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DL (Plushie Skit)- Badass!?

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It does take some time to take photos, make dialogs and use the filter to improve photos’ qualities…

The Poster Photo is provided by Amy chan~

The idea is really cute and it’s totally like what the diahoes would argue about LOL

Before we start, let me show you the Poster First~

They look damn hot here….They killed me with those eyes already~

OK the Skit Starts:

Being bullied for so long in all my skits, Subaru chan finally cannot take this anymore. You see his eye? That means anger, or “do not take advantage on me just because I am the youngest!”

“SPRING DAY” BTS You Never Walk Alone Theory (updated)

This mv is very deep and I probably missed out on a lot of easter eggs. This is simply my opinion and what I believe. No one has to agree with me but I’d like everyone to take the statements into consideration. This is just a theory so none of it is confirmed. Thank you for reading my theory it took a lot of analyzing and taking apart every little easter egg in the video and other videos. Thank you and please give me credit if you use this theory for a theory of your own -Kami :3

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The mv shows the boys going through the process of adulthood. Letting go of the past and waiting for one another. It connects to several other videos and photo shoots as well. Each member all have different reasons for doing what they are doing. Specifically Jin and V. Jungkook also takes a big part of this as well.

Everyone turns to the left, looks to the left, everything is going left. With the exception of Jungkook. He is looking right. He is the last to go through the process of adulthood. Everyone else is looking to the left at him because they’re waiting. Jungkook is the youngest and also the last to enter adulthood that is why he is always by himself throughout the mv. The stairs in the mv represent them climbing up to adulthood and so does the arch way in BST. Jungkook is always last with the exception of Jin and V which will come in later on. They all individually go through the process of adulthood which is why jungkook and also Rapmon were on the train to Omelas by themselves. They have to go through the train by themselves until they end up at Omelas where all of the rest are waiting.

Jin never seems to climb the stairs with everyone else and never goes through the arch way in BST. Tae also never goes through the arch way nor is he found climbing the stairs. The conclusion for this is that they both are being stopped from entering the process. Almost as if they’ve passed away before being able to join the others. Tae has passed away in Run where he drowns himself. This connects to BST because he is the only to receive the Dark Wings and is keeping Jin with him in “Heaven.” However, in Omelas the utopian has a child trapped under ground and is left alone until a few people find him and they leave the city. Tae could possibly be the child stuck in that cage especially in the Stigma teaser he was left in a cage. He is being stopped from climbing the stairs to adulthood because he is stuck as a child, dead. Jin is known for the only one not having shoes in concept photos for BST and will prove that the shoes Jimin picks up from the ocean are his. Leaving shoes at the end of the shore are symbolism of suicide or death. So does hanging up shoes on a branch. Jimin’s hair turns from a light pink to a neon pink from beginning to the end of the mv. This is because Jin had passed away before Jimin went through the process of adulthood. Jimin brings the shoes with him through the process of becoming an adult. Jin is the one to pierce Jimin’s ears which is very painful in real life and surprising a lot of teenagers do it. His way of grieving is bringing the shoes with him. EVERYWHERE. Jin is seen to seem unnoticed by everyone because. He IS the spirit of the shoes. He’s there in spirit and isn’t alive. Like most people with stress, their hair turns gray or white, like Jimin his hair turns into a highlighter pink than what it originally was. It is likely that V is apart of the shoes as well because he is always doing something similar to Jin. He seems unnoticed as well and isn’t apart of the party they have when Rapmon makes it to Omelas.

With Jin passed away, Suga is the second oldest. Jin puts his hands in a picture frame form which can lead to him imagining the pile of clothes, which can symbolize the end point or the mountain of youth. Suga is the first on it because he finally became an adult and went through the process everyone else is going through. Jin would be there with him but shown, he never climbed the stairs to adulthood. Suga is waiting for everyone to meet him up on the mountain of clothes because that is adulthood.

On the last train ride everyone is together because they finally “all” made it to the last ride together into adulthood. They all waited for eachother. Jungkook didn’t have a celebration because he was rushed into adulthood. Like in real life, Jungkook was 15 when he was a trainee and was forced to grow up quicker than everyone else. He had to rush all his schooling and mature to become who he is. He never got a true teenage life like everyone else.

Jin and Tae were seen doing the same thing like putting up their hands as if picturing something. They were picturing all the other members on the mountain of clothes. Talking about clothes, Jin wears the color yellow especially his sweaters and “Too much yellow causes loss of focus and makes it hard to complete a task. Too much yellow also can cause people to become critical and demanding.” Jin is trying to grab the attention of the boys while they are going through the process. He’s trying to stand out and get their attention.

“Bogo sipda” can be translated to “I want to see you” or “I miss you” in Korean. Jimin sings this verse several times and also has a few lines about not wanting to let go. He misses Jin and is seen to grieve a lot especially after finding the shoes. He has the shoes everywhere especially in the laundromat. Jin also holds the last verse of the song and says “Please stay, please stay there a little longer.” This is Jin’s plea to the member to not leave him. They tie the shoes to the tree which symbolizes death. He doesn’t want them to forget about him. He doesn’t want them to leave him behind because he has passed away. Jimin is especially trying so hard to hold onto Jin and possibly V’s death. He doesn’t want to leave them behind. In the last train ride Jimin is seen curled up and almost crying. He knows that they have to let him go and give him freedom but he can’t do it. The stress of leaving them behind makes his hair turn into a completely different pink.

Let’s go back to Tae for a second. He isn’t seen much in the mv HOWEVER, his special scene is the beginning. He is shown alone on the train station. Waiting. But the the train never arrives. He places his head on the rails. He knows he won’t ever get his train ride to Omelas. He won’t ever be able to experience the process of adulthood because he is stuck in time. He, like Jin, has passed away before they could experience it. He’s been waiting for the train but it never came for him. His acceptance was putting his head on the railings as if trying to sleep. Letting go of his hope. The “devil or wings” had taken over him in BST showing that he wasn’t alive or at least human anymore. He took Jin with him as well for unknown reasons and I’m guessing that Tae didn’t want to be alone. He took someone who was vulnerable and oblivious. Someone he could tempt into death. Jin got easily distracted by the painting in BST and Tae used the statue to gain his attention.

Jhope sadly doesn’t have any verses but his significance in the mv is huge. After he threw that paper airplane, Jungkook looked to the left for once. He grew up. He had a realization that he needed to become an adult quicker to catch up to the rest. Jhope was the reason for the change in thoughts for Jungkook. Hobi didn’t have to say anything to change Kook’s mind, all he had to do was let go of the airplane.

In conclusion, the members are faced with the reality of going through adulthood. Their concept was Young Forever, however, Spring Day shows a much darker scene than staying young. They are finally growing up. They individually are challenged to go through the process by themselves until they reach Omelas. They celebrate their journey with each other with a crazy party and doing rebellious act that of a teenager. Jungkook is last to become and adult. He recently just graduated and is finally considered and adult. He has taken the train to Omelas but was given no party because he had to rush his teenage life since becoming an idol at such a young age. Jin and Tae never climb the stairs to adulthood because they have passed away before even being able to experience it. They watch from below as the others reach the mountain of clothes which is their endpoint. Suga is there first because he is the second oldest, therefore he will wait for the rest. It all ends with the tree that signifies that they were ready to let Jin and possibly Tae go. They were accepting that they weren’t able to become adults but Jimin took them with him through his process.

I know this isn’t the best or most organized theory but it is my most in depth theory made. I hope it makes to sense to at least some people and I hope you guys liked it. My original theory I wrote at 12 in the morning on my phone laying bed. It is the comment by Kami Z 


I had so much fun that day❤❤
I really like the Bratty and Catty designs by @hopebiscuit,im so happy we finally did it !!! Thank you sooooo much for letting us cosplay as your design❤❤❤

I’ll try upload more photo soon

Bratty: @nyaningisa
Catty: Me
Photo: @jmjmlie
Design: @hopebiscuit

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I've been following you since I saw your first beach photos floating around (when you were able to go topless!) and I just wanted to let you know that your confidence and advice given to everyone throughout the years helped me realize that I was a trans guy too. I came out to my family and friends 3 months ago, started using a masculine name and he/him pronouns and I just started hormones 2 weeks ago! I'm so grateful to all the work you've put into your blog to help others. Thank you so much!!!

Hey, that’s so awesome, thanks for letting me know. 

Congrats on coming out and starting hormones! That’s amazing, so happy for you :D 

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Oh my gosh what are your topaz settings because your photos are so amazing!! And your blog in general, I love it so much ❤😍 (you obviously don't have to tell me if you don't want you, I just thought I'd let you know how amazing I think you are 💕)

Thank you so much hun, you’re too nice ♥

I’m pretty sure I use @simvy‘s topaz settings (here) but I might have edited them a little, I can check it later if I remember :D

Tongue Tied : Steve Rogers/Captain America

Author’s Note: Okay, so let us pretend the photo actually gives justice to this imagine. 

Also! Dear anon of mine, I didn’t know how you wanted the relationship between Cap and Y/N would be so I made is romantic? I hope that is what you wanted, if not then well please do message me <3 Thank you for the request! I hope I did your request justice. 

Word Count: 731




Could you do an imagine where Y/N is just as easily flustered as Steve Rogers and how he reacts? Thanks!


It was a lazy day in the Avengers Tower. No missions to go on, no intel to report, not even a small Tony disaster to deal with. You just lazily walked around the floors. Somewhat hoping to not run in with anyone. 

Jokes were a common thing in the tower of course. With Tony’s sarcastic sense of humor and Clint’s boyish behavior, there was no stopping those too. 

Lately you have become the new target for their jokes. You could take them with ease… until they just had to find out your affections towards a certain star spangled man. 

Their jokes just got worse when they had found out. Either about Cap’s ‘Capsicle’ needing to get thawed out. Or if you had wanted to be seeing stars tonight. Of course seeing stars being a innuendo for something you rather not say out loud. 

You were starting to get hungry as time passed while walking through the floors. 

While peaking around the corner, you saw that the coast was clear of any two foul minded idiots. An audible sigh escaped your lips when you raced towards the shared Avengers kitchen. Once you made it there, all intentions of eating left your mind when Tony and Clint spotted you. And of course in company with the rest of the Avengers. You tried to turn around but alas it was too late when Birdbrain and Stark had opened their loud mouths.

“(Y/N)! Come on in! We were just talking about you! Weren’t we Clint?” Tony had joked. You could feel your skin heat up from embarrassment. 

“Why yes we were Tony! (Y/N)! You look cold, maybe Cap can help warm you up!” Clint suggested while wiggling his eyebrows up and down. Tony had started to snicker towards Clint’s little joke. You know they weren’t good jokes but they still managed to get you every time.

“I, uh, I-I’m not cold! It’s, it’s very warm. Wowzers, hey, uh, Nat! Don’t you think it’s warm in here?” You were babbling like a baboon. Internally you were screaming, you could have easily ignored them and walked away. Externally you were blushing like the sun itself made love to you. 

“(Y/N), why are you so tongue tied? Cap got your tongue?” Clint had spit out his water at that moment from Tony’s little quip. You yourself just wanted aliens to come down to Earth again. 

“Uh, you-you mean cat, right Tony?” You laughed awkwardly while the two Avengers just laughed at your embarrassed expressions. The room was filled with Tony and Clint’s laughter. 

The rest of the Avengers only starred between the three of you. You yourself were looking anywhere but at Steve. 

“I wouldn’t mind getting tongue tied with you (Y/N).” Steve stated. That quickly shut up both Tony and Clint. Everyone looked at Steve bewilderedly. Silence was the only thing occupying the room. “That is if only she lets me buy her dinner first.” Everyone’s attention then turned solely towards yourself. 

You might have looked like you just ran a marathon from the redness in your face and the sweat on your brow. You wanted to be swallowed up in a blackhole but you also wanted to run right to Steve and become tongue tied right then and there. 

Everyone was waiting for your response. Tony and Clint probably expecting a stuttered answer. But yet, you decided for your own sake, to show them just how witty you can be. 

“You know Cap,” you paused, you looked right at Tony and Clint then turned right to Steve, “play your cards right right now and we can get tongue tied now.” 

Steve became flustered towards your words. Honestly you become just as flustered from your remarks towards him. But you stood your ground hoping that no one, especially Birdbrain and Stark, noticed your moment of weakness. 

“You got yourself a deal (Y/N).” Steve said. He stood up and stalked his way towards you. Being as bold and courageous as he could be at that moment. He grabbed the back of your neck with one hand and wrapped his other around your waist. His lips graced yours in a passionate yet soft embrace. You can certainly say both of you enjoyed being tongue tied in front of everyone. 

Once the loving embrace stopped, everyone could hear Clint softly say, “Well damn…”  


Wowzers, well I hope you guys enjoyed this. I wanted to make it sorta as Y/N could at some point stand up for themselves. Because we all know Steve can come up with witty ass remarks and just be a lil shit at times. 

Again, thank you for the request! Send more in if you want to see more. Please let me know what you thought. <3


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Let's see the face

Thanks anon!! I think? Are you supposed to thank people for wanting to see your face?? Idk oh well. 

I’m at work and I don’t want to take a selfie at this exact moment but this is a selfie I did take at work a couple of weeks ago:

And bonus: this is me messing with my boyfriend’s phone, trying to use a remote camera and I accidentally took a photo when I wasn’t looking yet and it turned out really cute and I really like it 

There you go anon! :)

I dedicate Black History Month to this beauty… My sweet Zozo… You have taught me the world all over again, showed me to see the things that us, grown up, forget to see. You are the most delicate, sweetest and most kind hearted little girl and being your momma is an honor. I thank life every day for putting you on my path and for letting me be your momma. You have taught me what that is like, and still do along with your sister and brother, every day. You are an amazing little girl, so kind and forgiving, and you believe in your convictions, and I pray that that never goes away. That you never let anything stop you from being who you are, and doing what you love. I pray that the world stops seeing differences in skin colors or genders. We are all the same. 

My sweet Lovebug… keep that beauty of yours. Keep seeing everybody the same and always seeing the good in everyone. You shine. 

You make me proud.

With love,

Mom xx


i’m clearing out gifs i’ve made for role play but don’t use anymore because i don’t like letting effort go to waste.  so, below the cut are 39 gifs of gerard way! specifically with black hair because there’s a lack of gifs with that hair color tbh.  it’s not a lot of gifs but every little bit helps, especially if you use bandom fcs.  my only rules are don’t claim them as your own or repost them in photo posts/gif hunts (for gif hunts, just add a link to this post)! if you wish to edit them (for example, turn them into icon gifs), please give credit to me.  thank you and enjoy! <3333

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I cant believe i hit 500 followers!i know it might not seem like a lot to some  of you but for me is huge!!!so i’d like to thank all my followers for sticking with me! so here’s  a small gift for everyone!

Female Chinos!tired of all your male sims having all the cool jeans?not anymore!!!

Please let me know if there’s is anything wrong :)Feel Free to Tag me if you use them.TOU:  Please don’t upload them anywhere else and don’t take credit for them.

Photo Credits:  hair by @dani-paradise    Shoes by @sentate  Poses by @flowerchamber  Cas Background and Lighting Mod by @lumialoversims and @arensims

Family Values.

For anon

Author’s Note: This is such a cute request, I hope the imagine lives up to it xx

You found Glenn sitting with Maggie, looking through a couple books from the prison’s library.

“Hey guys,” you greeted with a smile, them grinning as they looked up at you.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s up?” Glenn asked, closing his book to give you his full attention.

“I was hoping you’d let me borrow your camera,” you said, playing with your fingers. “I wanna take a Grimes’ Family Photo for my ‘room’,”

Glenn and Maggie smiled brightly at each other, loving the idea instantly. Glenn handed you the polaroid camera, telling you to take as many pictures as you wanted. You thanked him happily, rushing out into the prison yard to find your family. Your little brother Carl was helping your dad, Rick, pick tomatoes, and little baby Judith was at their feet, getting dirty.

“Nice of you to join us, Y/N,” Rick said playfully, starting to hand you a shovel before he saw the camera in your hands. “what’s that for?” he questioned, lowering his hands. Carl was paying attention now, too.

“Well, dad, I want a family portrait to hang in my cell,” you explained, holding up the camera. “Glenn let me borrow it to take one.”

Rick and Carl exchanged a glance, pondering this.

“I think it’s a cool idea,” Carl backed you up, grinning. You winked at him thankfully, glancing back at your dad. He was a skeptical man, always has been, but he saw how much you wanted it, so he sighed.

“Sure, Y/N, why not?” You hugged him tightly, looking around for assistance. You found Carol walking to one of the water barrels.

“Carol!” you called out to her, ushering her over with your arm. “Will you take a picture of us?” you questioned.

“Of course,” Carol smiled politely, walking a good distance away and waiting for you to get together. You stood inbetween your dad and Carl, holding Judith in your arms. Rick put his arm around your shoulders, and Carl leaned onto you, wrapping his arms around you and your baby sister.

“Say cheese,” Carol joked, but three of you actually said it, smiles great next to each other. While dispersing, you shook the polaroid, waiting for it to develop. You, Rick, and Carl leaned in as the picture came into focus.

“Not too bad,” your dad pointed out first.

“I like it,” Carl stated, touching the picture with his fingers.

“I love you,” you finished, glancing up at your family fondly. “I’m so glad I still have the both of you. Even though we lost mom… I’m just thankful for you three.”

Rick noticed that you were about to cry, so he brought you into him, followed by Carl, who held Judith tightly. You heard a snap and saw another flash, and pulled away, watching Carol take the camera down from her eye.

“This’ll be a good one,” she grinned, handing both the picture and the camera back to you before turning away to finally get her water. As the photo developed, you realized how lucky you were to have such and amazing family with you in this awful world. You wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Good whatever it is in your corner of the world, guys!
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Thank you! ♥

6/100 days of productivity


“Never give up. Never let things out of your control dictate who you are.”

sorry for the blurry photo but here’s a pic of me using my new kikki.k planner! today i finished buying all my school supplies and it has made me become so excited for the new school year which doesn’t even start for a month lol. i am only missing a backpack, since my old one is really small (if you guys have any recommendations for a backpack that is big enough to carry a bunch of textbooks and a binder please tell me!!) 

and omg thanks for 300 followers!! i can’t believe it!!!

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I was snooping on kmusicandblackwomen youtube page and in their latest video, they used your picture. I was like yasss Chelsea is being recognize with her man!!!


LOL  I ain’t mad  at least Jaesea is out here thriving and  Jaebum looked good so YAAASSSS #JaeseaRise👌😂 thank you for letting me know my love ☺️❤️