me used you guys as ref

@jessmkarts‘s OC Ella with Subtle Melancholy! Kinda mushy, kinda personalityless. I’m not all that happy with this. I wanted to put more emotion into it or do some kind of a pose but nothing was really striking me as I was looking at the refs… e3e I dunno if I should have asked for different poses or what but I had literally no ideas for this so I just sorta slapped something together… Sorry Jess, I hope you like this anyway XD; just a little disappointed I couldn’t have done more with it. But welp, at least I got it done right? XD Anyways, keep sending in asks for the color palette challenge, guys!!

Color Palette Challenge Post:

Finished: Conversation Hearts with Ollinder and Phyrne

Subtle Melancholy with Ella (Jess’s OC)

Still to do: Constant Rambling with Helen and Ambrosa, a request from CC (Helen is hers, Ambrosa is mine)